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LILY What? FINN looks back towards the menu. LILY (CONT.) So… Dad’s cheating on Mom. FINN You told me. LILY And? FINN What do you want me to say? I still don’t believe you. LILY I— FINN You tried to convince me, like, two months ago that I was adopted. LILY Okay, but that was funny. FINN The point is, this is a huge accusation. And you’re probably just lying to draw attention to yourself, anyway…so… LILY Finn, I’m not making this up. He’s cheating on Mom. I heard him. I heard him upstairs. Like…I heard him. With her. And they— (were having sex) FINN Stop. I don’t need details. 23

2009-10 Parallax  

Idyllwild Arts Academy Student Literature/Art Magazine 2009-10