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I N D I A N A D A I LY S T U D E N T | 2 0 1 4 B A S K E T B A L L G U I D E | I D S N E W S . C O M

Rising to the challenge

Freshman guard Robert Johnson attempts a layup during IU’s game against the University of Indianapolis on Nov. 10 at Assembly Hall.


IU looking for a leader, page 4

Hoosiers in the pros, page 7

Relying on youth, page 10

With a young roster, men’s basketball awaits a team leader after several questionable off-court incidents.

A visual breakdown of former Hoosiers and their current professional careers in the NBA and overseas.

Under a new head coach, the women’s basketball team will be utilizing its underclassmen this season.


I N D I A N A D A I LY S T U D E N T | 2 0 1 4 B A S K E T B A L L G U I D E | I D S N E W S . C O M

Meet the 2014-15 men’s team By Sam Beishuizen | | @Sam_Beishuizen

1 James Blackmon Jr.

10 Ryan Burton

23 Nate Ritchie

Height 6’ 4” Weight 195 lbs. Position Guard Year Freshman

Height 6’ 7” Weight 215 lbs. Position Forward Year Junior

Height 6’ 7” Weight 215 lbs. Position Forward Year Freshman

Quick hit The McDonalds All-American brings a smooth jump shot to the IU backcourt.

Quick hit Another transfer, Burton has bounced around a bit. He gives IU more much-needed experience.

Quick hit He won the Hoosier Hysteria Dunk Contest. He may be a sleeper for some serious time this year.

11 Kevin ‘Yogi’ Ferrell

2 Nick Zeisloft

25 Emmitt Holt

Height 6’ 4” Weight 210 lbs. Position Guard Year Junior

Height 6’ 0” Weight 178 lbs. Position Guard Year Junior

Height 6’ 7” Weight 225 lbs. Position Forward Year Freshman

Quick hit The Illinois State transfer was brought in to bring leadership and outside shooting to an IU roster lacking both.

Quick hit A preseason All-Big Ten selection, Ferrell will look to be more of a distributor this season.

Quick hit He was a late add to the roster. He may end up being Mosquera-Perea’s backup.

3 Max Hoetzel

12 Hanner Mosquera-Perea

30 Collin Hartman

Height 6’ 8” Weight 220 lbs. Position Forward Year Freshman

Height 6’ 9” Weight 225 lbs. Position Forward Year Junior

Height 6’ 6” Weight 215 lbs. Position Forward Year Sophomore

Quick hit He could be a valuable frontcourt player off the bench and will provide outside shooting.

Quick hit Mosquera-Perea may be IU’s only legitimate option at center. Staying out of foul trouble will be key.

Quick hit He played in 16 games off the bench last year. He may be looked to for more contribution this season.

4 Robert Johnson

15 Devin Davis

35 Tim Priller

Height 6’ 3” Weight 195 lbs. Position Guard Year Freshman

Height 6’ 7” Weight 230 lbs. Position Forward Year Sophomore

Height 6’ 9” Weight 225 lbs. Position Forward Year Freshman

Quick hit IU Coach Tom Crean has praised Johnson. He might be IU’s backup point guard.

Quick hit Davis is out indefinitely with a head injury sustained from a car accident.

Quick hit Another freshman, where will Priller fit into the front court picture?

5 Troy Williams

22 Stanford Robinson

44 Jeremiah April

Height 6’ 7” Weight 215 lbs. Position Forward Year Sophomore

Height 6’ 4” Weight 200 lbs. Position Guard Year Sophomore

Height 6’ 11” Weight 240 lbs. Position Center Year Freshman

Quick hit He said he took 1,000 3-pointers during the summer, but will his scoring really improve?

Quick hit Robinson switched his shooting hand. Will it help his shooting percentage?

Quick hit He’s the tallest player on the IU roster, but he’s been injured for the entirety of his time as a Hoosier.

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I N D I A N A D A I LY S T U D E N T | 2 0 1 4 B A S K E T B A L L G U I D E




Junior forward Hanner Mosquera-Perea shoots the ball in IU’s first exhibition game against Northwood on Nov. 6 at Assembly Hall. Mosquera-Perea enters this season as IU’s main frontcourt player.

Unproven After obstacles last season, Mosquera-Perea to be tested in extended role By Sam Beishuizen @Sam_Beishuizen

Hanner Mosquera-Perea is a bit of a mystery. The Colombian’s IU career has been stunted by a combination of NCAA violations, an alcohol-related suspension and a pair of NBA big men in front of him. What’s no secret is the junior’s raw athletic ability, an inconsistent combination of freakish athleticism and proven length that has the potential for rim-rattling dunks and blocks that send an opponent’s shot into the front row at Assembly Hall. What’s unknown is if that talent gets honed this season. Despite being one of IU’s most foul- and turnover-prone players last year, Mosquera-Perea’s offseason improvement has been spoken highly of by his team. But that’s yet to be proven. Whether ready or not, Mosquera-Perea is expected to be IU’s starting center, bringing rare size to an IU lineup that may potentially play four perimeter players alongside him.

The mystery surrounding IU’s go-to post option to begin the season isn’t whether or not he’ll be needed. It’s just how much consistent production he’ll bring. “Well, consistency, that’s the word,” Crean said. “Consistent in everything. Consistent off the court, consistent on, consistent with his effort and energy level. Because if there’s one thing that’s held him back in the past, it’s not being able to play long stretches consistently.” Staying on the court regularly has been a problem for Mosquera-Perea in the past. The 6-foot-9-inch forward (with a 7-foot-5-inch wingspan) missed nine games as a freshman, eight due to receiving improper benefits from A-HOPE, a program that has brought foreign players to the U.S. Tack on another two games missed last season from an OWI charge and a missed Canadian preseason trip due to visa issues. When he does get on the court, Mosquera-Perea has historically had trouble staying out of foul trouble and holding onto

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the ball. He averaged 6.1 fouls per 40 minutes last season and had a 25.7 percent turnover percentage, both second worst on the team. In a limited role last season, he averaged just 7.7 minutes per game. When then-freshman Noah Vonleh sat out against Ohio State, Mosquera-Perea showed flashes of potential by scoring eight points, grabbing five rebounds and swatting away three opposing shots. Those minutes will likely see a significant increase — he played a career-high 33 minutes against Northwood in an exhibition — with IU having just three players listed taller than 6-foot-9. One of those players is freshman Jeremiah April, who has missed most of the preseason with an ankle injury. The second is freshman Tim Priller, who isn’t a natural post player. That leaves Mosquera-Perea. He’s realized this and has taken it upon himself to take the increased responsibility that comes with being an upperclassman and one of the only true options

on the post. “My role right now is a big role,” Mosquera-Perea said before the season. “Not just being that, being one of the oldest guys on the team. I feel like I have a lot that I need to accomplish with the team, helping the team on the court and off the court.” Mosquera-Perea pointed out that there are still aspects of his game that need improving. His footwork and confidence in traffic are still not where neither he nor Crean wants it to be. More time spent on the court with teammates should help. In both the Hoosier Hysteria scrimmage and preseason game against Northwood, he was able to move in and out of the post, and he showcased an improved passing ability. In one sequence during Hoosier Hysteria, Mosquera-Perea received an entry pass in the post and almost immediately dumped the ball off to a cutting teammate for an uncontested layup. “I need to concentrate on relaxing and playing and just taking care of the ball,” MosqueraPerea said. “The main thing is just

slowing down, not letting the game speed me up.” Outside of Mosquera-Perea, IU has a roster built around shooting. The guard-heavy lineup IU will undoubtedly rely on should open the floor for MosqueraPerea to operate. Crean is certainly confident in his big man. He said before the season that he had “no doubt” Mosquera-Perea could be playing in the NBA one day. But at the same time, he doesn’t want to push him too hard. Mosquera-Perea is one of the only post options IU will have this season, so consistent improvement is going to be key. “The bottom line is we’re trying to keep it where Hanner is gaining confidence every day,” Crean said. “The more confidence he gains, the more we can stretch his game. He’s on a good road, he’s hungry. I’m not going to over-exaggerate it, I’m not going to over-compliment him, but you’re seeing what we see — he’s really working to get better. We’ve got to stay on that path.”

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I N D I A N A D A I LY S T U D E N T | 2 0 1 4 B A S K E T B A L L G U I D E | I D S N E W S . C O M

Stepping up With no seniors on the roster, Crean is looking for someone to step up By Sam Beishuizen | @Sam_Beishuizen

The problem can’t be found in any stat sheet. It’s not indicated in the roster and it doesn’t have to do with advanced saber metric statistics. It’s not an issue with schemes and doesn’t have anything to do with IU’s lack of height or inexperience. IU’s problem lies in leadership. More accurately, a lack thereof. Before even a minute of basketball was played, IU Coach Tom Crean answered question after question about IU’s off-thecourt struggles and problems. He sat at a podium in front of a room full of media members. Some columnists had called for his firing in the papers in newsstands around Bloomington that day. But for 45 minutes, Crean answered every question. Although he spoke at length about the issues his team was facing, his message was concise and clear. “We’re not doing a great job in leadership at all,” Crean said. The exact time where leadership became a problem is unclear. It came to public attention first in February when junior forward Hanner Mosquera-Perea was arrested and charged with an OWI and operating with a blood alcohol content of .15 or greater, both misdemeanors in the state of Indiana. Mosquera-Perea was suspended indefinitely, ultimately missing two Big Ten games before returning to the lineup. Crean said he was also punished within the team until mid-July. In April, junior guard Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell and sophomore guard Stanford Robinson were arrested by Indiana excise police and ultimately charged with underage drinking and possession of false identification for trying to enter a sports bar.

Sophomore forward Devin Davis was struck by a car driven by teammate Emmitt Holt on Nov. 1 in the late hours of Halloween night. Holt, 18, was cited for underage drinking and operating a motor vehicle and suspended for four games. Just days after the car accident, sophomore Troy Williams and Robinson were suspended for four games, as well, for an unspecific incident in the summer. ESPN’s Jeff Goodman reported that the suspension was for a failed drug test. The consistent off-the-court problems have caught the attention of IU fans and former Hoosier players across the world. Former IU stars such as Cody Zeller and Jordan Hulls both encouraged the new Hoosiers to abide by a higher standard. Zeller and Hulls were among the players who set an example for having success on and off the court. They expected the new players to continue the tradition. “I understand some of the things that have been said, and personally, I couldn’t agree more,” junior guard Nick Zeisloft said. Zeisloft, coincidentally, was brought to Bloomington by Crean from Illinois State to bring improved shooting and leadership to an IU roster in lack of both. “They’re correct and we need to follow that example,” Zeisloft said. IU has no seniors. Zeisloft is the oldest on the team but is spending his first season in Bloomington. Juniors Mosquera-Perea and Ferrell are the most experienced Hoosiers, but even they have run into problems. Both have mentioned needing to be leaders on and off the court. Crean’s normally calm and uneventful radio show was full of finger-pointing and fans questioning Crean’s job. Former Hoosier player and coach Dan

Dakich publicly critiqued Crean and what is taking place in the program on his radio show. But still, Crean has remained calm. He’s upset about what is happening, but said over-punishing, yelling and cursing won’t help things. He said on his radio show that he would take the blame on his shoulders, but ultimately the players will be the ones who will be making choices and bringing the leadership to the team. Crean added that when recruiting, if a player can’t be prepared to accept the responsibilities he needs out of his players, he won’t ask them to come to IU. “We’re going to continue to do everything we can do to get decision-making to improve, to get immaturity to become maturity,” Crean said. “Does that mean everybody’s gonna make it here? Maybe not.” IDS FILE PHOTO

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2014-15 MEN’S SCHEDULE Nov. 14 vs. Mississippi Valley State 7 p.m., Assembly Hall Big Ten Network

Dec. 20 vs. Butler 2:30 p.m., Bankers Life Fieldhouse FOX Sports 1

Nov. 17 vs. Texas Southern 6 p.m., Assembly Hall Big Ten Network

Dec. 22 vs. New Orleans 7 p.m., Assembly Hall BTN Plus

Nov. 20 vs. Southern Methodist University 8 p.m., Assembly Hall Big Ten Network

Dec. 27 vs. Georgetown Noon, Madison Square Garden ESPN 2

Nov. 22 vs. Lamar 8 p.m., Assembly Hall Big Ten Network Nov. 24 vs. Eastern Washington 7:30 p.m., Assembly Hall ESPNews Nov. 28 vs. UNC Greensboro 9 p.m., Assembly Hall Big Ten Network Dec. 2 vs. Pittsburgh 7 p.m., Assembly Hall ESPN 2 Dec. 6 vs. Savannah State 7:30 p.m., Assembly Hall Big Ten Network Dec. 9 vs. Louisville 9 p.m., Madison Square Garden ESPN Dec. 13 vs. Grand Canyon 5 p.m., Assembly Hall Big Ten Network

Dec. 31 at Nebraska TBA, Pinnacle Bank Arena Big Ten Network Jan. 5 at Michigan State 7 p.m., Breslin Center Big Ten Network Jan. 10 vs. Ohio State TBA, Assembly Hall ESPN Jan. 13 at Penn State 7 p.m., Bryce Jordan Center Big Ten Network Jan. 18 at Illinois 1 p.m., State Farm Center Big Ten Network Jan. 22 vs. Maryland 9 p.m., Assembly Hall ESPN U Jan. 25 at Ohio State 1:30 p.m., Value City Arena CBS Jan. 28 at Purdue 9 p.m., Mackey Arena Big Ten Network

Jan. 31 vs. Rutgers 3:15 p.m., Assembly Hall Big Ten Network Feb. 3 at Wisconsin 7 p.m., Kohl Center ESPN Feb. 8 vs. Michigan 1 p.m., Assembly Hall CBS Feb. 11 at Maryland 9 p.m., Xfinity Center Big Ten Network Feb. 15 vs. Minnesota 7:30 p.m., Assembly Hall Big Ten Network Feb. 19 vs. Purdue 7 p.m., Assembly Hall ESPN Feb. 22 at Rutgers TBA, Louis Brown Athletic Center Feb. 25 at Northwestern 7 p.m., Welsh-Ryan Stadium Big Ten Network March 3 vs. Iowa 7 p.m., Assembly Hall ESPN

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March 7 vs. Michigan State TBA, Assembly Hall ESPN March 11-15 Big Ten Tournament United Center



Then-freshman guard Stanford Robinson attempts a shot over Michigan defenders on March 8 at Crisler Center. During the offseason, Robinson switched from being a left-handed shooter to a right-handed shooter.

Robinson prepares new shot for season By Alden Woods | @acw9293

His time in an IU uniform was done, but Will Sheehey had one last mark to leave on the program. The Hoosiers’ captain had been surrounded by sharpshooters in his first three seasons: Jordan Hulls, Christian Watford, Victor Oladipo, Maurice Creek, Matt Roth and more shot IU to back-to-back Sweet 16 appearances. Those players left the program before last season, so the Hoosiers were left devoid of shooting. IU’s lack of shooting — just 176 made 3-pointers — caused trouble on the offensive end of the floor. Defenses knew the Hoosiers couldn’t and wouldn’t shoot, so they packed the lane to clog driving lanes and force turnovers and blocked shots. Then-freshman guard Stanford Robinson was particularly poor from behind the line. He connected on just 6 of his 29 attempts. After seeing Robinson struggle with his shot all season, Sheehey noticed him putting up shots in a gym session in the spring. He noticed two things: shots were falling, and Robinson was using his right hand, not his usual left. “He had seen me make

10 in a row with my right hand just playing around, and he was saying it looked smoother than my left hand and he started telling everybody,” Robinson said. “That’s when he started telling everybody. That’s when Coach Judson had seen it, and then Coach Crean had seen it and he liked it and it just went from there.” After countless hours in the gym, four seasons of high school and a season of college basketball, Robinson started over. He switched to shooting righthanded full-time and got to work. Robinson spent the rest of the spring building his new shot with IU coaches and then used the summer to hone it. “It’s something he’s been working on,” IU Coach Tom Crean said to a group of reporters during IU’s preseason trip to Montreal. “It’s a little more natural for him.” While Robinson agreed his comfort with the shot was growing, he said it has been a frustrating process. “It’s been difficult at times. Sometimes I’ve been wanting to give up and just stay left-handed,” he said. “My teammates are telling me to stick with it, telling me that it looks smooth. It just gives me the confidence to

keep going.” He had already committed to the switch when summer training opened. Crean had seen the shooting issues that plagued his team and set out to fix it by bringing in a handful of players praised for their outside range to take the shooting burden off of junior guard Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell. Suddenly surrounded by talented shooters, Robinson searched for advice on his transition. “When practice started, my teammates were in it too, just helping me out,” he said. “I was replicating how Yogi would do his footwork, how James looked with his smooth shot. Everybody was in the process of making my right hand better.” Robinson was suspended before the season and will miss the Hoosiers’ first four games. When he returns, he’ll bring with him a new approach to the game, he said. “It keeps my defenders guessing, like now they really don’t know what I’m going to do,” he said. “I can just pull up left hand. I can pull up right hand. I can get to the hole left hand. I can get to the hole right hand. It just gives me a lot of confidence because they don’t know. “Hopefully by the season it’ll be just as good as my left hand, but better.”

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I N D I A N A D A I LY S T U D E N T | 2 0 1 4 B A S K E T B A L L G U I D E | I D S N E W S . C O M


Can IU redeem last season with a return to the NCAA Tournament?

Scoring Breaking news here, but scoring helps you win basketball games. The Hoosiers last year had very limited options as far as scoring goes. It was basically junior guard Kevin “Yogi� Ferrell and a bunch of guys who couldn’t shoot. Noah Vonleh was great when he was able to get the ball, but defenses could help so much off of Will Sheehey, Evan Gordon, Troy Williams and Stan Robinson because they weren’t great shooters that their defenders would pack the paint, which left Vonleh with no room to operate. IU will be better at scoring this year. Much better. James Blackmon Jr. is a scoring machine. The FerrellBlackmon backcourt could be the best in the Big Ten. Robinson and Williams are a year older. Their games should mature. Vonleh is gone, yes. But the additions of Nick Zeisloft, Max Hoetzel and Rob Johnson will also help the offense.

to play with Mosquera-Perea. So naturally, you’d think this lack of size would leave them vulnerable in the post. Oh, on the contrary. Think about how few big men actually have refined post games with an arsenal of post moves. The Al Jefferson or Zach Randolph types just don’t exist very often. There aren’t a lot of good post games in college basketball because such an emphasis has been placed on the big men spacing the floor being able to shoot from the outside. A small number of big men actually have good post games. That number drops off even more severely when you look at guards. Think about it, how many guards actually have a good post game? So if a smaller Hoosier defender is matched up against a slightly bigger player, it’s not like that player will be able to back them down and throw their post moves at them. IU will have good perimeter defense. Ferrell, Robinson and Johnson will be great defenders this year. Blackmon and Zeisloft don’t have the lateral quickness to keep up, but you can hide them on the other team’s least offensive threats. Williams has the athleticism to do pretty much anything he wants to do on the court. He just needs to put it all together and work on his footwork and technique. Long story short, when IU goes small this year, it won’t be as big of a deal as you might think defensively. It will be a good defensive team.

Defense Once again, I don’t believe this will be an issue. A big issue, I should qualify. Hanner Mosquera-Perea is listed at 6-foot-9, but with his athleticism and wingspan, he plays bigger than that. He can be a viable, maybe even above average, rim protector. But the Hoosiers could at times play a four-guard lineup

Chemistry I like to think 50 percent of basketball success comes from talent, and the other 50 percent comes from team chemistry. Last year IU had the talent, but the chemistry just wasn’t there. You could see it when they played together. Save for a few great games, such as against Ohio State and Iowa, they just didn’t click.

The objective of this season is simple: IU needs to get back in the NCAA Tournament. Will it? That might be the most difficult question facing this season. But it’s also the most important one. After losing in the Sweet 16 to Syracuse in the 2012-13 season and missing the NCAA Tournament and the NIT with a talented 2013-14 roster, this could be a make or break season for IU. So let’s take a look at some key questions.

EVAN HOOPFER is a senior in journalism.

Will they click this year? I have no idea. That’ll be the biggest question for this year’s team. They have the talent. They just need to learn how to harness those talents into one cohesive unit instead of five talented guys playing basketball. My predictions This team goes 10-8 in the Big Ten and makes the NCAA Tournament. I really am excited about the makeup of this year’s team. It’ll be a fun team to watch, and they’ll run a lot and score a lot. Let’s just see if they learn to play together and actually reach their potential. Nov. 14 vs. Mississippi Valley State W Nov. 17 vs. Texas Southern W Nov. 20 vs. SMU W Nov. 22 vs. Lamar W Nov. 24 vs. Eastern Washington W Nov. 28 vs. UNC Greensboro W Dec. 2 vs. Pittsburgh W Dec. 6 vs. Savannah State W Dec. 9 vs. Louisville (New York City) L Dec. 13 vs. Grand Canyon L Dec. 20 vs. Butler (Indianapolis) L Dec. 22 vs. New Orleans W Dec. 27 vs. Georgetown (New York City) L Dec. 31 at Nebraska L Jan. 5 at Michigan State L Jan. 10 vs. Ohio State W Jan. 13 vs. Penn State W Jan. 18 at Illinois W Jan. 22 vs. Maryland W Jan. 25 at Ohio State L Jan. 28 at Purdue L Jan. 31 vs. Rutgers W Feb. 3 at Wisconsin L Feb. 8 vs. Michigan W Feb. 11 at Maryland L Feb. 15 vs. Minnesota L Feb. 19 vs. Purdue W Feb. 22 at Rutgers W Feb. 25 at Northwestern W March 3 vs. Iowa W March 7 vs. Michigan State L



Top Steve Alford congratulates Keith Smart amid the celebration after winning IU’s fifth NCAA Championship in 1987. IU beat Syracuse, 74-73. Middle Under former IU Coach Branch McCracken, IU won its first NCAA Championship in 1940 after beating Kansas, 60-42. Left The Hoosiers celebrate after defeating Notre Dame to advance to the Final Four in 1953. They went on to win their second NCAA title by beating Kansas, 69-68.


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NBA free agent 2013-14 with Charlotte Bobcats Played in two games IU 2004-08

DW D.J. White

Charlotte Hornets Rookie IU 2013-14

NV Noah Vonleh

Maine Red Claws (NBA D-League) 2013-14 with Hapoel Fattal Eilat (Israel) 10.4 ppg, 5.6 rpg IU 2009-13

CW Christian Watford


Fukushima Firebonds (Japan) IU 2008-12

Verdell Jones III

Ural Ekaterinburg (Russia) IU 2004-05

MK Marco Killingsworth


New Orleans Pelicans 2013-14 with Pelicans 15.4 ppg, 2.6 rpg, 3.3 apg, 1.2 spg IU 2007-08

EG Eric Gordon

Charlotte Hornets 2013-14 with Charlotte Bobcats 6.0 ppg, 4.3 rpg, 1.1 apg, 1.1 bpg IU 2011-13

CZ Cody Zeller

Orlando Magic 2013-14 with Magic 13.8 ppg, 4.1 rpg, 4.1 apg, 1.6 spg IU 2010-13

VO Victor Oladipo

Royal Hali Gaziantep (Turkey) 2013-14 with Unicaja Màlaga (Spain) 6.7 ppg, 2.9 apg, 2.1 rpg IU 2005-07

Earl Calloway

Sigal Prishtina (Kosovo) 2013-14 with Energa Czarni Slupsk (Poland) 12.7 ppg, 2.6 rpg, 2.9 apg, 41% 3 pt IU 2009-13

JH Jordan Hulls


AENK (Greece) IU 2003-05

PE Patrick Ewing, Jr.








Den Helder Kings (Netherlands) Rookie IU 2009-13

MC Maurice Creek

Professional Hoosiers







Okinawa GK (Japan) IU 1999-2003

Jeff Newton


Data compiled by Alden Woods

Three IU men’s basketball players have been drafted into the NBA in the past two years, but there are several former Hoosiers playing professionally all over the world.


Hapoel Jerusalem (Israel) IU 2002-05

BW Bracey Wright

London Lightning (Canada) IU 2002-07

RW Roderick Wilmont




KK Buducnost (Montenegro) Rookie IU 2009-13

WS Will Sheehey

Illiabum Club (Portugal) 2013-14 with Floriana Basketball Club (Malta) IU 2009-13

DE Derek Elston

I N D I A N A D A I LY S T U D E N T | 2 0 1 4 B A S K E T B A L L G U I D E | I D S N E W S . C O M



I N D I A N A D A I LY S T U D E N T | 2 0 1 4 B A S K E T B A L L G U I D E | I D S N E W S . C O M

Meet the 2014-15 women’s team By Sam Beishuizen | | @Sam_Beishuizen

2 Jess Walter

15 Kaila Hulls

33 Amanda Cahill

Height 5’ 11” Position Guard Year Freshman

Height 5’ 11” Position Guard/Forward Year Junior

Height 6’ 2” Position Forward Year Freshman

Quick hit The former Michigan Miss Basketball runner up adds 5-foot-11 height to the IU backcourt.

Quick hit Will miss the season due to injury but remain with the team.

Quick hit Has been dominant in the preseason. Will that carry over against Big Ten teams?

21 Karlee McBride

3 Tyra Buss

34 Claire Jakubicek

Height 5’ 7” Position Guard Year Freshman

Height 5’ 10” Position Guard Year Sophomore

Height 6’ 0” Position Forward Year Junior

Quick hit Averaged 45.8 points per game her senior year of high school.

Quick hit Shot well from beyond the arc last year, but will be challenged for playing time.

Quick hit Missed last two seasons and will be looking to find role.

23 Alexis Gassion

5 Larryn Brooks

40 Lyndsay Leikem

Height 5’ 5” Position Guard Year Sophomore

Height 5’ 10” Position Guard Year Sophomore

Height 6’ 1” Position Forward Year Sophomore

Quick hit Wants to be more of a distributor this year.

Quick hit Could emerge as IU’s most versatile player this season.

Quick hit Could be the stretch-4 that IU needs to replace.

31 Maura Muensterman

10 Taylor Agler

43 Jenn Anderson

Height 5’ 9” Position Guard Year Sophomore

Height 6’ 0” Position Guard Year Freshman

Height 6’ 3” Position Center Year Sophomore

Quick hit She did a bit of everything last year. How does her role change in a guard-heavy roster?

Quick hit Another tall guard that could turn into a stretch-4 for IU.

Quick hit IU’s only true center will be relied on heavily this season.

32 Andrea Mize

12 Nicole Bell

Liz Stratman

Height 5’ 4” Position Guard Year Junior

Height 5’ 9” Position Guard Year Senior

Height 6’ 2” Position Forward Year Senior

Quick hit Will miss the year due to injury but remain with the team.

Quick hit The lone eligible senior will bring experience to a young lineup.

Quick hit The transfer from Butler will sit out this season.


Hey sweat: CU L8ER, 4VR.

i ntro d u ci n g th e 2014-2015

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I N D I A N A D A I LY S T U D E N T | 2 0 1 4 B A S K E T B A L L G U I D E | I D S N E W S . C O M

Taking charge Brooks ready for expanded role under new coach Moren

By Dan Matney | @Dan_Matney

If you live anywhere in the state of Kentucky, except Louisville, you’re expected to be a part of “Big Blue Nation,” otherwise known as the wide fan base of the Kentucky Wildcats. Part of that commitment usually includes having a strong dislike for IU and anything associated with it. Considering this, it might be hard to believe a player such as IU guard Larryn Brooks would ever make the move to Bloomington after growing up in Richmond, Ky., which is a little more than 27 miles away from the Kentucky campus in Lexington, Ky. Last year’s second team AllBig Ten and all-freshman guard, who shattered nearly every


program single-season scoring freshman record imaginable after averaging 16.3 points per game, not only flew under the radar throughout the nation, but her state’s flagship school didn’t even show her interest during her recruitment. “Miami (Oh.), Xavier, Bowling Green and IU were the main schools looking at me,” Brooks said. “The UK rivalry didn’t factor in to me because I didn’t have an offer from them. I wanted to prove the people from the University of Kentucky wrong. I can do that here.” The sophomore guard fared well playing with a chip on her shoulder. As a freshman, she scored 554 points, which is the seventh most scored by an IU player in a single season, and she also helped lead the team to the women’s NIT quarterfinals, which gave IU its best season in five years. Brooks was introduced to the game the same way most children in a multiple-child household begin playing basketball — playing against her siblings. She recalled playing most of her life, but she felt her passion for basketball developing from an early age as she was taking on her younger brother. Although she wouldn’t call her showdowns with her younger sibling, who is a basketball player at Division II Kentucky Wesleyan, a rivalry, she does like to think she was the better of the two. “I wouldn’t say we had much of a rivalry,” she said. “We each say we were better, but that’s how it always is.” Brooks received her start in organized basketball as a fifth grader, playing with a middle school team.

As her career continued into high school, Brooks led Madison Central to an overall record of 112-22 in four years, which included leading the team to a district and regional title as a senior. After averaging 20 points, four assists, four rebounds and four steals during her senior campaign, Brooks received a scholarship offer from former IU coach Curt Miller, and she accepted nearly immediately. “As soon as I received the offer from Indiana, I was there,” Brooks said. “I knew that this was definitely the place for me.” As Brooks goes into her second season with the program, she has naturally become a leader on a team that includes just two seniors and three juniors. Her transition into a new system with a new coach didn’t come easy. She spent her offseason working on her defensive game, which is something she didn’t do before the arrival of IU Coach Teri Moren. “I honestly didn’t play much defense last year,” she said. “It was the aspect of my game that I had to focus and work hardest on for this year.” On a defense-first team that has an abundance of scorers throughout the roster, Brooks wants the 2014-15 season to be her best as an overall player while helping the team take the next step. “My goal this year is finding my balance with my scoring, kicking out to my teammates and playing defense,” Brooks said. “As a team, we want to buckle down on defense and have good communication on the floor. If we do those things, it will help us win games.”

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I N D I A N A D A I LY S T U D E N T | 2 0 1 4 B A S K E T B A L L G U I D E | I D S N E W S . C O M

Underclassmen to play bigger role this season By Casey Krajewski | @kazkrajewski

IU coach Teri Moren has a problem that basketball coaches across the nation wish they had. Moren has two proven point guards on her squad and is charged with figuring out how to play them together. Those guards are sophomore Larryn Brooks and freshman Tyra Buss. Both players will enter the season in the spotlight as Big Ten guards expected to score — and do it a lot. Brooks averaged 16.3 points in her 34 games last year, good for sixth in the conference, and the highest freshman on that list. Now a sophomore, she’s the face of the Hoosiers and will have to continue that pace if they hope to be successful. Buss practically rewrote the Illinois record book during her high school career. She left Mt. Carmel High School as the state’s leader in career points, free throws and scoring average, highlighted by 45.8 points per game her senior year. That being said, Moren still hopes the team isn’t too reliant on offense from Brooks and Buss. The Hoosiers are unusually deep at the guard position, and there should be more scorers outside Brooks and Buss. “I’d like to take some pressure off the both of them, especially Larryn,” Moren said. “So she doesn’t have to feel like every night the scoring load is on her shoulders.” Brooks feels the same way. “We’ve really balanced out,” Brooks said. “People will close on me and I’ll kick out and someone will hit the shot. If they close on someone else, they can kick to me

and I’ll hit the shot.” Moren and her coaching staff didn’t recruit any players on the roster, so they decided to keep a similar offense to what the Hoosiers ran last year. The wing ball-screen offense works best with strong guards who can make quick attacks and quicker decisions. Brooks and Buss both fit that mold. “Tyra is really tight — really good with the ball in her hands,” Moren said. “She’s put on about 10 to 12 really good pounds of muscle, so her body’s changed and that’s a good thing. But her ability to get to the basket, pass out and hit an open three — she’s shown to be able to do that consistently.” This season she will be put to a new test under a new method. As it’s her first year with the team, Moren has never coached Brooks either, but it quickly became clear who the star of this team was. “Larryn is a playmaker and is clever enough that she has more to her game than just the attack,” Moren said. “And I think she can find the open person and create shots for others, which is what you want your best player to be able to do.” Whether Brooks or Buss takes the ball up the court for the Hoosiers this season shouldn’t matter. Both have the ability to run an offense, and Buss has already shown the leadership skills required to direct a team. Once they get the offense set in the half court, both will have opportunities to score. It remains to be seen how well they’ll collaborate, but at least Buss is thrilled to have another guard to play off of. “Sometimes she’ll run the point and sometimes I’ll run it,” Buss said. “But I just love playing with Larryn.”

Moren excited for freshmen By Dan Matney @Dan_Matney

Recruiting is the foundation of any successful college athletics program. Most of the attention goes to the high profile, blue-chip recruits, but a program can completely change its culture with the right class of players. For the IU women’s basketball team, last season’s freshmen class, which includes leading scorer Larryn Brooks, Taylor Agler, Alexis Gassion, Karlee McBride, Jenn Anderson and Lyndsay Leikem, helped lead the team to its best season since 2008-09. Last year ended with a loss to South Dakota State in the Women’s NIT quarterfinals. There are hopes around the program that the 2014 class can help elevate the program to the next level, possibly giving it a chance to return to the NCAA tournament and become one of the top programs in the Big Ten. “They’re not your typical freshmen,” IU Coach Teri Moren said. “They’ve caught on really quick, and our expectations are high for all of them.” While adjusting can take an extended period of time, freshman Maura Muensterman, the winner in the women’s 3-point contest at Hoosier Hysteria and 11th best scorer in Indiana high school basketball history, said the upperclassmen have helped during the process. “The upperclassmen have done a good job to make sure there isn’t as much pressure on us,” Muensterman said. “We’ve done a good job working as a team, and I don’t think it’s just our class that has a lot of pressure. Our entire team does.” Dealing with pressure is nothing new for the 2014 class, which includes one of the most prolific scorers in Illinois women’s high school basketball history, Tyra Buss.


Freshman guard Tyra Buss attempts a two point shot during an exhibition game against the University of Indianapolis Sunday. Buss led the Hoosiers with 26 points. IU won 88-49 and will play its first regular season game this upcoming Saturday against Gardner Webb.

As a senior, Buss averaged 45.8 points per game and scored 66 points in a single game last December. Despite the accolades, Buss said the class doesn’t feel any pressure, as a group or individually, going into the season. “There’s no pressure at all,” she said. “We’re just out there having fun and playing with our teammates.” The class also includes guard Jess Walter and forward Amanda Cahill. Walter is her high school’s

record holder for points, 3-pointers made and assists in a single-season. Cahill is a highly decorated player from Ohio that has impressed Moren throughout her first few months with the program by providing the team with a stretch four that can help space the floor for the IU guard heavy offense. “Our most impressive freshman has been Amanda at the stretch-four spot,” Moren said. “She just makes plays. She’s always around the ball and has a knack for

knowing where the ball will be for offensive rebounds.” With the gradual integration of the first-year players into IU’s rotation, there is still plenty of room for improvement before the conference schedule begins Dec. 28. Moren said she believes each freshman will continue to get better as the season progresses. “They’ve been terrific,” she said. “They have been coachable and eager to get better. It’s been exciting for our coaching staff.”



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2014-15 WOMEN’S SCHEDULE Nov. 15 vs. Gardner-Webb 2:00 p.m., Assembly Hall Nov. 18 vs. Valparaiso 7:00 p.m., Assembly Hall Nov. 21vs. Morehead State 7:00 p.m., Assembly Hall

Dec. 31 vs. Michigan State 7:00 p.m., Assembly Hall Big Ten Network Plus Jan. 4 at Purdue 2:00 p.m., Mackey Arena Big Ten Network Plus

Nov. 23 vs. Incarnate Word 2:00 p.m., Assembly Hall

Jan. 8 vs. Ohio State 7:00 p.m., Assembly Hall Big Ten Network Plus

Nov. 26 vs. Eastern Tennessee State Unversity 2:00 p.m., Assembly Hall

Jan. 11 vs. Wisconsin 2:00 p.m., Assembly Hall Big Ten Network Plus

Nov. 30 vs. Indiana State 2:00 p.m., Assembly Hall

Jan. 18 at Minnesota 3:00 p.m., Williams Arena Big Ten Network

Dec. 3 at Boston College 7:00 p.m., Conte Forum Dec. 7 vs. IUPUI 2:00 p.m., Assembly Hall

Jan. 22 at Penn State 7:00 p.m., Bryce Jordan Center Big Ten Network Plus

Dec. 10 vs. IPFW 7:00 p.m., Assembly Hall

Jan. 25 vs. Maryland 3:00 p.m., Assembly Hall Big Ten Network

Dec. 14 at Milwaukee 2:00 p.m., UW–Milwaukee Panther Arena

Jan. 28 at Michigan State 7:00 p.m., Breslin Center Big Ten Network Plus

Dec. 20 at Oakland 2:00 p.m., Athletics Center O’rena

Feb. 2 vs. Purdue 8:30 p.m., Assembly Hall Big Ten Network

Dec. 28 vs. Rutgers 2:00 p.m., Assembly Hall Big Ten Network Plus

Feb. 5 vs. Northwestern 7:00 p.m., Assembly Hall Big Ten Network Plus

Feb. 8 at Ohio State 2:00 p.m., Value City Arena at the Jerome Schottenstein Center Big Ten Network Plus Feb. 11 vs. Illinois 7:00 p.m., Assembly Hall Big Ten Network Plus

Feb. 21, vs. Nebraska TBA, Assembly Hall Big Ten Network

IU Coach Teri Moren admits her team is a work in progress, but it is progressing. It will have no shortage of offense this season, and defensively, she says it’s moving forward. But Moren knows the one attribute the team can’t improve is height. Last year’s women’s basketball team finished fifth in the Big Ten in rebounding, in large part thanks to the now-graduated Simone Deloach, Sasha Chaplin and Tabitha Gerardot. But when you lose your top three rebounders, the next season is presented with a big question mark. “We don’t have the depth in the post, that’s clear,” Moren said. “But at the same time, we’ve got to have more post touches. Although we’re small, we have to try to get some high percentage touches.” IU sophomore Jenn Anderson has stepped in and been running with the first team this season. The 6-foot-3 Anderson saw only 104 minutes last year behind Deloach and Chaplin but said she hopes to fill their shoes this season. “I’m ready,” Anderson said. “Last year we had four post players in front of me so I know I have to step up and be what they were last year for our team.” With five contributing post players on the roster

Feb. 26 at Maryland 7:00 p.m., Xfinity Center Big Ten Network Plus March 1 at Rutgers TBA, Louis Brown Athletic Center Big Ten Network March 4-8 Big Ten Basketball Tournament Sears Centre

Rebounding from last year’s losses last year, the Hoosiers were able to spread the minutes around and keep everyone fresh for the most part. Deloach, who lead the team in rebounding, played only 18.4 minutes per game. But this year, with only three post players, bench time will be hard to come by, making conditioning all the more important. The other player most likely to step up and earn minutes down low is freshman Amanda Cahill. Moren called her a “nice surprise” after she saw what Cahill could do on the block. “She just makes plays,” Moren said. “She’s around the ball and has a knack for where the ball is going to come off the rim. She’s been a nice shot in the arm for us.” Cahill also adds a stretch element to her game when she steps outside the 3-point line. But with an already shooter-heavy roster, Moren might need her to stay inside and rebound more than Cahill is used to. “If the opportunity presents itself, I think I can (step out),” Cahill said. “I think it’s one of the strengths of my game, but whatever the team needs, I’ll just apply myself and do what I can.” With an offense teeming with explosive guards, the need for scoring down low may end up being marginal, but the rebounds will still have to come from somewhere. Moren said they’re rely-

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Feb. 18 at Michigan 7:00 p.m., Crisler Center Big Ten Network Plus

IDS FILE PHOTO | @kazkrajewski

with Millennium

Feb. 15 at Iowa 6:00 p.m., Carver-Hawkeye Arena Big Ten Network Plus

Then-freshman Jenn Anderson attempts to shoot against Ohio State Jan. 11 at Assembly Hall.

By Casey Krajewski

Score BIG

Slam Dunk at

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“Having the guys on the floor forces us to really focus and concentrate on the contact box out. Rebounding is going to be by committee, and all of us have responsibilities to box out.” Teri Moren, IU coach

ing a lot on Anderson and Cahill to battle inside but that rebounding will be an overall team responsibility. A team of male students has been practicing with the Hoosiers all preseason. That’s not unusual for a women’s team, but Moren said there has been an increased focus on aggressively going after rebounds against “the guys.” “Having the guys on the floor forces us to really focus and concentrate on the contact box out,” Moren said. “Rebounding is going to be by committee, and all of us have responsibilities to box out.” But with likely only one player taller than 6 feet on the floor at a time, the burden will be placed on Anderson and Cahill to step up. “Our guards are working to rebound, but in the post we know that’s one of our main jobs,” Anderson said. “We’ll box out and they can crash and clean it up, but in the end, it’s our responsibility.”

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