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FINN It’s not that I don’t believe you. It’s that…Do you know what would happen if Dad cheated on Mom? Do you know what she’d do to him? What that would do to us? We’re in a recession. I don’t know how much they’ve told you…but…I’m not about to risk losing the house. The middle class is going, Lily. Divorce bankrupts families, and we’re barley hanging on as it is. We had it good, growing up. Let’s not mess with a good thing. LILY You’re a pus— FINN Whatever, Lily. You don’t even understand what would happen to our family if this were real. LILY It is real. FINN But you don’t under— LILY I care about Mom. End of story. FINN If you care about Mom, you will never tell her about this. LILY I don’t even know why I came to you. You never used to be this much of a pu—


2009-10 Parallax  

Idyllwild Arts Academy Student Literature/Art Magazine 2009-10