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bouncing a set of camera lens on a super-powered trampoline and with the lens pointing downwards all sight is brought upwards as the tornadoes become ants and the sand dune planet becomes a speck in the distance. Hodge-podge Hodge Podge The flesh is on the patty cake to eat the rotting mayonnaise Raining on the gloppy ground it puddles up and sludges down To the hairy slippy slide. Greased up fur on Astro-Glide Guzzling down the homeward bound macaroni micro town Brought to life in Technicolor Sopping wet and soaked with butter Velcro it to petroleum fur my epidermis linoleum floor Dizzy crawling into grime sliding past melting time My body sticks and skin unwinds Drying out human pork-flavored rinds Puffy mouthfuls of murky mush my jaw is locked strain and push Nasty taste but kind of tangy fur-ball goop soft and mangy Pop my arm out of its socket Flimsy membrane flops in my pocket


2009-10 Parallax  
2009-10 Parallax  

Idyllwild Arts Academy Student Literature/Art Magazine 2009-10