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Dental Sleep Medicine of the Lehigh Valley at Mountainville Dental

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Many people believe the hectic pace of today’s life is the reason for their lack of energy, sleepiness during the day and inability to focus or concentrate. But is the stress of life really the cause, or is there something else that has affected millions of people without them knowing how or why it happens? The new “not so silent” killer has afflicted upwards of thirty percent of the population and has become a significant contributor to many of the health issues that are faced today, such as diabetes, cardiac issues and other conditions. This killer is sleep apnea, and it is becoming more and more prevalent in the world today. For those who believe their sleep is poor or have been told they snore loudly, a more healthful and productive life is possible without the use of CPAP equipment. Call the experts at Dental Sleep Medicine of the Lehigh Valley today to learn how!

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