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TRIBUTE TO THE LATE ROSEMOND BOAKYE BY THE ST. LUKE'S ANGLICAN CHURCH, TANOSO (a.k.a Rosemond-Sir) Indeed, the entire St. Luke's fraternity has lost a great Sister. The late Madam Rosemond Boakye could be describe as one of those faithful who does not worship by the knowledge of a particular church, but chose to be an Anglican base on a personal conviction which we believe was inspired by the Power of the Holy Spirit. She set high standard of the conduct by living a life of Christian virtues of truthfulness, honesty, patience, humility and above all, service to God. Her commitment to Church work, especially Sunday morning Church cleaning was unquestionably a sign of a good and committed Christian. The members of St. Luke's Anglican Church and the Sunday 'morning church cleaners' in particular would forever remember you. Rev. Fr. Nyame and his family would forever remember your motherly and jovial speeches. The entire congregation would really miss you dearly. You chose to heed to the voice of Christ the Good Shepherd and in response you took up the Cross and followed Him. You turn your back into the world its comforts, its joys and its pleasures. You have run the race, your task is done, the battle won and the triumph is yours. Fare well to you Sister Rosemond. May the angels of light lead you to the Holy City where undiluted happiness, endless peace and bliss await you. Rest in Peace Gallant Soldier!! Rest Peacefully in Abraham's Bosom!!! Fare well again Sister, till we meet again to part no more. Amen.

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