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Left: “Around 1988, I was being evicted for the first time for a riverside expansion’s project by the government. After a years later, I was being evicted again for a shopping mall. Moved to Karang Anyar, I then got evicted again for another shopping mall. Moved again to Kemayoran, also evicted for the same reason. Then I moved to Papanggo Dalem to be evicted again, this time they said it was for stadium. As if I live only for being evicted again and again…” Nur Aini (45 years old), 6x evicted. Right: Nur Aini’s current house in Papanggo Ujung, Jakarta. Potential to be evicted again.

Left: “Since we’ve been evicted for several times, so we are getting used to it. If they evict us again, all we have to do is just try to find another land to occupy…” Solihin ( 54 years old) and his wife, 3x evicted. Right: Solihin’s current house in Kampung Bayem, Jakarta. Potential to be evicted again.

Left: “Cause all of us [the evicted one] need a new place to live, so our children would not suffer when it is rainy or sunny. We then built a new house. If there’s an empty land, we don’t even think who own it. As long as we can sleep…” Dela (56 years old), 3x evicted. Right: Dela’s current house in Kebon Tebu, Jakarta. Potential to be evicted again.

Left: “I remember that time, the house at the end of the road were evicted already. Many policeman were shouting asking us to move out. Us, the women, were confused. Then I tried to provoke them “ Ladies, let we just get naked! It is useless even though we wear any clothes, they don’t respect us as a human! Let we see if the polices are brave enough when they are coming in, we all naked!” Then Praise the Lord it worked, the policeman stopped…” Een (50 years old), 3x evicted. Right: Een’s current house in Tembok Bolong, Jakarta. Potential to be evicted again.

Left: “So the eviction itself would not make us happy or help us get a better life. If we read on our commandment , every citizen has their rights to live in a proper settlement. But the reality is, we don’t even have a proper place to live, but always being evicted without any other solution….” Rasdullah (54 years old), 8x evicted. Right: Rasdullah’s current house in Rawa Bebek, Jakarta. Potential to be evicted again.

Left: “I only need a place to live, I can handle the rest for living…” Lala (50 years old) 3x evicted. Right: Lala’s current house in Kampung Tongkol Dalem, Jakarta. Potential to be evicted again.

Eviction, the never ending cycle.  
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