Kit nebulizzazione nei supermercati EN 2017

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Humidification…made easy! If you decide to use Humi Fog and Humi Extra in your shop or supermarket, Idrotech will design the most functional system, ensure perfect installation and carry out maintenance, to guarantee you all the benefits of humidification, with the certainty of good results and the maximum ease of management.

The benefits are clear The following graphs compare 5°C refrigerated environments that are not humidified with those that are humidified. (The graphs refer to products which are at the perfect level of humidity). Humi Fog and Humi Extra makes it possible to rehydrate them perfectly, so the benefit we obtain from using this system will be substantially greater than that indicated by the graphs. Peaches


Humidity %

Green beans

with Humi Fog and Humi Extra

without Humi Fog and Humi Extra

Reasons for choosing Humi Fog and Humi Extra:

Greater economic savings, 50% savings compared to the average competing systems on the market

80 1h





Humi Fog abd Humi Extra requires 80% less maintenance


Reduced dimensions: 50x50x15cm

Perfect Electronic anti-drip system, to prevent unpleasant dripping

Installation takes about 1 hour, instead of the 3 hours of the other systems on the market

Built-in sterilisation system to guarantee sanitised water

Low energy consumption, 125W compared to other systems which require 800W

Nebulization keeps annoying and unsanitary flying insects away

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