Kit nebulizzazione nei supermercati EN 2017

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Misting systems for supermarkets for: Humidification to preserve FRUITS and VEGETABLES Our misting systems restores the moisture level in the air to optimal values: to stop the dehydration process of fruits and vegetables exposed to the counter. Fruits and vegetables are always fresh, to offer customers only the best.

The perfect humidity for FISH stalls Fishery products are subject to loss of freshness due to dehydration, given that they consist of more than 70% water. Our misting systems counteract dehydration and, in addition, you can control the propagation of unpleasant odors in the close-by areas

Fogging system for FLOWER stalls humidification Especially in the areas for the sale of flowers and plants inside of supermarkets and hypermarkets, it is necessary to make a proper amount of relative humidity in the environment, which is necessary for the long term conservation of all the products.

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