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CSS Group Fitness CSS Group Fitness... and Nutrition! Cardio... Strength... Stretch... CSS! These are the three pillars of a successful fitness regimen on which CSS Group Fitness is built. Cardio to build the heart and lungs, strength training to create lean muscle and stretching to improve range of motion and prevent injury. Of course, none of that matters without eating right, so they offer a broad range of nutritional education and coaching programs as well. But here’s the thing: Their studio can’t be found, because they don’t have one. They aren’t anywhere in particular—they are everywhere. That’s because CSS brings their fitness programs to their clients! CSS Group Fitness is the most unique mobile fitness company around. With top-notch instructors and trainers, CSS provides a wide variety of classes including Bootcamps, Functional Fitness, Yoga, Pound and even Group Indoor Cycling! That’s right! CSS Group Fitness brings the bikes, instructors, music and intensity right to their clients’ location! Call or visit their website today to find out more. 610.417.6922



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2017 Beauty & Wellness  

2017 Beauty & Wellness