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From left to right: Photograph taken by Gunthor Allen | Model: Zsa Zsa Wispysue - Photograph taken by Pac Lorefield | Models: Quinn Button and JaseMallory

A Letter from the Editor

And that was just the beginning! I’m still in shock at how far the I Do Wedding Network has come in the last year. The I Do Wedding 2013 Expo was a HUGE success! Not only was it showcased on SL Featured events, we received over 1300 visitors in its two week run! Many sponsors and vendors reported an increase of business and visitors to their main locations during the Expo. Visitors enjoyed the shops, live performances, concerts, and cash give aways.

Future plans for the IDWN office include classifieds for customers seeking wedding professionals, the IDWN Sponsorship Program, and classes (how to’s, building, business marketing, etc).

A big thank you to all our sponsors and Stargazer IDWN Online Magazine will be housed in the office. Estates for making this year’s Expo possible. We are excited to announce our two new members of the team, Emma Portilo and Henri Mckeenan. Their So what’s in store now? talents will help the magazine continue to grow in Well I’m excited to officially announce the opening popularity. of the I Do Wedding Network main office. The goal of the office is to provide a landing point for members As always, I hope you enjoy this issue as well as the as well as potential brides and grooms in search of Red Hot Romance Hunt. You won’t be disappointed. wedding product and services. Until next time! We currently have ad boards located inside. If demand increases, more ad boards will become available. Pac Lorefield, founder of IDWN

Dear Henri, I was recently hired to officiate a wedding at 5 PM SLT on a Friday evening. I arrived to the wedding venue early to get situated and was ready to go on time. As it turned out, the groom’s “mother” was “running late.” and he didn’t want to start without her. Finally, after nearly 2 hours, they were ready to start. I was not paid anything additional for my time. They didn’t even apologize! What should I have done? Sincerely, Perplexed in Poughkeepsie Dear Perplexed, That was just wrong on so many levels. We all experience technical issues - lag, full SIM, unable to teleport, the list continues. However, Mama’s Boy should have put on his big boy pants and gone ahead with the festivities when it was obvious that mommy dearest was a no-show. It was rude to keep the wedding party and guests waiting! However, you can save yourself future headaches by including a clause in your contract to address that very issue. (You DO use a contract, don’t you?) Something like “If, in the event the ceremony does not start on time, [insert bride/groom name here] will be assessed a late fee of L$[whatever] to be charged in 15 minute increments, commencing at 15 minutes past the original start time, to be paid prior to ceremony.” I generally allow for things like “groom can’t get into SL” or “maid of honor is Ruthed.” Lord knows the betrothed couple is stressed enough without being fined for it. However, in cases where they are just disorganized, late, unapologetic or plain rude, I say bring on the cash and I’ll bring on the blessings! Use your own judgment to assess the situation, and good luck!! Love, Henri Ask Henri - send a NC to Henri Fouquet or email her at

A big thank you to Stargazer Estates for helping us find the perfect location to host The I Do Wedding Expo. Fast response and great customer service. Couldn’t ask for more!

Make sure you visit them in-world today!

Roxy Jupiter - “This woman’s voice is pure honey dripping with sultry seduction, always leaving you wanting more!”


stoking the flame... There are many things a couple can do to make their wedding day not only an expression of love but a day filled with hints of sexiness, making the day special for you both joining together body and souls. Start the day off by sending your future partner a little love note letting them know what they mean to you and at the end tell them you can’t wait to kiss them at the altar. Have a secret code word or wink that lets the other one know you want to kiss or hold them during the day while entertaining guests.

Give before wedding gifts to wear under your attire to entice your partner and feel sexy inside. Boxers or lingerie (and for you daring types maybe nothing at all) will charge the air as you whisper at the altar to your partner what you do or don’t have on. Think outside the box and pick unique venues. For example, have the wedding at a sexy art gallery with erotic paintings or your favorite sexy night club. Add your personal interest to embellish your wedding atmosphere. Instead of the ordinary head wedding table why not have a bedroom scene for the couple making it an intimate setting, a cozy and romantic way to start your partnering off right.

Themed weddings are always fun and can add to the aura of the wedding. Some ideas can include a Roman wedding with servant girls and an open pool at the reception, or a Japanese wedding with Ghesha girls helping during the wedding. Let your imagination run wild! Lastly the most important item to make your wedding the sexiest! Remember to flirt with your partner bat those eyes, wink, laugh, boast, make them feel like one in a million. And don’t forget to plan ahead for a little rendezvous after the wedding carry the same theme to a private location and fulfill your fantasy with your new partner and enjoy your honeymoon.


IDWN Feature

bou doir Boudoir Photography is growing in popularity among brides who want to surprise her groom with a sexy wedding day gift. But what is it really all about?

Photos taken by Gunthor Al-

Boudoir photography is usually taken wearing either just a little or nothing at all. Photos are hardly X-Rated or crude. Boudoir photography is inspired by classic pinup inspired styles.

Photos taken by Pac Lorefield

Whether you decided to do an implied nude or wear a sexy outfit - choose what you will feel the most comfortable in. Take photos in something white, black, and colorful so you can mix and match and choose what looks best.

Above: Lingerie provided by Charisma Designs CLICK HERE TO VISIT STORE

What is the cost? The great thing about SL is that if you can take a picture you can do it for the cost of upload. If you want a bit more flare prices will range from 100 L and up. Just make sure you view your photographer’s portfolio to make sure he or she can achieve the look you want.

Above: Lingerie provided by Unforgettable Temptations CLICK HERE TO VISIT STORE

Whether you want to keep it tame for him to frame in his office or spice it up for his bedside stand, have fun exploring your foxy side. He will love having this private keepsake for years to come.


The Features

This month’s Up and Coming business promises to hold a little bit of something for everyone as they focus on welcoming all of SL and treating them like family. Featuring a dance club, shopping mall and wedding venue, the newly opened business will throw theme parties, birthday parties, bachelor & bachelorette parties and anything else a client may have in mind.

The Inspiration

And the inspiration for the wedding venue? It originates in planning for their own wedding, notes Alyssa. She says “the feedback received from the cathedral has been amazing and we wanted to be able to share that with the social network that is SL.” Alyssa goes on to say, “People meet online and fall in love and many of them here in SL are many miles apart, sometimes on the other side of the globe.

We wanted to be able to share that special moment for those who have fallen as deeply in love as we have.”

The Family

What’s Next?

Knowing that caring about their employees is a big part of what makes a business work, they promise to make that one of their main goals. Going above and beyond that, their desire is to have a club that gives back. Creating an environment for visitors to not simply become a member of, but to know they are a part of, to know they are family.

Interested in booking an event or wedding? Contact Jupitersio, AlyssaTD, or GracedSteel.

The people behind the plan to bring people together to socialize, listen to good music, and to have a good time - the people making Just Dance possible are the owners, Jupitersio (Jupiter) and AlyssaTD (Alyssa); General Manager, GracedSteel (Gracie); and DJ Manager, Trikit.

As they venture forward with the club and shopping area, they are also expanding their wedding venue. The ground level of the SIM is dedicated to dream weddings, and in a cooperative, generous and open spirit, will be open to all wedding businesses and photographers to utilize.

Just Dance would like to credit Palmetto Wedding Company owned by Tylar Revestel-Paine for the creating their beautiful wedding venue.

Emma Portilo is IDWN Online Magazine’s new Contributing Editor and an experienced wedding planner. Have a story idea for our next issue? Contact Emma for information on how to see it featured in our next issue!

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