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HOW DIGITAL MIRROR AND AUDIO DECODER WORK Have you ever thought how can you understand your own behaviour or the behaviour of others? Your only answer is digital mirror. It is a special type of mirror that helps you to understand the behaviourof your own and the behaviour of others. This is a special type of mirror that is operated by software and is quite different than that of an ordinary mirror. The software used in the mirror helps you to see a reflextion of your own digital universe and your role in it. This special type of digital mirror is available in the market at variant dimensions and specifications. This mirror is made from top quality glasses and its manufacture requires extensive expert work. This mirror intends you to provide a light hearted and thought provoking peek at your interaction with the others. Though it looks like a ordinary mirror, it is designed in such a way that it respect your privacy. You can run the mirror through your computer system. Through this mirror you can analyse yourselfs well as others and keep the result of your analysis of your system.

These Different types of digital mirror like a digital tradition mirror, digital micro mirror, digital cosmetic mirror etc are available in the market. This is just like an ordinary mirror, but when turned on, it becomes an unavoidable media that leaves a lasting impression. Hairdressers, retail stores, spas, gyms, hotel lobbies and rooms, bars, and restaurants widely used this mirror for commercial purposes. The mirror can play videos with audio, slideshows, and typically requested messages and promotions. Digital mirror analyze an ever broader group of data like common Emils and social networking websites and also provide new visualizations. This mirror is used both in individual and business purposes. When an individual used this mirror it acts like an ordinary mirror when you turn off it and when turn on it acts as an communication and media center and is used in business sector it generate revenues for the business men. An audio decoder is a single device that encodes analog audio as digital signals and decodes digital back into analog.A decoder has an Analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and Digital-to-analog converter (DAC). This decoder is used also in sound cards that support both audio in and out of the system. The decoder is used to decode audio for storage on digital mediums like CD's and computer files. An audio decoder is also used to transmit audio over digital transmission lines. A decoder is generally falling into two groups-1.decoders that use lossy compression which includes MP3, MP2 etc. and 2. Decoders that use lossless compression which includes RealAudio Lossless, The true audio, Lossless Transform Audio Compression etc.

An audio decoder is suitable for transmitting music with high quality. It has some features for which it is widely used in audio systems. Some of these features are      

Ultra-low latency, A fixed-point version of the decoder, A quality/bitrate trade-off competitive with widely used high delay decoder Stereo support Full audio bandwidth , Support for both speech and music, Packet loss concealment etc. This audio decoder is used largely in audio system to get better quality sound.

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Purchage Online Classic Digital Mirror, Audio Decoderer At Leading Firms In Hungary  
Purchage Online Classic Digital Mirror, Audio Decoderer At Leading Firms In Hungary  

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