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Eatwell Consulting Sharon Fraser of Eatwell Consulting supports and guides her clients to easily and naturally restore health and vibrancy to their bodies, so that they can enjoy their life. Whether dealing with overweight, prediabetes, Type 2 diabetes or struggling to change long-standing habits, she guides and helps make the necessary changes to be well. As a Diabetic Solution Coach and Health Coach, Sharon has the training, expertise and experience to guide changes needed for success. As a Master Transformation Coach, she helps clients change habits and manage the emotions, selfsabotage and challenges needed for transformation. As one human to another, she has the temperament and compassion to guide a client’s path. Without changes, Type 2 Diabetes gets worse irrespective of medication taken. Current medicines impact the symptoms while the disease continues to ravage the body. Working together, that outcome can be very different. Visit to learn more about Sharon, and give her a call. She would love to chat about health goals. 610.393.2489



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2017 Beauty & Wellness  

2017 Beauty & Wellness