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Ariel Bevan


He tries not to think about it – about her – too much, but the thought of her pops up every once and awhile. He might think of her while he’s sitting at his desk at work and notices the picture of him and her and her siblings when they were all younger, while he’s buying a coffee and sees what she always used to order, walks through the shops in town and sees the shade of green that dyed her constant headband. It might be when he smells the old books everywhere, and looks at the old pictures – letters he’s wanted to send, and ones that aren’t there anymore, because they were sent, and letters he’s received back, small presents he’s gotten as his birthdays pass, and pictures of her brother and her sister as they age slowly, photo to photo. Mostly, it’s when he sees the snapshot of her that her sister managed to catch, and the message scrawled in a ten year old’s messy hand writing – Look, hasn’t Alphie gotten so pretty? You should come visit us soon, big brother. We miss you. Big sister misses you too. ... He had done well for himself, after the move. He had connections, he had friends, he had talent and he had intelligence. He had moved for work. A successful company in Italy had offered him a position after school, something he couldn’t refuse. Of course, a school friend of his was now in charge of 42

2009-10 Parallax  
2009-10 Parallax  

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