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LILY Yeah? Well you’re kind of a dipshit. But that’s only since you went to college. LILY exits to pay the bill. The WAITRESS enters. WAITRESS It will be just another few minutes until your food arrives. I’ve also brought the bill. FINN Oh, my sister went up to the front to pay. WAITRESS Oh. Alright. FINN So uh…when are you due? WAITRESS Should be soon. It’ s felt like forever. FINN So…uh…that’s nice. Are you excited? WAITRESS I don’t know. Uh…I was just dumped…but uh…I shouldn’t be talking about that. I’m sorry. FINN No. I’m sorry. Yeah…uh…sucks…


2009-10 Parallax  

Idyllwild Arts Academy Student Literature/Art Magazine 2009-10