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Bethlehem Nutrition & Wellness Center 3400 Bath Pk. Suite 101-W Bethlehem 610.419.3909



Kathy Harrington, functional medicine nutritionist and the owner of Bethlehem Nutrition and Wellness Center, brings over 20 years’ experience in the natural health care field to the Lehigh Valley. Backed by a bachelor’s degree in nutrition science and a master’s in nutrition and functional medicine, Kathy has the progressive education and training to provide unparalleled care in restoring her clients’ health and vitality. Using the functional medicine model, Kathy identifies the underlying imbalances contributing to her clients’ health concerns. She then designs personalized nutrition programs that correct those imbalances and bring about true healing in the body. Call or visit online to find out more about improved health and optimal vitality.

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2017 Beauty & Wellness  

2017 Beauty & Wellness