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umbrella glowed ridiculous shades of aqua and tints of jade and sky, and her headband was faded against that fierce color, almost like the color of the boy’s eyes. She had plain green eyes – baby green & soft gold – and there didn’t really seem to be anything (that wasn’t) special about her. They stared at each other until pink blossomed on her cheeks and her eyes widened. ( Did she feel the same way? He asked himself out of the blue, but he pushed it away. ) Just in that moment, it was there, everywhere. He saw her as she turned away, pulling the cerulean eyes of the younger boy with her. They continued on their way, and he watched them, that ridiculously bright umbrella blocking their faces from view, until they turned the corner. He shook his head and continued home. Those sparks – There hadn’t been anything there – he could still feel it, electric and heavy – but he hadn’t actually felt anything. Nothing at all – it had been so heavy and loaded, so full, and he couldn’t breathe – it had just been the rain, making the air hard to breathe from the summer heat. ... When he saw her again at his baseball game, he felt it when he saw her walk over to him to catch her little brother. Leaves blew out of trees that were splashed with 49

2009-10 Parallax  

Idyllwild Arts Academy Student Literature/Art Magazine 2009-10