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From Outer Space to Under the Sea, Hydraulics Put the Fun in the Entertainment Industry! and we ask how clean is your hydraulic fluid? sneak peek into IFPE 2014 technology focus variable volume reservoir more tech focus tesla's valvular conduit what about vacuum filters? nfpa discusses Standardizing Energy Measurement for Fluid Power Systems Innovative Designs & Publishing

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november/december 2013

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Yates Cylinders: Keeping American industry moving one cylinder at a time.

Yates Industries, Inc. 23050 Industrial Dr. E. St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 586.778.7680 ph 586.778.6565 fax Circle 274

Yates Cylinders 55 Refreshment Place Decatur, AL 35601 ph 256.351.8081 fax 256.351.8571

Fluid Power Journal

november/december 2013 | Volume 20 | Issue 10


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How clean is your hydraulic fluid?


Tesla's valvular conduit


Variable Volume Reservoir


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Hydraulics Put the Fun in the Entertainment Industry

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Publisher’s Note: The information provided in this publication is for informational purposes only. While all efforts have been taken to ensure the technical accuracy of the material enclosed, Fluid Power Journal is not responsible for the availability, accuracy, currency, or reliability of any information, statement, opinion, or advice contained in a third party’s material. Fluid Power Journal will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by reliance on information obtained in this publication. Fluid Power Journal is the official publication of the International Fluid Power Society

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What is Mechatronics? ‰

The latest buzzword used within colleges and among many industry leaders is “mechatronics.” If one consults Wikipedia, the definition provided there is: “Mechatronics is a design process that includes a combination of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, control engineering, and computer engineering. Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field of engineering; that is to say, it rejects splitting engineering into separate disciplines. Originally, mechatronics just included the combination of mechanics and electronics, hence the word [itself] is a combination of mechanics and electronics; however, as technical systems have become more and more complex, the word has been ‘updated’ during recent years to include more technical areas.” Given that Wikipedia is not a traditional encyclopeBy Jimmy Simpson, CFPAI, AJPP, dia, this source seems the perfect place to attempt to Chairman of Fluid Power Education define this new and changing term. Mechatronics, as it Foundation (FPEF) and Adjunct Fluid is evolving, includes not only mechanics and electronics, Power Instructor at Northwest State but also such various disciplines as fluid power, control Community College theory, and computer science. Mr. Tetsuro Mori, a senior engineer at the Japanese company Yaskawa in 1969, came up with the original term “mechatronics.” He got the idea from combining the technologies that had been utilized in industrial robots. This included using mechanics, electronics, and computing to accomplish the robots’ day-to-day jobs. Engineering cybernetics deals with questions of controls engineering within the mechatronic systems. This application of controls leads to collaboration, and most mechatronics modules are designed to perform the production goals, incorporate machine flexibility, and provide agile manufacturing properties within overall manufacturing systems. Thus, the application of mechatronics leads to what is known as “machine control architecture.” Applications for implementing mechatronics in industry are many: automotive manufacturing, robotics, motion control, systems integration, intelligent control, systems modeling and design, vibration and noise control, packaging, medical technology, and servo-mechanics. These are just a few examples of where mechatronics can be used. Mechatronic systems may provide a complete production system or may only provide sub-components of that production system. Students graduating with degrees in this area of study can select from a wide spectrum of industries for career choices. These engineers can choose either small or large companies, primary manufacturers, OEMs, or end users, and they may use their interdisciplinary backgrounds in mechanical, electrical, fluid power (hydraulics and pneumatics), computers, microcontrollers, programmable logic controllers, programming, industrial sensors, electrical drives, and engineering functions. The combination of system technologies and the interdisciplinary approach gives the students a broader vision and understanding of the entire production process. Mechatronics is yet another avenue for students to gain the theoretical concepts coupled with hands-on applications for current and future global manufacturing arenas. These students can become qualified engineers, technicians, or mechanics—there is a widespread need for interdisciplinary understanding at all levels of industry. Now is the time to apply at your local community college or university for a rewarding future. Good Luck!

Editor’s Note

If you are an instructor at an educational institution or an industry professional involved in mechatronics, we invite you to contribute technical articles to our publication about this growing field. Please contact Kristine Coblitz at for more information.

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Fluid Power Systems Conference November 19-21, 2013 | Schedule of Events

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

The Welcome Reception and Fluid Power Systems Conference Innovation Showcase offers FPSC attendees a unique opportunity not only to network during the reception but also to peruse through a showcase filled with state-of-the-art fluid power products designed specifically to make fluid power as efficient as possible.

Room A - Pneumatic • Once You’ve Reduced Demand, How Do You Capture the Savings? Bill Scales, Scales Industrial • Panel Discussion / Q&A Bill Scales, Jon Jensen, Eric Battino & John Berninger

Wednesday, November 20, 2013 7:30 am - 8:30 am

Breakfast Served

8:15 am - 9:00 am

Opening Remarks Mark Perry, IFPS President

Room B - Mobile Hydraulic • New Concepts in Hydraulic Reservoir Design and Sizing Dan Helgerson, Cascade Steel Rolling Mills • Heat Exchanger Types: Selection and Sizing Methods for Mobile Applications Mel Arent, Emmegi Heat Exchangers

Reducing Energy and Expenses Utilizing Hydraulic Hybrid Waste Trucks, Transit Buses, and Delivery Vehicles Gary Rogers, FEV, Inc. 9:00 am - 12:30 pm

Best Practices and Standards for Efficiency and Reliability

Room C - Industrial Hydraulic • Heat Exchanger Types: Selection and Sizing Methods for Industrial Applications Mel Arent, Emmegi Heat Exchangers • Pump and Motor Control vs. Valve Control Dan Helgerson, Cascade Steel Rolling Mills

Room A - Pneumatic • Businesses and Manufacturers Working Together to Optimize Pneumatic System Efficiency in the Field Eric Battino, Pepsico; Jon Jensen, SMC Corp. of America • Why Machinery Builders Need Reliability Data from Fluid Power Component Suppliers John Berninger, Parker Hannifin Corp. (retired) • Safe and Efficient Pneumatic Systems – ISO 4414 Standard Review Gary Baumgardner, Parker Hannifin Corp. Room B - Hydraulic • Variable-Speed Pump Drives for Industrial Machinery System Considerations Jan Komsta, PhD, Bosch Rexroth • Hydraulic Hose and Hose Assembly Application Guidelines ISO/TS 17165-2 Standards Review Lou Moreiras Parker Hannifin Corp. (retired) • Safe and Efficient Hydraulic Systems –ISO 4413 Standard Review Jerry Carlin, Eaton Corp. • Electro-Hydraulic Industrial Valve Applications and Selection Bogdon Kuzul, Parker Hannifin Corp.

3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Break-Out Discussions: Sharing Information to Solve Real-World Problems

6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Reception and Dinner

Thursday, November 21, 2013 7:30 am - 8:00 am

Breakfast Served

8:00 am - 9:45 pm

Break-Out Discussion Recap

9:45 am - 11:30 am

11:30 am - 12:30 pm

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Networking lunch

• Safety in Fluid Power Systems- Mobile, Industrial & Pneumatic Systems Kent Darnell, Womack Machine Supply Applying Practical Techniques for Energy-Efficient Fluid Power Systems Room A - Pneumatic • Energy Savings Through Proper Sizing of Pneumatic Components Frank Langro, Festo Corp. Room B - Hydraulic

Room C - Hydraulic • Safe and Efficient Hydraulic Systems – ISO 4413 Standard Review Jerry Carlin, Eaton Corp. • Selection and Application of Hydraulic Filters – ISO/TS 15640 Standard Review Eric Krause, Pall Corp. • Electro-Hydraulic Mobile Valves, Applications and Selection Method Bob Pettit, HAWE Hydraulics • Hydrostatic Transmission for Mobile Applications

Component Selection for Reliable and Efficient Fluid Power Machines

• Assessing a Mobile Hydraulics System Design for Energy Efficiency Ernie Parker, Hennepin Technical College Room C – Hydraulic • Assessing an Industrial Hydraulics System Design for Energy Efficiency Bob Sheaf, CFC Solar 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm

THE FUTURE OF FLUID POWER An afternoon program designed to inform and engage conference participants in a discussion about the future direction of energy-efficient fluid power.

For all the details and how to register, go to

november/december 2013


Where All The

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Make IFPE your destination for solutions and design expertise that will positively influence how you manufacture more efficient, reliable, clean products at a low cost. Registration is now open for IFPE 2014—the event and education resource that features all of the newest technology and product breakthroughs for the fluid power, power transmission and motion control industries. • See first-hand the products shaping the future from more than 400 companies—from components, systems, and controls, and more. • Get valuable insight about leading-edge discoveries presented by industry leaders and experts in the field in over 80 sessions at the Technical Conference, plus keynote presentations and college-level courses. • Talk directly with smartest and brightest minds driving awe-inspiring advances in the industry. All this and more—all in one place—once every three years.

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Register now at to save over 30%!

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is Your Hydraulic Fluid? By Mark Barnes, Des-Case Corp.

all the oil-lubricated assets found in industrial plants, hydraulic systems are by far the most sensitive to contamination. Put simply: kept clean, they should run reliably; allowed to get dirty, and it’s likely that problems will occur. The reason for this sensitivity stems from the unique components used in hydraulic systems. From pumps to valves, cylinders to motors, clearances are tight, making even the smallest particle or water droplet a potential problem. The design of hydraulic systems is, of course, many and varied and beyond the scope of this article, but they all share some common features with respect to the hydraulic fluid power system. First is the reservoir. Designed well, the hydraulic reservoir can aid in contamination control by allowing contaminants to either drop to the bottom of the tank or be removed by supplemental kidney-loop filtration that may be installed. By contrast, poor design, which might include too small a tank for the required fluid flow or suction, and return lines that are too close without adequate baffling between them, can cause problems to occur. Next up is the pump. For lower-pressure systems where gear pumps are commonplace, contamination control is not as much of an issue since most gear pumps are reasonably forgiving with respect to contamination. By contrast, vane and piston pumps— particularly where variable volume pumping is required—have very tight clearances and by inference a much lower tolerance to contaminants.

10 |

Finally, we need to consider the flow control valves. Again, the sensitivity of valves to contamination can vary widely. Simpler systems where check valves or directional valves are used are typically far less prone to contamination-induced failure compared to more complex servo-controlled systems, which are very sensitive to contamination, particularly where valve dwell times are long.

Developing a Contamination Control Strategy For any plant that relies on hydraulics, developing a comprehensive contamination control strategy should be high on the priority list. This is a fairly simple three-step process: 1. Develop contamination control targets based on system design. 2. Take action to meet or exceed contamination control targets. 3. Use oil analysis to make sure target cleanliness levels are maintained. Let’s look at the each of the three steps in more detail.

Developing Cleanliness Targets For the purpose of this article, we’ll consider the two primary contaminants found in most plants: particles and moisture. However, a similar three-step approach can and should be used for other contaminations, such as air or heat, both of which

Human Human Hair Hair

Fig. 1 (left): Silt particles in the 1-micron to 10-micron size range are only less than 1/10th the thickness of a human hair but causes five to ten times the amount of damage as larger particles. Fig. 2 (right):Portable filter carts are ideal for removing both particles and water from hydraulic fluids.

iron or steel surface in contact with water will start of ways: first, any to rust. This can induce premature failure due to corrosion, as well as introduce rust particles into the fluid. Second, water is very different to most hydraulic fluids in that changes in pressure and temperature can readily induce a phase change. While water may be a liquid under atmospheric pressure inside the reservoir, on the suction side of a hydraulic pump the lower pressure can cause water to vaporize even at relatively low temperatures. These vapor-filled bubbles will continue to grow until they reach an area of high pressure (e.g. on the discharge side of the pump) when the bubble suddenly and violently collapses. The intense pressures generated by such microscopic implosion events can cause damage to pumps and valves—an effect referred to as “vaporous cavitation.”2 Water also helps pull oil degradation byproducts out of solution, which can cause sticky-resinous deposits to form. When these deposits accumulate in the clearances of valves, they can cause small particles to become trapped, further increasing the system’s sensitivity to particle contamination. So how much water is too much? To a large extent the answer depends on the type, the age of the fluid, and the operating temperature. The reason for this lies in the form that water takes in lubricants and hydraulic fluids. Most fluids will hold a certain amount of water in the dissolved phase. For the most part, as long as the water remains dissolved, cavitation and corrosion will not occur. However, as soon the water comes out of solution and becomes free or emulsified, water becomes a very real concern. While highly temperature dependent, the saturation point of most conventional hydraulic fluids—the point at which water starts to come out of solution—is in the Table 1: Recommended Cleanliness Levels for Hydraulic Systems 100-200 ppm range (0.010.02%). Below these levels, most hydraulic systems should be relatively free of water-induced failures.

can have a deleterious effect on hydraulic systems. For particle contamination, our primary concern needs to be silt-sized particles in the 1-micron to 10-micron size range. While small in nature—less that 1/10th the thickness of a human hair—3-micron silt-sized particles, which are no bigger than a red blood cell, are as much as five to ten times more likely to induce a failure. The reason for this lies in the fact that many filters are not designed to remove such small particles, coupled with the fact that dynamic clearances (the separation between moving parts under operating load, speed, and temperature) in pumps and valves are typically in the 1-micron to 5-micron size range. Particle contamination is usually expressed according to the ISO 4406:99 standard. This standard reports particle concentrations in hydraulic fluids in three size ranges: particle >4 microns, particles >6 microns, and particles >14 microns. For those unfamiliar with this standard, a number of excellent articles are available online that explain the standard.1 Based on the ISO 4406:99 standard, Table 1 shows recommended target cleanliness levels for different types of hydraulic systems. For highly critical systems, the target cleanliness levels detailed in Table 1 should be lowered by one to two ISO codes (i.e. for a highly critical servo-controlled system running at 3,000 psi, we would lower the target from ISO 15/13/10 as shown in Table 1 to ISO 14/12/9). Aside from particle contamination, water is the second most insidious contaminant found in hydraulics. Present in most fluids even in the most pristine environments, water can increase failure rates 10-20 fold depending on circumstance. Water causes problems in a number

Excluding Particles and Moisture Once cleanliness targets have been established, the next step is to take measures to meet the targets. To do this we need to focus on two areas: contamination exclusions and contamination removal. Contamination exclusion focuses on making sure that particles

november/december 2013


is Your Hydraulic Fluid? and moisture never make it into the system in the first place, while removal requires the use of filters and other systems to remove them from within the system. Our efforts should always start with exclusion since it costs as much as 10 to 15 times more to remove contaminants than to keep them out from the start. Contamination exclusion requires a holistic focus on all steps of the process of lubrication—from receipt, storage, handling, dispensing, and finally use of the lubricant within the system. Perhaps the first place to start is with the storage, handling, and dispensing of new oils and recognition that most new oils coming into the plant are too dirty for immediate use without pre-filtration. Even new oil in a barrel that has yet to be opened will show particle concentrations in the 18/16/13-19/17/14 range and as much as 400-500 ppm of water, which is too dirty and wet for most hydraulic applications. Because of this, the rule of thumb is that all new hydraulic fluids should be pre-filtered at least five times prior to use. For most applications, using a 3-micron filter complete with a permanent or portable kidney-loop filtration system is sufficient. For highly critical applications where lower particle counts are required, we may even need to go down to a 1-micron filter.

To remove moisture, we may also need to use a polymeric waterremoving element. These elements use a water-absorbent polymer (similar to baby diapers) that absorbs water and retains it within the filter. Both water and particle removal can be achieved simultaneously with two filter heads in series—first using a water-removal element followed by a particle-removal element (Fig. 2). The next step is to transfer oil from storage to the system. To do this, common practice is to remove the oil fill port on the reservoir and transfer the fluid using a transfer pump. However, in doing so we expose the system to airborne contaminants, which can enter through the open fill port. A better approach is to install quick connects so the system can be filled non-intrusively using the same filter transfer cart shown in Fig. 2. Once inside the reservoir, our job is not done yet. All systems breathe, so even if there is no net flow of oil into or out of the reservoir, changes in ambient and operating temperatures ensure that there will always be air exchange from the outside in and vice-versa. For many hydraulic systems, of course, there’s a large exchange of air with every cycle: as fluid leaves the reservoir—for example, as a rod extends out from the cylinder—air needs to flow into the system to compensate for the volumetric change in fluid level in the tank. When this occurs, many hydraulic systems suck in vast quantities of dirty, contaminated plant air. Despite this, many hydraulic systems are still designed with inadequate combination breather and filler caps, such as that shown in Fig. 3. Within this fill cap/vent, particle exclusion is by means of a wire mesh, steel wool, or foam—none of which exclude silt-sized particles—while water exclusion is non-existent. Where present, standard breather filler caps should be replaced with a combination manifold (Fig. 3), which permits the use of a high-efficiency particle and desic-

20,000 PSI 120 CU. IN. Reservoir

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Contamination StopS Here! ™ Filters Are Our Only Business Made In The USA Since 1945 Let Us Tell You More

Flow Ezy FiltErs 800-237-1165 Circle 278

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The Strongest Hand Pump In The World TR Engineering Inc. 1350 Green Hills Road Scotts Valley CA. 95066 T. (831) 430-9920 F. (831) 431-9989 Circle 279

only as good as the sample that’s taken. Wherever possible, samples should be taken on the return line from actuators. In some cases, this may mean multiple samples from the same system where separate return lines are in place. For hydraulic systems without adequate return-line flow, samples can be taken from the reservoir but will be less indicative of what’s happening in the rest of the system.

Summary Hydraulic system reliability is inextricably linked to contamination levels. Kept clean and dry, well-designed Fig. 3: Combination filter breather caps such as the one shown on the left should hydraulic systems should be relatively trouble-free. be replaced with quick connects and a desiccant breather using a manifold that Allowed to get dirty, they can become unreliable and replaces the fill port and JIC flange. troublesome. Contamination control is possible, even in the harshest environments. With just a few basic concant (water-removal) element, as well as quick connects for oil fill and cepts and a simple three-step process, controlling contaminants can be sample valve for oil sampling. When selecting a desiccant breather, as easy as 1-2-3! care must be exercised to ensure that airflow rates through the breathers match the maximum anticipated oil flow rate, but this can easily be For more information: Mark Barnes, vice president of reliability services, has been an active consultant and educator in the maintenance achieved for even the largest systems. and reliability field for over 17 years and has worked with clients around the world to design and implement lubrication improvement plans. Measuring contamination levels The final step in the process requires the use of oil analysis to Contact him at validate that our contamination control measures are having the desired effect. For hydraulics, measuring the degree of contamina- REFERENCES tion in the oil should be commonplace. For particle contamination, 1How Important is the ISO Cleanliness Code in Oil Analysis? Matt particle counting using the ISO 4406:99 standard outlined above should Spurlock, Machinery Lubrication Magazine May-June 2012 be used, while for water content, % or ppm of water should be reported 2Proactive Maintenance for Mechanical Systems, E. C. Fitch, FES Inc., using the Karl Fischer water test (ASTM D6304). However, oil analysis is 10:30 AMETEKAPT10017-R_eBrick-7.625x4.875_FPJ_APT10017 09/11/12 AM 1992 Page 1

The new 955 eBrik linear displacement transducer.

Price and performance so well balanced, it just might displace potentiometers. At last, there’s a purely electronic solution to position sensors. Our new 955 eBrik uses magnetostrictive technology so there’s no contact, no moving parts, nothing to wear out. No erratic position signals. Available in 1" to 72" stroke lengths, it’s economical and versatile enough for many applications, field-programmable, and the perfect replacement for old-style potentiometers. Learn more at our website or send e-mail to ©2012 AMETEK Inc. All rights reserved. Circle 280

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ifps news

Know Your IFPS Membership Benefits When you join IFPS, you have the benefit of the Society’s 50 years of expertise and experience representing the fluid power and motion control industry. Your membership supports a nonprofit organization dedicated to the unique interests of fluid power engineers, specialists, technicians, and mechanics throughout their careers. IFPS membership and certification are two different entities: once IFPS technical certification is achieved, the certification must be renewed every five years; IFPS membership is optional, but it is also highly recommended. Here’s why:

Discounts • Online training discount: $99 for members only! • Discount of 5% on Online Job Performance Review sessions offered through CFC-Solar, Inc. • Certification test fee discount • Recertification fee discount • Discount on EVERYTHING in the IFPS store – books, patches, publications, safety cards, posters, etc. • Hertz Car Rental discounts • ScriptSave – prescription savings card

Professional Development • FREE study manual downloads • FREE industry-related Web seminars by Accredited Instructors • FREE certification “Task and Outcome” web seminars: Tasks and outcomes from our study manuals are presented bi-monthly by Accredited Instructors. • FREE (only available to members) access to our growing archived web seminars • Professional Development Points: Earn points for every year you are a member. Personal Development Points are important when it is time for you to recertify.

Subscriptions • FREE subscription to Fluid Power Journal • FREE subscription to IFPS monthly E-News

• Only members can find other members in the IFPS directory. • Social Media: IFPS has Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter connections. • Members have access to the “Members Only” section of the IFPS website.

newly certified professionals Duane Ballenger, MHM Virginia Department of Transportation

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Thomas Goodman, MHM Virginia Department of Transportation

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Meetings and Conferences Fluid Power Systems Conference November 19-21, 2013 Doubletree Hotel, Rosemont, IL IFPE 2014 Annual Meeting January 28 – February 1, 2014 Orlando, FL IFPE 2014 March 4-8, 2014, Las Vegas, NV IFPS 2014 Annual Meeting September 24-27, 2014 Charleston, SC


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November 7, 2013, 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. “Task and Outcome - Pneumatic Specialist” Presented by: Bill Hotchiss, CFPAI, SunSource December 4, 2013, 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. EST. “Slip-In Cartridge Valves” Presented by: Jim Lane, CFPAI, Motion Industries, Inc.


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Certified Fluid Power Authorized Job Performance Proctor

Pneumatic Specialist (PS) Certification Review Distance Learning Review Sessions offered through CFC-Solar, Inc. February 2014 classes available.

‰ CFPIEC – in development Industrial Electronic Controls

Certified Fluid Power Hydraulic Specialist

Certified Fluid Power Industrial Hydraulic Technician

Certified Fluid Power Pneumatic Mechanic




Certified Fluid Power Master of Mobile Hydraulics (Must Obtain CFPMHM, CFPMHT, & CFPCC)

Certified Fluid Power Pneumatic Technician



Certified Fluid Power Master of Industrial Pneumatics (Must Obtain CFPPM, CFPPT, & CFPCC)


Certified Fluid Power Master Mechanic (Must Obtain CFPIHM, CFPMHM, & CFPPM)

Certified Fluid Power Pneumatic Specialist


Certified Fluid Power Connector & Conductor


Certified Fluid Power Industrial Hydraulic Mechanic


Electronic Controls Specialist


Fluid Power System Designer

‰ CFPMEC – in development Mobile Electronic Controls


Directional control ValVes

- QUalitY - Price - noW!

M lo id Co ad Se c mi Hi Sen tion ng gH Se S pR & inle oo eS FRi t & n c S va uR tio Re lv e R n tu eS o de Rn ta te Ry nt

Monoblock...12GPM...16GPM...21GPM sectional...13GPM...21GPM...37GPM...63GPM 4600 psi : ac/Dc : air : Hydraulic : cable Youli-America Houston, Texas 888-330-8041

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2013 IFPS Web Seminars Visit to register or call 800-308-6005.

November 7, 2013 “Task and Outcome - Pneumatic Specialist” 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. Presented by: Bill Hotchkiss, CFPAI, SunSource

December 4, 2013 “Slip-In Cartridge Valves” 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. Eastern Presented by: Jim Lane, CFPAI, Motion Industries, Inc. Poppet-type valves (commonly called “Slip-In” or “DIN” valves) have been used in hydraulic systems for many years. They are commonly known as two-port check valves. In this form, they serve as a one-way valve, allowing free flow in one direction while blocking flow in the reverse direction. With some refinements, these valves can be controlled to overcome the normal blocking action, thereby allowing control of flow in both directions. This is the basis of the control concept known as “cartridge valves.” This web seminar will discuss the sizing and applications of directional, pressure, and flow control slip-in cartridge valves. It will also discuss the manifolds required when applying these components in a modern industrial or mobile hydraulic system.

IFPS Members: Free; non-members: $40.00

Members only: View archives at Archived Energy-Saving Web Seminars “Watts It All About? The Use and Misuse of Energy in Fluid Power Systems" “Energy Savings in Pneumatic Systems” “Designing and Building a Machine for Energy Conservation”

Archived Connector and Conductor Web Seminars “Beat the Leak: Best Practice Approach to Becoming Connector and Conductor Certified”

Archived Hydraulics Web Seminars "Accumulators in Hydraulic Systems" "Pumps, Controls, and Where To Set The Relief" "Hydro-Mechanical vs. Electro-Hydraulic Solutions" "Load-Sensing Valves in Mobile Hydraulic Systems" "Hydraulic Pump Modeling for Application Engineers" "What Is The Difference Between PSIA and PSIG?" "Controller Area Network (CANBUS) For Electrohydraulic Systems"

Archived Safety “In the Line of Fire: Cause and Dangers of Fluid Injection Injuries” – Available to public

Archived System Design Web Seminars “Rules of Thumb - Thumbs Down”

Archived Task and Outcome Web Seminars "Hydraulic Specialist" "Industrial Hydraulic Technician" Other "Advantages of IFPS Chapter Involvement"

Archived Pneumatics Web Seminars "Vacuum Basic Concepts" "Pneumatic Filtration" “Task and Outcome – Pneumatic Specialist”


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2014 Schedule Coming Soon!

FPEF news

Support Education with the FPEF Who are we? A 501(c)(3), the Fluid Power Educational Foundation (FPEF) implemented a program to develop and support a network of schools with a strong focus on fluid power through curriculum guidance, assistance in acquiring hardware, and scholarship offerings. At the direction of a small but dedicated volunteer Board of Trustees, the FPEF continues to seek ways to assist students and professionals in becoming well-educated fluid power industry specifiers, manufacturers, educators, and customers. With the assistance of industry, associations, and individuals, the Foundation acts to improve the presence and application of fluid power in a technologically advanced world.

Serving Your Immediate Hydraulic Needs.


What do we do? The FPEF actively pursues funding for both its own educational initiatives as well as related opportunities for students and professionals in the fluid power industry. It constantly searches for opportunities that have content related to the study of fluid power and its associated technologies, including mathematics, science, and motion control. FPEF encourages workers to enter the field of fluid power, and to do so with the best and most up-to-date educational background possible. If you would like FPEF to list your organization’s internship opportunities or scholarships, please email

Who benefits? Students. Careers in fluid power are exciting, challenging, and rewarding. By connecting students with these opportunities, the Foundation positively impacts lives and livelihoods. Educational institutions. Universities, technical colleges, high schools, and middle schools provide access to the young people who will become the professionals of tomorrow. The fluid power industry. With better-educated individuals entering the workforce, the fluid power industry will be an excellent solution for years to come!

How can you help? Take the opportunity today to help support education in the field of fluid power and its associated technologies in motion control. FPEF welcomes donations from individuals, companies, and associations. Donation methods available include online, by mail, and by fax. A memorial contribution honoring someone, either today or in the past, is also welcomed. Visit or call 856-424-8998. If you plan to attend a science fair, career fair, or any other industry fair that promotes science, math, and/or fluid power technology, please visit the resource page of

Visit us at Booth #


Now Stocking Aftermarket 20 Series Components We’re now stocking a complete line of Genuine Metaris units and parts for the Sundstrand® 20 Series. This includes support and stock for all 20 series, models 20-27, variable pumps and fixed motors (PV & MF). Our product line includes complete units and replacement parts such as, rotating groups, valve plates, shafts, seal kits, charge pumps and servo valves. We offer Genuine Metaris, Hydraulex Reman and OEM support options for the 20 series. For more information, call us at 1-800-238-0155 or visit

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1-800-238-0155 Sundstrand® is a registered trademark of Sauer-Danfoss® Inc. - Disclaimer: All manufacturers names, symbols and descriptions are used for reference purposes only, and it is not implied that any parts listed is the product of these manufacturers. Circle 283

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Valvular Conduit Technology Focus


ikola Tesla is well known for his contributions to electrical engineering, so it’s more than a little surprising to hear that he also made contributions to fluid power. Thanks to the popularity of the Internet, many of these old and forgotten investments are coming to light, including a device called a “Tesla Valve.” A Tesla Valve is like a typical valve, but with one key difference: absolutely no moving parts. It has a design that allows fluid to flow unimpeded in one direction, but in the other direction, the fluid is blocked. Tesla gives the following explanation in his patent (Fig. 1): “The interior of the conduit is provided with enlargements, recesses, projections, baffles, or buckets which, while offering virtually no resistance to the passage of the fluid in one direction, other than surface friction, constitute an almost impassable barrier to its flow in the opposite [direction].” The fact that something is patented is not proof that it actually works. The idea of a valve without moving parts sounds intriguing. Such a device would need little maintenance and would be able to withstand harsh conditions like heat, humidity, and repeated use. For this reason, I decided to set out to discover whether such a device was really possible. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) seemed like the perfect way to not only measure the device’s effectiveness but also to “look inside” the device to see how it actually worked. There are no dimensional drawings of the device, so I had to painstakingly trace it from the illustrations in his patent (with the help of a ruler

By Nathan West, CFPS

and protractor). After I created the model, I simulated flow in each direction—the blocking direction and the unimpeded direction. Fig. 2 shows the fluid traveling in the blocking direction (flowing left to right). The top frame is what the flow looks like initially, progressing toward the fully developed flow in the fourth frame. The red represents the areas where the fluid is moving the fastest. In the blocking direction, the flow follows a serpentine path around the outside channels of the device, just as Tesla intended. Because of this, the bulk of the fluid is forced to follow a long, narrow, and turbulent path. The effect is a huge pressure drop, making it very difficult to push the fluid in this direction. Fig. 3 shows the development of the fluid in the unimpeded direction (from right to left). After a few seconds, the flow develops a nice slipstream down the middle of the conduit. The blue represents areas with little to no movement. The bulk of the fluid is able to follow a wide and mostly laminar route, and thus the only losses are due to surface friction. Tesla quantified the effectiveness of the device by calculating the ratio of resistance in one direction compared to the other. He made the bold claim that “The resistance in the reverse may be 200 times that in the normal direction […] so that the device acts as a slightly leaking valve.” How does this CFD model of the device measure up? The first simulations were actually half the length of the ones pictured (only two segments). In this case, the resistance in the blocking direction was 15 times greater than the unimpeded direction (4.79 kPa vs.

Fig. 1: Illustration from Tesla’s patent

18 |



Hyd HY ra DR AU ulics In LIC ter nat PU MP ional, Inc S& . SY STE MS

0.318 kPa). For the four-segment version pictured, the ratio was a whopping 40.8 (23.7 kPa vs. 0.581 kPa). The illustration in Tesla’s patent included a total of 11 segments. While I did not model the full version, it seems plausible that a pressure ratio of 200 could be achieved. If the device really worked, why are we not using it to this day? Tesla designed the valve as part of his new steam engine with the hope of increasing power plant efficiency. However, less than a month after Tesla filed the patent, he had to file for bankruptcy. This marked the end of many of the ambitious projects he had been working on. By the time the patent expired 20 years later, the device was already forgotten. Countless patents have suffered similar fates, never having the chance to reach their potential. While there are many patents that do not work as advertised, there are just as many perfectly valid and useful patents. It takes work and skill to separate the good from the bad, but there is much to gain from doing so. New patents are expensive and temporary. Old patents are free and guaranteed to be free forever. While we need new ideas, there’s also a world of existing innovation that’s just waiting to be built upon. There’s nothing wrong with taking an old idea and turning it into something fresh and useful. For every problem, there are many potential solutions, and the best solution may involve something that already exists.


• Pressure Testing Tube & Hoses • Operating Hydraulic Jacks • Powering Crimping & Riveting Tools • Bolt Tensioning • Hydraulic Clamping • Autofrettage of High Pressure Components

9201 Independence Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311 USA (Phone) 818.407.3400 | (Fax) 818.407.3428


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Fig. 2: Flow development in the blocking direction

Available with one or two check valves per module. Fig. 3: Flow development in the unimpeded direction

Compact, economical design with in-line flow. Orifices available for fixed flow control.

About the Author: Nathan West is a recent graduate of Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University– Idaho and a Certified Fluid Power Specialist. He can be reached via his online profile ( or by e-mail:

Inserta Products

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nfpa news

Standardizing Energy Measurement for Fluid Power Systems The following article was written for NFPA’s Power2Move blog--a site created for those interested in knowing more about new technologies and changes going on in the fluid power industry. To learn more about Power2Move go to


ne of the core challenges identified in the Technology Roadmap for the fluid power industry is increasing the energy efficiency of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. According to a study recently published by the U.S. Department of Energy, fluid power systems in all environments— mobile, industrial, and aerospace—account for roughly 2-3% of our nation’s energy, and they run at an average efficiency of only 22%. Organizations like the National Fluid Power Association, research universities in the Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power, and companies throughout the fluid

power industry are working—and succeeding—in making improvements on this score, but one area that is just starting to get attention is finding a standardized way to measure energy consumption in fluid power systems. It is a critically important area to focus on. Without such a standard, demonstrating energy efficiency improvements in the marketplace as a result of new component designs, new system architectures, or other technical advancements is a very subjective proposition. Imagine if there was no standard driving cycle by which miles per gallon were mea-

Directional control SolenoiD ValVeS

D03..D05..D07..D08..D10 D03 & D05 MoDularS

- Q ualitY - Price! - noW Power Valve U.S.A.

Houston, Texas 888-862-1064 Visit us at Booth No: 82217 March 4-8, 2014 Las Vegas, USA

Tai Huei Hydraulic Co., Ltd. ...machine tool quality from Taiwan and proudly sold through local distributors Circle 286

20 |

sured in automobiles. Every car manufacturer would use its own driving cycle, publish its own results, and the consumer would have no way to compare cars from different manufacturers. Perhaps more importantly, automotive suppliers who wanted to sell products to the car manufacturers that would help improve fuel economy would have to have truly remarkable breakthroughs—adding 10 or more miles per gallon—before such breakthroughs would be adopted by the industry as a whole. Such leaps in fuel savings would be necessary in order to show progress on all of the various testing methods being employed by all the car manufacturers. Fortunately for the car industry, there is a standardized way of measuring fuel economy—consumers can reliably compare the efficiency of one automobile versus another, and suppliers can introduce products that demonstrate incremental savings on fuel economy. Unfortunately, however, this is not the case for the fluid power industry and many of the heavy equipment industries that it serves.

Upcoming Events 2013 NFPA Regional Fluid Power Career Fair

November 6, 2013 Radisson Hotel & Conference Center, Pleasant Prairie, WI

By Eric Lanke, CEO, NFPA

2013 Fluid Power Systems Conference

But now, an effort is underway in order to change that. ISO Technical Committee 131, the international body responsible for fluid power standards, is initiating a discussion on how to tackle this problem in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. I was able to participate on its inaugural teleconference on the subject and will be part of the expanded discussion as it moves forward. There will even be a meeting of interested parties at the upcoming Fluid Power Systems Conference this November.

November 19-21, 2013 Doubletree Hotel, Rosemont, IL 2014 NFPA Annual Conference

February 3-5, 2014 Eau Palm Beach, Manalapan, FL 2014 IFPE

March 4-8, 2014 Las Vegas Convention Center Las Vegas, NV 2014 IFPE Fluid Power Zone

September 8-12, 2014 McCormick Place, Chicago, IL

We welcome all perspectives into the discussion.

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SUNFAB 2-09 ad.indd 1


2/2/09 8:58:03 AM

‰ professional development

This Season, Coach Your Sales Team from Good to GREAT! By Lance Cooper


ost of us remember Alabama’s famous football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant. Someone once said, “The Bear could beat your team on one Saturday, and then take your team and turn around and beat his team the next Saturday!” He knew how to coach players, knew their strengths and weaknesses, and knew how to get their best efforts. He knew how to win.

Air Compressors

Clean Dry Air Improves Performance... Clean, Dry Compressed Air Starts with The Extractor/Dryer® Manufactured by LA-MAn Corporation • Point of Use Compressed Air Filter to Improve and Extend Equipment Life • Removes Moisture and Contaminates to a 5-Micron Rating: Lower Micron Ratings are Available • Models with Flow Ranges of 15 SCFM to 500 SCFM Rated Up To 250psi are Standard • Differential Pressure Gauge Built in • Mounting Hardware Included for Easy Installation • Weep Drain is Standard; Float Drain or Electronic Drain Valves Optional

Circle 289

22 |

How can you coach your sales team like Bear Bryant? How can you do this with different personalities and age groups? How do you get salespeople engaged with their best efforts and able to handle rejection with dogged persistence until they achieve their goals? In every field of endeavor, a coaching philosophy, or set of values and beliefs, drives the performance system. This philosophy affects the hearts of its listeners. As we accept certain values and beliefs, attitudes emerge about coaching or leading people. The resulting behaviors turn into habits, which then produce consistent results. For example, one group of sales coaches believes that people cannot be trusted, and so they micromanage people and their outputs like machines. Others do not believe in the coaching role at all and believe that people will succeed or fail despite their intervention—so they tell them what’s expected and then stay away. Some sales managers believe that people do better when they are afraid. As a result, they browbeat their salespeople and work to create an atmosphere of fear and control. The cultural effects are obvious: some sales teams operate out of a fearful spirit while others are courageous. Some are honest and some are not. Some believe in serving others and some do not. Some are creative and innovative while others wait for orders from the manager. Salespeople make confident and winning moves in the heat of the moment, or we see them quit early and leave in defeat.

What are the most important values and beliefs that define great coaching in sports or in sales? Great sales coaches care about their people.

They demonstrate this by paying attention to each salesperson’s motivational needs, plans, and progress. They ask questions like • “What do you want?” • “What are the three things that motivate you the most?” • “What goals do you have in those areas?” From these questions, they discover the motivating center for each of their sales reps: competition, recognition, or possibly a specific need to make a certain amount of money. Then they help the rep put together a personalized sales plan to reach objectives and get the payoff. They also demonstrate concern when they notice progress, praise effort, and show appreciation for a person’s performance. Finally, they individualize their approach by understanding the rep’s temperament—the need to socialize, get tasks accomplished, or think through each step. Great sales coaches believe that their people have what it takes to achieve their goals. They

demonstrate this faith by how they communicate when an individual or a team falls behind the pace necessary for goal achievement or misses hitting an objective. They teach sales teams the steps and skills within the sales process that lead to results by focusing on coaching one or two skills at a time until they become habits. They talk about specific points of progress. With various words and actions, great coaches help their teams get better and reach personal objectives. They may even say, “I believe you can get this done, accomplish this task, or master this skill.” They go with team members on calls, listen to their concerns, watch their behaviors and habits, and remove sales process hindrances within their control. Great coaches sacrifice personal time for the improvement, encouragement, and correction of a person’s performance. They do this for as long as they have confidence in a rep’s ability to achieve minimum performance or higher.

a solution that helps a new customer or turns into a profitable sale. Coaching a team to greatness begins with a belief that greatness is possible. As Paul Bear Bryant or as a sales manager, the values and beliefs remain the same. Never accept mediocre effort. Care about the reps. Let them know you believe they have what it takes. Expect them to get better.

About the Author Lance Cooper is a keynote speaker and author of Selling BEYOND Survival: The Essential System for High-Activity Sales Professionals. Lance is president of SalesManage Solutions, a company that teaches sales leaders how to recruit sales superstars and coach teams to greatness. For more information, please visit or e-mail him at

People live into and up to the expectations of the culture around them, and leaders define the culture. Make it a challenging, fun, and purposeful experience for those you coach, and they will rise to your expectations.

For heavy duty markets including Construction, Mining, Marine, Off-Shore, Hose & Tube Assembly

Hose, Tube, Pipe Cleaning & Sealing Solutions Think this hose looks clean? Think again.

Ultra Clean System

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Great sales coaches expect their people to improve and get better. And those expectancies are specific and communicated. Specific plans, processes, and skills lead to specific habits and objectives. Sales leaders help their reps develop personalized sales plans and development objectives. They help reps find better ways to prospect or to set appointments, how to ask questions and identify a prospect’s needs, or to weave needs and recommended products into

nn Easy. aa CCle l e Eas y.

Seal Easy.

Seal Easy.

1274 Highway 77, Bridgeton, NJ 08302 U.S.A 800-791-9111 • 856-451-2176 •Int’l +1 856-391-3262 Email:

Hose, tube and pipe cleaning and sealing solutions. Circle 290

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Technology Focus By Jean Courcelles, Smart Reservoir

Variable Volume Reservoir T

he Variable Volume Reservoir (VVR) is a compact oil reservoir that may replace conventional hydraulic oil reservoirs; it’s a simple improvement and a great solution to weight, space, costs, safety, oil contamination, and environmental issues. Available with capacities of 7, 14, or 25 liters (1.8, 3.6, or 6.5 gallons), the reservoirs weigh only 36, 67, and 110 lbs. respectively when full of oil and on selected applications can replace conventional hydraulic oil reservoirs that are 40 times larger or more. A VVR can be installed on new equipment or retrofitted to an existing system very simply as it will always use much less space than the reservoir it replaces. Being sealed, slightly pressurized at 0-0.6 bar (1-9 psig), and airless allows the VVR to dramatically reduce the ingestion of solid contaminants and oxidation-producing moisture, increasing fluid life by up to five times that with conventional reservoirs. The VVR maintains a relatively constant pressure at pump inlets, supercharging the pumps and reducing the possibility of cavitation, whatever the altitude and angle of the reservoir. Unlike gas accumulators, the pressurization is generated mechanically by a spring and won’t be affected by temperature or ambient pressure. The VVR is not impacted by pump flow or system pressure. The VVR has been tested on a system with a flow rate of 300 lpm (80 gpm) using our 7-liter (1.8-gallon) reservoir with great success. A Hägglunds MB283 motor was powered for six weeks

24 |

using 5 liters (1.25 gallons) of hydraulic oil instead of the 300 to 450 liters (80 to 120 gallons) normally required based on the pump flow of 150 lpm (40 gpm). Fluid will enter or leave the VVR only when there is the need for compensation during cylinder motion and/or thermal changes. Otherwise the returning flow goes directly to the pump inlet. Using the VVR is similar to having a hydrostatic, closed-loop system except that the VVR can be used with multiple pumps and multiple actuators. The reason that the VVR allows the oil to be recirculated many times a minute, unlike other reservoirs requiring a 2-3 minute pause, is due to the fact that the VVR is airless and sealed. When the VVR is filled with oil during commissioning or following the replacement of a component, the air present in the hydraulic network is bled out of the system using the top cover air bleed valve. This simple process, part of the oil fill procedure, will take 15-20 minutes, only a

Fig. 1: VVR Duo Empty


Fig. 2: Versadrill HPU

Fig. 3: Leitner Pomabus HPU

few minutes longer than with a conventional reservoir. Keep in mind that filling the system and adding 7 liters (1.8 gallons) in a VVR will be simpler logistically than with a conventional reservoir. A simple manifold system is all that is needed when a VVR is used to feed multiple pumps. A collector manifold can be added for multiple drain lines returning to the VVR. VVRs can also be installed in parallel when needed for larger differential volumes. The appropriate VVR size for an application is determined by two factors: first, the total differential volume of the cylinders and, second, the system fill volume, including the fluid required in motors, pump housings, cylinder heads, hoses, filters, and coolers. This oil will expand by a maximum of 10% if temperature ranges between -30ºC to 125ºC (-22ºF to 257ºF). As a general rule, 75% of a VVR capacity will be reserved for the differential volume while the remaining 25% will be kept for fluid thermal expansion. Keep in mind that double rod cylinders or a pair of cylinders working in opposition, as in a steering system, don’t generate a differential volume but need to be included in the fill volume assessment. For applications where only motors are used, all the focus should be put on the fill volume to assess the thermal expansion volume requirement. The VVR has a finite volume and will not expand more than the rated volume. In order to be conservative, our thermal expansion factor is strictly set at 10%. However, not all equipment will be exposed to such extremes, so we can adjust the factor lower for specific applications. We don’t recommend using the VVR when oil temperatures are below -25ºC (-13ºF). For extreme low-temperature uses, we can provide a simple and affordable oil preheating system that will bring the oil above -13°F. Keep in mind that preheating 7 or 14 liters of fluid to working temperature will always be simpler, faster, and cheaper than heating the fluid in a traditional, high-volume reservoir.

first customer, Versadrill Canada, designers and assemblers of drill rigs, went from using a 220-liter (57-gallon) reservoir to our 7-liter (1.8-gallon) VVR with no negative consequences. The weight of the reservoir went from 600 lbs to 36 lbs. This is quite a benefit for a unit that requires being mobile and is occasionally carried by helicopter. This demanding application demonstrates the solid quality of design and manufacturing of the VVR. Recently, a client used the VVR on his com-

pact tracked vehicle, which uses two hydrostatic drives. The small 7-liter (1.8-gallon) VVR replaced a 200-liter (50-gallon) reservoir, again saving a lot of weight and space while feeding a constant supercharge to pumps regardless of vehicle orientation and altitude. Another drill rig maker uses our 7-liter (1.8-gallon) VVR on track-mounted drill rigs that have five pumps (rotary head, cylinders, mud pump, and two hydrostats for the tracks) with a total flow of about 380 liters (100 gpm).

Applications VVRs have been used on drill rigs and other complex hydraulic systems for over five years, and therefore are extensively tested both in the laboratory and in real-life conditions. Our Circle 291

november/december 2013


Technology Focus By Jean Courcelles, Smart Reservoir

Navatek Ltd., a designer of high-performance boats and stability systems based in Hawaii, required a reservoir that was light, compact, sealed, and not affected by rough seas and a salty environment. The VVR was a perfect fit for the application. Some of the resistance to the use of the VVR comes from the perception that reservoirs have a function in cooling the oil and that it is necessary to let particles settle at the bottom of the reservoir. Concerning cooling, it is well documented that reservoirs may provide some cooling, but very marginally, and they will always be affected by the ambient temperature, whether exposed to frigid conditions, sitting in the hot sun, or installed next to a combustion engine. New heat exchangers are compact, efficient, and reliable. If they are rightly sized, they will provide 100% of the cooling work regardless of the reservoir size or ambient temperature. With modern filter technology, particle decantation is no longer part of the equation for reservoir size justification. Suspended, micronsized particles would take days, not minutes, to settle given fluid viscosity. Because the VVR is sealed, contamination ingestion of particles and

Fig. 4: Leitner Pomabus HPU moisture will drastically be reduced. It would be normal to expect lower filtration costs and longerlasting hydraulic components. While the VVR usually costs more than a conventional aluminum or steel reservoir, some basic economic analysis needs to be performed. Depending on the size of the conventional hydraulic oil reservoir replaced by the VVR and the type of oil used, a VVR can provide signifi-

cant savings within a very short period. Typically when replacing reservoirs of 200 liters (50 gallons) or more, the VVR will pay itself back within the second or third oil fill. For larger reservoirs or users of more expensive biodegradable oil, the payback can be immediate at the first oil fill. Keep in mind that this simplistic analysis only takes into account the cost of the VVR, the cost of the conventional oil reservoir replaced, and the oil cost. No value is put on the potential important weight savings, the reduction of oil contamination-related issues, oil lasting up to five times longer, the elimination of great environmental risks in the event of a major leak/spill, longer-lasting hydraulic pumps with supercharge effect, etc. In conclusion, the VVR makes a lot of sense, both technologically and economically. The VVR is unique and very innovative. Its compact size can be a distraction, but it can do a better job than reservoirs many times larger.

For more information, contact Jean Courcelles, VP Business Development, at 514-966-7436 or Visit www.


Stops Leaking Hydraulic lines save time • save money • save labor • save oil • • • • • • • • • • •

No tools required No expensive hardware needed No more rags stuffed into hoses No more messy plastic caps The ultimate contamination control tool One hand installation Eliminate hydraulic oil spills & clean up Quick installation & ease of usage Safe for personnel & environment Industry acclaimed 100% Made in USA

For more information contact Mike Pearl at 914.980.8890 or email:

This product is Patented, other Patents pending.

Circle 292

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Circle 293

IFPE 2014 IFPE is the leading

international exposition and technical conference dedicated to the integration of fluid power with other technologies for power transmission and motion control applications. Held every three years, the event is set for Tuesday, March 4, 2014 through Saturday, March 8, 2014 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nev. IFPS 2014 is co-located with CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014, one of the world’s largest gatherings for the construction industries. Exhibits showcase the latest technologies and innovations in equipment, products, and services for fluid power/ motion control/power transmission. The show also features product-focused exhibit pavilions and international exhibit pavilions. IFPE offers extensive educational programming, including the prestigious National Conference on Fluid Power (NCFP), which emphasizes new technologies and methods related to improved analysis, design, manufacture, and performance of fluid power components and systems for mobile and industrial markets. IFPE attracts design engineers and other decision-makers from these industries: • Off-Highway Vehicles (includes construction, mining, forestry, agriculture, lawn and garden, and airport support vehicles) • Fluid Power/Power Transmission Products, Electrical Machinery, Instruments/Controls • Distribution • Material Handling (includes overhead/ straddle cranes, industrial trucks, tractors, and stackers) • Manufacturing/Production Automation/ Machine Tools (includes chemical,

• • • •

petroleum, metal, plastics, and rubber processing) Automotive/Commercial Vehicles (includes Class I trucks, vocational trucks, and trucks for other applications) Engineering Services Defense/Aerospace Amusement/Entertainment Technology Other Products/Services

The technical conference includes over 80 presenters from around the world. Conference proceedings will be published and available at the conference. The Innovations Theater examines real-world solutions for current and future design applications. Topic areas include fluids (including new and “green”); fluid power systems; fluid power in renewable energy applications; basic components; controls and control systems; auxiliary components related to fluid power; seals and sealing technology; analysis, modeling, and

simulation; noise and vibration (analysis, measurement, control); materials and manufacturing (including new and “green”); impact of Tier 4 and beyond; and standards (industry, national, international). The conference will feature keynote presentations on Energy Consumption in Fluid Power – The Impact and Potential Savings in Mobile Machine Applications and The Hydraulic Hybrid Excavator.

IFPE is owned by National Fluid Power Association (NFPA); Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM); National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA); and National Stone, Sand, and Gravel Association (NSSGA). AEM is the show producer. For more information, visit november/december 2013


Clippard Instrument Lab., Inc.

FluiDyne Fluid Power

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At FluiDyne Fluid Power, our “Powered by Customer Service” is the driving force behind our fast growing business. Our wide line of remanufactured Vickers and Rexroth products allow our people to quote what you need at a price to save you money. Our new FluiDyne products include popular Vickers Vane, Veljan, Vickers Piston, Rexroth A10V, and Char-Lynn. Call or email us and see what our people can do for you. 586.296.7200

Hercules Sealing Products

Hydraulics International, Inc.

La-Man Corporation

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ONLINE ORDERING – SEALS, KITS AND REPLACEMENT CYLINDERS Hercules Sealing Products offers a complete line of online products including: Cylinder Repair Seals, Seal Kits, Replacement Cylinders and Cylinder Repair Parts. We serve many industries such as Construction, Mining, Paving, Agriculture, Refuse, Logging, Crane, Lift and Industrial Plant applications. Our website features discounted pricing, real-time inventory, order tracking and history. New features include a live chat and search by seal size, kit manufacturer or OEM/ competitor’s part number. To place your order today, go to Hercules Sealing Products Phone: 866-885-4406 Fax: 800-759-6391


Clippard Pneumatic Control Devices Clippard’s complete line of Minimatic® Control Devices includes over 5,000 standard products. Some of the many products offered include valves, cylinders, fittings, modular components, push buttons, stainless steel cylinders, electronic manifold cards, circuit analyzers and pre-piped manifold subplates. Visit to find complete product information and specifications, engineering drawings, ordering information, literature downloads, useful calculators, technical assistance, distributor information and more. Visit our web site for more information, or call 1-513-521-4261 |

Hydraulics International, Inc. (HII Group), headquartered in Chatsworth, California, U.S.A. is a leading supplier of integrated products, services and support to military forces, aviation, commercial industries, Government agencies and prime contacts worldwide. Focused on defense and commercial technology, the Company develops, manufactures, and supports a broad range of systems for over one hundred industries as well as mission critical and military sustainment requirements worldwide. 9201 Independence Ave. • Chatsworth, CA. 91311 Tel: (818) 998-1231

La-Man Corporation is a leading manufacturer of compressed air filtration products. With over 30 years of experience, we truly understand the importance of protecting valuable machinery, tools, and finished products from dirty, wet, contaminated air. La-Man’s line of products include the patented Extractor Dryer, .01 micron filter, as well as, LA-MAN-Air Breathing Systems™, SuperStar™ Membrane Dryers, and the Refrigerated Extractor/Dryer. La-Man Corporation PO BOX 328 Mazeppa, MN 55956 800-348-2463

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Main Manufacturing Products

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Metaris – A Hydraulex Global Company

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Muncie Power Products

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MAIN’s website provides quick access to the most popular styles of HYDRAULIC FLANGES AND COMPONENTS. “About Us” gives background of this US manufacturer. “Create-A-Flange” offers more parts than the catalog — by picture. If it’s not here, or for questions, E-mails may be sent to get your answer quickly. MAIN Mfg. Products, Inc. 1-800-521-7918 E-mail:

Muncie Power Products has been supplying the mobile equipment market for over 75 years. As a manufacturer of hydraulic gear pumps, cylinders, reservoirs, valves and power take off gearboxes, we provide fluid power solutions for a wide range of mobile equipment. And, as part of the Interpump Group, we offer sales and service on a global scale. Muncie Power Products 201 E. Jackson St, Muncie IN 800-367-7867

Rotor Clip Company, Inc.

Thomas Products Ltd.

Ultra Clean Technologies

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Rotor Clip manufactures a full line of inch, DIN, ANSI metric and JIS retaining rings to world standards, as well as a complete line of constant section rings, spiral retaining rings, wave springs & hose clamps. Installation tools also available. ISO/TS 16949 certified. Free samples & online quotations.

Thomas Products designs and manufactures hundreds of standard flow and level switches, as well as water flow gages, liquid level gauges, flow gages, water level controls, liquid level controls and flow controls. We can also custom design and manufacture variations of almost all of our parts for specific applications such as high temperature & unique mounting solutions. We have the ability to use any number of connectors, specific wire or cable, as well as threading connections.

Visit our new website for information on our Clean Easy, Seal Easy, and Breathe Easy contamination control product lines for the hydraulic hose and tube markets, including our newest innovation, the Clean Seal System. Our products offer quicker, easier and more effective cleaning solutions than other traditional methods. Watch our online video, “Contamination Control, The Ultra Clean Solution.” Product, sizing charts, cleaning procedures, and live chat all available online!

Thomas Products Ltd. Toll Free: 1-800-666-9101 987 West Street, Southington, CT 06489 Tel: 860-621-9101 Fax: 860-621-1470

Ultra Clean Technologies Corp. Phone: 800-791-0111 Email:

Rotor Clip Company, Inc. 187 Davidson Avenue Somerset, NJ 08873 1.800.557.6867

Metaris, part of the Hydraulex Global family, provides piston pumps, vane pumps, gear pumps, PTOs, and Parts for a variety of industries including: Construction, Mining, Plastic Injection Molding, Steel Mills, Paper Mills, Energy, Marine, Dump, Refuse, Agriculture, Logging, Crane & Recycling. We also offer Repair and Return Services for most all major manufacturers, as well as, Reman Units. Whatever your needs, Hydraulex Global is sure to be able to help. Visit our website for more information (www.metaris. com), give us a call (U.S. - 1-800-962-2703, Canada 1-888-477-2737), or email us at

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Yates Industries

Young Powertech, Inc.

Zinga Industries

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Yates Cylinders Offer: • H6 Series - Heavy Duty Hydraulic (3000 PSI) • H4 Series - Medium Hydraulic (up to 1500 PSI) • A4 Series - Heavy Duty Steel Air (250 PSI) • A2 Series - Aluminum Air (250 PSI) • Air/Oil Intensifiers • All Stainless Steel Cylinders • Air/Hydraulic Welded & Mill Type Cylinders • Special Cylinders per Customer Supplied Prints and Specifications

Young Powertech Inc, is a manufacturer and distributor of Hydraulic Motors, Electronic Radio Remote Controls, Hydraulic Gear Pumps and Gear Motors, Planetary Gear Reducers, Hydraulic Radial Piston Motors, Steering Control Units and Steering Valves, Steering Columns, Wheel and Track Drives as well as other Mechanical Components for mobile, marine, mining and industrial applications. Young Powertech Inc. was started by Exclusive North people with decades of experience American Partner of: in the field and are dedicated to bringing products and service to the customer at a higher level.

Yates Industries, Inc. Yates Industries South, LLC 23050 Industrial Dr. E. 55 Refreshment Place St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 Decatur, AL 35601 586.778.7680 ph 256.351.8081 ph 586.778.6565 fax 256.351.8571 fax


Zinga Industries is a leading manufacturer of mobile hydraulic oil filters, tank accessories, and manifolds. From 5 PSI to 6000 PSI, tank top or spin-on, we have a filtration product to meet your needs. Hydraulic manifolds are custom designed for your specific application. Tank accessories are the best available and standard equipment with major OEM’s. We are an ISO registered company, celebrating 30 years in the hydraulic filtration industry. Zinga Industries 608-524-4200 •














Give us a call: 1-800-988-1276 or 864-638-5544 Circle 294

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‰ industry news

Sauer-Danfoss Begins New Chapter as Danfoss ‰ Sauer-Danfoss officially changed its name to Danfoss and now operates as a new business segment called Danfoss Power Solutions within the Danfoss Group. Experts at the company will continue to provide mobile hydraulic solutions. OEMs will be able to work with existing contacts on new and ongoing product development projects. Technical service, application know-how, and a focus on advanced hydraulic and electrohydraulic components and systems continue to be key elements in the company’s strategy.

Cowan Dynamics Launches Spring Return Pneumatic Valve Actuator ‰ Cowan Dynamics launched its AS Series spring return pneumatic valve actuator. The newly designed series offers advanced safety features and provides lower costs and faster turnaround time. The company developed a standardized, catalogue-based spring return actuation solution where customers can now simply refer to a dimension table and order products according to the required dimensional size and thrust. The spring is installed within a factory-sealed canister, allowing safe in-field service of piston packing, rod seals, and bushings.

Bimba Acquires Acro Associates ‰ Bimba Manufacturing Co. acquired Acro Associaties, Inc., headquartered in Concord, Calif., a manufacturer of pneumatic and solenoid pinch valves, and occlusion devices for flexible tubing paths and control boards. Its products and contract manufacturing services have been used globally by the medical device and bioprocessing industries for more than 30 years. Acro will continue to operate at its present location.

Evonik Expands Oil Additives Capacity in Singapore Œ Evonik Industries announced a significant expansion of its Jurong Island, Singapore oil additives plant to be completed in early 2015. With ongoing improvement and debottlenecking projects scheduled to be finalized during the first half of 2014, these optimizations and the planned expansion will nearly double the capacity of the plant. The company’s initiative is a response to the above-average growth in the oil additives market due to expanding mobility and increasing demand for high-performance lubricants with higher additive content in Asia.

Omega Engineering Opens New Office ‰ Omega Engineering Inc. opened a new office in Singapore to coordinate its business throughout the Southeast Asia region. This is part of a multi-phase plan to expand its global presence and footprint across Asia. The company has appointed Michael Lopez as the general manager of Southeast Asia. The business unit will have more than a dozen employees, including well-trained applications and technical support engineers.

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‰ economic report

Global Manufacturing Update By Chad Moutray, Chief Economist, National Association of Manufacturers

September 13, 2013 - The world economy appears to be stabilizing somewhat from weaknesses in the past few months, with the latest data indicating improvements in manufacturing activity in several countries. Europe, which had been in a recession for nearly two years, has now had two straight months of slow—but positive—growth. The Markit Eurozone Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) increased from 50.3 in July to 51.4 in August, with growth in new orders, exports, and output. Other macroeconomic variables reflecting gains include real GDP and retail sales. Nonetheless, hiring growth continues to lag behind, and from the U.S. perspective, manufactured goods exports to Europe have been lower year-to-date. Industrial production declined 1.5% in July, suggesting that significant weaknesses remain even with a more upbeat outlook. Likewise, China’s economy has also rebounded from recent softness. The HSBC China Manufacturing PMI shifted from contrac-

tion (47.7) in July to very slight growth (50.1) in August. This marked the first expansionary figure since April. The Chinese economy has decelerated from past years, with year-over-year real GDP growth of 7.5% in the second quarter, down from double-digit rates of growth just a couple years ago. Production, fixed asset investments, and retail sales have also picked up the pace in July from weaknesses in prior months. The higher levels of activity in China have helped to boost much of the rest of Asia, as well. While several Asian countries continue to contract,

Solution In Motion Fluid-Press, founded in 1971, engages in a constant search for innovative solutions, which led to their great success. Fluid-Press has an extensive range of Hydraulic, Mechanical and Directional Control Solenoid Screw-in Cartridges, Line Bodied Valves and Integrated Manifold Systems. You will find our products in many Industrial sectors:

Agricultural Lifting, Access and Transport Industrial Power Units

Earth Moving Equipment Commercial Vehicles Other Special Applications

Our product line includes: specialty packages for excavators and earth moving equipment, pressure control, flow control, over-center, sequence, check, flow dividers, hose break, solenoid, pump unloading, shuttle, gage shut-off, relief, needle, end run, ball valves, custom packages and many other valves (up to 80 GPM/6,000 PSI). Visit us at Booth No: 82217 March 4-8, 2014 Las Vegas, USA

Fluid Press – Distributor ALA Industries Limited (877) 419-8536 - Circle 296

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they are also beginning to stabilize. There are some exceptions to this, of course. For instance, India’s economy is suffering from a sharp devaluation in the rupee (see illustration) and its own economic policies. The HSBC India Manufacturing PMI declined from 50.1 to 48.5, its first contraction since March 2009. The other outlier, Japan, increased from 50.7 to 52.2 and has been expanding each month since March, according to the Markit/JMMA Japan Manufacturing PMI. In general, these gains mirror improvements in the Japanese macroeconomy since the end of last year. Despite some better data abroad, U.S. trade deficit widened in July on higher goods imports and a slight decrease in goods exports. As we have been saying all year, growth in manufactured goods exports have been frustratingly slow in 2013, up just 1.6% through the first seven months of the year relative to the same time period last year. This compares to 15.9% and 5.7% growth in 2011 and 2012, respectively. Exports to China have been one of the bright spots, but other regions have seen some significant easing compared to last year’s pace. Hopefully, as the global economy continues to improve, manufacturers will see demand for their goods increase. Along those lines, we will be closely watching the economic data coming out over the next couple weeks to see if more progress materializes for global manufacturers. A number of countries will be releasing their industrial production data, including the United States, which is expected to report a slight uptick in activity in August after being flat in July. Much of the other new data will focus on pricing pressures, both at the consumer and producer level. Overall, inflation has been modest, but with rising petroleum costs, crude costs have edged marginally higher in the most recent reports. The other key date to focus on will be September 23, when the Markit releases its Flash estimates of PMI for China, the Eurozone, and the United States. On the policy front, following robust discussions on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in August, negotiators are seeking to close gaps and push aggressively for progress in the lead-

up to the Bali meeting of Asia-Pacific Economic Corporation (APEC) forum. The World Trade Organization (WTO) has a new director general, who will be seeking to make progress on customs and trade facilitation talks and an expansion of the Information Technology Agreement (ITA) by the end of the year. U.S. bilateral economic relations with India will move to the leader level as President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

will meet in September. U.S.-E.U. negotiations head for the second round next month, while the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) works to promote legislative action on Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) that is critical to expedite and implement major new trade agreements. Excerpt reprinted with permission. For the full report, visit

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) represents small and large manufacturers in every industrial sector and in all 50 states. For more information, visit Circle 298

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By Daniel Pascoe, Vacuforce, Inc.

Vacuum Filters I have previously written about the importance of filtration in vacuum pick-and-place applications and in other tasks where dirt and dust might be present. This article explains the three most common types of vacuum pick-and-place filters that, depending on the application, should always be used to ensure upstream equipment does not get contaminated and consequently fail.

I have seen

Quite clearly, this filter is overkill due to its physical size for the task and is difficult to connect together with the generator. This is the main reason why application engineers, unaware of smaller and different styles of filter types, avoid filters altogether. Fig. 2 shows a much smaller filter (2), but, for the same reason, these are rarely employed in point-of-use generator applications because of their considerable larger dimensions compared to the generator. Fig. 3, however, employs an ideal “inline” filter unit that has comparable dimensions and also utilizes the same ؼ" push-to-connect fitting as the generator. This filter can be simply installed right next to either the cup or the venturi by simply cutting the corresponding ؼ" tubing and joining each end to the filter assembly. Of course there is a cost involved in procuring these filters. The filters are about the same price as the smallest generators and, in some cases, considerably less, particularly if the generator is a more technical “multi-stage” unit, which can easily cost upwards of $100. Even a "throwaway" filter ought to be changed when it is saturated (a known value) instead of waiting until it suddenly fails. This is in line with good maintenance practice. The filters (shown in Fig. 3-1) require a simple element change (2) rather than a complete filter unit replacement once dust or

many applications that do not use any filtration, and in the majority of cases, it seems this is because the user, or indeed the machine builder, was not aware of alternatives to the typical larger models (as shown in Fig 1-1). A lot of production machinery use smaller point-of-use vacuum generators that operate using compressed air. These small generators (also referred to as a “venturi” or “ejector”) have very small orifices for air conveyance, some as small as 0.5 mm in diameter. As you can imagine, if dirt or dust was drawn into these devices, it wouldn’t be long until these orifices got plugged and subsequently stopped working—and certainly without any prior warning to the user. The main problem with this is that the generators are rarely repairable and therefore, considering their low cost (sometimes in the $20-$30 range), are simply replaced. This is not good vacuum practice, and this article offers a possible alternative method of installation to this very common problem. For scaling purposes, a U.S. quarter coin has been placed in Figs. 1, 2, and 3. These images show a very typical smaller-size venturi (1) that generates about 1 cfm of vacuum flow—ideal for single-cup applications as shown in Fig. 3-2. Fig. 1 utilizes a commonly found vacuum filter (2) that is about as small as this style is available at 1/4 NPT port.





Fig. 1-2 Quick Release Catches

1 4 Fig. 1 Fig. 1-1

34 |

Option One The traditional method is shown on the left where the outlet port is screwed directly onto the inlet of a vacuum pump.

Option Two This method, which requires the filter to be installed at 90°, reduces the risk of debris falling into the pump when changing the filter element.

dirt has saturated the very low-cost element. The transparent filer body (3) allows easy inspection, unlike the inside of a generator. Changing the element requires the simple unscrewing of the end caps (1&4), which can be administered by the machine operator before machine start up or during a scheduled maintenance program by maintenance personnel. For larger installations (as illustrated in Fig. 2-2) where the generator is being used on numerous vacuum cups, a larger filter (such as the one shown in Fig. 2-1) can be used. These are commonly available up to 1-1/2 NPT with flow capacities in excess of 180 scfm. Again, these filters have a very simple element (2) change requiring only the removal of the filter bowl (3). The body (1) of this filter can remain in place on flexible or rigid piping during this procedure. Filters like those shown in Fig. 1-1 are normally reserved for vacuum pump applications where continuous operation of the vacuum source is present and vacuum valves are used to turn vacuum on and off to the application. These filters are sometimes regarded as “heavy-duty” units and come with various element types, such as pleated paper or polyester for damp applications to prevent the paper element from getting saturated with water. These filters are available in various porosities, but 7µ (0.007 mm) filters normally are used with vacuum pumps. Large port sizes up to 4" NPT are available, and for very large vacuum flow applications, flanged models are often utilized, particularly in centralized vacuum systems. However, care should be taken during installation. The obvious way for these filters to be installed is with the lid (3) in the horizontal position. The problem with this orientation is that when the filter element is removed, dust that has gathered on the outside of the element falls inward and straight into the pump inlet—obviously not a situation any maintenance engineer wants to experience. Therefore, and as illustrated in Fig. 1-2, the filter should be installed at 90º to prevent this maintenance dilemma from occurring. Using vacuum filters on any vacuum system is recommended. Different vacuum component manufacturers offer different types of vacuum filters, and some in fact do not offer any of them! Always ensure that the user experiences the best method rather than simply what is found to be available quickly from your normal “go-to” supplier.

Daniel Pascoe is general manager of Vacuforce Inc, manufacturer and distributor of vacuum components and systems for industry in North America. He can be reached via the Vacuforce website at or directly at Find Vacuforce on Facebook and keep updated on Twitter.


Fig. 2

2 2 Fig. 2-1


4 Fig. 2-2

Fig. 3-1



This article is intended as a general guide and as with any industrial application involving machinery choice, independent professional advice should be sought to ensure correct selection and installation.

Fig. 3


3 4



Fig. 3-2


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Product Spotlight

“AA” FLANGE, 1DG SERIES DOUBLE PUMPS “A” FLANGE, 2DG SERIES DOUBLE PUMPS “B” FLANGE 3DG SERIES DOUBLE PUMPS 2DG and 1DG double pumps available from Houston stock. 3DG series based on factory lead time. Honor Gear Pumps Corp. of Taiwan, with U.S. warehouse in Houston, is pleased to announce local availability of double pumps in “AA” flange and “A” flange. The “B” flange doubles are available subject to factory lead times. OEM inquiries through distribution are welcome. In addition to doubles, all single pumps are kept in stock in Houston, in the 4F17, “AA”, “A”, and “B” flange models. Aluminum body with cast iron flanges and rear covers are standard. Standard stock displacements in the 3GB series pump are 2.31, 2.68, 3.17, and 3.66 All other displacements are available subject to factory lead times.

Repair and Re-conditioning of Fluid Power Components, Conventional Valves

GYSE All-in-one displacement transducer GY Series are high quality highly accurate and non-contact displacement transducers by SANTEST. GYSE all-in-one is now introduced with positional accuracy of up to 1μm. Analog, SSI, incremetal outputs are available. Improved signal jitter of +/-1.5μm. IP67 Protection. In U.S: EXSENCO, LLC

MESP 300 Electronic Spreader System The MESP 300 Muncie Electronic Spreader Package is a microprocessor based control system for ice and snow control vehicles. It was designed to provide manual control or constant material delivery rate by continually monitoring the vehicle speed and automatically adjusting the spread rate to compensate for changes in ground speed.

Honor Gear Pumps Corp. Proudly sold through distribution. Please call to be referred. Honor Pumps U.S.A. 1601 W. 25th St. • Houston, TX 77008 Toll free: 800-984-9727 • Local: 713-984-8144 Fax: 713-461-9631 • Email: Web: 318


D03, D05, D07, D08, D10 VALVES & CIRCUIT STACK MODULARS Power Valve U.S.A. represents, as factory warehouse and sales office, a Taiwan manufacturer of D03, D05, D07, D08, and D10 valves, and modular circuit stack valves. With inventory in the Houston warehouse, all products are competitively priced, and machine tool quality. In fact the parent company, Tai Huei Oil Industry Co., Ltd. has been selling valves for over 25 years to the machine tool industry in Taiwan. All standard AC and DC voltages are available, and all standard spool configurations are in stock. Special spools are available. Pressures to 5000psi and flows from 16GPM (D03) to 211GPM (D10) are standard. With inventory on the shelf and very competitive pricing, we invite your inquiry. Power Valve U.S.A. Proudly sold through distribution. Please call to be referred. Contact the company at 1-888-862-1064 or e-mail to View basic specifications at


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Enrange Flex VUE™ Handheld Transmitter Magnetek’s new Enrange Flex VUE handheld transmitter combines proportional control along with a graphic display that provides advanced communications, configuration convenience and twoway feedback. The high resolution color display keeps the operator informed of system status and diagnostics at all times, including battery life, signal strength, and warning symbols. Users can quickly and easily configure the transmitter right through the display menu. Combine with our MHR Radio Controller for a full hydraulic control solution. Contact Magnetek to find out more about how our entire range of rugged wireless radio controls bring precision control and enhanced safety to tough mobile hydraulic applications. Magnetek N49 W13650 Campbell Drive Menomonee Falls, WI 53051 800.288.8178 262.783.3500


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316 SS long HEX NIPPLES-any size, any length Take a look at our new, improved website - We are responsive to your needs…from answering your specific technical questions… to quickly shipping the product! BFO for any and all projects original equipment manufacturing, maintenance, repair or replacement! Call 1-800-569-0810.


Snap Action Micro Switch • • • • • •

Hand Adjustable Uniquely designed for 1M Life cycles Low Pressure Range from 3-135 PSI High Pressure Range from 5-6000 PSI Various Port Sizes Various Options to choose from

PVS sensors, Inc. Phone: 1-800-988-1276 Fax: 864-638-0005

Excellent Quality At Excellent Prices



LockstackTM D03 Isolation System

Inserta® Products offers Sandwich Check Valve Modules for use in D03 valve stacks. Each module may be ordered with either one or two Inserta® slip-in check valves. Orifices for fixed flow control may be provided. These compact modules feature in-line flow paths to lessen pressure drop and wasted horsepower.

Inserta® Products LockstackTM D03 Isolation System replaces the labor intensive use of thread stock for D03 valve stack assemblies. The fasteners are available in ¼” increments up to 5 ½”. The Isolation Retainer engages the heads of the fasteners to prevent loosening of the stack during disassembly of the component(s) above. The system is ideal for use with horizontal stack assemblies.

Inserta® Products Blue Bell, PA

Inserta® Products Blue Bell, PA 325


november/december 2013


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Product Spotlight

Zinga Industries, Inc. is pleased to announce a new reservoir breather. The TBN 310 has been engineered to be a strong competitor in the spin-on reservoir breather market.

When the pressure’s on, count on the performance and durability of Peninsular Cylinder Company’s Transducer Cylinders. With proven performance in steel mills, foundries & the lumber industry, Peninsular transducer cylinders prove time and time again to be the best for all of your cylinder applications.

Features of the TBN 310: • 10 micron cellulose element • 3/4” NPTF nylon mounting • 40 SCFM normal air flow capacity • Direct interchange for other manufacturer’s 310 models • Private labeling available • Easy installation • Competitively priced • Made in the USA

NEW Reservoir breather – TBN 310 Zinga Industries, Inc. is pleased to announce a new reservoir breather. The TBN 310 has been engineered to be a strong competitor in the spin-on reservoir breather market. Features of the TBN 310: • 10 micron cellulose element • 3/4” NPTF nylon mounting • 40 SCFM normal air flow capacity • Direct interchange for other manufacturer’s 310 models • Private labeling available • Easy installation 326 • Competitively priced • Made in the USA

Peninsular Cylinder Company 800-526-7968 Phone: 586-775-7211 Web:

Zinga Industries, Inc.


TORQTITE Adjustable Torque Wrenches


Flaretite’s new adjustable open-end torque wrenches allow all tube and hose ends to be precisely tightened to their correct torque requirements. These new wrenches can be used on all fittings requiring a torque specification. Developed to compliment Flaretite’s patented flared seals for 30, 37 and 45 degree flare fittings, these wrenches are used by quality conscious mechanics in all industries. Torque Wrench Benefits: • Five Sizes with ranges from 7 to 500 ft-lbs (10 - 700 Nm). • Fixed wrench ends with hex sizes (jaw opening) from 7/16” thru 3”. Box ends available as specials. • Ratchet end and adjustable ends also available. • Low profile, reversible, spanner design • Precision quality design with +/- 5% accuracy • Shipped with torque rating tables for all common fittings

Direct Acting Electric available: Youli directional control valves, rated to 4600psi, monoblock or sectional styles, are now available from stock in Houston, with electric direct acting solenoids on the MB-4 series, rated to 10GPM. Pneumatic operators are also available on all Youli valves, and also kept in stock. Youli quality is based on 25 years of industrial hydraulic valve manufacturing for the machine tool business in Taiwan. A quality product line with a major commitment to inventory in Houston, Texas, and offered at competitive prices, is growing our reputation.

For more information contact: Flaretite, Inc. Fenton, MI, USA Tel: 810-750-4140 •


FEATURES of Peninsular Transducer Cylinders • Provides full-stroke precision position feedback anywhere along the cylinder stroke cycle • Electronics are completely enclosed and protected from harsh and shock prone environments • Embedded transducer technology is available • Serviceable without disturbing tie-rod torque • Optional protective transducer covers permit the use of all rear cylinder mounts |


Youli Hydraulic Industrial Co., Ltd. Proudly sold through distribution. Please call to be referred. Contact the company at 1-888-330-8041 or email to View basic specifications at


Product Spotlight |

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ONPP-A sensor Gefran's ONPP-A sensor is designed for installation on pneumatic cylinders and integrated magnet’s position detection. It recognizes magnet orientation, it calibrates to eliminate any position reading offset. It’s optimized in thickness and length, strokes are up to 900 mm. It doesn’t require mounting brackets. The M8 connector provides a simple voltage output. Accuracy is in the order of 0.05 mm. Visit us at


Compact Variable Displacement Piston Pumps Compact Variable Displacement Piston Pumps

The Yuken ARL1 series piston pumps are

Thecompact, Yuken ARL1 piston compact, lowseries noise, andpumps high are efficiency lowpressure noise, and high efficiency pressure compensator type piston pumps. These compensator typethe piston pumps. These pumps pumps cover lower displacement range fromthe 6.2lower to 16.3 cc/rev. The maximum operating cover displacement range from 6.2 to pressure 1,015 psi and the shaft speed rangeis 16.3 cc/rev.isThe maximum operating pressure is 600 1,800 1,015 psitoand therpm. shaft speed range is 600 to 1,800 The ARL1 series are designed to be significantly rpm. smaller in size (6.1”L x 5.9”W x 5.3”H) and in mass (15 lbs). The noise level is as Thelighter ARL1 series are designed to be significantly low as 55 dBA at 1,015 psi full cut-off pressure smaller in size (6.1”L x 5.9”W x 5.3”H) and lighter and 1,500 rpm.

in mass (15 lbs). The noise level is as low as 55dB(A) psiDistributor full cut-off pressure and 1,500 Yukenat– 1,015 Master ALA rpm. Industries Limited Tel. (877) 419-8536,


Yuken – Master Distributor ALA Industries Limited Tel. (877) 419-8536,

Stops Leaking Hydraulic LInes Save Time • Save Money • Save Labor • Save Oil • No tools required, one hand installation • No expensive hardware needed • No more rags stuffed into hoses • No more messy plastic caps • The ultimate contamination control tool • Eliminate hydraulic oil spills & clean up • Quick installation & ease of usage • Safe for personnel & environment • Industry acclaimed • 100% Made in USA


FlangeLock™ Contact Mike Pearl at 914.980.8890 or email: •

T6 & T7 Denison reman or Veljan brand

Protect Yourself Against Corrosion…

The Denison T6 and T7 high pressure hydraulic vane pumps in the C, D and E frame sizes are gaining momentum in many new applications. FluiDyne Fluid Power provides 100% form fit and function interchanges for these T6 and T7 pumps and cartridge kits. These products ship the same day from our Michigan location to anywhere in the US or Canada. Pumps and cartridge kits are available for Single, Double and Triple pump configurations. FluiDyne also released the Veljan line of M4 motors and a full range of flange mounted relief and unloading valves, such as the R5V, R5S, and R5U.

Stop rust on steel pipes, tubes, and fittings today with World Wide Metric’s PCS Tape. This type of maintenance free tape can be applied on new or corroded surfaces requiring minimal surface preparation. Our PCS Tape selection includes 4 different size options from 50mm - 200mm that repels against water, salt, alkalis, and acids in a multitude of applications. 

For more information contact World Wide Metric at 732-247-2300 or email us at

T6/T7 Single Vane Pump

T6/T7 Double Vane Pump


Call (586-296-7200) or visit our web site for more information.


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HyDraw CAD600 Released New: Interface to ERP data, Assign Pipe/Tube Properties, ISO Compliant Solenoid Information and Solenoid Actuation Chart, Auto Update Properties of Components in Drawing, Display Formatted Multi-Property Labels, Specify Port Operating Parameters and Display of Dual Port Names. Enhanced: Custom Parts List Template in Excel, External Ports with Through Bolt Holes and O-ring, Display Formats, Assign Properties to multiple components, Export to MDTools - Linked CAD data, and Submit designs to Vest, inc. Visit

BSPP, BSPT, ISO 6149 Hydraulic Flanges & Couplings

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Ultra Clean Technologies Corp. 1274 Highway 77 • Bridgeton, NJ 08302 Phone 800-791-0111 or 856-451-2176 Fax: 856-453-4975 • Email:

H6 Heavy Duty Cylinder

MAIN Manufacturing Products, Inc. now stocks SAE, JIS, DIN, and ISO flanges and couplings with metric ports. METRIC TUBE & PIPE sizes in socket weld and butt weld are also available. Many can ship directly from stock. If not part of our 7000+ in-stock products, MAIN can manufacture and ship quickly- (4-5 days) is common from our US facility. MAIN Manufacturing Products, Inc. Phone: (800) 521.7918 E-mail:


Ultra Clean Hose & Tube Cleaning Systems offer a fast, less invasive and more cost-effective way than traditional flushing methods to clean contaminated hose and tube assemblies. Strip away contamination from the inside of hoses, tubes and pipes in seconds. Clean oil will stay clean as it reaches those expensive components, preventing failure and system downtime. Visit www. to learn more and download our product literature, including our Product Manual and Clean Seal System brochures. • ISO 18/16/13 • Four hand-held launchers 1/4” through 1-1/4”, 2”, 3-1/2”, 4-1/2” • Bench Mount Launcher for production environment • Projectile Verification System • Auto Loader for production environment • Clean Seal System for sealing end of hose and tube assemblies


The Yates Industries H6 Heavy Duty Cylinder is rated for 3000 PSI and features 1½ to 20” bores standard, 22 different mounting options, is JIC-NFPA interchangeable, and can be customized with nearly limitless combinations of rod ends, cushions, couplers, seals, and ports – all backed by our legendary warranty and repair capabilities. Yates Industries 23050 Industrial Dr. E. • St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 586-778-7680 •


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Keith Fera, CFPHS

Marti Wendel, CFPE

Lorraine Wiseman

Alan Wilkinson

International Fluid Power Society Keith Fera, CFPHS, has been named IFPS technical certification project manager. Mr. Fera has 25+ years of experience in small business management and hydraulics sales and application. He is responsible for coordinating all technical aspects of the many IFPS certification programs and is based in Cherry Hill, N.J.

Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Sprague Products Marti Wendel, CFPE, has been named sales manager. She is responsible for expanding the presence of Sprague's high-pressure air-driven pumps and power units in domestic and international markets. Ms. Wendel has 24 years of fluid power experience in system design, applications engineering, sales and marketing for both manufacturing and distribution.

Spirax Sarco Lorraine Wiseman has been appointed president and general manager responsible for the USA business. Ms. Wiseman has more than 20 years of experience in leadership roles with demonstrated success in taking businesses to the next level in strategic development.

Marmon Distribution Services, Inc. Alan Wilkinson has been promoted from vice president to president. Mr. Wilkinson began working for the company (known at the time as Marmon/Keystone) in 1978, holding a variety of positions including warehouse person, clerk, inside and outside sales, operations manager, branch manager, and regional manager.

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november/december 2013


Fluid Power Case Study

From Outer Space to Under the Sea, Hydraulics Put the Fun in the Entertainment Industry A switch from servo to proportional valves produces positive results for simulation thrill ride customer By Continental Hydraulics


emember the scene in the 1976 remake of King Kong when the ape’s giant hand holds up actress Jessica Lange? The producer didn’t have the luxury of time to get that mechanical hand designed. In fact, the producer was relieved when the special effects guy from MGM said, “We can do it in four months. But you’ll have to let me do it my way—with hydraulics.” The use of hydraulic muscle isn’t new to the entertainment industry. Although the majority of hydraulic components are used in industrial applications, it’s interesting to see how well-designed systems, similar to industrial applications, can be used to create special effects and motion for theme parks, museums, and multimedia theater attractions. “Applying the lessons learned in our many industrial applications and listening to the special needs of the entertainment industry has led to growth in our business in this area,” said Dale Horihan, CEO of Continental Hydraulics based in Minneapolis, Minn. Continental’s hydraulic components have traveled from outer space to 5,000 feet under the sea—clearly withstanding some of the harshest environments imaginable. It’s the reason Power Systems Inc. of Florida utilizes Continental’s proportional products to support the technical demands and system designs for its customers. “Reliability, durability, safety, and low maintenance fit our criteria for demanding and complex entertainment applications,” said Stuart Netjes, Power Systems Inc. Netjes’ customer, I & M Engineering, is the design and manufacture team that produces the StarGazer, a simulation attraction found at several venues across the world. The StarGazer is a seven-seat, six-degree-of-freedom (6DOF), 4D motion platform. When the StarGazer is placed in front of a high-definition film projection system, seat movements are programmed to allow the customer to essentially ride the movie. “This illusion requires quick response time coupled with precision, all to convince our inner ear that the motion is as exciting as we expect and that we are having fun, or too much fun,” said Netjes.

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Fig. 1: Proportional directional control valves are more tolerant of contamination and cost less than the servo valves they often replace.

When the movie suggests a movement—a pitch, roll, or yaw, for example—the motion base moves the audiences’ seats. For actiontype films, this requires fast response times, smooth control of the power, precision, and quiet operations. “For those reasons,” said Chris Graham, Continental’s regional manager and technical support, “hydraulics is the system of choice for 6DOF applications.” Although many companies are using traditional servo valves in their system designs, Graham says they’re not as forgiving. They require a higher technical level and increased life cycle costs. Modern proportional valves with integrated digital electronics have near-servo valve performance without the servo problems.

Fig. 3: Motion bases mean big thrills for audiences who want to feel what it’s like to fly with the Royal Air Force aerobatic team or journey through the human body. Proportional valves help make it possible.

Six Design Advantages for Hydraulic Installations in the Entertainment Industry • Low maintenance • Zero downtime • Designed for demanding packaging or envelop requirements • High-power/heavy-lift capacities • High performance and repeatability • Low noise

Proportional Valves are Readily Configured to Meet Fail-Safe Design Requirements • Fourth-position, fail-safe feature slowly returns the actuator to a retracted position in the event of an electrical power loss. • A safer design means no jumping through a work-port function when switching on or off. • Digital electronics offer more controllability options than previous-generation proportional valves.

Fig. 4: This hydraulic motion base simulator uses six cylinders, each utilizing one Continental Hydraulics proportional valve—a less expensive option compared to the conventional jet pipe or flapper-nozzle servo valve many companies have used for decades.

The challenge was when Netjes’ consulted with I & M Engineering on transitioning from servo to proportional valves. He knew the proportional valves would work just as well—if not better—than the servo valves and offer three key advantages: • Servo-like precision performance at a fraction of the cost • Increased uptime and reliability due to contamination issues with servo valves • Higher efficiencies (Proportional valves don’t waste energy at neutral.) The new solution proved out. Each motion base seven-seat unit now produced by I & M Engineering uses six of Continental’s proportional valves. “My customer gained precision without the expense,” Netjes said. “Proportional valves can do everything servo valves can do in this application with more power, longer life, less

headache, and other added features that deliver successful installations.” Hydraulic systems have always played a major role in the entertainment industry. “With the development of flexible electronic controls, these powerful systems have attained a level of utility and flexibility that permits their use in a wide range of demanding and creative applications,” Horihan said.

For more information: From outer space to under the sea, Continental Hydraulics’ pumps, power units, valves, and proportional products are used in some of the harshest conditions. In operation since 1962, Continental Hydraulics serves the entertainment, brick and block, food processing, oil and gas, and automotive industries. Visit www.continentalhydraulics. com or contact Chris Bentley at 952-895-6400 or

Motion Technologies - Historical “Design Consumption” Timeline There are different classes of entertainment-industry applications. Thirty years ago, the only option was a servo valve. Today, there are many classes of performance to match each application exactly—from simple animatronics to simulators. Each graduation requires more technical involvement and total cost. • 1940s to 1970s: on-off valves or servo valves • 1980s to 2000s: added analog proportional valves. They have the variability of a servo without the price tag and less performance. • 2000s: Added digital proportional valves offer increased performance and functional options.

Fig. 2: The VED03MJ proportional valve is used in motion bases across the globe. In the event of a power loss, Continental’s fail-safe function enables the simulation seat to go to a rest position, allowing the occupant to safely exit.

IFPS Certification Testing Locations Individuals wishing to take any IFPS written certification tests are able to select from approximately 325 convenient locations across the United States and Canada. The IFPS is able to offer these locations through its affiliation with The Consortium of College Testing Centers (CCTC) provided by National College Testing Association (NCTA).   To register for an IFPS written certification test: 1.  Fill out an IFPS certification test application including your desired location by visiting 2.  Submit your application with payment to IFPS headquarters. 3.  Upon receipt of your application, you will be e-mailed instructions. Testing dates for any locations listed below are as follows:

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Questions? Please call IFPS headquarters at 800-308-6005 or e-mail Tom Crehan at

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UTAH Brigham Young University Provo, UT

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Weatherford College Weatherford, TX

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• Hydraulic cylinders, valves, motors & more • PTO shafts, universal joints & gear boxes • Bearings of all kinds, roller chain, sprockets, tires, wheel assemblies, seats, engines, most anything related to lawn & garden and off road Larry Leggett 1-800-800-1810 Ext.3202 Fax: 1-800-800-1811 email:

Victoria College Victoria, TX

Salt Lake Community College Salt Lake City, UT

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Seriously! We’ll Make You The Best Offer on:

University of Texas El Paso El Paso, TX

Technical College of the Lowcountry Beaufort, SC

TENNESSEE East Tennessee State University Johnson City, TN

Serious About Surplus!

WASHINGTON Central Washington University Ellensburg, WA Olympic College Bremerton, WA Western Washington University Bellingham, WA WISCONSIN Lakeshore Technical College Cleveland, WI Marian University of Fond du Lac Fond du Lac, WI University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Oshkosh, WI University of WisconsinMilwaukee Milwaukee, WI WYOMING University of Wyoming Laramie, WY CANADA Lethbridge College Lethbridge, AB Canada Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology Saskatchewan, Canada Thompson Rivers University Kamloops, BC Canada

“After 10 years selling in the fluid power industry, PIRTEK afforded me the opportunity to own my own business.” -Craig Heitkamp PIRTEK Midway & Plymouth Minneapolis, MN


1 in the USA Exclusive Territories Available #

Fluid Power Executive Recruiters As veteran recruiters who focus in the Fluid Power Industry, we need outstanding professionals to fill opportunities in: -Engineering -Design -Manufacturing -Sales -Marketing Contact: Eric C. Bergsman, Sales/Marketing Dave Sevel, Engineering William Radke, Manufacturing/Operations Marvel Consultants, Inc. 28601 Chagrin Blvd., #210, Cleveland, Ohio 44122 Tel: 216-292-2855, Fax: 216-292-7207

november/december 2013


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Career OppOrtunity DLH Fluid Power Inc., a Southern California based subsidiary of a major Chinese Manufacturer of hydraulic power units, gear pumps and related components, is looking for a Hydraulic Engineer. • A minimum of 10 years design and production experience. • Work jointly with HQ on new designs and applications. • Direct assembly and production in California Facility. 626-574-7888

WANTED New · Used · Obsolete Large or Small Inventories

Pumps · Motors · Valves · Servos · Parts Vickers • Eaton • Denison • Rexroth • Bosch Moog • Pegasus • Atchley • Kawasaki • Staffa Racine • Double A • Oilgear • Parker • Dynex Char-Lynn • & many others!

Call or Fax with a list of your Surplus... State the condition of the components & we’ll provide you with a price offer! A Hydraulex Global Company

1-800-422-4279 | 586-949-4240 Fax: 586-949-5302

Cylinders Same-Day Shipping! Stainless Steel

• Thousands of Items • Huge Inventory • Bore Sizes to 3” • Strokes to 12”

TRIANGLE INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION 2560 Coyote Dr., Dr., Suite Suite 108 Tucson, AZ 85745 2560 N.N.Coyote 108q Tucson, AZ 85745 (520)792-4973 q (520)792-9217 FAX

(520)792-4973  (520)792-9217 FAX

We We Specialize Specializein inLong Long Cylinders Cylinders Hard Chrome Plating to 48 Feet Hard Chrome Plating 48 Cylinder Fabrication & to Repair Feet Full Hydraulic Shop Capabilities

Cylinder Fabrication & Repair Full Hydraulic Shop Capabilities




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3. Which of the following best describes your market focus? A  Aerospace I  Forestry B  Agricultural Machinery J  Furnaces C  Automotive K  Gas & Oilfield Machinery D  Civil Engineering L  Heavy Construction & Equipment E  Cranes M  Military Vehicles F  Drills & Drilling Equipment N  Construction & Utility Equipment G  Flame Cutting/Welding O  Machine Tools Equipment P  Government Related H  Food Machinery A  Marine & Offshore Equipment

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Which edition would you like to receive?  Print  Digital  Both 1. Do you specify, select or influence the purchase of components & systems, on new or existing machinery? 03  Yes 04  No. If yes, which technologies? (check all that apply) 05  Hydraulic 06  Pneumatic 09  None of These 07  Vacuum 08  Electronic Controls 2. What is your primary job title? (check only one) 10  Administration: Chairman, Pres., V.P., Sec., Tres., G.M., Owner, Bus. Mgr., Dir., etc. 11  Plant Operations: VP of Mfg/ Oper/ Prod., Plant Mgr./ Dir. Mgr., Supv./ Supt./ Foreman/ Safety Dir., etc. 12  Engineering: V.P. Eng., Eng., Des. Eng., Dir. of Eng., Staff Spec., Chief Eng., Senior Eng., Maint/Prod. Eng., etc. 13  Technical: Chief Tech., Fluid Power Tech., etc. 14  Mechanical: Chief Master Mech., Master Mech., Fluid Power Mech., etc. 15  Purchasing: VP/Dir. of Purch., Procurement Mgr., Buyer, Purch., etc. 16  Other: (please specify)______________________________________ 3. Number of employees at this location? A  1-19 B  20-49 C  50-99 E  250-499 F  500-999 G  1000+

D  100-249

(View a sample of our paperless digital edition at 4. What is the primary business activity at this location? In the Fluid Power Industry Outside the Fluid Power Industry 56  Manufacturer 57  Distributor 58  Education 59  Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) 60  End User of Fluid Power Products 61  Other: (please specify)______________________________________ 5. Which of the following best describes your market focus? A  Aerospace A  Marine & Offshore Equipment B  Agricultural Machinery B  Material Handling Equipment C  Automotive C  Mining Machinery D  Civil Engineering D  Packaging Machinery E  Cranes E  Plastic Machinery F  Drills & Drilling Equip. F  Presses & Foundry G  Flame Cutting/Welding Equip. G  Railroad Machinery H  Food Machinery H  Road Construct/Maint. Equip. I  Forestry I  Simulators & Test Equipment J  Furnaces J  Snow Vehicles, Ski Lifts K  Gas & Oilfield Machinery K  Steel Plants & Rolling Mills L  Heavy Construction & Equip. L  Truck & Bus Industry M  Military Vehicles M  Textile Machinery N  Construction & Utility Equip. N  Woodworking Machines O  Machine Tools O  Other (specify)_____________ P  Government Related P  Fluid Power Industry

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Fluid Power Journal November/December 2013  

Fluid Power Journal November/December 2013

Fluid Power Journal November/December 2013  

Fluid Power Journal November/December 2013