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• Clamping

• Bolt Tensioning & Nut Torqueing

• Valve Actuation

• Chemical Injection

• Calibration

• Accumulator Charging

• Gas Transfer

• Leak Detection


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Introducing: OilN2™ - A new product that reduces oil and filter changes & extends equipment life.

OilN2 Unit

Keep Oil Clean & Dry!

Adaptor Flex hose Vent Port


OilN2™ Alters The Interior Environment

CLEAN OIL Reservoir

• OilN2™ - replaces the existing breather vent filter cap. • Extends life of oil and oil filters. • OilN2™ installs at the breather vent port. • Converts reservoir from “Open” to “Closed Vent” system. • A bladder stops ingression of moisture & airborne contaminants. • Thermal conduction rod technology attracts moisture and oxygen. • The moisture and oxygen are captured in a replaceable cartridge. • OilN2™ blankets the oil in dry clean nitrogen 24 a day every day. • Helps stop oil oxidation, emulsification, acid, sludge, & corrosion.

OilN2™ = Save Money + Save Oil & Filters + Save Equipment / All with a fast Payback.

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NEF Dialogue Series Drives Solutions Beginning in 2012, NEF regional dialogues served as the catalyst for robust discussions across the nation focusing on the challenges facing American engineering. Those conversations among engineers, academicians, leaders of business and industry, students, media, and government representatives generated dozens of actionable recommendations for addressing each of the 3C’s—Capacity, Capability, and Competitiveness. NEF is now distilling those ideas down to their common themes to reveal actionable, practical ideas. Later this year, the organization will publish a report summing up the entire dialogue series and issuing a call to action to engineers, business leaders, government officials, and academicians. This exciting next phase will enable the NEF to move from identifying challenges to implementing solutions.

WHAT’S YOUR #ENSPIRATION? Starting in Summer 2016, the NEF is asking “What’s Your #Enspiration?” Share your photos of those “A-ha!” engineering moments with #Enspiration on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and celebrate how engineering makes a difference. And don’t forget our favorite hashtag, #IamAnEngineer for your selfies. Together with the NEF, you can elevate the conversation by making engineering more visible on social media. Follow @NatlEnForum on Twitter for more EngiKnow facts and other engineering news you need to know. For more information: In 2012, Lockheed Martin launched the National Engineering Forum in partnership with the Council on Competitiveness and the National Academy of Engineering, which share a common vision for transforming the way we perceive, experience, and prioritize engineering in the United States. Visit

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Fluid Power Journal Manufacturers Directory 2016  

Fluid Power Journal Manufacturers Directory 2016

Fluid Power Journal Manufacturers Directory 2016  

Fluid Power Journal Manufacturers Directory 2016