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Professional graduates with 5 years of experience (on average)


13 months


April and November

Languages of Instruction:

English and Spanish or bilingual*

Rolling admissions process, no deadlines

Application Deadline:

Campus: Madrid


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Innovative Curriculum

*Bilingual option by taking the Core Period in Spanish and the Elective Period in English or vice versa

International MBA


Career Strategy

Social Innovation



International MBA

At IE Business School, innovation is a way of life. For over four decades, we have prepared managers and entrepreneurs for a world that is constantly changing, a world in need of leaders whose innovative thinking turns challenges into opportunities. More than 45,000 alumni have lived the IE experience and now hold management positions in more than 100 countries; a dense network of IE ambassadors spanning five continents. If I had to state what differentiates IE Business School, I would without a doubt say that it is how our programs bring together incredibly diverse groups of students and faculty in an intensive learning experience, against the backdrop of a major European capital city. Our learning model puts students at the center, is eminently practical and ensures that students acquire not only the technical know-how but also the mindset and interpersonal skills that are essential for a successful professional career. Add to this our strong ties to the business community and you have all the ingredients for a program that optimally prepares graduates for a demanding global job market. This is how we recreate the IE experience each day, with the work and enthusiasm of all those who form part of the IE Business School community. It is an experience that has positioned us as an innovative and entrepreneurial school consistently ranked among the very best in the world. A school that forms opinions. A school that makes a difference.

Santiago Ă?Ăąiguez Dean, IE Business School


IE Business School is fully accredited by the world’s three leading accreditation bodies, ensuring the quality and academic rigor of its programs.

AACSB International

Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business


Association of MBA’s


European Quality Improvement System

International MBA

INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION IE Business School shapes leaders that promote innovation and change in organizations, equipping directors with an entrepreneurial mindset that generates employment, wealth and social well-being. Founded in 1973, the school has undergone a rapid process of growth and internationalization and is now recognized by the international press as one of the world’s leading business schools.

Financial Times • European Business Schools 1st in Europe • MBAs 4th in Europe, 11th worldwide • Masters in Finance 3rd worldwide • Masters in Management 6th worldwide • Executive MBAs 4th in Europe, 12th worldwide  The Wall Street Journal • MBAs 1st worldwide Economist Intelligence Unit • Executive MBAs 2nd worldwide • Distance Learning - Executive MBAs 1st worldwide Forbes • MBAs 3rd worldwide América Economía • MBAs 5th worldwide Aspen Institute • Business Schools 1st in Europe, 3rd worldwide Bloomberg Businessweek • Non-US Business Schools 3rd worldwide • Executive MBA Programs 4th worldwide

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6 UNIQUE THEMES Diversity Entrepreneurship Innovative Curriculum Customization Career Strategy Social Innovation


Anna Agustina Marie Frachou United States of America, Class of 2014 Current Student

Many institutions claim to be diverse, but IE is the only one I have seen that truly exemplifies this concept. We have 71 nationalities in my class alone excluding staff and professors. IE truly embraces diversity and has effectively interwoven this concept throughout the IMBA program. I have already learned so much from my peers - about them, myself and the business world. This diversity has only enriched my IMBA experience - a value I don’t think I could have found anywhere else.


CLASS PROFILE Sectors Industry, Energy, Construction, Real Estate Financial Services Consumer Goods and Distribution Consulting Technology and Telecom Government/NGOs Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Healthcare Law, Auditing and Tax Media Entertainment Other

Ruchita Vora India, Class of 2011 Consultant CEO’s Office at Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

23% 22% 15% 15% 11% 5% 4% 2% 2% 1%

International MBA class of 2013 (English & Spanish tracks)

IE’s truly diverse peer group has not only given me a priceless global network but also learnings about myself and the world, which will impact several decisions I will make in the journey of my life.

International MBA

Geographic Distribution Spain I 4% English Track I 25% Spanish Track

Africa and Middle East I 13% English Track I 0% Spanish Track

Asia I 20% English Track I 1% Spanish Track

Europe I 27% English Track I 5% Spanish Track

North America I 17% English Track I 10% Spanish Track

Latin America I 19% English Track I 59% Spanish Track

Undergraduate Degrees 4% Information Technology

4% Sciences 5% Law

12% Social Sciences

3% Other (Architecture, Hospitality)

11% Economics 32% Business

29% Engineering

Gender Ratio Female 



Range26-33 Average  29


Work Experience Average

Nationalities International Students

72 91%

5 years

Last year, we welcomed on campus students from 92 different countries.

/ 11

Benjamin Leaver United Kingdom, Class of 2012 Investor Lepe Partners

IE gave me an extraordinary opportunity. Not only did I get the chance to live in the most wonderful city but my classmates exposed me to cultures that I would not have otherwise met. In my opinion, the IMBA is only partly about what you learn; who you learn from and how you learn is just as important. The school’s focus on diversity, entrepreneurship and leadership has never been as important as it is now. The student body and faculty both epitomise these qualities and make me proud to have attended IE.

International MBA

FACULTY PROFILE Our international faculty is comprised of entrepreneurs, executives, academic experts and authors published in top journals. Many IE Business School professors have held executive positions in start-up companies or multinationals. They bring intellectual diversity and different perspectives of the business environment to the classroom to create a rich and challenging business program. This world-class faculty includes more than 90 full-time professors who maintain strong links with the corporate world through applied research and consultancy. In addition, more than 400 adjunct professors - business professionals who bring their practical insights straight into the classroom - help teach the most cutting-edge management techniques available. 47% International

33% Women

93% Ph.D.

/ 13


ENTREPRENEURSHIP AS PART OF YOUR INTERNATIONAL MBA Since its inception, IE Business School has embraced the entrepreneurial spirit as a core value, and is now an international reference in the field of entrepreneurship. In fact, the School itself was founded by entrepreneurs, and the entrepreneurial spirit is an integral part of its day-to-day fabric. In addition to a mandatory Entrepreneurial Management course that spans across 2 core periods, during which students learn how to compose a business plan, IE provides a great variety of around 20 elective classes related to the entrepreneurial context and experience during IMBA+ that can change from year to year. These include, amongst others, courses on: • Individual and Corporate Entrepreneurship • Family Venturing • Social Entrepreneurship • Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies • Venture Financing • Managing Growth

International MBA

Peter Bryant, PhD We live in a dynamic world full of problems and needs. In other words, Professor of Entrepreneurship a world of opportunity. Entrepreneurial management is about finding IE Business School and exploiting these challenges. This leads to the creation of startups, as well as strategies to grow existing businesses. IE’s Entrepreneurial Management course focuses on developing the mindset, knowledge and skills that managers need to achieve these goals.

Anne-Laure Tremblay If you have an idea, IE provides you with all the tools and help that you United Kingdom, Class of 2014 need to make the business plan, meet the right people and launch your Current Student new venture!

/ 17

THE ENTREPRENEURSHIP ECOSYSTEM THAT SURROUNDS IE: #Area31 IE’s passion for entrepreneurship has materialized in Area 31, an inspiring space that hosts the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem that surrounds IE Business School, and that is managed by the IE Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Area 31 can accommodate up to 100 startup teams per annum. It hosts teams of IE students, which are trying to implement their ideas as part of the Venture Lab or the Knowledge Incubator, as well as teams of IE Alumni that are incubating their own startups. All teams are invited to present in front of investors at the Venture Network, and at our grand international demo-days: The Venture Days. Furthermore, selected investors use Area 31 as their office, working side by side with our entrepreneurs. The team of the IE Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation also collaborates in the Spain Startup Co-Investment Fund and corporate partners such as Accenture or Telefónica receive assistance from IE in their pursuit of promoting entrepreneurship.

Neda Aldihany Kuwait, Class of 2011 Managing Director Brilliant Lab

When you study at IE Business School, which is home to such a diverse community between professors and students, the first thing that might come to your mind is how to become independent. To be an entrepreneur means to be independent, and to succeed you need to truly believe in the concept you are trying to pivot; so you should fake it, fake it until you make it.

International MBA

IE Venture Lab The Venture Lab at IE provides students with two options: A competitive 4-months long Venture Accelerator, which seeks to turn ideas into “investor ready” startups through the application of the Lean Startup Methodology, and a fast track Knowledge Incubator, where during 7-weeks students are put through a similar experience but using an intensive boot camp approach.

IE Venture Days The ultimate IE celebrations of entrepreneurship are the IE Venture Days. These include two annual Venture Days in Madrid in May and November, as well as International Venture Days that take place in locations, including Shanghai, Sao Paolo, Mexico, Providence, Milan, Tokyo, Lisbon and many others. During the Madrid Venture Days prominent entrepreneurs from around the world take part in a full day celebration of entrepreneurship that includes keynote speakers, workshops and many other activities culminating in the competition of the 10 finalists from the Venture Accelerator, Knowledge Incubator as well as other Alumni startup projects. The International Venture Days are similar events that bring together alumni startups from all over the world that present to juries of local investors and entrepreneurs.

IE Venture Network The IE Venture Network is the heart of the Madrid entrepreneurial ecosystem where, every week, 3 startup teams made up of IE students, alumni and local entrepreneurs pitch their ideas in front of investors in Area 31’s unique pitch corner. The IE Venture Network is also present in other locations such as Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Bilbao, Canary Islands and more to come.

Paris de l’Etraz, PhD Managing Director Venture Lab Professor of Entrepreneurship IE Business School

At IE, we realize that not everyone will be an entrepreneur. However, everyone needs think like one. It is the entrepreneurial mentality that we cultivate and promote.

/ 19

WIDE OPEN: A key player in the development of a global entrepreneurial environment The IE Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is strongly committed towards achieving sustainable economic development at a global level, while remaining open to the entrepreneurial ecosystem that surrounds it. The Center’s activities go beyond the classroom, directed to all agents who interact on a day to day basis within our economic reality. Some of the main activities have included in the past: Pasion>ie IE Business School and Accenture continue with Pasion>ie, an initiative that links the entrepreneurial community with the corporate investment world in order to contribute to social and economic development. The program, designed and conducted by IE Business School, offers specific training courses for start ups, along with a period of mentoring offered by IE mentors and the innovation heads of collaborating firms.

Wayra Startups Training Wayra is a program for technological startups promoted by Telefónica, aimed at supporting the creation of ICTs in Europe and Latin America, making it the leading global platform for identifying technological talent in the ICT world. IE Business School has been involved in Wayra from its very beginning, in the development of training programs, and by nourishing the pool of mentors offered to start ups throughout the different acceleration phases.

Spain Startup & Investor Summit The Spain Startup & Investor Summit is an initiative that brings together all of the key Spanish players in the business ecosystem such as entrepreneurs, companies, investors, institutions and government. The goal: To support entrepreneurship, job creation and the promotion of Spain’s image around the world.

Spain Startup Co-investment Fund (SSCF) The purpose of this initiative is to stimulate the early stage investment industry in Spain through the creation of a €40 million co-investment fund. The co-investment fund is made up of equal contributions from ENISA, Spain’s leading government agency for the development of innovation-based high growth potential companies, and an international group of specialised private sector investors. The SSCF is not only an instrument to support the development of the Venture Capital industry in Spain, but also an initiative to promote the entrepreneurial talent, bringing it to the attention of some of the most internationally active early stage investors.

International MBA

SUCCESS STORIES Gonzalo Castellano Benlloch & Philipp Hasskamp Spain / Germany, Class of 2009 Founders, City Deal Iberia Venture Lab Alumni

In February 2010, shortly after finishing the IMBA, we were offered the chance to found the Spanish branch of CityDeal , which was acquired by Groupon a few months later. In our fast expansion, we count and will count on the support of many people that we met at IE Business School and that are now, in some way or another, part of our organization.

Adrian Hilti & Bernhard Niesner Liechtenstein / Austria Class of 2007 Founders, Venture Lab Alumni is the largest online community for learning languages in the world. The website was launched in May 2008 and by May 2013 it had reached over 30,000,000 users from over 200 different countries. The website has received several awards including AlwaysOn Global 250 Winner 2009, CeBIT Innovation Award 2010, and it won the category ‘Best Education, Recruitment, Media Startup’ at the Europas TechCrunch Awards in 2011.

Check out other IE Entrepreneurs:

For more information on IE’s entrepreneurial spirit, please visit our website at and follow our entrepreneurship blog at

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Innovative Curriculum


Named the “most innovative curriculum” of any MBA program by Bloomberg Businessweek, the International MBA program at IE Business School strives to develop General Managers and Future Leaders by integrating theory, practice and creativity both in and outside the classroom. The International MBA program at IE is structured to provide the best opportunities for learning. A world class faculty of renowned thought leaders and experienced practitioners deliver a rigorous curriculum of core subjects and electives. Through IMBA+ the program also offers value-added options to customize the MBA program to one’s needs such as corporate internships, consulting projects, international exchanges and dual degree programs with IE’s select group of prestigious partner universities worldwide as well as an international partnership project with Wharton and the Venture Lab. In addition, IE Business School commits to educating business leaders for the international workplace by offering a market-leading bilingual International MBA program in English and Spanish or combining both. Furthermore, IE encourages students to explore social innovation and entrepreneurial challenges through the development of creative and innovative solutions for the BoP (Base of the Pyramid) and other social enterprises through design thinking.

International MBA

Paul Shanley United Kingdom, Class of 2010 Head of Video Hub Strategy Associated Press

Jonathan Riskin United States of America, Class of 2014 Current Student

Maya Sarkis Lebanon, Class of 2011 Consultant Delta Partners

Virgil F. Esguerra Philippines, Class of 2013 Global Emerging Markets Strategist Merrill Lynch

/ 25

For me, the most important part of my MBA was learning from the students around me. With such a great variety of professional and life experiences I was challenged, motivated and inspired in equal measures almost every day. The network of friends and colleagues I now have, even after the MBA has finished, continues to ensure life will always be full of amazing experiences!

In 13 months, it is not possible to do it all. For me, this limitation is a positive feature - it forces the student to decide upon a course of action and prioritize which activities and classes will be most beneficial to achieving career goals. When my time at IE is done, I am certain that I will not remember every financial ratio or strategy framework. I am also certain however, that the implicit knowledge of international business transmitted through diversity will stay with me for many years to come.

Whether it comes to education, growth, people or experiences, I never would have thought you can squeeze so much into 13 months.

IE has given me the curriculum, colleagues and courage to confidently envision and explore different life possibilities.

PROGRAM STRUCTURE The International MBA at IE is a unique and holistic learning experience delivered over the course of 13 months in two key parts. The first large block of the program, known as the Core, requires all students to undergo the same curriculum to achieve a sound foundation in General Management. In each of the three core periods, students gain critical insights into Management Fundamentals, Skills and Integration that help them develop a wellrounded understanding of business. After completing the Core, students have a strong General Management know-how they can leverage to excel within increasingly complex organizations on an international scale or in dynamic young start-ups.

The second part of the program, called IMBA+, is customizable according to each student’s individual preferences. It provides students with the opportunity to personalize their course selection and take deep dives into topics of interest that span a wide variety of course offerings. To maximize the learning potential of every student, IE strongly believes in facilitating the exchange of ideas, cultures and experiences in a highly interactive and collaborative environment that brings students closer to markets, organizational realities, and real business practices. Examples include working on real life challenges with renowned companies, multimedia cases, and online investment tools such as Bloomberg housed in our very own Trading Room.

Core Period

November Intake

Nov - Feb

Feb - May

Management Fundamentals

Core Management Skills


Challenge Week

Jul - Oct

Challenge Week

Core Period 2

Apr - Jun

Intensive Spanish Classes Mandatory Pre-Program Online (Financial Accounting, Quantitative Analysis & Careers) Opening Ceremony Orientation Days

Core Period 1 April Intake

Wharton GCP (November Intake) Leadership Lab Career Strategy Language Classes (English/Spanish)

-6 -2 -1 0 1 Week










12 weeks

11 12 13


15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 12 weeks


International MBA

/ 27

TEACHING METHODOLOGY Case Method Each area of business is studied using practical cases, most of which deal with the real problems that may arise in different company contexts. Cases are first prepared individually, then in groups, using one of the numerous workgroup rooms at IE Business School, before being discussed in class under the guidance of the professor.

Team Work Students of the International MBA are divided into small workgroups which are carefully formed with attention to the different training, backgrounds and experiences of their members to ensure diversity. This kind of group work is an essential preparation for future professionals in management positions. These groups are not fixed and will change over the course of the core part of the program to maximize the opportunity of working with different peers.

Interactive Learning We put a wide range of multimedia tools at our students’ disposal: simulators, interactive graphics, videos and podcasts, as well as completely interactive case studies and technical notes. This innovative use of media supports different learning styles and makes content easier to absorb.

Elective Period Core Period 3


Oct - Dec

Jan - May

May - Jul

Sept - Dec Electives


Venture Lab

Social Impact Project (November Intake)

Wharton GCP (Apr Intake)


28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 12 weeks

IMBA in Practice (April Intake) Social Impact Project (April Intake) Dual Degree Programs 1+1: IMBA-PRIME with Brown University Wharton GCP (April Intake)

Final Exam and Graduation

IMBA in Practice (November Intake)

Summer / Winter Break

Global Immersion Experiences

37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 12 weeks


Core Period 1

Core Period 2

• Communication Skills

• Critical Management Thinking

• Financial Accounting

• Investment Analysis

• Managerial Decision Making

• Managerial Accounting

• Managerial Economics

• Marketing Management

• Leading People & Teams

• Operations Management

• Strategy

• Strategy (continued)

• Entrepreneurial Management

• Entrepreneurial Management (continued)

• Introduction to General Management

• Technology & Innovation Management

• Leadership Lab I

• Exploration Day

• Career Strategy I

• Leadership Lab II • Career Strategy II

Core Period 3

Integrative Core Plus

• Business, Government & Society

The Integrative Core Plus gives students an opportunity, in advance of the IMBA+, to personalize the curriculum and choose one long or two short integration courses according to individual preferences. At the end of the Core, the learning objective in these courses is to deepen integrative thinking by linking multiple fields of management. Students will learn how to think beyond managerial silos and bridge the gap between different management disciplines.

• Corporate Finance • Managing People at Work • Marketing Strategy • Supply Chain Management • Integrative Core Plus I and II • Leadership Lab III • Career Strategy III

International MBA


At several points throughout the program, students will encounter “challenges” that will push them beyond their comfort zone and expose them to real-world professional situations. The first challenge, called LAUNCH, provides students with a fun, useful and out-of-the-box way to start developing interpersonal and critical thinking skills in advance of the first core period. For two weeks, students participate in interactive workshops and seminars that focus on Leadership, Awareness, Understanding, Networking, Communication and Humanities. The second and third challenge weeks take place after the first and second core periods. During one week modules, students get a taste of the real life managerial challenges while analyzing, debating and presenting findings on different project engagements presented by external collaborators. Over the years, IE students have had the privilege to interact with top players in different sectors to examine critical issues such as Post-Merger Integration, International Expansion, Client Segmentation, and Fundraising among others that these organizations face.

Basil Alrayes Saudi Arabia, Class of 2014 Current Student

LAUNCH was nothing like a typical MBA class. We were neither learning nor simply applying tools; but instead, we were learning a new way of thinking.

FUTURE LEADERS The Leadership Lab takes place throughout the Core Periods of the IMBA Program in three stages. Each stage helps students grasp and put to use the key skills and the multi-dimensional mindset that successful leaders harness. First, students start off with communication skills, a key pillar in leadership roles, thereafter transitioning into workshops on workgroup skills, assessment tools, and culminating with course work dedicated to transformational leadership and developing a leader’s vision. Collectively, this curriculum emphasizes the importance of leading by example, managing and participating in teams, learning to motivate others, and developing the emotional intelligence needed to lead and inspire.

/ 29

International MBA

BEYOND THE PROGRAM NETWORKING EVENTS During the IMBA Program students will have numerous opportunities to mingle with their peers and network with students, alumni, faculty and staff from all other programs offered at IE. While some activities are IMBA driven, there are many other events, conferences, seminars, club meetings, and other extracurricular activities across the IE Community at large. Some of the IMBA driven events in the past have, among others, included the following: • IEINSIGHTS A series of conferences where high profile speakers share their experience and knowledge that led them to be leaders in today’s business world with an audience of students and professors. Conferences in the past have included companies, such as: BBVA, Paramount Pictures, Intel*, Thales, Aviva**, P&G, Dunkin Brands and Mondelez International***. *Intel Topic: Transforming Intel as Intel technology transforms our Digital Age

**AVIVA Topic: Creating Thought Leadership

***Mondelez International Topic: Being a Growth Company by Doing Good

• IETALKS! A platform where IE students and alumni from different programs network and learn from each other by coming together in an interactive forum to discuss topics of interest, such as “Working in Asia” and “Working in Latin America” as well as “Career Changers.”

Gerardo Lara Mendoza Venezuela, Class of 2014 Current Sudent

If I would be asked to analyze the most frequently used word in the IMBA program, networking would probably be the one. The chance to build your own network of contacts is one of the most appealing features of any MBA program. At IE, students can take advantage of both, IE’s unparalleled tools and its capacity to attract hundreds of students from all over the world, to build a highly complex network of great cultural, professional and academic diversity.

/ 31

CAMPUS LIFE Networking at IE continues through the Campus Life Office that helps students to make the most out of their IE Experience. The goal is to create an engaged community that covers the diversity of the student body and to share common interests as well as to develop personal skills in a stimulating environment outside the classroom. Some of the more than 60 student clubs include:

• Professional Clubs (IE Women in Business Club, IE Consulting Club, IE Net Impact Club, IE Capital Markets Club, IE Entrepreneurship Club, among others)

• Sports Clubs (IE Tennis Club, IE Football/Soccer Club, IE Badminton Club, IE Basketball Club, among others)

• Geographic Clubs (IE Africa Club, IE France Club, IE Japan Club, IE America Club, IE Venezuela Club, IE India Club, among others)

• Social Clubs (IE Charity Club, IE Music Club, IE Partners Club, IE Bar of the Week Club, among others)

ANNUAL MAJOR EVENTS IE Chinese New Year IE Grassroot Soccer Cup IE Consulting Day

IE Energy Day IE Africa Day IE Impact Weekend IE Diwali Festival

IE Social Responsibility Forum IE LGBT@Work IE Global Village

On a typical weekday, IMBA students attend lectures from 9am to 3pm. After that, students will have to divide their time between individual study, group work and all of the different extracurricular activities offered.

Some of the different options from which to choose on a regular day could be: 4 pm

5 pm

6 pm

Join IE’s Running Club for a quick run or attend the “How to approach investing?”, meeting organized by the IE Entrepreneurship Club

Network with Asian peers by attending “Hong Kong’s Economy: Past, Present and Future,” organized by the IE China Club or attend “Break the Business Case,” organized by the IE Consulting Club

Join “What is Impact Investing,” organized by the IE Financial Club or attend the children’s playgroup, organized by the IE Partners Club

International MBA

Anna Kompaniyets Ukraine, Class of 2012 Senior Marketing Manager for Growth and Emerging Markets Burger King

IE is all about the people you meet. Together you learn and grow, supporting each other along the way, and celebrating successes - a true start of lifelong friendships.

6.30 pm

8 pm

Meet one of the “200 Women Business Leaders of the World” organized by the IE Women Club or battle for the crown in IE’s badminton tournament

Attend a wine tasting session organized by the IE Wine Industry Club or experience “Mexico in Madrid,” organized by the IE Mexico Club

Stay tuned and follow Campus Life on facebook at, read the blog at or visit our campus life website at

/ 33




Elective Courses IE Consulting Project (ICP) LawWithoutWalls (LWOW) Dual Degrees 1+1: IMBA-PRIME with Brown University

Global Immersion Experiences Long Exchange Short Immersion Experience Global Network Week

IMBA in Practice (Internship) Social Impact Project Wharton Global Consulting Practicum (GCP) Venture Lab

Vishal Shete Australia, Class of 2011 Management Consultant Capco

The experience of working with and learning from brilliant and highly successful individuals that have come from all corners of the world has been simply incredible. The educational experience, the student and alumni network and the extensive exposure to the world’s top management consulting firms, investment banks and the leading general management programs has helped me transform my career.

International MBA

ELECTIVE COURSES During the elective period, students may decide on one or more elective topics and can choose from more than 80 electives that can vary with each intake. Students can choose courses based on areas of interest and language. Elective Topics · Behavioral and Social Science · Communications · Accounting & Control · Economics · Humanities

· Entrepreneurial Management · Finance · Human Resources Management · Information Systems

· Law · Marketing · Operations Management · Management Skills · Strategy

IE Consulting Project (ICP)

LawWithoutWalls (LWOW)

As part of the electives, the ICP is led by one of IE’s Operations Professors and allows students to work firsthand with a Fortune 100 company on a consulting project to gain real world experience in identifying and solving problems in management. Students, after undergoing a selection process, work closely with the company to understand the project scope. After several months of conducting research, on-site visits and receiving mentoring from our faculty participants, the students present their findings and recommendations to the company’s executives. ICP provides a unique experience to gain hands-on experience and put the MBA toolkit into practice.

LWOW is an elective offering in collaboration with the University of Miami that places students with diverse backgrounds at the intersection of entrepreneurship, law and education. Those selected, including profiles other than lawyers, have the unique opportunity to learn about the legal sector, pinpoint potential needs and develop solutions using business approaches. Students work in virtual teams to turn ideas into viable business plans while receiving mentorship from an extensive network of elite professionals from different sectors. For more information on LWOW, please visit the following website:

In addition, language classes in both English and Spanish are provided throughout the program to encourage students to broaden their skill sets, challenge themselves further, and to explore career paths globally. These classes take place on a weekly basis during the entire length of the program and last 1.5 hrs. In order to take advantage of the full yearly package, students must pass level tests that are given at the end of each term to ensure they fulfill the requirements of the coursework and demonstrate advancement in their language skills.

/ 37

DUAL DEGREES The Dual Degrees at IE Business School offer students two master degrees in much less time than normally required when followed separately, allowing them to return to the professional arena sooner. However, this time saving option may not apply to every intake. Dual Degrees with IE International MBA + Master in Advanced Finance The Dual Degree combines IE Business School’s top-ranked International MBA program with the Master in Advanced Finance, which led by a dedicated faculty of professionals, covers cutting edge fields of finance such as Financial Stability, Securitization, and Behavioral Finance. Students start the International MBA program in April and complete the core part of the program. They then proceed directly to the Master in Advanced Finance in January, replacing the IMBA elective period, and graduating from the Dual Degree within 21 months. For more information, please visit our Dual Degree IMBA-MIAF website. International MBA + LLM Designed to prepare students to become both, true global business leaders and international law practitioners, the Dual Degree allows students to earn an MBA and any of the IE LLM degrees - International LLM, Master en Asesoría Jurídica de Empresas or Master en Asesoría Fiscal de Empresas in 20 months. Dual Degrees with Partner Institutions IE-MIT Sloan

IE-Yale University School of Management (SOM)

International MBA + Master of Science in Management Studies

International MBA + Master of Advanced Management (MAM)

This dual degree has been designed for students who want to combine IE Business School’s innovative and diverse International MBA program with MIT Sloan’s prestigious faculty and teaching methodologies. Students can personalize their learning experience and deepen their knowledge in a particular area of management and then write a thesis at MIT Sloan by working closely with a MIT faculty member.

As part of the Global Network for Advanced Management, a forum of elite business schools from around the world, IE is able to offer you the opportunity to earn an IMBA as well as a Master of Advanced Management (MAM) from Yale University School of Management (SOM). The curriculum will include SOM courses as well as graduate-level courses offered in other schools that compose Yale University. Furthermore, students will have access to the Yale Career & Recruiting Services and Alumni network.

International MBA

/ 39

IE-Tufts University

IE-MIT / MIT-Zaragoza

International MBA + International Affairs

International MBA + Logistics & Supply Chain Management

The Dual Degree with Tufts allows you to earn both a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at IE Business School and a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy (MALD) or a Master of Arts (MA) at Tufts University’s Fletcher School in 18 to 26 months. This option particularly suits students who seek management responsibilities in international corporations, global financial institutions, international economic and development institutions, and government agencies. The program is offered in four different formats depending upon which program you start with and whether you have a more junior or senior profile.

IE Business School has partnered with the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics (CTL) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (MISI), and the MIT- Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC) in Spain to offer the opportunity to earn both an International MBA at IE Business School and one of the following specialized degrees in 19 months: Master of Engineering in Logistics from the Supply Chain Management (SCM) program at the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics (CTL) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Master of Science in Supply Chain Management (MSCM) at the Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation, Malaysia. Master of Engineering in Logistics & Supply Chain Management (ZLOG) at the Zaragoza Logistics Center in Zaragoza, Spain.

For more detailed information on our Dual Degrees please read our Dual Degrees brochure, available at

1+1: IMBA-PRIME with Brown University The objective of the IMBA-PRIME is to allow students to personalize their MBA experience at IE Business School by participating in an engineering and science program offered by Brown University. The PRIME experience is unique in that it allows its students to comprehensively address the realities of value creation. It does so by taking embryonic ideas through the venture stage by having students work side-by-side with faculty and professionals from outside Brown. PRIME begins in September and finishes in May. Students have two options depending on what order they want to pursue their dual degree in. They could choose to start the International MBA in November and then begin PRIME the following September or they could choose to study the PRIME first and then go onto the International MBA in the April intake.

International MBA

GLOBAL IMMERSION EXPERIENCES Long Exchange Program (3 months) Our Long Exchange Program takes place during IMBA+ and will allow you to choose among more than 40 partner institutions around the globe to maximize your learning and experience at another top business school. Studying at a partner institution may allow you to explore a new region of the world or to be closer to the geographical location you are targeting after completing the International MBA. Students participating in the Long Exchange Program begin classes at their chosen institution at the beginning of the last two periods of the program and return to IE Business School for their final exam. Thus, after the Summer/Winter break, students who have chosen to participate in the Long Exchange Program will go directly to the partner institution. Short Immersion Experience (1 week) Some students may wish to take advantage of the broad elective offerings at IE, and still participate in the option to discover business practices in another country. Thus, we have incorporated the Short Immersion Experience option to give students the opportunity to immerse in local culture and business practices through activities such as lectures by professionals and/or faculty at our local partner institutions, company visits and networking events. Last year, our partner schools for the Short Immersion Experience program were: • Tuck School of Business (United States of America) • Cheung Kong CKGSB (China) • Nanyang (Singapore) • INSPER (Brazil) Global Network Week (GNW) In 2012, IE joined the Global Network for Advanced Management, a forum of elite business schools from around the world convened by Yale University. As part of this network, IE together with Renmin University (China), Yale SOM (US), Koç University(Turkey) and Fundação Getulio Vargas (Brazil) launched a unique and innovative pilot short exchange program called Global Network Week (GNW). Traditionally, short exchanges are bilateral, meaning exchanges and networking takes place between two schools. The GNW expands the exchange opportunities exponentially to include several schools, each one showcasing an area of expertise. For future editions of the new GNW, the participating schools and topics covered will vary. The GNW typically last for one week.

/ 41


The IMBA in Practice is an optional component of the IMBA Program that allows students to perform an internship for elective credit during their studies. The Career Management Center will channel specific opportunities to students during the Core, but the responsibility of seeking an ideal internship opportunity falls firmly on the students. Some of the most popular sectors in recent years have been Consulting (McKinsey & Co, Oliver Wyman, Deloitte), Technology (Apple, Facebook, Amazon), Pharmaceutical (Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, Eli Lilly) and Banking/Finance (Goldman Sachs, BNP Paribas, JP Morgan Chase). However, the spectrum of internships performed extends well beyond the above examples. Students are given significant freedom to define their internship role and have no limitations when it comes to location, sector or industry. However, students are required to submit a proposal that allows the Academic Team to ensure the work to be performed aligns with MBA level criteria and that the time period & duration coincide with the requirements. Additionally, mandatory deliverables at the midpoint and upon completion of the internship will serve as the basis for the grade given for the IMBA in Practice. For more information on internships, please visit our Internship Guide online.

Social Impact Project IE has partnered with the Emzingo Group, an innovative company launched by IE Alumni that offers students internship opportunities in South Africa and Peru. Students participate in the NexGen Fellowship, where they work as consultants for NGOs, government agencies and social enterprises in a capacity that puts their MBA toolkit to work in order to make a social impact. Additionally, students participate in group learning sessions, reflective practice, and personal coaching that help serve as the foundation for this transformational experience.

Erica Gentilucci United States of America, Class of 2012 Emzingo Fellow

The Emzingo Fellowship was the most impactful and provoking experience of my IMBA. It opened my eyes, mind and heart to people, places and problems that I never could have imagined. In the real world, life isn’t an HBS case and the Emzingo fellowship prepared me to be more flexible, resourceful and understanding in business and in life.

International MBA

WHARTON GLOBAL CONSULTING PRACTICUM (GCP) A hands-on real-world consulting project offered to International MBA students at IE Business School, in which teams of students from the Wharton School work together with teams of students from IE Business School to develop a consulting project for a company seeking to enter or expand in the US market. Over the course of the project, students interview senior directors of the client firms to gather relevant information about the project scope. In addition, Professors from IE and Wharton act as mentors throughout the process guiding the blended student teams throughout their journey. Within the first project phase, the entire team meets in Madrid to present their proposal to the client and ensure alignment with project objectives. Subsequently, the teams will liaise throughout the course of the project in order to provide updates on each team’s progress and obtain client feedback.  Finally, the IE team and representatives of the company travel to the Wharton campus to present their final findings.

/ 43

Angela Nantulya Uganda / Kenya / UK, Class of 2008 CEO at IDA Plus, Business Development at Brentec Investments, Director at Woodco

A key differentiator in my MBA experience at IE Business School was the incredible opportunity to work on business plan development with female entrepreneurs from Africa with the potential to make a difference in their respective countries. The chance to put newly acquired skills into practice for such a rewarding cause was priceless!

International MBA

VENTURE LAB The Venture Lab serves as an essential part of IE Business School’s entrepreneurial fabric by providing a unique opportunity to all IE students and alumni to celebrate their passion for entrepreneurship and value creation by enabling them to launch their own startup. The aim of the Venture Lab is to incubate the development and consolidation of business start-ups and to provide high-quality “deal flow� within a global network of investors. It is not only a business plan competition or a chance for students to share and create interesting business ideas; it is a unique opportunity for students with entrepreneurial spirit and novel ideas to begin the process of transforming those concepts into investment-worthy companies. For more information, please refer to the Entrepreneurship tab of this brochure.

/ 45


Career Strategy


CAREER STRATEGY SERVICES AT IE BUSINESS SCHOOL Learning how to manage your career is an essential part of your professional development. The Career Management Center (CMC) at IE helps you to enhance your marketability by providing resources to pursue individual career goals in a competitive global marketplace. To better meet these objectives, the CMC focuses on career advising, recruiter relations, career education and specialization tracks. While at IE, you are encouraged to take advantage of the following services:

Career Advising & Drop-In Sessions Career Advising Not sure what type of business career you want to pursue? Feeling confused about participating in an internship? Need clarification on your Career Portfolio or more industry-specific information? Be sure to reach out to the CMC professionals to clarify any doubts you may have about your career. Drop-In Sessions If you have a quick question about interviews or anything else careers-related, don’t hesitate to drop by the CMC for a brief 10 minute career consultation (CMC professionals offer drop-in sessions on a rotating basis).

Career Education Courses Year Round During the year you will have a number of career education courses that will offer you the opportunity to strengthen your career skills, ranging from CV and cover letter writing to interview and headhunting preparation among others. Networking Opportunities The CMC team coordinates a number of events to give you the chance to meet and interact with IE alumni and recruiters. Our Annual Career Fair and on-campus company presentations, will provide you with multiple occasions to learn about different career fields, internship as well as full-time opportunities.

International MBA

/ 49

Access to Internships, Full-Time Job Listings, & IE CV Book The IE Career Portal is IE’s online resource that enables you to preview job listings and submit CVs. When you create your CV in the IE Career Portal and approve it for release, your CV is included in our online CV Book. This can open the door to additional opportunities since recruiters have convenient access to your latest CV. Additionally, you will be able to apply for all internship and full time positions with this job portal. For concrete information on placement statistics, please review our Placement Report on our website.

Amber Wigmore Ă lvarez Executive Director of Career Services Career Management Center IE Business School

Our mission in the Career Management Center at IE is to guide students and alumni to realize their unique career visions and become strategic career managers.

CAREER STRATEGY ROAD MAP The Road Map below is a simplified example to illustrate the possible and different tasks recommended for successful career planning at IE Business School and might not apply to all students and intakes equally. In each of the three Core Periods of the IMBA Curriculum, students will participate in Career Strategy sessions, which come in the form of interactive workshops that assist students in fine tuning their CV, cover letter, interviewing skills and much more.

PHASE I Research & Exploration

PHASE II Narrow / Focus / Establish target












6 T1 MID



1. SELF-ASSESSMENT Define your strengths, talents and motivations already before the program starts with the help of IE’s Career Pre-Program 2. CV WRITING Understand how to make your CV more impactful and stand out 3. CAREER STRATEGY I 4. CAREER ADVISING Review your Career Portfolio and start to design the next steps of your career plan






5. CV BOOK DEADLINE Submit your CV to be included in a CV Book which is distributed to employers 6. CAREER TRACKS Take deep dives into industry trends and career paths by further exploring finance, consulting and/or marketing opportunities 7. RESEARCH Gather information to shape career aspirations through industry and function specific networking events

International MBA

PHASE III Go to Market

/ 51

PHASE IV Selection Process
















9. CAREER FAIR Network with more than 120 international companies and established contacts during this one week long event

12. MOCK INTERVIEW Improve your interview skills by understanding different interview situations

10. DROP-IN SESSIONS Gather more information with the help of IE industry experts, after having established ideas about target sectors

13. JOB BANK Take advantage of IE’s internal Job Bank with employment opportunities worldwide 14. INTERVIEWS Show that you have a grasp on the skills required for the role, you are committed to doing the job and you will be a good fit for the organization.

CAREER RESOURCES The Career Management Center at IE provides you with access to an extensive list of tools and resources that complement the Career Syllabus. A selection includes: Career Leader Glassdoor EBSCO 10 Minutes With JibberJobber

ALB - Foundation for African Leadership in Business Business Because Careers International Entrypark and ihipo jobs and internships portal

Experteer Workmaze* Forté Foundation Interviewbay Ivy Exec MBA-Direct

Global Work Place MBA&Company Vault** MBA Focus Going Global***



***Going Global

Provides key information about top MBA recruiters in different sectors/industries and regions, HR contacts, key deadlines and more

The world’s leading source of Career Intelligence

Leading provider of career and employment resources for evaluating, selecting and transitioning into a successful career in a foreign country

Michael Bernard Settle United States of America, Class of 2013 Current Student

The CMC gave me the advantage I needed to be successful in my internship search. Their resources and my diligence helped lead me to an internship offer in NYC. The CMC’s ability to assist such a diverse student body, with such diverse aspirations, is a real asset to IE.

International MBA

/ 53



Daniel Porot is one of Europe’s leading pioneers in Career Design and Job Hunting with more than 40 years of experience. Daniel and his team of trainers have run workshops, seminars and conferences in 50 different countries throughout the world, teaching over 80 different nationalities.

The IE Career Management Center is an active member of the following prestigious career services associations and alliances:

Gerardo Seeliger is considered one of the best headhunters in the world. His 30 years plus experience with Sports related organizations, new media ventures, and Management Consulting has led to broad and diverse relationships throughout companies across different industries.

• MBA Career Services for Working Professionals Alliance (MBA CSWP)

Filipa Rosado Pinto Portugal, Class of 2009 Product Manager Virology Roche Pharmaceuticals

• MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance (MBA CSEA)

• EFMD Career Services Steering Committee

The experience during the International MBA at IE has helped me a lot in my current job. On the one hand, it has helped me to find innovative solutions for some daily problems that I face in my professional life. On the other hand, the contact with people from different cultures and backgrounds has helped me to adapt and better understand the culture in a multinational company, which unites people from all over the world.

*Telef贸nica An insightful corporate presentation delivered by a top management representative of Telef贸nica before a discussion about opportunities for MBA students interested in joining the multinational.

International MBA

/ 55

NETWORKING EVENTS AND PRESENTATIONS The CMC provides many opportunities for you to have “face time” with employers and IE alumni of leading companies in person and online. Events in the past have included the following companies, among many others: Global Praxis KPMG Telefónica* Procter & Gamble McKinsey** Loewe***

Burger King L’Oréal*** Microsoft Delta Partners Kellogg’s Nissan****

**McKinsey An event about the experiences of an IE Alumnus working as an Engagement Manager at McKinsey that covered personal insights, company culture, as well as McKinsey’s selection process.

Amazon ABB AXA Danone Xopso E&Y

***Loewe, L’Oréal, and Richemont A round table discussion with representatives from the luxury sector, during which topics on career strategies and career transitions were covered.

Novartis Nestlé KPMG JTI Pernot Ricard

****Nissan Last year Nissan Japan participated in IE’s Career Fair and interviewed students for its highly selective NRDP program.

Social Innovation

SOCIAL INNOVATION AT IE Impact Business & Change-Makers Being one of IE Business School’s core values, social innovation at IE focuses on encouraging students to explore social and entrepreneurial challenges through the development of creative and innovative solutions for the Base of the Pyramid as well as social enterprises by using the Design Thinking Methodology. IE places a marked emphasis on unconventional approaches to enduring social problems, many undertaken jointly with key players in the field of process design, creativity, social entrepreneurship and innovation.

International MBA

/ 59

ACADEMIC HIGHLIGHTS Design Thinking for Social Innovation How can we provide drinkable water to low income rural communities? How might we create a process and culture, which enables innovation to be at the core of organizations, looking at a social enterprise, a responsible business or a cross collaboration with unlikely allies? To answer these questions, we need to re-imagine, re-invent and re-design the way that we do business the way in which we create and deliver value. After the first core period of the IMBA curriculum, students will participate in a one-week-long challenge on social innovation, during which a topic on a specific global change driver is analyzed. Students will explore how social entrepreneurship can help the “Base of the Pyramid” aspire to a better living and how reintegrating the world’s poorest in the economy and society can bring positive global change and the promise of a better future for many generations to come. The Socially Responsible Classroom With +80 core course and electives, IE has been distinguished by the Aspen Institute as the 1st business school in Europe and 3rd worldwide in integrating social and environmental impact into the IMBA+ program. Students may choose from a variety of different classes* such as: • Corporate Social Responsibility • Social Business Incubator • Knowledge Incubator: Renewable Energy • Empresa Social (Spanish track) • Renewable Energy Business • Investing in Climate Change * Courses may vary from intake to intake.

Tatiana Pereira Paes Brasil, Class of 2014 Current Student

Our accomplishment is a direct result from the team’s commitment to changing the life of the street children in Pakistan.


1. IE NET IMPACT CLUB IE Net Impact Club is the largest student-run club at IE Business School, with a mission to empower IE students with the tools to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable world through business. The club reached Gold status in 2012 as a result of a number of annual events and different on-campus initiatives.

Social Responsibility Forum The SR Forum is the largest student-run event at IE and explores the cutting edge developments within sustainability and management. Last year’s theme “Social Means Business” symbolized a cultural shift from Social Responsibility to an inherent expectation that Businesses consider social impact as a part of their business strategy.

International MBA

Net Impact Weekend The Net Impact Weekend is a 60-hour, hands-on, innovative experience that brings together students from IE Business School with social entrepreneurs to share ideas and develop socially responsible business plans to equip both social entrepreneurs and students with the tools to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable world through business. Global Village Hosted by the IE Net Impact Chapter in collaboration with all IE Country Clubs and student groups, the Global Village has become one of IE’s iconic festivals, whose aim is to showcase the diversity that thrives on the IE campus everyday. Last year’s event had 550 visitors that included students as well as IE collaborators. During the length of the event the attendees were able to see performances from the different Country Clubs that included presentations by Colombia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Lebanon, Japan as well as India, and many more. EcologIE Members of the IE Net Impact Club work to make the IE Campus a greener place, with efforts such as establishing recycling bins throughout the buildings, promoting the use of recycled paper in the school printers, and encouraging the use of reusable water bottles with each incoming class.

/ 61

International MBA

/ 63

2. EMZINGO A transformative leadership development program in South Africa and Peru that aims to inspire, prepare, and connect the next generation of leaders. The program is rooted in strategy, people and how their needs are nurtured by creativity and experience. Through using social impact consultancy projects, and a leadership development curriculum, as vehicles to transform high potential business women and men into responsible leaders, Emzingo redefines leadership. For more information, please check

Yvonne Krywyj United States of America, Class of 2012 Social Enterprise Professional Co Founder Next Generation Lab (Spain / Johannesburg)

While relaxation isn’t always easy to come by, inspiration abounds. When I see students at Zazida come together to form teams, and witness their drive and enthusiasm, I realize what great things can be accomplished when people who share a common goal join forces.

3. THE HUB MADRID The HUB is an ecosystem of +37 spaces on all 5 continents including +6,000 entrepreneurs and social innovators that work, learn, connect and realize progressive ideas and enterprises for a better world. HUBs in Madrid, Melbourne and Sydney have been cofounded by IE Alumni, and have all served as an inspiration for the co-creation of Area31. This collaboration across the HUBs network increases the social impact by creating awareness and improved educational standards through the help of Design Thinking that is part of numerous social innovation workshops, master classes and different challenges. For more information, please check

Who should apply to this program?


The International MBA is aimed at professional graduates with 5 years of experience (on average). The objective of the admissions process is to select students with the greatest potential and who can make a significant contribution to the learning experience. We seek candidates who are dynamic, motivated, creative, and who have not only an excellent academic background, but also offer the kind of interpersonal skills that will permit them to obtain maximum benefit from the program.


International MBA

/ 65

Admissions Process The admissions process starts upon your submission of the online application along with the supporting documents. IE’s online application is designed to be completed over several sessions. You are able to work on or review your online application at any time, as the content will only become available to the Admissions Department upon submission. Admission is granted on a rolling basis and although there is no deadline for applications, early application is recommended given the limited number of places in the program. The application should be completed in the language (English or Spanish) in which you plan to study the core part of the program. Should the Admissions Committee grant you an interview upon the review of your application and supporting documents, you will be contacted to schedule an interview. The interview examines the data provided in the application in greater detail, tests your communication abilities and evaluates whether your profile will meet the demands of the program. It is recommended that the interview be conducted in person, as it is an integral part of the admissions process. Interviews may be scheduled on campus, with one of our offices, in coordination with an IE event, or by Skype should you be unable to meet us in person. After the interview, it will take roughly 2-3 weeks for the Admissions Committee to review your file and provide you with a final decision. Admission is valid for two intakes, the intake you apply to and the following. For further information regarding the admissions process, please refer to the website where you also will find our online application.

Online Application

Entrance Exam (GMAT, GRE or ieGAT)

Requirements Online Application A minimum of 3 years of work experience Academic Accreditation; Bachelors Degree or equivalent (transcripts and diploma) Entrance Exam (GMAT, GRE or ieGAT) Language Certificate (English or Spanish) if you are a non native speaker of the language in which you are planning to study the program* 1 page Curriculum Vitae Two Letters of Recommendation Photo and copy of passport Application Fee: 125 Euros * For details on requirements for exemption, please see our website.

Financial Aid & Scholarships To further foster diversity within our programs, the IE Foundation awards tuition funding assistance to talented students in need of financial aid based on merit, distinctive competences and academic excellence. IE also has agreements with leading Spanish banks to offer students attractive loan packages to finance tuition and living expenses. To learn more about the opportunities mentioned above, visit IE’s Financial Aid website: and blog:

Supporting Documents


IE BUSINESS SCHOOL Admissions Department Maria de Molina, 11 Madrid, Spain

T: +34 915 689 610


Australia - Sydney Brazil - Sao Paulo Chile - Santiago de Chile China - Shanghai Ecuador - Quito Germany - Munich India - Mumbai

Italy - Milan

South Korea - Seoul

Japan - Tokyo

Turkey - Istanbul

Nigeria - Lagos

UAE, Qatar, Bahrain & Kuwait - Dubai

Peru, Bolivia y Paraguay – Lima Portugal - Lisbon Russia & Ukraine - Moscow


USA Los Angeles Miami New York Venezuela - Caracas

Singapore & Southeast Asia - Singapore

IE CENTERS IE Bogota Center - Bogota

UK & Ireland - London

CAMPUSES IN SPAIN IE Mexico Center Mexico City

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Argentina - Buenos Aires

International MBA - IE Business School  

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