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Light & Warm & Cool

Designed for smokers area

Ideal for smoking in: • bars/restaurants outdoor areas • restaurants terraces • pubs outdoor areas • public places gardens • patios • gazebos

Plus: • lights the night • table complete with a pair of ashtrays • furnishes the garden of your pubs • support base for your drink • warms up the surrounding environment when it’s too cold and you are smoking outside • decreases the temperature when it’s too hot and you are smoking outside • neutralizes smoke and smell • keeps mosquitoes away

Colours combinations: Rattan covering

Table/base finish


Montecristo Bianco

Bianco Neve

Laccato bianco


Montecristo Legno

Bianco Neve

Legno naturale


Designed in Italy


US Patented 29/489,687

EU Patent solution

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