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The Arts Academy will assist students with transportation to and from Palm Springs, Ontario, and LAX (Los Angeles International) airports. Please refer to the fee schedule below for all transportation requests. The Academy has a fleet of well-maintained vans that are marked with the Idyllwild Arts Academy logo. Transportation reservation request forms are available online or by calling the Student Services office at (951) 659-2171 extension 2228. All travel arrangements are authorized through Student Services before transportation is finalized. When you request Away Permission from the Associate Dean of Students at extension 2232 please inform him if you are also requesting school transportation. He will work with you and the Transportation Manager to arrange the appropriate itinerary. When students arrive at the airport they will be met by one of our professional drivers who will hold a clipboard displaying the school’s logo. When a number of students are arriving at different gates at about the same time, we ask that students remain in the baggage claim area where the driver will meet them as soon as possible. When arranging transportation, the Transportation Manager does his best to accommodate students so that they do not have to wait a long period of time. However, there may be a short waiting period in baggage claim while other students’ flights arrive. Any questions regarding transportation can be directed to the Transportation Manager at ext. 2351. Students may also call this extension if they have any questions on the day of their arrival or in the days leading up to their departure. Students should always carry the school phone number and the Transportation Department cell phone number with them when traveling to and from school. The Transportation Department cell phone number is 951-961-1043. At vacation times throughout the year, the school will provide transportation service to and from area airports. Students will be asked three weeks prior to vacation to fill out forms in their dormitories requesting all travel information, and parents are also asked to relay all pertinent information to Becky Bomgardner, Student Services Secretary, in Log Lodge at extension 2228. Please make sure your son or daughter turns this information in to his or her dorm parent so that proper arrangements for their travel can be scheduled. Airline tickets may be sent for safekeeping to Idyllwild Arts in care of the Dean of Students. It is best if students are able to arrive at the airports during the morning hours on opening day at the beginning of the fall quarter. This will allow them to arrive at school in time for registration which ends at 4 p.m. During the school year at the end of the fall, winter, and spring breaks, students should arrive back on campus in the early afternoon on Sunday or Monday (depending on the calendar) before classes resume the next day. Buses generally depart from the airports around 4 p.m. to return students to IAA. All students must be back on campus by 7 p.m. Sunday evening following vacation periods. We ask that all departing and returning flights be booked between the hours of 8am and 8 pm. Please fill out the information below and return it with the other forms. If you need to FAX the information or a copy of an itinerary, you may do so at (951) 659-4383 or (951) 659-2941. Thank you.

Transportation Fee Schedule Location: Vacation All other times

LAX/ Carl’s Jr. $140.00 per person $0.85 per mile

Ontario $95.00 per person $0.85 per mile

Palm Springs $95.00 per person $0.85 per mile

San Diego Not available $0.85 per mile

John Wayne Not available $0.85 per mile

Door-toDoor Not available $0.85 per mile

Student’s Name:____________________________________________________________ Airport of departure:_____________________Airport of arrival:_____________________ Airline:__________________________Flight number:_____________________________ Arrival date:______________________Arrival time:_______________________________ Phone number where the student can be reached prior to the flight:____________________ Student cell phone number while traveling:_______________________________________



P.O. BOX 38 * 52500 TEMECULA DRIVE * IDYLLWILD * CALIFORNIA * 92549 * (951) 659-2171 * FAX (951) 468-7060