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Come To Dension and Fulfil All Your Requirements for Digital Signage As Well As Streaming Devices A world leader in manufacturing in-car entertainment systems, Dension Audio Systems is also a European specialist in providing consumer electronics and IT connectivity products to the OEM automotive sector. We are a known name for providing clients with provide safe and unclouded in-car entertainment and for producing high quality products and solutions for cars as well as for public transport vehicles. Clients can choose for different models of integrated solutions- connected car entertainment, plug & play solutions – dock’n’drive, OEM solutions, In Store Radio solutions, public transport solutions - Voyager and Dension Broadband Systems – Broadband communication solutions. Our products not only serve as entertainment solutions but also enable the user to connect digital data sources such as iPod, iPhone, USB, or any Bluetooth capable phone to their existing car audio system without making any changes to the car interior and yet experience safe and unclouded in-car entertainment. We offer a range of accessories in digital signage all of which offer the customers more but still keep their costs low. Our entire Dension IDS portfolio boasts of extreme connectivity features. Our digital signage device can be mounted into a 19" professional rack with the dedicated brackets and is capable of triggering the playback in lifts with the elevator module or anywhere else with the motion sensor, inserting spots to the playlist interactively with a keypad, collecting statistics and trigger specific content with the intelligent recognition camera. Users can also use their Smartphone to take a quick look to their retail site - anytime, anywhere. These devices come with HDMI outputs and the more advanced products such as the CPX-100 serves as a 3-in-1 Solution Android-based DS Player + Amplifier + In store Audio Player.

We also have different kinds of streaming device from which customers can choose from. Some like the ISR 1 is of a compact size and has an audio line out for external PA systems. These are capable of live streaming or store and forward modes. These streaming device enables the user the control all of the belonging ISR devices. The users save on costs since they need minimal effort and resource to maintain and operate their Dension ISR network. They also save on time since the usage of the ISRS Service is very easy and quick as well as save on human resources, because one person could be enough to operate the devices and editing the content as well. Users also get other advantages such as they get to know what their players have played, because ISRS records and exports your played content including streams, tracks and spots and they can even locate and analyze if they have any problems, since it has a sophisticated alarm system and detailed functional log too. Dension streaming devices allow users to have an overview of all their network; view logs, played content; update their Firmware to their devices; edit the configuration of all their devices just by one click- from anywhere they are; upload content and schedule the music categories and schedule the tasks and follow their progression. We at Dension are committed to providing pour customers with the best possible product in the market which is the outcome of years of research and development taken up by our experts. For more details, please visit here :-

Come to dension and fulfil all your requirements for digital signage as well as streaming devices  

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