The Catalogue of Solutions 2017/18

Page 468

Fog 70 Var 2 - Fog 70 Var 3

With Idrobase water inlet kit: 2-year warranty


Module Fog 70 VAR 2/3 MULTIZONA variable flow rate

Technical innovation award EIMA 2014

Fog 70 Var 2

Optional, With Idrobase inlet water kit: 2-year warranty

Fog 70 Var 3

One single installation to control different areas at the same time Cooling, humidifying, controlling dust and odours, creating fog effects, sanitising, all automatically and independently in each zone.

Detail of panel Fog 70 Var2


Detail of panel Fog 70 Var3

Control unit for management of pause/work times and provision for signal reception at 4:20mA. (Available only for Var 2)

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