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Get Online Hungarian manufacturers for your audio decoder or in store media needs

Digital signage has come of age and has become a very powerful tool for retailers. With advancement in technology, even the smallest operators use digital signage for their environments which was unheard of in the past. Digital signage allows retailers and the chance to connect with their viewers in ways they had never achieved before through the use of traditional methods of communication. It allows them the chance to build loyalty and brand awareness as well as enrich customer experience, and drive bottom-line results. With digital signage being so important, a number of manufacturers all across the world are coming up with innovative products in the category. A few of the leading Hungarian manufacturers are a known name in the digital signage industry and have been at the forefront of coming up with the most innovative and useful products in this category. Their in store media solutions bring the performance of solid state reliability to the in store audio installations of their clients. The in store media products from these manufacturers are reliable, flexible and comprehensive and offer sophisticated operations and functions. When using the in store media of leading Hungarian manufacturers, clients get access to adjustable program and spot selection for every hour of the week; configurable network and timing settings; secure internal storages and other state of the art functions too.

Even the audio decoder of these leading manufacturers is in great demand among customers. These decoders are remotely managed by a dedicated server and have set benchmarks standards in the industry. The audio decoder also consists of a back-up mode which jumps automatically to the offline content and starts to play it in case the online stream fails. Using these high tech decoders; users can have an overview of all his networks; upload content and schedule the music categories; view logs, played

content; update his Firmware to his devices; schedule the tasks and follow their progression as well as edit the configuration of all of his devices just by one click- from anywhere they are. The high performance devices manufactured by the leading firms provide advanced sound quality and are more affordable than many other products bring the performance of solid state reliability to in store audio installations. For more details, please visit my website:

Get online hungarian manufacturers for your audio decoder or in store media needs  

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