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IE Library works to support research, teaching and learning, providing access to the necessary information resources, besides to facilitate their conservation and diffusion. There are two centers: IE Business School Foundation, located in Madrid and IE University, located in Segovia, through which all its services are offered.

IE Library empowers each student with vast archives of knowledge: • • • •

4,500 printed and electronic journals Access to 40 different databases 11,000 e-books 36,000 printed titles

IE School of Architecture Virtual Library: Academic and professional journals Blogs Databases e-Books Libraries catalogues Newspapers Visual resources Web resources

IE School of Architecture YouTube Channel: At this general social network of contents, you can find multimedia archives (events, interviews, conferences, etc., carried out by IE University).

RSS (Real Simple Syndication). By this service, you can access to the news published at the IE university Library in real time: records and changes of resources done, new possible resources on trial, news bulletins, etc.

Podcast. Through this multimedia resource you can access to specific databases tutorials, explanations given in breeze sessions about IE University Library products and services, training users sessions given to the students of the academic programs, research sessions about particular topics given in academic programs, etc.

IE University Library profile at Facebook. At this general social network of contents, you can find all the news published at the IE Library in real time about products and services that the IE Library offers you.

IE University Library profile at Flickr. At this general social network of contents, you can find pictures of events organized by the IE University.

IE School of Architecture on IE Library Social Network:

IE Library Social Network is a collaborative environment that has been designed and is managed by IE University Library for academic community to exchange information and knowledge. It is a web area which emphasizes the mission of the Library as a resources center for learning and teaching, as well as value supply for University 2.0.

IE University library is located on the Santa Cruz la Real (Segovia) campus. How to get to IE University Library. Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 21:00 Saturday: 10:00 - 14:00 The library has WiFi network collections are freely accessible. IE University Library.




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