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Q&A: Younger siblings talk life without sister News editor Emily Isaacman spoke with her two younger brothers about life at home after she left for IU in 2017 Do you feel like the house changed?

By Emily Isaacman eisaacma@iu.edu | @emilyisaacman

What was it like when I left for college?

When I left San Diego, California for school at IU, my youngest brother was 13, and my middle brother was 15. I knew a lot would change in our lives while I was gone. But with the help of Snapchat streaks, Facetime, GIF texts and funny Instagram videos, we’re still close, maybe even closer than before. I talked to Max, 17, and Zach, 14, about what it’s been like to watch their older sister leave for college. Answers have been edited for brevity and clarity.

Zach: It was very sad because you were a big part of my life. And not seeing you every day was sad. Max: It was weird, not having you in the house. Like, dinners and stuff — instead of five people, there were four. I feel like that just takes some getting used to. But then we still talk and stuff over Snapchat and phone calls and whatnot. So I feel like the biggest part was just the missing part of the house.

M: Not a ton. I feel like it stayed pretty similar. Z: Yeah, a little bit. Especially with three guys and only one girl. It was kind of more of like a guys’ — like a bachelor pad, if that makes sense. It was like a bachelor pad? (editor’s/older sister’s note: Zach has seen “How I Met Your Mother” a ridiculous amount of times and likely did not understand what bachelor pad meant in this context) Z: It was, like, much more immature? Like, the level of


Emily Isaacman poses at Thanksgiving 2018 with younger brothers Max, 17, and Zach, 14. Max and Zach both attend Torrey Pines High School in San Diego, California.

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