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Jeff Holdeman, director of the Global Village Living Learning Center, serves matzo ball soup at his table during Shabbat Across IU on Feb. 24, 2012 at McNutt Quad.

Global LLC offers safe space By Anicka Slachta

Lai Jiang, Lillian, could feel almost invisible at IU when she moved to Bloomington from China. People stereotyped her, she said. They’d ignore her in classes and didn’t approach her because of a language barrier. But there was always a safe space for her: the Global Village Living-Learning Center at Foster Quad. There, she felt good. There, she felt welcomed. The GVLLC is a specialized dorm with its own building in the Foster quadrangle. Its website describes the environment as multinational, multicultural, multilingual and multidisciplinary. When applying for on-campus housing, incoming freshmen who are both local and international have the chance to sign up to live there. For students attending international orientation, inte-

grating smoothly into campus living can be hard. International students are often settled into their dorms weeks before the other freshmen show up for move-in day. Jeff Holdeman, the director of the GVLLC, requests to be notified when international students would be moving into his building for orientation so he can be there to welcome them when they arrive. He and his office staff work to create social events to help integrate international students into life at a university overseas. One staff member’s whole job is to create ways to help international students integrate into the LLC and IU. For Lillian, the LLC was a way to build a close-knit community at a place with tens of thousands of other undergrads. She said it fosters an environment that makes her feel like she can be herself, and she’d rather spend the night watching a Marvel movie marathon in the GVLLC

lounge than partying. The GVLLC is set up like any other college dorm at IU, save one aspect that’s rare to find on campus: a spacious kitchen in the second-floor lounge. Holdeman explained the importance of the kitchen: food is a huge part of culture, and he said he thinks it’s necessary for students to have a space where they feel comfortable cooking their native dishes. The GVLLC organizes events in the space that involve trying different types of international foods and educating students on different cultures. Jiang herself said she used to make all of her meals with her rice cooker, which she stores on a large metal shelf in the kitchen. Now, with more resources, she’s able to cook and explore more. The GVLLC provides international students an opportunity to meet other students who have come to IU

from abroad as well as get to know more local American students who are curious about international studies and learning about different cultures. Holdeman explains most incoming freshmen, especially international students, aren’t really presented with the option of the GVLLC in the chaotic housing process. While it’s there, it’s buried, and by the time most students find out it’s a housing option, they’ve been placed somewhere else, he said. Those who do join the LLC are required to take a class introducing them to the Global Village and international life. The GVLLC also sponsors several specialized classes dealing with culture, language and international studies, and has a comprehensive study abroad program. If you’re interested in learning more about the Global Village Living-Learning Center, visit its website at

International Student Guide 2016  
International Student Guide 2016  

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