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Each year, three jersey colors are designated to certain teams. The white jersey goes to the winner of cumulative Spring Series event points, yellow is worn by last years’ winners and green is worn by the pole winners.






Delta Gamma

Cru Cycling

Alpha Xi Delta

CSF Cycling

Alpha Gamma Delta

Alpha Delta Pi

Alpha Chi Omega


Kappa Delta

Kappa Alpha Theta

Zeta Tau Alpha


Alpha Omnicron Pi

Phi Mu

Phi Gamma Nu

Delta Sigma Pi

Theta Phi Alpha


Alpha Kappa Psi

Alpha Sigma Alpha

Independent Council



Gamma Phi Beta

Kappa Kappa Gamma


Sigma Kappa


Delta Phi Epsilon


Camp Kesem Cycling

Sigma Delta Tau

Pi Beta Phi

Alpha Epsilon Phi

Melanzana Cycling



Phi Kappa Psi

Phi Delta Theta

Forest Cycling

Black Key Bulls

Sigma Phi Epsilon

Theta Chi



Sigma Chi

NEH Cycling



Phi Gamma Delta




Delta Sigma Pi

Alpha Kappa Lambda

Chi Alpha

Phi Kappa Tau

CSF Cycling

3PH Cycling

Alpha Sigma Phi

Phi Gamma Nu

Gray Goat

Delta Upsilon

Beta Sigma Psi

Phi Kappa Sigma


Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Evans Scholars

Pi Lambda Phi


Pi Kappa Alpha

Delta Chi

Black Ice Cycling



RULES OF THE RACE THE RACE The women’s race is 100 laps, which is equivalent to 25 miles, while the men’s race is 200 laps, or about 50 miles. Both races are on the quarter-mile cinder track at Bill Armstrong Stadium. Entrants are given one-speed Schwinn bicycles. Teams are made up of as many as four riders. The riders treat the race much like a running relay. When a rider is tired, they exchange the bicycle with a teammate. Any full time IU undergraduate can ride in the Little 500. THE LINEUP The order of the starting lineup will be determined by qualification times. These teams will be grouped in rows of three, starting with the No. 1 pole position team on the inside of the track. All No. 1

riders will be mounted and ready five minutes before the pace lap, after which no crew member will be allowed on the inside of the track.

PITS Each team will be assigned a pit along the outside of the track according to its qualification position. These pits are approximately 16 feet wide and 6 feet deep. All exchanges and bicycle repairs must be made within these boundaries. An exception is when adjacent teams are exchanging simultaneously, one team may step beyond the restraining line to complete its exchange. Each team is allowed to have a pit crew not exceeding two persons — one in the pit and one in


the infield with the bicycle.

PENALTIES Teams guilty of violating these rules shall be penalized no more than 20 seconds. This time will be spent in the penalty box located near the starting line. A black flag given to the team indicates that a penalty has been imposed. Penalities include imposing another team, including pit and crew, 10 to 20 seconds; illegal exchange from bicycle A to bicycle B, two seconds; using more than three pits for an exchange, two seconds; and unsportsmanlike conduct, five to 20 seconds, depending on severity. CHANGING RIDERS Teams will be allowed

to change riders as often as it wishes, but the team must change a minimum of 10 times in the men’s race and five times in the women’s race. Each bike exchange must begin in front of the pit of the team concerned, and it must be completed by the time the rider has reached the far limits of the next pit on the right. Should the incoming rider fail to start the exchange in front of the correct pit, he or she must continue around for one more lap. If the rider backs up, the team will be subject to penalty. The outgoing rider may use the preceding pit to run and gain momentum for the exchange, but the actual exchange of the bike must take place in the correct pit area.

GREEN Starting signal, clears course

RED Stop; race is halted

BLUE WITH ORANGE STRIPE Bicycle attempting to pass

WHITE Starting last lap

BLACK Rider on the outside of the track

YELLOW Ride with caution and maintain position

CHECKERED Race completed

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2019 Little 500 Guide  

Everything you need to know about this weekend's races.

2019 Little 500 Guide  

Everything you need to know about this weekend's races.