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STAFF PICKS Americans love to snack and so do we at the IDS. Here are some of our favorite grocery items. BAGEL BITES They are a refreshing twist on the classic pizza roll. It’s half of a mini bagel, topped with sauce and cheese and optionally pepperoni’s and sausage. I used to eat Bagel Bites a lot when I was a kid and I would have tea-parties with them and my brother. Pizza can be messy and not very snack-friendly, so bagel bites are the best of both worlds. Beware though, similar to chips, you cannot just eat one.

RAMEN NOODLES It costs a grand total of 20 cents at Kroger and takes less than five minutes to make once the water is boiled. It can also be used as part of a larger meal, or you can add hot sauce or another type of sauce for a bit of extra flavor. Or, if you’re particularly daring, you can eat it without cooking it.

Harley Wiltsey, design chief

LUCKY CHARMS Whether you drench them in milk or just shove your hand in the box, Lucky Charms provide the ideal late night snack if you want something light but sweet. Pro tip: eat all the grains before the marshmallows for a nice dessert.

CAKE HOLES I don’t know which baker first decided to make use of the extra dough from hollowing out donuts, but they were a genius. Krispy Kreme is always a good bet, but local brands are also usually good. Cake holes drenched with powdered sugar are the best. Anicka Slactha, region editor

Michael Hughes, co-editor-in-chief

Lexia Banks, weekend and copy editor BEEF JERKY I love meat. Yulin Yu, photo editor

CHEX MIX It’s the best because you get so many snacks in one single bag, from the pretzels to the Chex pieces. Also, you can get so many different flavors, which is awesome. Andrew Hussey, sports editor KRAFT MAC & CHEESE Aka the blue box. There is no better midnight snack, quick side item or entire meal than Kraft Mac and Cheese. One box is only one dollar and can feed you for at least two meals. Don’t forget to have butter and milk on stock though. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started boiling the noodles and realized I was out of milk. Suzanne Grossman, co-editor-in-chief HAMBURGER HELPER: BEEF STROGANOFF This is great for the feel of a home-cooked meal, but comes in a package and is easy to prepare. I buy a pound of hamburger with this and freeze it so it keeps longer. Bridget Murray, reporter

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International Student Guide 2016  

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