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AERO India 2017 issue 

Parrikar puts next challenge for DRDO, HAL on LCA-Tejas 

DRDO working on Akash 1S and Akash NG

Vistors Conned by Displayed LCA-Tejas? 

Flight of Jaguar DARIN III with AESA Radar soon: HAL

Diverterless supersonic inlet (DSI) for AMCA ??

After Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Srilanka are interested in Akash SAM

Donors for Aero India 2017 We appreciate your contribution to the Aero India 2017 . Your personal commitment was incredibly helpful and allowed us to reach part of our goal.

Parrikar puts next challenge for DRDO, HAL on LCA-Tejas RakshaMantri Manohar Parrikar architect behind orders for 83 LCA-Tejas MK1A is planning next big thing when it comes to countries LCA-Tejas and has asked DRDO and HAL to raise indigenisation substan-

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tially in next few years. has been informed at Aero In-

Donor List for Aero India 2017

dia 2017 that, Parrikar has conveyed to

Dhrubo J. Borkotoky ₹ 1000

DRDO and HAL that henceforward more

Rajesh Kumar Mala ₹ 300

focus should be given on indigenisation

Abhishek Verma ₹ 100

of foreign OEMs content on LCA-Tejas.

Shirish Deshpande ₹ 100 Dhanunjaya Trinath Madala ₹ 100

Parrikar reportedly has told that the percentage of indigenous content should keep increasing while LCA-Tejas progress. HAL to meet timelines has been advised to outsource work in large quantities to emerging private sector companies, while it focuses on the further increase in the percentage of indigenous content. 1

B Venkata Hari Babu ₹ 100 Krishna Kumar ₹ 100 SRIKRISHNA PAUL ₹ 1

Flight of Jaguar DARIN III with AESA Radar soon: HAL

Key features of Jaguar DARIN III 

New state-of-the-art avionics

Indian Open System Architecture Mission Computer (OSAMC)

AESA Fire Control Radar

Solid State Digital Video Recording System (SSDVRS)

Autopilot with Alt Select

HNAV and Identification of Friend or Foe (IFF)

New Close Combat ASRAAM Air-to-Air Missiles

Indigenous HTFE 35 or HTFE 40 Turbofan engines could replace older Rolls Royce engines in future . has been informed at Aero India 2017 that, HAL and ELTA have completed ground trials, integration and installation of Elta's ELM-2052 AESA radar on upgraded Jaguar DARIN III aircraft and first flight of Jaguar could be conducted after Aero India 2017 concluded HAL employee to

Indian Air force's main Strike aircraft Jaguar under DARIN III upgrade will be getting 28 new sensors, which will also see the integration of indigenous mission computer. ELM-2052 AESA radar on Jaguar DARIN III makes Jaguar fleet first aircraft to receive Next Generation AESA Radar technologies which will keep them technologically relevant for next decade to come.

IAF plans to keep Jaguar DARIN III flying till 2034 and has made necessary arrangements



and HAL to maintain their supply chain till 2034 when it plans to retire them. HAL is also exploring the possibility of uprating it's 25 kN indigenous Aero Engine (Hindustan Turbo Fan Engine - HTFE 25) to 35kN-40kN thrust class so that it can be offered for Jaguar DARIN III engine replacement program. 2

Specifications Akash MK1 Weight

720 kg (1,590 lb)


578 cm (228 in)

DRDO working on Akash 1S and Akash NG


35 cm (14 in)


High-explosive, pre-fragmented warhead

Sources in DRDO have confirmed at Aero India 2017 that company is actually working on two different indigenous Air defence system based on highly successful Akash Surface to Air missile systems.

Warhead weight

60 kg (130 lb)


RF proximity

mechanism SOFTWARE


As Informed currently in development Akash 1S is upgraded Akash Mark-I missile system which will incorporate sophisticated on-board seeker replacing its current radio frequency proximity fuse used to destroy its pointed target.


Akash 1S will carry same range of 25km but will improve its lethality considerably forcing a No-escape zone for its indented target. Akash 1S stands for Akash 1 Seeker.

As informed earlier by Akash NG aka Akash MKII is the same missile with considerable improvements in range with same on-board seeker. Akash NG will have a range up to 40km and will also come with the same seeker which will be used in Akash 1S.

Akash NG will be used to fill the gap between Akash 1S and MR-SAM. NG will be used by Indian Air force to protect its semi-mobile and stationary high valued facilities and infrastructures in the front line.


Monthly Picks

Operational range Flight ceiling Speed Guidance system

integral rocket motor/ramjet booster and sustainer motor 30 km (19 mi) 18 km (59,000 ft) Mach 2.5 Command guidance

Visitors Conned by Displayed LCA-Tejas? HAL and ADA have displayed LCA -Tejas LSP-1 (KH2011) in Aero India 2017. While some media reports hinted that the real aircraft is been displayed for the first time and Business visitors will be allowed to check the aircraft and also take a peek inside the cockpit of the LCA-Tejas aircraft.

Why do we call it a Con?

A freelance reporter Vinayak Shetti hired by immediately after reaching near the displayed aircraft found something fishy about the build and paint quality of the aircraft.

Shetti on closer inspection from the rear fuselage found clear disparity and dummy looking engine exhaust. what intrigued shetti was that HAL employees near displayed aircraft were preventing visitors from touching the aircraft and he also heard one guest been told: " Sir do not lean on the aircraft, you could damage the sensors in it ".

Shetti decided to check Cockpit of the aircraft and saw a huge line of visitors waiting their turn to peek into. Shetti while standing in the line found two HAL employees standing in line to check the aircraft, he decided to start a conversation with them.


Plastic pipes coming put of the aircraft from the mid section ?

Conversation as follows

Shetti: Sir, are you from LCA Division? HAL Emp 1: No we are not Shetti: Sir is it real LCA? HAL Emp 1: Yes it is Shetti: It looks odd and build quality seems off (interrupted) HAL Emp 2: It could be old LSP Shetti: Yes, they said it is LSP-1 (KH2011) HAL Emp 1: hmm

After few minutes Conversation as follows

HAL Emp 2: look at the tire it's so worn out HAL Emp 1: Yes HAL Emp 2: wings look like woody, is it real aircraft? HAL Emp 1: I think you are right it looks like a mockup Shetti: look at rivets they look painted HAL Emp 1: let's ask him ( Head Pointing towards another HAL employees manning near cockpit )

Once near Cockpit Conversation as follows HAL Emp 1: This does not look like real aircraft! HAL Cockpit Emp: Sir,havduh yedtha alla reh ( Kannada ) (Sir, it's not) HAL Emp 2: cockpit real ahha? ( Kannada ) ( is cockpit real ?) HAL Cockpit Emp: Havduh sir, yedh real


HAL Emp 2: nadeathhu? (Does it work?) HAL Cockpit Emp: Avionics, Display yellah karedthu ,adrah yellah halleh parts hu ( All are Real but not working and old parts ) Shetti: Is it Mockup? HAL Emp 2: Yes, we were right only Cockpit is real but not working one Guest to HAL Cockpit Emp: Is it real aircraft? HAL Cockpit Emp to Guest: Yes it is real aircraft HAL Emp 1, HAL Emp 2 and Shetti: looking at each other have a small laugh and walk down.

Later ADA employee speaking to shetti confirmed that it was actual LCA cockpit placed into mockup aircraft. We are still are unsure why HAL was keen on passing it off has real aircraft, Saab also had displayed a Gripen E Mockup with actual cockpit into it, but at least they were sincere and upfront about it.

Vinayak Shetti used to operate fan based LCA-Tejas website a few years ago is also aviation enthusiast


Diverterless supersonic inlet (DSI) for AMCA ??

Exclusive image of a Diverterless supersonic inlet (DSI) configuration been tested on computer Aerodynamic simulation for India's 5th Generation AMCA fighter jet. has been informed at Aero India 2017 that DSI intake was considered at the design stage but was overlooked for current intake design adapted on AMCA Scale model displayed at Aero India 2017.

A diverterless supersonic inlet (DSI) is a type of jet engine air intake used by some modern combat aircraft to control air flow into their engines. It consists of a "bump" and a forward-swept inlet cowl, which work together to divert boundary layer airflow away from the aircraft's engine.

This eliminates the need for a splitter plate while compressing the air to slow it down from supersonic to subsonic speeds. The DSI can be used to replace conventional methods of controlling supersonic and boundary-layer airflow.

AMCA design has been frozen and Scale model is seen with diverter plates on an F-22ish type inlet. When asked if DSI configuration was considered for LCA-Tejas MK1 or MK2 aircraft, we were told they were not and reasons behind why DSI on AMCA was overlooked due to no frontal stealth benefits to the aircraft and also due to other factors not disclosed.


After Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Srilanka line up for Akash SAM Systems

With Vietnam and India all set to make a deal on export of Akash Surface to Air Missile System soon, at Aero India 2017 has been informed that Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Srilanka also have expressed interest in procuring Akash SAM Systems from India and DRDO presently is holding advance discussions with officials of this countries .

Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Srilanka were the initial set of countries who had expressed preliminary interest in Akash SAM Systems and with Vietnam now all set to be the first export customer of the missile systems soon, DRDO officials are confident other countries will follow soon.

DRDO speaking to also confirmed many other countries have inquired about Akash missiles and all interested countries have been briefed about the missile system and its capabilities. DRDO is also aggressively exploring other technical and transfer of technology collaborations with countries who are interested in the local production of the missile system.


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