2019 Parent Guide

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PARENTS SURVIVAL GUIDE 2019 A: I would tell them that it’s the coming home that’s the hardest — knowing that they’re not there because the family dynamic does change. But know that they’re in a really good place, and take comfort in knowing that they’re really happy. Even on the days when they call and they’re sad, you know it’s only temporary because they’re still in a really good place. D: I would tell them to worry less and trust their kids more because everything will turn out OK. The breadth of opportunities at Indiana allows your child to do whatever they wish, and that doesn't have to be known in any way before they go to school.

Did the family dynamic change, and do you have advice on how to deal with that? D: The balance of power shifted to the men in the house, and it became an increasingly tough battle for the leftover female. A: It’s tough because each family definitely has a different dynamic. I think I’ve had to learn to speak up more because I have one less person to be on my side. When it’s three-to-two, it’s easier to get the other three to come over. When it’s three-to-one, it’s a little harder. As a parent from out-ofstate, is there anything you would tell another out-ofstate parent?

9 A: I actually liked the fact that you’re out of state because I felt that it forced you to handle situations that if you lived closely, you wouldn’t. You would come home. But by having you out of state, when you got sick or you had a problem, you didn’t just run home. You had to figure it out. And while it’s hard because you can’t just come home when you want, you just have to be organized and say, OK, these are the times I’m going to come home, and in between those times, we’re just going to have to work through the distance. D: It's an unbelievably warm and welcoming environment. No matter where they're from, they will be positively surprised.


Emily and Drew Isaacman pose in October 2018 at an IU football game. Drew came to visit for the weekend.

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