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january/ february 2013

controls in shale gas extraction PLUS Advanced Pump Control for Energy Savings and Vacuum Cup Holders


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Keeping American Industry Moving One Cylinder at a Time From Primary Metals to Plastics Manufacturing, From Automotive to Defense, Our Cylinders Perform Under Pressure Yates Industries supplies high-quality cylinders for virtually all hydraulic and pneumatic applications for a wide variety of industries. If you can put cylinders and manufacturing in the same sentence, chances are Yates Industries has a cylinder for your specific application. Our cylinder experience includes: • • • •

Primary Metals Industry Machine Manufacturing Industry Plastics Industry As well as the following Industries: -

Steel Mills • • • • • • •

Cold Mill Cylinders Hot Mill Cylinders Pickle Line Cylinders Galvanizing Cylinders Blast Furnace Cylinders Coke Plant Cylinders Continuous Caster Cylinders

Steel and Iron Foundries

Aerospace Wind Power Solar Power Battery Power Aviation Transportation Amusement Park Offshore/Marine (ABS) Food and Drug Mining Industry Waste Water Treatment Military/Defense Shipping (ABS) Paper/Printing

• Ladle Pot Cylinders • Quencher Cylinders • Core Box Cylinders

Aluminum Foundries • • • •

Caster Cylinders Point Feeder Cylinders Crust Breaker Cylinders Contour Cylinders

Brass, Bronze and Copper Foundries • Melt Shop Cylinders • Fin Machine Cylinders • Caster Cylinders



7 Days - 800.340.6024 After Business Hours

Your Cylinder Source

New Cylinder Manufacturing From massive steel mill operations to precision tolerance machine tooling, Yates’ standard and custom designed hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders have powered some of the World’s most prominent manufacturing processes. The World’s largest companies have relied on Yates for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders which meet the most demanding specifications. Isn’t it time you did too?

Cylinder Repair & Remanufacturing At Yates Industries we pride ourselves on our ability to return a cylinder to its original specifications or better “The First Time, Every Time”. Every cylinder that is sent in for repair goes through a comprehensive inspection process to determine the root cause of cylinder failure. This value-added inspection process allows us to work closely with our customers to identify a variety of problems. This “Benchmark” process has given Yates Industries the reputation of being the most comprehensive repair facility in the industry.

Small Business Customer Care with Big Business Capabilities Small enough to give our customers the one-on-one service their cylinder orders deserve, yet large enough to manufacture cylinders according to the most demanding specifications. Yates Industries offers the perfect balance between big business manufacturing capabilities and small business service values.

Expanded Michigan Facility With the recent addition of 50,000 square feet of warehouse and manufacturing space, Yates Industries has streamlined its operations to provide faster order fulfillment, a larger inventory and even more repair and custom manufacturing capabilities.

New Online Cylinder Configurator The addition of an online cylinder configurator to Yates’ website has made ordering easier than ever. Configure hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder specifications in minutes, then download CAD drawings in 2D or 3D and submit an RFQ for your cylinder design. Visit to configure your cylinder today.

Yates Industries, Inc. 23050 Industrial Dr. E. St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 586.778.7680 ph 586.778.6565 fax

Yates Industries South, LLC 3401-J Highway 20 Decatur, AL 35601 ph 256.351.8081 fax 256.351.8571 Circle 159

Fluid Power Journal

January/February | Volume 20 | Issue 1



2012 Annual IFPS Meeting Recap

2013 salary survey The Fluid Power Journal and IFPS to Release 2013 Salary Survey. Visit in January 2013 to participate! All responses will be anonymous and confidential.

Special thanks to the 40 International Fluid Power Society (IFPS) professional members who recently met in Anaheim, CA, to conduct the IFPS 2012 annual meeting.


hydraulic pumps & motors: considering efficiency In a condition-based maintenance environment, the decision to change out a hydraulic pump or motor is usually based on either remaining bearing life or deteriorating efficiency, whichever occurs first.


in This



Vacuum Cup HOlders Vacuum cups are often mounted directly to machinery via a cup fitting. However, when handling very large sheets or objects, level compensators would be more appropriate and offer better compliance.


Pressure & Temperature Controls Support Shale Gas Extraction Robust and long-lasting, pressure and temperature controls play an important role in the oil and gas fields in the south-eastern United States.


Advanced Pump Control for Energy Savings in Intermittent Hydraulic Systems

04 Notable Words 08 Professional Development 13 Product Review 14 IFPS News 22 Economic Report 26 People In The News 27 Tech Tips

30 FPEF News 31 NFPA News 32 FIRST News 34 Literature Review 37 Industry News 40 Product Spotlight 46 Classified

Publisher’s Note: The information provided in this publication is for informational purposes only. While all efforts have been taken to ensure the technical accuracy of the material enclosed, Fluid Power Journal is not responsible for the availability, accuracy, currency, or reliability of any information, statement, opinion, or advice contained in a third party’s material. Fluid Power Journal will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by reliance on information obtained in this publication. Fluid Power Journal is the official publication of the International Fluid Power Society

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Notable Words Publisher Innovative Designs & Publishing, Inc. 3245 Freemansburg Avenue, Palmer, PA 18045-7118 Tel: 800-730-5904 or 610-923-0380 Fax: 610-923-0390 | Email:

ARE YOU READY FOR THE CHANGE? uh? What do you mean, am I ready for the change? Well, it’s coming in some form or another, whether you are ready or not. You see, it has always been this way and will continue for all time, although today’s change comes at a much-accelerated pace versus yesterday’s rate. What changes am I talking about? Well, for starters, your job—your company closes, your company or department moves off shore, or your way of doing things via your technology changes. Perhaps that long-used pump, valve, or gadget is no longer made or available, etc. This could go on forever, but I need to ask the question again: Are you ready for the change?  That is the key issue here, because in the end, it is all going to fall back to YOU being ready, willing, and able to handle what is without question going to happen to each and every one of us: change.  As this new year commences, I suggest you make a formal resolution with yourself. This is the year you change. It is your own personal responsibility. Don’t wait for the hammer to fall.  A fantastic way to start this process is to get certified. Show the world your skill-set levels, and set yourself apart from the competition. It does make a difference when you go for that next job or that next pay raise. The IFPS can get you certified in many wide and growing classifications. In this issue, you will see what these areas are: pneumatics, hydraulics, technicians, mechanics, and many more.  This is a resolution you can keep. These certifications go with you as accomplishments to be recognized by all. Change can and should be your friend because through change you have new opportunities. Embrace it, as all great leaders do. Get certified for 2013 and beyond!  


This is the year you change. It is your own personal responsibility. Don’t wait for the hammer to fall.

Happy New Year!

By Mark Perry CFPHS, Fitzsimmons Hydraulics, Inc., and 2013 IFPS President

EDITORIAL CORRECTION: In the article “Sizing Tubes for Hydraulic Systems” in the November/December issue, it was incorrectly stated that “the first requirement is satisfied when the inside diameter is at least ID, inches = 0.639 (Vmax/Q)1/2. It should read: “the first requirement is satisfied when the inside diameter is at least ID, inches = 0.639 (Q/Vmax)1/2.” Q(gpm) should be divided by Vmax (ft/sec).

Associate Publisher: Marc Mitchell Editor: Kristine Coblitz Technical Editor: Dan Helgerson, CFPS, CFPAI/AJPP, CFPJPP, CFPMT, CFPC&C Account Executive: Bob McKinney Art Director: Quynh Vo VP Operations: Lisa Prass Accounting: Donna Bachman, Debbie Clune Publishing Assistant: Sharron Sandmaier Operations Assistant: Tammy DeLong Circulation Manager: Andrea Karges International Fluid Power Society 1930 East Marlton Pike, Suite A-2, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003-2141 Tel: 856-489-8983 | Fax: 856-424-9248 Email: 2013 Board of Directors President & Chairperson Mark Perry, CFPHS - Fitzsimmons Hydraulics Immediate Past President Patrick J. Maluso, CFPAI/AJPP, CFPS, CFPMHM Western Hydrostatics, Inc. First Vice President Tom Blansett, CFPAI, CFPS, CFPIHT, CFPCC - Eaton Corporation Vice President Education Marti Wendel, CFPE, CFPS - The Paquin Company, Inc. Treasurer Dan Helgerson, CFPAI/AJPP, CFPS, CFPECS, CFPMT, CFPSD Cascade Steel Rolling Mills, Inc. Vice President Membership & Chapter Support Richard Bullers, CFPPS - SMC Corporation of America Vice President Certification Rance Herren, CFPECS, CFPSD, CFPMT - National Oilwell Varco Vice President Marketing & Public Relations Justin Sergeant, CFPS, CFPMHM - Western Integrated Technologies Vice President Educational Foundation Jimmy Simpson, CFPAI/AJPP, CFPS, CFPMM Nusim Associates Fluid Power Consultant Directors-at-Large Mike Anderson, CFPS - Motion Industries, Inc. Bill Jordan, CFPAI/AJPP, CFPMHM, CFPMHT - Altec Industries Jose Garcia, CFPHS - Purdue University Jim Lane, CFPAI, CFPS - Motion Industries, Inc. Alan Niesen, CFPS, CFPIHM, CFPMHM - HFI Fluid Power Products D. Dean Houdeshell, PE, CFPAI/AJPP, CFPE, CFPS, CFPIHT, CFPMHT, CFPMHM - Sauer Danfoss Kenneth Dulinski, CFPAI, CFPECS, CFPHS, CFPMIH, CFPMMH Eaton Corporation Timothy White, CFPAI/AJPP, CFPS, CFPECS, CFPMIH, CFPMMH, CFPMIP, CFPMT, CFPMM - The Boeing Company Jeff Kenney, CFPIHM, CFPMHM, CFPMHT - Coastal Hydraulics Scott Gower, CFPS - Gulf Controls Company, LLC Honorary Directors Robert Firth Raymond Hanley, CFPE/AI-Emeritus John Groot, CFPPS Robert Sheaf, CFPAI/AJPP, CFPE, CFPS, CFPECS, CFPMT, CFPMIP, CFPMMH, CFPMIH, CFPMM IFPS Staff Executive Director: Donna Pollander, ACA Certification Manager: Sue Tesauro Communications Manager: Adele Kayser Membership Coordinator: Sue Dyson Certification Coordinator: Connie Graham Administrative Assistant: Beth Borodziuk Bookkeeper: Diane McMahon Fluid Power Journal (ISSN# 1073-7898) is the official publication of the International Fluid Power Society published bi-monthly with four supplemental issues, including a Systems Integrator Directory, OffHighway Suppliers Directory, Tech Directory, and Manufacturers Directory, by Innovative Designs & Publishing, Inc., 3245 Freemansburg Avenue, Palmer, PA 18045-7118. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part of any material in this publication is acceptable with credit. Publishers


assume no liability for any information published. We reserve the right to accept or reject all advertising material and will not guarantee the return or |

safety of unsolicited art, photographs or manuscripts.

Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing for a Wide Range of Industries. Aggressive Hydraulics’ Design & Engineering Group is one of the most progressive, experienced hydraulic cylinder design and engineering resources available. Because our staff works with applications in markets that vary from aerial devices to waste handling equipment, we have been exposed and heavily involved with hydraulic cylinders that reflect state-of-the-art technology. This experience and involvement is reflected in each and every cylinder we design so that all our customers get the best end product at the best value.

government & defense


industrial equipment

energy aerial devices


demolition & scrap


marine & offshore


on-highway transportation


To learn more, give us a call toll free at (866) 406-4100 or email us at



Quarry & Aggregates

Hydraulic cylinder SpecialiStS™ Circle 161

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professional development

Great Leadership Starts With Leading an Organization

of One By Glenn Gutek

ll leadership begins with “self leadership.” Before a leader can aspire to lead a thriving enterprise, he must first master leading an organization of one. Tom and Susan are partners in the same firm and produce at a very high level. Over the past five years, Susan has not only outpaced Tom but also many of her senior partners. What is most surprising about Susan’s performance is that her ascent to excellence was slow in coming, and Tom was very reluctant to open the doors of partnership to Susan after her lackluster performance during her initial years in the firm. Out of curiosity, Tom summoned the courage to investigate the root causes of Susan’s consistent growth. What Tom observed and discovered was that Susan had an incredible ability to do what needed to be done when it needed to be done. She seemed to respond appropriately to the right opportunities and dismiss the less-relevant distractions. Tom shared with his partners that Susan “leads herself with discipline and precision.” What made an impression for Tom were the practices Susan engaged in to help her have a sense of what needed to be done. A leader engages in certain practices or disciplines to produce that result when required. Self leadership employs intentional action in advance to ensure the right action happens when necessary. Although some people are more naturally disciplined than others, for those who struggle with discipline, it can help to create the structures that promote greater “professional will.” To begin, consider the following five disciplines of self leadership:



Control Time The most basic expression of self discipline is controlling your time in such a way that you are focused on your “highest and best” use. Your leadership effectiveness is limited when you allow others to set too much of the agenda and spend your time on the trails of rabbits. There is a wealth of material available to assist with time management, so there is no need to reinvent the wheel; however, there are some practices you can intentionally engage in that will promote a greater ability to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done: • Time Blocking: Predetermine blocks of time allocated for your most important activities. • Landing the Plane: Do not allow meetings and conversations to extend beyond the appropriate time limit. • Time Cop: Give your assistant or colleague some authority to assist you in executing your calendar.

8 |

• Power Sprints: Protect one-hour blocks of uninterrupted time to execute your most complex work.


Fuel Energy Leadership is an energy-intensive endeavor. One of the primary reasons why leaders often sweep unsolved problems under the carpet is a lack of energy. It is imperative to sustain the appropriate levels of energy to intercept entropy at its earliest stages. The disciplines most commonly associated with fueling energy often involve diet, exercise, and sleep habits. Beyond these practices, build into your schedule opportunities to engage in things that put wind in your sails. What are the activities that energize you and ignite your curiosity and passion? Below are some practices that you may want to be sure your calendar allows time to proactively pursue: • Reading, which helps you think bigger thoughts • Travel, which helps you see a bigger world • Networking, which helps you learn from other businesses


Temper Emotions So much business literature will reference the all-important aspect of “passion.” There is no argument that passion is essential to effective leadership; passion is the natural reservoir of energy that propels a leader forward in the face of adversity. However, at times it is critical to practice the discipline of being “dispassionate.” The discipline of being dispassionate allows a leader to protect the environment from becoming toxic and avoid engaging in the wrong battles. A leader should fuel his energy by investing in his passion but also keep things from running off the rails by not pouring gas on a volatile situation. Below are few techniques that you can practice in advance to promote appropriate dispassion: • Ask questions. • Define the problem. • Spend more time on solutions. • Take deep breaths before speaking.


Focus Words Just about every teenager wanting a driver’s license has most likely read a copy of the book, Rules of the Road. Unfortunately, once we graduate from grade school, there are no qualifying tests to ensure we have a license to speak. The most commonly used tool in

the arsenal of a leader is his words. Far too often we lack the right words at the right time. Why wouldn’t the wise leader make time to practice the discipline of focusing his words for the greatest amount of impact? The discipline of crafting or outlining scripts for crucial situations will assist in making sure that the words that flow from your mouth achieve the purpose of the right words at exactly the right time. Being prepared in advance with a script or outline, such as the following, is a wonderful exercise in self leadership: • Vision: A brief outline that calibrates key players on the vision of the organization • Conflict: A brief outline that defuses hostility and allow people to work the problem • Correction: A brief outline that identifies problem behavior and promotes improvement


Use Power The fifth important discipline that must be an ongoing practice for a leader is disciplining power, particularly as it relates to knowing where the source of authority comes from. Are you building your power base from the positional

role in the organization or your credibility with the people you lead? As the industrial revolution comes to a close and we give birth to the “personal age,” it is becoming clear that the authority of a leader rests in the relationships he forms with the people he leads. The risk most often encountered when influencing people where there is a personal relationship is not maintaining the authority to exercise power. One practice that can assist in maintaining authority is identifying those with whom you need to come out from behind the desk and those with whom you must stay behind the desk: • Out from behind the desk: Individuals with the maturity to be clear on your authority • Stay behind the desk: Individuals who need you to maintain your position of authority All leadership begins with self leadership. Practice the disciplines in each of the five areas of self leadership and you will find you possess an uncanny ability to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Glenn Gutek is a speaker and CEO of Awake Consulting & Coaching, a firm that helps small businesses and organizations improve leadership and business development through training, development, and coaching. He is also the author of Wide-Awake Leadership, which teaches leaders how to overcome mediocrity though effective leadership. For more information on speaking and consulting, please visit or contact Glenn at glenn@awakeconsulting. com or 407-901-4357.

ow rl .ou ... e.. ve lv al va e v 10 ot lav 8-D pil t s -D0 ur os 07 Yo c D

Directional control SolenoiD ValVeS





Our reputation is built on uncompromising quality.



Less than a 1% return rate.

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Power Valve U.S.A. Houston, Texas 888-862-1064 Tai Huei Hydraulic Co., Ltd.

Proudly Sold Through Local Distribution. Circle 164

january/february 2013


2012 Annual IFPS Meeting Recap pecial thanks to the 40 International Fluid Power Society (IFPS) professional members who recently met in Anaheim, Calif., to conduct the IFPS 2012 annual meeting. These dedicated members steer the Board of Directors meeting, committee meetings, and strategic-planning sessions, and are instrumental in driving the IFPS forward in its mission.


Highlights of Committee and Board Meetings: • Safety Guidelines – The Board approved safety guidelines, compiled and written by the safety subcommittee, to be included in every study manual for every certification. This four-page document can also be downloaded from the IFPS website ( • Chapter Start-up Guide – A six-page booklet is now available for individuals interested in starting a chapter in their region; it can be found by visiting the “chapter” page of the IFPS website. • Job Performance Tests – Beginning in 2013, job performance tests will include compound bends, a variety of additional fasteners and fittings, as well as digital calipers.





1. Mark Perry, Fitzsimmons Hydraulics Inc., IFPS 2013 president 2. Mark Perry, Patrick Maluso, Western Hydrostatics, Inc. 3. Dan Helgerson, Cascade Steel Rolling Mills, Inc., Justin Sergeant, Western Integrated Technologies 4. Liz Rehfus, Crafting Solutions, Inc., Thomas Blansett, Eaton Corporation, Patrick Maluso 5. Liz Rehfus, Jimmy Simpson, Nusim Associates Fluid Power Consultant, Patrick Maluso 6. Patrick Maluso, Thomas Blansett, Mark Perry, Wayne Farley, Verizon 7. L. David Ruffus, Georgia Power Company, Richard Bullers, SMC Corporation of America 8. Steve Widmer, Purdue University and Jon Jensen, SMC Corporation of America 9. Liz Rehfus, Jean Knowles, Spencer Fluid Power, Marti Wendel, The Paquin Company, Donna Pollander, IFPS 10. Dan Helgerson, Sam Kaye, Ensign Energy Services 11. Group tour of National Oilwell Varco: Dan Helgerson, Liz Rehfus, Steve Widmer, Jimmy Simpson, Marti Wendel, Patrick Maluso, Richard Bullers, Thomas Blansett, Wayne Farley, Rance Herren, Tim White, Dennis Garrett, Rickey Rodeffer, (White, Garrett, and Rodeffer are from The Boeing Company), George Beniek, IFPS Chapter 5, Randy Smith, Northrop Grumman Corp., Donna Pollander 12. Paul Prass, IDP, Randy Smith, Thomas Blansett, Justin Sergeant, Mark Perry, Jimmy Simpson.








• Certified Fluid Power Engineer and System Designer Designations – In addition to the individual requirements for the Engineer and System Designer designations, only the written portion of the Connector and Connector test must be passed; a job performance test is not required. • The Board approved monetary donations to the following: 99 IFPS Chapter 49 for its work with youth competitions 99 The Minnesota Skills Competition 99 The NFPA Fluid Power challenge 99 Skills USA • A new Energy Savings in Pneumatics course is on the horizon. The development of a Fluid Power Boy Scout Merit Badge continues. • Work continues on the development of the Mobile Electronic Controls, Industrial Electronic Controls, and Mechatronics certifications. |




Photo used with permission of The Charles Machine Works, Inc.

Ingenious solutions move us forward

Your source for energy-efficient hydraulics for demanding mobile challenges No matter how tough conditions on the job site get—bad weather, limited access, rock-hard soil with one boulder after another—the job’s got to get done, on-time and on budget. Operators need energy-efficient mobile machines engineered to deliver rugged, reliable performance while complying with more stringent emissions regulations. Count on Rexroth to help: As a global leader in mobile hydraulics technology, we work with you to build mobile machines with improved energy efficiency, reduced noise, better power management and more intelligent control. The result: mobile solutions that move you forward … and help sustain your competitive edge.

Bosch Rexroth Corporation Circle 165




Fluid Power Journal and IFPS to Release 2013 Salary Survey Visit in January 2013 to participate!

Fluid Power Journal, in collaboration with the International Fluid Power Society (IFPS), is seeking participants to complete an online salary survey for 2013. Survey questions cover geographic location, educational background, work experience, and compensation rates (salary, bonuses, medical and 401K benefits, etc.). The information obtained from the responses will be compiled to provide a salary baseline resource for professionals in the fluid power industry. The online survey can be found by visiting All responses and demographic information obtained will be anonymous and kept strictly confidential. Members from all levels of the fluid power industry are encouraged to participate.

The survey is open from January 2 through March 15, 2013. The results will be published in the May/June 2013 issue of Fluid Power Journal. Participants who provide an e-mail address with the survey will receive a PDF of the results directly.


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For more information contact Mike Pearl at 914.980.8890 or email:

National TOLL FREE: (800) 441-1994

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This product is Patented, other Patents pending.

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No tools required No expensive hardware needed No more rags stuffed into hoses No more messy plastic caps The ultimate contamination control tool One hand installation Eliminate hydraulic oil spills & clean up Quick installation & ease of usage Safe for personnel & environment Industry acclaimed 100% Made in USA

8/8/07 9:35:24 AM

product review Telescopic Cylinders ‰ The single-acting telescopic cylinders have been engineered with machined hard stops to guarantee reliable stopping at the end of every stroke. The bore size of the final stage is larger, but the average displacement of the stages has been reduced. This allows the cylinders to require less oil than those of its class and ultimately leads to faster cycle times and the ability to lift more using the same pressure. Standard benefits include a self-bleeding design, increased stage overlap for added stability and support, chrome-plated final stage, and a double-lip polyurethane wiper. The cylinders come in two designs: pin mount and Trunnion mount (available in 2013). Other characteristics include Muncie® Power Products • Bores: 5" through 8" • Strokes: initial offering 84" to 285" • Stages offered: 3-5 • Porting: 1" NPT Standard with SAE-ORB available upon request

For heavy duty markets including Construction, Mining, Marine, Off-Shore, Hose & Tube Assembly

Alliance Sensors Group (HG Schaevitz LLC)

Hose, Tube, Pipe Cleaning & Sealing Solutions AC-LVDT Signal Conditioner ΠThe S1A AC-LVDT signal conditioner offers smart and fast LVDT setup with builtin null indication and simple front-panel pushbuttons to set zero and full scale. Engineered to work with the widest range of ACLVDTs, RVDTs, and inductive half-bridge sensors including 3-wire GE LVRT and gas turbine LVDTs, the S1A DIN rail module supports LVDT operation and indicates most common failures. The S1A offers a choice of four excitation frequencies, eight analog DC outputs (six DC voltage and two current loop outputs), and RS-485 digital communications.

Advanced Machine and Engineering

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Why settle for inferior cleaning methods when even the smallest bits of dirt and grime can end up costing you big in machine failure and downtime? The Ultra Clean System uses a pneumatic launcher and specially formulated projectiles to quickly, cleanly and thoroughly eliminate contaminants -- even those typically left behind after fluid flushing and air blowing. When others’ versions of “clean” just don’t cut it, you need Ultra Clean, the leader in contamination control.

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Rod Clamp Œ The AMLOK® hydraulic series RCH rod clamp has been developed to provide power-off clamping of rods and shafts. The clamps are actuated by a spring/collet mechanism and unclamped by hydraulic pressure. They are designed to clamp components after the motion has stopped and to hold the position securely as long as the forces do not exceed the table values. Mountings have been designed to apply to standard heavy-duty NFPA-style MF1 cylinders. The standard housing can be mounted to any machine structure or custom designed to suit an application.

Ultra Clean System Products: Hand-Held & Bench Mount Launchers, Kits, Verification Systems, AutoLoaders, Various Sizes & Types of Projectiles, and Accessories

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Ultra Clean System (hose, tube, pipe cleaning) Clean Seal System (hose end sealing solution) • Clean Seal Flange Circle 168

UC FPJ .5P UCS w.shortcapsules.indd 1

12/4/2012 12:27:37 PM

january/february 2013


association News

Certification Levels Available


IFPS 2013 Spring Meeting REGISTER by visiting or by calling 800-308-6005. oin the IFPS for the 2013 spring meeting held February 27 - March 2, 2013 at the Embassy Suites Riverwalk - Downtown, San Antonio, Tex. In addition to committee and board meetings, an optional tour is planned for Friday, March 1, 2013, and a technical workshop, “Hydrostatic Transmissions: Operation, Controls, and Applications,” will be presented by Neil Skoog, CFPAI, on Saturday, March 2, 2013.


Hotel Reservations Hotel reservations can be made by visiting or by calling the Embassy Suites Riverwalk - Downtown directly at 210-226-9000 (Group discount code: IFP) A discount hotel rate of $167+ tax /night has been secured. Reservations must be made by February 1, 2013 to secure the discounted rate. Technical Workshop “Hydrostatic Transmissions: Operation, Controls, and Applications” Saturday, March 2, 2013, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Presented by Neil Skoog, CFPAI Save the Date Fee: $125, lunch included

February 27 March 2, 2013 San Antonio, TX Embassy Suites Riverwalk – Downtown

Topics Include • the differences between a typical closed circuit (hydrostatic) and open circuit system • a review of components in the hydrostatic circuit and their significance in operation • an evaluation of the different control options for various applications • advantages and disadvantages of hydrostatic systems Accredited Instructors receive re-accreditation units for attending this workshop.

‰ CFPAI Certified Fluid Power Accredited Instructor

‰ CFPAJPP Certified Fluid Power Authorized Job Performance Proctor

‰ CFPAJPPCC Certified Fluid Power Authorized Job Performance Proctor Connector & Conductor

‰ CFPE Certified Fluid Power Engineer

‰ CFPS Certified Fluid Power Specialist (Must Obtain CFPHS, CFPPS)

‰ CFPHS Certified Fluid Power Hydraulic Specialist

‰ CFPPS Certified Fluid Power Pneumatic Specialist

‰ CFPECS Electronic Controls Specialist

‰ CFPMEC – in development Mobile Electronic Controls ‰ CFPIEC – in development Industrial Electronic Controls

‰ CFPMT Certified Fluid Power Master Technician (Must Obtain CFPIHT, CFPMHT, & CFPPT)

‰ CFPIHT Certified Fluid Power Industrial Hydraulic Technician

‰ CFPMHT Certified Fluid Power Mobile Hydraulic Technician


Schedule of Events

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 8:30AM - 04:30 PM FPEF Meeting Wednesday, February 27, 2013 8:00AM - 9:00AM Strategic Planning Committee Meeting 9:00AM - 12:00N Certification Committee Meeting 12:00PM - 1:00PM Lunch 1:00PM - 2:00PM Certification Committee Meeting (cont) 2:00PM - 4:30PM Education Committee Meeting 6:00PM - 7:30PM Welcome Reception Thursday, February 28, 2013 8:00AM - 9:30AM Membership Committee Meeting 9:30AM - 12:00PM Marketing Committee Meeting 12:00PM - 1:30PM Lunch (on own) 1:30PM - 3:00PM Finance Committee Meeting 6:30PM - 9:00PM Dinner Friday, March 1, 2013 8:00AM - 11:00AM Board of Directors Meeting 11:00AM - 12:00PM Strategic Planning Committee Follow Up 01:00 PM Optional Tour Saturday, March 2, 2013 8:00AM - 04:00 PM Technical Workshop (separate registration)

14 |

Certified Fluid Power Pneumatic Technician

‰ CFPMM Certified Fluid Power Master Mechanic (Must Obtain CFPIHM, CFPMHM, & CFPPM)

‰ CFPIHM Certified Fluid Power Industrial Hydraulic Mechanic

‰ CFPMHM Certified Fluid Power Mobile Hydraulic Mechanic

‰ CFPPM Certified Fluid Power Pneumatic Mechanic

‰ CFPMIH Certified Fluid Power Master of Industrial Hydraulics (Must Obtain CFPIHM, CFPIHT, & CFPCC)

‰ CFPMMH Certified Fluid Power Master of Mobile Hydraulics (Must Obtain CFPMHM, CFPMHT, & CFPCC)

‰ CFPMIP Certified Fluid Power Master of Industrial Pneumatics (Must Obtain CFPPM, CFPPT, & CFPCC)

‰ CFPCC Certified Fluid Power Connector & Conductor

‰ CFPSD Fluid Power System Designer

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IFPS newly certified professionals Matt Arndt, ECS Materion Tony Ayers, MHM Altec Industries, Inc. Matthew Barley, MHM Altec Industries, Inc. John Bennett, CC The Boeing Company Justin Black, CC The Boeing Company Matthew Blanchette, MHM, Duke Energy Corp. Donnie Bledsoe, MHM, BPA Tyler Boyer, HS Hydraquip Distribution, Inc. Brandon Bradley, IHM Alcoa Mill Products, Inc. Wesley Brandt, CC Pirtek USA Ryan Brashears, MHM Altec Industries, Inc. Brian Brooks, MHM Duke Energy Corp. Randy Burns, MHM Duke Energy Corp. Nickolas Caracoza, MHM, Southern California Edison John Carrillo, MHM Southern California Edison Michael Cash, MHM Altec Industries, Inc. Michael Christmas, IHT, Alcoa Mill Products, Inc. John Ciccone, IHM Alcoa Mill Products, Inc.


Kent Clark, MHM American Electric Power Co. Derek Coller, MHM Altec Industries, Inc. Justin Collette, MHM Altec Industries, Inc. Gary Corder, Jr., IHT C.W.C.C./DCE Robert Crowder, HS Altec Industries, Inc. Colin Davis, MHM Altec Industries, Inc. Brian Demoss, MHM Southern California Edison Chad DeShields, MHM Altec Industries, Inc. Gary Dobish, MT, MIH, IHT, The Boeing Company Scott Drew, HS Tom Elliott, MHM Bonneville Power Administration

Robert Kreider, PM, PM, Alcoa Mill Products, Inc.

Andy Moe, MHM Bonneville Power Administration

Mark Stellato, IHM Alcoa Mill Products, Inc.

Ronald Kyger, CC The Boeing Company

Brian Moody, MHM Altec Industries, Inc.

Craig Stout, MHM Southern California Edison

Chad Lampton, HS Sun Hydraulics Corporation

Don Neely, MHM Bonneville Power Administration

Christopher Latham, MHM, Southern California Edison

Clair Nolt, PT Alcoa Mill Products, Inc.

Tim Sumner, MHM Duke Energy Corp.

John Lee, MHM Bonneville Power Administration

Juan Carlos Ocon-Parada, IHT C.W.C.C./DCE

Rodney Valleroy, IHM, Valtec Hydraulics, Inc.

Dalton Hamilton, HS Hydraquip Distribution, Inc.

Michael Leen, CC Pirtek Plymouth

Joe Osheim, MHM Altec Industries, Inc.

Ryan Valleroy, IHM Valtec Hydraulics, Inc.

Kevin Hatton, CC Kaman Industrial Technologies

John Lehenbauer, MHM, Southern California Edison

Michael Phillips, IHM

Shawn Hedleston, MHM Altec Industries, Inc.

Bill Lesswing, CC Pirtek USA- Love Field

Tom Gardner, MHM Duke Energy Corp. Jason Gentry, MHM Altec Industries, Inc. Gerald Gerstenberger, HS, Sun Hydraulics Corporation Alex Grobe, HS Atlantic Industrial Technologies Nathan Grundmann, MHM Altec Industries, Inc.

Drew Heinrich, MHM Altec Industries, Inc. David Henry, CC The Boeing Company

Rodney Erickson, CC Eaton Corporation

Rance Herren, MT, PT, IHT, National Oilwell Varco

Jeremy Evans, CC Pirtek Phillips Highway

Joshua Hickman, MHM Altec Industries, Inc.

Simon Evans, MHM Southern California Edison

Daniel Higgins, HS Altec Industries, Inc.

Hussein Fadhl, PS Bimba Manufacturing Company Joshua Fenner, MHM Ace Hydraulic Sales & Service, Inc. Walter Fetzer, ECS Hydrodiagnostics, LLC Brad Fraley, ECS Eaton Corporation |

Jim Ireland, MHM Idaho Power Company Rodney Isbell, IHM Hydraulic & Automated Systems, Inc. William Kerr, HS Sun Hydraulics Corporation Younas Khan, HS Fanshawe College

Mark Lidstrom, MIH, IHT, The Boeing Company Kent Lilly, MHM Duke Energy Corp. Robert Lundeen, CC The Boeing Company Matthew Lutz, HS Oshkosh Defense Steven Malone, IHM CFC-Solar, Inc.

Christoper Pickering, PS, Bimba Manufacturing Company Johnny Pineda, IHM Kanamak Hydraulics Inc. Jeffrey Rainbolt, HS Bardex Corporation Corey Rasmussen, HS Altec Industries, Inc. Russel Shute, CC The Boeing Company Dave Smith, IHM Valtec Hydraulics, Inc.

Doug Marks, IHT Benjamin Martin, MHM Altec Industries, Inc. Geoffrey Martin, CC Pirtek - Long Beach

David Smith, PS Bimba Manufacturing Company Mark Smolarski, IHM, Alcoa Mill Products, Inc.

Michael Meisner Jr, HS, Applied Industrial Technologies

Ben Southern, HS Altec Industries, Inc.

Brian Melsheimer, MHM, Southern California Edison

Thomas Spaeder, PM Alcoa Mill Products, Inc.

Bryan Miller, MHM Altec Industries, Inc.

Randy Spencer, MHM, Idaho Power Company

David Stringfield, MHM, Auto Masters Fleet Service, Inc.

Elizabeth Walker, HS Altec Industries, Inc. Mark Ward, CC The Boeing Company Cole Weber, MHM Altec Industries, Inc. Steven Weber, HS Sun Hydraulics Corporation Andrew Weidman, PT, PM, Alcoa Mill Products, Inc. Jacob Wert, HS Sun Hydraulics Corporation Roger Wilder, MHM Duke Energy Corp. Daniel Wissler, PT Alcoa Mill Products, Inc. Chris Wolford, MHM Altec Industries, Inc. Chris Wolpert, PM, IHM, Alcoa Mill Products, Inc. Boyce Wyatt, MHM Altec Industries, Inc. Jean Pierre Zola, HS Sun Hydraulics Corporation

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Event Calendar Visit for registration information.

Meetings and Conferences

IFPS 2013 Annual Meeting September 25 - 28, 2013 Buffalo, NY

IFPS 2013 Spring Meeting February 27 - March 2, 2013 San Antonio, TX

IFPE 2014 Annual Meeting September 24-27, 2014 Location: tbd

IFPE 2014 March 4-8, 2014 Las Vegas, NV

Certification Review Training Connector & Conductor (CC) Review w/ Job Performance Test • Review and testing offered through CFC-Solar, Inc. Fairfield, OH / January 9-11, 2013 Fairfield, OH / May 14-16, 2013 • Review and testing offered through Pirtek USA Rockledge, FL / January 16-17, 2013 • Review and testing offered through Eaton Corp. Maumee, OH / March 26-27, 2013 Maumee, OH / June 25-26, 2013 Mobile Hydraulic Mechanic (MHM) Review w/ Job Performance Test • Review and testing offered through CFC-Solar, Inc. Fairfield, OH / January 29 - February 1, 2013 Mobile Hydraulic Technician (MHT) Review w/ Job Performance Test • Review and testing offered through CFC-Solar, Inc. Fairfield, OH / February 4-7, 2013 Industrial Hydraulic Technician (IHT) Review w/ Job Performance Test • Review and testing offered through CFC-Solar, Inc. Fairfield, OH / January 22-25, 2013 Industrial Hydraulic Mechanic (IHM) Review w/ Job Performance Test • Review and testing offered through CFC-Solar, Inc. Fairfield, OH / April 22-25, 2013 Hydraulic Specialist (HS) Certification Review • Distance Learning Review Sessions offered through CFC-Solar, Inc. Spring 2013 and Fall 2013 classes available

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• Review and testing offered through CFC-Solar, Inc. Fairfield, OH / January 16-18, 2013 • Review and testing offered through Eaton Corp. Eden Prairie, MN / December 11-13, 2012 Eden Prairie, MN / March 12-14, 2013 Eden Prairie, MN / June 11-13, 2013 Eden Prairie, MN / November 19-21, 2013 Pneumatic Specialist (PS) Certification Review • Distance Learning Review Sessions offered through CFC-Solar, Inc. Spring 2013 and Fall 2013 classes available Electronic Controls Specialist (ECS) • Review and testing offered through CFC-Solar, Inc. Fairfield, OH / Review: April 2-5, 2013 Job Performance Review With Job Performance Test (Mechanic & Technician) • Review and testing offered through CFC-Solar, Inc. Fairfield, OH / Review: April 8-9, 2013

Web Seminars “Building Sustainable Efficient Pneumatic Machines” February 7, 2013, 12:00 noon – 1:00 p.m. (Eastern) Jon Jensen, CFPAI, SMC Corp. of America

Completing an IFPS specialist review session is easy with Live Distance Learning collaboration. An IFPS Accredited Instructor will engage you in a live online experience with all the energy and expertise of traditional classroom training conducted from the comfort of your own location. There is no travel or lost work time. IFPS Live Distance Learning takes place in a state-of-theart training facility located at CFC-Solar, Inc., for three (3) weeks equating twenty (20) hours. Online delivery is offered during the evening hours and is accessed from your own computer with Internet access. A written certification test will be held in conjunction with each review session; additional test fees apply. Visit or call 800-308-6005 for information. ‰ Specialist Course

Member: $895 per log-in* Non-member: $995 per log-in* ‰ Specialist written test

Member: $260, Non-member: $385 ‰ Specialist written Retake

Member: $150, Non-member: $215 ‰ hydraulic Specialist dates

6:00PM-9:00PM Monday, February 4, 2013 Wednesday, February 6, 2013 Monday, February 11, 2013 Wednesday, February 13, 2013 5:00PM-9:00PM Monday, February 18, 2013 Wednesday, February 20, 2013 ‰ Pneumatic Specialist dates

6:00PM-9:00PM Tuesday, February 5, 2013 Thursday, February 7, 2013 Tuesday, February 12, 2013 Thursday, February 14, 2013 5:00PM-9:00PM Tuesday, February 19, 2013 Thursday, February 21, 2013 *$495 additional participant




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IFPS Certification Testing Locations I

ndividuals wishing to take any IFPS written certification tests are able to select from approximately 325 convenient locations across the United States and Canada. The IFPS is able to offer these locations through its affiliation with The Consortium of College Testing Centers (CCTC) provided by National College Testing Association (NCTA).  

To register for an IFPS written certification test: 1. Fill out an IFPS certification test application including your desired location by visiting 2.  Submit your application with payment to IFPS headquarters. 3.  Upon receipt of your application, you will be e-mailed instructions. Testing dates for any locations listed below are as follows: January 2013 Tuesday, 1/2 Thursday, 1/17

February 2013 Tuesday, 2/5 Thursday, 2/21

March 2013 Tuesday, 3/5 Thursday, 3/21

April 2013 Tuesday, 4/2 Thursday, 4/18

may 2013 Tuesday, 5/7 Thursday, 5/16

june 2013 Tuesday, 6/4 Thursday, 6/20

july 2013 Tuesday, 7/2 Thursday, 7/18

If you have any questions, please call IFPS headquarters at 800-308-6005 or e-mail Connie Graham at

ALASKA University of Alaska Anchorage Anchorage, AK ALABAMA Alabama A&M University Normal, AL Jacksonville State University Jacksonville, AL University of AL in Huntsville Huntsville, AL ARKANSAS Northwest Arkansas Community College | Bentonville, AR ARIZONA Arizona State University Tempe, AZ Arizona Western College Yuma, AZ Coconino Community College Flagstaff, AZ Eastern Arizona College Thatcher, AZ Glendale Community College Glendale, AZ

Fullerton Community College Fullerton, CA Irvine Valley College Irvine, CA La Sierra University Riverside, CA National Test Center San Diego, CA National University San Diego, CA Santa Rosa Junior College Santa Rosa, CA Skyline College San Bruno, CA The Taft University System Santa Ana, CA UC San Diego Extension San Diego, CA University of California Irvine, CA Yuba Community College Marysville, CA

Mesa Community College Mesa, AZ

COLORADO Community College of Aurora Aurora, CO

Northern Arizona University Flagstaff, AZ

Community College of Denver Denver, CO

Paradise Valley Community College Phoenix, AZ

Fort Lewis College Durango, CO

Pima Community College Tucson, AZ

Front Range Community College Larimer Campus | Ft. Collins, CO

Rio Salado College Tempe, AZ CALIFORNIA Allan Hancock College Santa Maria, CA California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, CA California State University, Fresno Fresno, CA Chapman University Orange, CA Foothill College Los Altos Hills, CA


Delaware Technical and Community College Georgetown, DE University of Delaware Newark, DE FLORIDA Brevard Community College Cocoa, FL Daytona State College Daytona Beach, FL Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton, FL Florida Gulf Coast University Ft. Myers, FL Florida Memorial University Miami Gardens, FL

Georgia Gwinnett College Lawrenceville, GA

Lincoln Land Community College Springfield, IL

Georgia Southern University Statesboro, GA

Northern Illinois University De Kalb, IL

Georgia State University Atlanta, GA

Parkland College Champaign, IL

University of Georgia Athens, GA

Richland Community College Decatur, IL

University of West Georgia Carrollton, GA

Rock Valley College Rockford, IL

Valdosta State University Valdosta, GA

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, IL

HAWAII BYU-Hawaii Laie, HI

Waubonsee Community College Sugar Grove, IL

Florida Southern College Lakeland, FL

IOWA Hawkeye Community College Waterloo, IA

Hillsborough Community College Plant City, FL

University of Iowa Iowa City, IA

Indian River State College Fort Pierce, FL

Wartburg College Waverly, IA

Open Campus Florida Community College at Jacksonville, FL

Western Iowa Community College Sioux City, IA

Polk State College Winter Haven, FL

IDAHO Boise State University Boise, ID

Santa Fe Community College Gainesville, FL

Brigham Young University Rexburg, ID

University of Florida Gainesville, FL

College of Southern Idaho Twin Falls, ID

University of South Florida Tampa, FL

Eastern Idaho Technical College Idaho Falls, ID

Valencia Community College Orlando, FL

Lewis-Clark State College Lewiston, ID

University of Colorado at Boulder Boulder, CO

GEORGIA Albany State University Albany, GA

University of Idaho Moscow, ID

University of Northern Colorado Greeley, CO

Clayton State University Morrow, GA

ILLINOIS College of DuPage Glen Ellyn, IL

CONNECTICUT Yale University New Haven, CT

Columbus State University Columbus, GA

College of Lake County Grayslake, IL

Columbus Technical College Columbus, GA

Illinois State University Normal, IL

Darton College Albany, GA

John A. Logan Community College Carterville, IL

Pikes Peak Community College Colorado Springs, CO Pueblo Community College Pueblo, CO

DELAWARE Delaware State University Dover, DE |

INDIANA Indiana University Indianapolis, IN Ivy Tech Community College/ Bloomington | Bloomington, IN Ivy Tech Community College/ Columbus | Columbus, IN Ivy Tech Community College/ Evansville | Evansville, IN Ivy Tech Community College/Gary Gary, IN Ivy Tech Community College/ Indianapolis | Indianapolis, IN Ivy Tech Community College/ Kokomo Kokomo, IN Ivy Tech Community College/ Lafayette | Lafayette, IN Ivy Tech Community College/ Lawrenceburg | Lawrenceburg, IN Ivy Tech Community College/ Madison Madison, IN Ivy Tech Community College/Muncie Muncie, IN Ivy Tech Community College/ Richmond | Richmond, IN Ivy Tech Community College/ Sellersburg | Sellersburg, IN Ivy Tech Community College/South Bend | South Bend, IN

IFPS Ivy Tech Community College Terre Haute, IN

Michigan State University East Lansing, MI

Southeast Community College Lincoln, NE

Southwestern Oregon Community College | Coos Bay, OR

Texas A&M International University Laredo, TX

Purdue University West Lafayette, IN

Schoolcraft College Livonia, MI

University of Oregon Eugene, OR

Texas A&M University College Station, TX

KANSAS Johnson County Community College Overland Park, KS

NEW JERSEY Brookdale Community College Lincroft, NJ

Southwestern Michigan College Dowagiac, MI

Gloucester County College Sewell, NJ

PENNSYLVANIA Bucks County Community College Newtown, PA

Texas A&M University-Commerce Commerce, TX

Mercer County Community College West Windsor, NJ

HACC Gettysburg Campus Gettysburg, PA

Raritan Valley Community College Somerville, NJ

Harrisburg Area Community College Harrisburg, PA

NEW MEXICO Eastern New Mexico University Portales, NM

Harrisburg Area Community College York Campus | York, PA

Kansas State University Manhattan, KS

Washtenaw Community College Ann Arbor, MI

University of Kansas Lawrence, KS

MINNESOTA Minnesota State University, Mankato Mankato, MN

Wichita State University Wichita, KS

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Minneapolis, MN

KENTUCKY University of Louisville Louisville, KY

University of Minnesota Morris, MN

San Juan College Farmington, NM

Western Kentucky University Bowling Green, KY

MISSOURI Avila University Kansas City, MO

LOUISIANA Bossier Parish Community College Bossier City, LA

Metropolitan Community College-Penn Valley Kansas City, MO

University of Louisiana at Monroe Monroe, LA

Missouri Western State University St.Joseph, MO

Nicholls State University, Thibodaux, LA

Southeast Missouri State University Cape Girardeau, MO

College of Southern Nevada Green Valley Campus Henderson, NV

University of New Orleans New Orleans, LA

St. Charles Community College Cottleville, MO

College of Southern Nevada Henderson Campus, NV

State Fair Community College Sedalia, MO

NEW YORK Brooklyn College - CUNY Brooklyn, NY

MARYLAND Anne Arundel Community College Arnold, MD Carroll Community College Westminster, MD Chesapeake College Wye Mills, MD College of Southern Maryland La Plata, MD Frederick Community College Frederick, MD Harford Community College Bel Air, MD Hagerstown Community College Hagerstown, MD Howard Community College Columbia, MD University of Maryland College Park, MD MASSACHUSETTS North Shore Community College Danvers, MA University of Massachusetts Boston, MA MICHIGAN Baker College Online Flint, MI Delta College University Center, MI Ferris State University Big Rapids, MI Henry Ford Community College Dearborn, MI Kalamazoo Valley Community College Kalamazoo, MI Lake Superior State University Sault Ste. Marie, MI Lansing Community College Lansing, MI Macomb Community College Warren, MI

Three Rivers Community College Poplar Bluff, MO University of Central Missouri Warrensburg, MO Webster University St. Louis, MO MISSISSIPPI Holmes Community College Goodman Campus Goodman, MS

NEVADA College of Southern Nevada Charleston Campus Las Vegas, NV College of Southern Nevada Cheyenne Campus North Las Vegas, NV

Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, NY OHIO Central Ohio Tech College OSU-Newark | Newark, OH

MONTANA Montana State University Bozeman, MT

The University of Toledo Toledo, OH

Fayetteville State University Fayetteville, NC Guilford Technical Community College Jamestown, NC Mount Olive College Mount Olive, NC North Carolina Central University Durham, NC The University of North Carolina Wilmington, NC NORTH DAKOTA Bismarck State College Bismarck, ND North Dakota State University Fargo, ND NEBRASKA Bellevue University Bellevue, NE

University of Akron Akron, OH OKLAHOMA Northern Oklahoma College Tonkawa, OK Oklahoma State University Stillwater, OK Oklahoma State University-Tulsa Tulsa, OK University of Central Oklahoma Edmond, OK University of Oklahoma Norman, OK OREGON Central Oregon Community College Bend, OR

University of Texas Brownsville Brownsville, TX University of Texas at Arlington Arlington, TX University of Texas El Paso El Paso, TX

Midlands Technical College Columbia, SC

Weatherford College Weatherford, TX

Orangeburg Calhoun Technical College Orangeburg, SC

UTAH Brigham Young University Provo, UT

Piedmont Technical College Greenwood, SC

Davis Applied Technology College Kaysville, UT

Spartanburg Community College Spartanburg, SC

Salt Lake Community College Salt Lake City, UT

Technical College of the Lowcountry Beaufort, SC

Utah Valley State College Orem, UT

Trident Technical College Charleston, SC

TENNESSEE East Tennessee State University Johnson City, TN

The Ohio State University Columbus, OH

University of Houston Houston, TX

Victoria College Victoria, TX

Franklin University Columbus, OH

University of Mississippi University, MS

Tyler Jr. College Tyler, TX

Horry-Georgetown Technical College Conway, SC

York Technical College Rock Hill, SC

Rhodes State College Lima, OH

NORTH CAROLINA East Carolina University Greenville, NC

SOUTH CAROLINA Coastal Carolina University Conway, SC

Columbus State Community College Columbus, OH

Mississippi State University Mississippi State, MS

The University of Montana Missoula, MT

Harrisburg Area Community College-Lancaster Campus Lancaster, PA

Texas Tech University Lubbock, TX

VIRGINIA Old Dominion University Norfolk, VA WASHINGTON Central Washington University Ellensburg, WA Olympic College Bremerton, WA

Middle Tennessee State University Murfreesboro, TN

Western Washington University Bellingham, WA

Southern Adventist University Collegedale, TN

WISCONSIN Lakeshore Technical College Cleveland, WI

Tennessee State University Nashville, TN The University of Memphis Memphis, TN Walters State Community College Morristown, TN TEXAS Abilene Christian University Abilene, TX Austin Community College Austin, TX Eastfield College Mesquite, TX

Marian University of Fond du Lac Fond du Lac, WI University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Oshkosh, WI University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI WYOMING University of Wyoming Laramie, WY CANADA Lethbridge College Lethbridge, AB Canada

El Paso Community College El Paso, TX

Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology Saskatchewan, Canada

Grayson County College Denison, TX

Thompson Rivers University Kamloops, BC Canada

Clackamas Community College Oregon City, OR

Lamar Institute of Technology Beaumont, TX

Mt. Hood Community College Gresham, OR

Midwestern State University Wichita Falls, TX

Portland State University Portland, OR

Sam Houston State University Huntsville, TX

RCC-SOU Higher Education Center Medford, OR

Southern Methodist University Dallas, TX

january/february 2013


economic report

Global Manufacturing Update By Chad Moutray, Chief Economist,
National Association of Manufacturers

n the past month, there have been some signs tion has fallen nearly 3% over the past year, and unemployment has risen to an all-time high of 11.6%. (Spain’s that the overall global economy is improving, unemployment rate is a whopping 25.8%.) Nonethedespite significant headwinds. We continue to The National Association less, despite these dire statistics, it is important to note see modest growth in North America, including the United of Manufacturers (NAM) that the European Central Bank’s actions—including States and our largest trading partners, Canada and Mexrepresents small and ico. Both Brazil and China have seen gains in production its program to purchase sovereign debt from troubled large manufacturers in activity, with Brazil edging into expansion territory [with nations—has lifted spirits somewhat, even if it has not every industrial sector and a Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) of 50.2] and China solved the underlying structural challenges. in all 50 states. For more just barely there (49.5). (PMI values over 50 suggest that As noted last time, six of the top 10 export markets information, visit www. manufacturing activity is expanding, with contractions for for U.S.-manufactured goods are currently contracting, values under 50.) This is not to suggest that these nations’ with PMI values of less than 50. This complicates our economies are strong, as persistent weaknesses continue ability to increase exports. The most recent data suggest to dampen growth, but it does indicate a more positive that the U.S. trade deficit widened in August on lower picture than seen in other regions of the world, most notably in Europe. goods exports and imports. Higher petroleum costs accounted for much of Manufacturing activity in the Eurozone is off sharply. The Flash Eurothis, but there were also significant declines in other categories, including zone Manufacturing PMI fell from 46.1 in September to 45.3 in October. industrial supplies, foods, and consumer goods. On the other hand, yearDeclining new orders continue to reduce production and employment to-date manufactured goods exports were $43.6 billion higher in 2012 than across the continent. October manufacturing PMI values from Markit for the same period in 2011. While this suggests a much slower pace than show contracting activity levels, even as some indices improved for the in 2010 or 2011 (mostly due to the slower global economic environment), it month. This includes France (43.5, up from 42.7), Germany (45.7, down is perhaps surprising that export growth is positive at all given the number from 47.4), and the United Kingdom (47.7, down from 48.4). At the same of headwinds in the marketplace right now. * Reprinted with permission time, these data are supported by reports that Eurozone industrial produc-


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22 |

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By Daniel Pascoe General Manager Vacuforce, Inc.

Vacuum Cup HOlders V Cup Fitting

acuum cups are often mounted directly to machinery via a cup fitting as shown in the cup assembly in Fig. 1. This cup fitting will screw into the machinery lifting arms or handling device. If only one cup is being used or a pair to pick up cardboard sheets on a carton-erecting machine, for example, this method would normally prove adequate. However, when handling very large sheets or objects such as wooden panels, sheets of glass, or marble slabs, level compensators as shown in Fig. 2 would be more appropriate and certainly offer better compliance for the machine builder and ultimately the machine user. Level compensators consist of a vacuum cup connection thread or barb (for smaller cups) and a threaded vacuum port both positioned in a common solid metal rod. This rod diameter is assembled through a bushing with a spring surrounding its outside diameter (sometimes this spring is internal). The bushing is placed through a machine bracket, and lock nuts are tightened to secure it as shown in Fig. 3. The upper lock nut is used to determine the height of the level compensator once it is mounted through the machine bracket, and the lower lock nut is used to secure the holder in position. Level compensators or spring cup holders are installed to enable automated machinery to have an approximate approach height to the part being handled. They also enable the handling of surfaces that are not perfectly square to the machine approach or are not flat, such as a concave or convex surface. Fig. 4 demonstrates the approximate approach feature. In the machine REST position, all level compensators are at the same height and under spring tension. As the lift frame of the machine approaches, the cups make contact with the load to be lifted (CUP

24 |

SEAL). The machinery can continue past this point of cup contact to ensure that the cups make firm contact by the compression distance shown. The benefit of using level compensators in this application is that the approach distance can be approximate each time the machine “de-stacks” further layers. If the full stack height of the parts is higher than the stroke of the level compensators, periodically the machine will adjust the height offset. If holders were not used in this application and the cup was “hard mounted” to the machinery via a simple cup fitting as shown in Fig. 1, the machine approach distance would have to be very accurate to ensure contact was made by the vacuum cups, and this distance would change for every layer pick. This could be overcome by the use of a bellows-type cup, which offers its own “compensation,” but this is limited by cup compression distance of maybe only half an inch or so depending on the cup design. The level compensators offer the user and machine operator a very easy machine set up. Fig. 5 demonstrates how cup holders can be used to pick up a convex surface. As the machinery approaches, cup holder #4 makes initial contact and seals. As the machine continues downwards onto the load cup holders, #3, #2, and #1 make contact in that order with cup holder #4 having the most compression, and consequently, the holder rod protrudes the most through the holder bushing. As the machine returns vertically upwards in the LIFT part of the cycle, all cup holders return to the REST position. This method of cupholder application also allows for the sealing against concave or angled layers. The difference in height between the highest and lowest points of the workpiece will determine the type of holder to be used in respect to its compression distance.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Vacuum Connection

Cup Connection

Fig. 3 Machine Bracket Vacuum Port

Upper Lock Nut

Lower Lock Nut



Vacuum Cup Connection

Fig. 6 shows two catalogue drawings of identical holders but with different compression distances. The part number of this type of product typically reflects the compression distance as shown in the Fig. 6 illustration. The model on the left has 30 mm of compression, whereas the model on the right has 50 mm—the same fundamental holder but with a different compression distance. Cup holders are ideal for handling large flat or slightly curved surfaces, but cup holders should not be used in a horizontal position unless the load being handled is very lightweight. The manufacturer should be able to offer this load data. As a rule, however, the user will experience higher wear than usual between the rod and the bushing of the holder if it is being used in a horizontal or shear motion.


Machine Rest Position



2 Cup Seal

Machine Approach Distance

3 Lift Fig. 4 Fig. 5 VFLC1/2U30


1 Rest




Stroke 20-70mm


M20 x 1.5




Stroke 20-50mm

Cup Seal


M20 x 1.5



3 Lift

Daniel Pascoe is General Manager of Vacuforce Inc, manufacturer and distributor of vacuum components and systems for industry in North America. Daniel can be reached via the Vacuforce website at www., or directly at Find Vacuforce on Facebook and keep up to date on Twitter.

Fig. 6

This article is intended as a general guide and as with any industrial application involving machinery choice, independent professional advice should be sought to ensure correct selection and installation. january/february 2013

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people in the news

Mark Larsen Alfa Laval Inc. ‰ Mark Larsen was appointed senior vice president, equipment division. He is responsible for driving consistent profitable growth and developing new sales opportunities for the faster-paced and more transactional business of the company in the U.S. He joined the company in 2002 as vice president of the sanitary business segment. He was named senior vice president of the hygienic division in 2011.

Donna Pollander International Fluid Power Society (IFPS) ‰ Donna Pollander, IFPS executive director, was recently approved to receive the Advance Certification Administrator (ACA) credential. The ACA is the highest designation available through the National Certification Commission for practitioners currently in practice. Her credential noted a specialization and endorsement in Comprehensive Administration.

Mark Stevens Delta Computer Systems, Inc. ‰ Mark Stevens has been added to the company’s engineering team. He started working at the company in April 2012 and has assumed responsibility for continued development of the company’s software as a control software development engineer. He has more than 25 years of experience in designing, developing, and supporting software systems.

Kris Baldwin Eaton Corp. ‰ Kris Baldwin has joined the company as plant manager of the vehicle group’s automotive valve train facility, Kearney, Neb. She oversees all production, safety, and environmental aspects. She recently worked as plant manager for IngersollRand’s security technologies sector. Prior to that, she served as plant manager for Eaton’s vehicle group facilities in Auburn and Greenfield, Ind., and factory manager in Belmond, Iowa.

David McKay Concept Systems Inc. ‰ David McKay has joined the company as a sales engineer, covering the region of Southern Oregon, Nevada, and California. He attended the University of Texas and Washington State University, and has over 20 years of manufacturing experience. His manufacturing experience includes an in-depth knowledge of manufacturing information systems.



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Hose Abrasion

When an operation relies on hydraulic hose, evaluating it for potential abrasion is

by Bruce MacIntyre, AY Seal and Packing Co. (


HighTemperature Seals

paramount. Industry and user experience agree 70% of failures are a direct result of abrasion or external damage—yet many could be prevented. Since hose is critical to performance and other operational metrics, hose design and accessories that protect it become critical. Often this makes one wonder which hose cover or accessory is the best. And, as is often the case with What is “high temperature” in so many variables in an operation, the answer is “it depends.” While some standards, such as hydraulic-sealing applications? Most ISO 6945, can be poor indicators because of variability, human judgment and field experience hydraulic seals are NBR rated at seem to be better guides. Let’s walk through the options: 250ºF. So is anything over 250ºF high • Assess the application. Abrasion will not occur without relative movement. Products, temperature? such as looms, keep hoses separate from one another and can prevent hose-to-hose rubMany engineers specify FKM for bing. “Elbow pads” found in high-density plastic can be strapped on the hose at strategic applications over 250ºF – a safe bet points. Passages through which a hose is inserted can be protected with isolators of plastic or for temperatures exceeding 325ºF, rubber. These separate the relative motion created between the surface causing the abrasion but what about applications between of the hose. Brackets supporting the hose can be a good means of controlling rubbing points, 250ºF and 325ºF? Do you really need but flexure and movement within the bracket can be an issue. Furthermore, the nature of the the added protection of FKM at about abrading surface can affect the potential for failure. Determine whether it is a broad surface eight times the cost of NBR? contact or edge rubbing. Consider HNBR for 250ºF to 325ºF • Evaluate the outside hose cover. Covers can be smooth plastic (nylon thermoplastic hose), at about half the cost of FKM. a textile such as nylon braid, or more traditional rubber-covered hoses. A smoother cover is less prone to snag. Thermoplastic hoses offer this characteristic, as well. A textile cover can snag easily, but can also be impregnated with plastic resins that decrease friction and increase wear resistance. Rubber covers vary from traditional neoprene to plastic/rubber blends, and the high-end thin polyethylene  (UHMWPE) sheath is part of the cover. The latter two cover styles are highly abrasion resistant and benefit from a low coefficient of friction provided by the plastic. The industry typically "Serving Industry for 50 years" uses the ratio of 1:8:600+ on the relative abrasion resistance of these categories of * SAE 4-BOLT * SAE, JIS, DIN rubber covers, with the UHMWPE seen as the premier solution although stiffer * FLANGE * METRIC PORTS and more costly. ADAPTERS Sleeves can supplement the cover and be * SPECIALS * STAINLESS placed along the length and circumference of the hose. These range from spring coils to woven fabric (typically nylon) to corrugated plastics, with many designed with resistance to chemicals, ultraviolet rays, and ozone attack. The selection criteria will vary by Experience - 50 years of hydraulic experience need. A coiled spring-like wire provides proAvailability - Standards & Specials in stock tection to blunt-force impacts but is prone to snagging. A woven nylon sleeve can be very Assistance - MAIN's engineers are part of the abrasion resistant as with a textile hose cover SAE, NFPA, and ISO committees but will be prone to bunching and snagging. These sleeves can have the added capability Request MAIN's catalog WWW.MAINMFG.COM/fpj to resist pinhole sprays of high-pressure fluid. A US Manufacturer So while the question of which cover or accessory is best is answered by “it depends,” if the user combines good judgment and practical field experience, effective selections can be made to manufacturing products, inc create a balance in hydraulic flow and abrasion performance. by Eaton Corp. Circle 177


' M A I N ' A D VA N TA G E S


PH: 800-521-7918 FAX: 810-953-1385 3181 Tri-Park Drive Grand Blanc, MI 48439

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Hydraulic Pumps and Motors By Brendan Casey,

a condition-based maintenance environment, the decision to change out a hydraulic pump or motor is usually based on either remaining bearing life or deteriorating efficiency, whichever occurs first. Despite recent advances in predictivemaintenance technologies, the maintenance professional’s ability to determine the remaining bearing life of a pump or motor with a high degree of accuracy remains elusive. Deteriorating efficiency, on the other hand, is easy to detect because it typically shows itself through increased cycle times. In other words, the machine slows down. When this occurs, quantification of the efficiency loss is not always necessary. Reason being, if the machine slows to the point where its cycle time is unacceptably slow, the pump or motor is changed out. End of story. In certain situations, however, it can be helpful, even necessary, to quantify the pump or motor’s actual efficiency and compare it to the component’s native efficiency. And for this, an understanding of hydraulic pump and motor efficiency ratings is essential. There are three categories of efficiency used to describe hydraulic pumps (and motors): volumetric efficiency, mechanical/hydraulic efficiency, and overall efficiency. Volumetric efficiency is determined by dividing the actual flow delivered by a pump at a given pressure by its theoretical flow. Theoretical flow is calculated by multiplying the pump’s displacement per revolution by its driven speed. So if the pump has a displacement of 100 cc/rev and is being driven at 1,000 rpm, its theoretical flow is 100 liters/minute. Actual flow has to be measured using a flowmeter. If when tested, the above pump had an actual flow of 90 liters/minute at 207 bar (3,000


28 |

psi), we can say the pump has a volumetric efficiency of 90% at 207 bar (90 / 100 x 100 = 90%). Volumetric efficiency is what we use most in the field to determine the condition of a hydraulic pump based on its increase in internal leakage through wear or damage. But without reference to theoretical flow, the actual flow measured by the flowmeter would be meaningless. A pump’s mechanical/hydraulic efficiency is determined by dividing the theoretical torque required to drive it by the actual torque required to drive it. A mechanical/hydraulic efficiency of 100% would mean if the pump was delivering flow at zero pressure, no force or torque would be required to drive it. Intuitively, we know this is not possible due to mechanical and fluid friction. Like theoretical flow, theoretical drive torque can be calculated. For the above pump, in SI units: 100 cc/rev x 207 bar / 20 x π = 329 Newton meters. But like actual flow, actual drive torque must be measured, and this requires the use of a dynamometer. Not something we can—or need—to do in the field. For the purposes of this example, though, let’s assume the actual drive

Considering Efficiency

torque was 360 Nm. Mechanical/hydraulic efficiency would be 91% (329 / 360 x 100 = 91%). Overall efficiency is simply the product of volumetric and mechanical/hydraulic efficiency. So continuing with the above example, the overall efficiency of the pump is 0.9 x 0.91 x 100 = 82%. Typical overall efficiencies for different types of hydraulic pumps are shown in Table 1. System designers use the pump manufacturers’ volumetric efficiency value to calculate the actual flow a pump of a given displacement, operating at a particular pressure, will deliver. And as already mentioned, volumetric efficiency is also used in the field to assess the condition of a pump based on increase in internal leakage due to wear or damage. When calculating volumetric efficiency based on actual flow testing, it’s important to be mindful of the fact that the various leakage paths within the pump are usually constant. This means if pump flow is tested at less than full displacement (or maximum RPM), this will skew the calculated efficiency—unless leakage is treated as a constant and necessary adjustment made.

For Example

Consider a variable-displacement pump with a maximum flow rate of 100 liters/minute. If it was flow tested at full displacement and the measured flow rate was 90 liters/minute, the calculated volumetric efficiency would be 90% (90/100 x 100). But if the same pump was flow tested at the same pressure and oil temperature but at half displacement (50 L/min), the leakage losses would still be 10 liters/minute and so the calculated volumetric efficiency would be 80% (40/50 x 100). The second calculation is not actually wrong, but it requires qualification: this pump is 80% efficient at half displacement. Because the leakage losses of 10 liters/minute are nearly constant, the same pump tested under the same conditions will be 90% efficient at 100% displacement (100 L/min)—and 0% efficient at 10% displacement (10 L/min)!

To help understand why pump leakage at a given pressure and temperature is almost constant, think of the various leakage paths as fixed orifices. The rate of flow through an orifice is dependant on the diameter (and shape) of the orifice, the pressure drop across it, and fluid viscosity. This means that if these variables remain constant, the rate of internal leakage remains constant, independent of the pump’s displacement or shaft speed. Overall efficiency is used to calculate the drive power required by a pump at a given flow and pressure. For example, using the overall efficiencies from the table above, let us calculate, in SI units, the required drive power for an external gear pump and a bent axis piston pump at a flow of 90 liters/minute at 207 bar: • External gear pump: 90 x 207 / 600 x 0.85 = 36.5 kW • Bent axis piston pump: 90 x 207 / 600 x 0.92 = 33.75 kW As you’d expect, the more efficient pump requires less drive power for the same output flow and pressure. With a little more math, we can quickly calculate the heat load of each pump:

• Drive power for a (non-existent) 100% efficient pump would be: 90 x 207 / 600 x 1 = 31.05 kW.

Table 1 Pump Type

Overall Efficiency %

So at this flow and pressure, the heat load or power lost to heat of each pump is • External gear pump: 36.5 – 31.05 = 5.5 kW • Bent axis piston pump: 33.75 – 31.05 = 2.7 kW

External Gear


Internal Gear




Radial Piston


No surprise then that a system with gear pumps and motors requires a bigger heat exchanger than an equivalent (all other things equal) system with piston pumps and motors.

Bent Axis Piston


Axial Piston


Source: Bosch Rexroth

About the Author Brendan Casey is the founder of and the author of Insider Secrets to Hydraulics, Preventing Hydraulic Failures, Hydraulics Made Easy, Advanced Hydraulic Control, and The Definitive Guide to Hydraulic Troubleshooting. A fluid power specialist with an MBA, he has more than 20 years experience in the design, maintenance and repair of mobile and industrial hydraulic equipment. Visit his website:

Stringent Testing,

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Foundation News FPEF

FPEF Scholarships / Grants he Fluid Power Educational Foundation actively pursues both funding for its own educational initiatives as well as related funding opportunities for students and professionals in the fluid power industry. The Foundation is constantly searching for more possibilities that have content related to the study of fluid power and its associated technologies, including mathematics, science, and motion control. If you would like FPEF to list your organization’s internship opportunities or scholarships, please email


FPEF 2013 Scholarship Applications are available. Visit to apply. Scholarships are open to students who are • enrolled in a school that offers fluid power courses • carrying at least nine (9) credit hours or the equivalent • have achieved a 3.0 GPA or better on a 4.0 scale

Attention all Students and Instructors!

Scholarships and Grants for IFPS Certification and Membership Scholarships and grants are available to students, transitioning military, and college instructors/professors for one (1) IFPS certification and one (1) year IFPS membership. Funds are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Qualifications are listed below: • Students must be enrolled in a school that offers fluid power courses. A student must take a minimum of twelve (12) credit hours or the equivalent and have a 3.50 GPA on a 4.0 scale cumulative. • Transitioning Military: DD214 with honorable discharge needed. • College Instructor/Professor: Funds are available for a “first” IFPS certification; traditional fees will apply for additional certification tests. Proof of employment needed. • Need-based scholarships* are available for both students and professionals. E-mail for further information. *Individual must supply proof of unemployment, earn less than 50% of their state medium income, and submit the prior year’s tax return.



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of Manufacturing Experience Caps • Plugs • Grips Protection • Finishing • Masking


s a l e s @ m o ca p. co m Circle 180

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Circle 181

FPE's Education Committee, co-chaired by Tom Wanke, director, Fluid Power Institute, Milwaukee School of Engineering, and James D. Van de Ven, Ph.D., assistant professor, department of mechanical engineering, University of Minnesota, have issued a call for papers for the IFPE 2014 technical conference. The conference is scheduled from March 4-8, 2014 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The IFPE 2014 technical conference will feature presentations by international experts in hydraulics, pneumatics, power transmission, and their control. Papers presented at the conference will also be published in subsequent proceedings. Abstracts are now being accepted for the following topics: • Fluid power systems – hydraulic, hydromechanical, hydro-electric, hybrid (energy storage) • Basic components – pumps, motors, transmissions (HST, HMT, hybrid), actuators, electronics, valves, fluid conductors • Analysis, modeling, simulation – component, fluid system, system-vehicle integration and optimization, control systems • Noise and vibration – analysis, measurement, control; fluidborne, structureborne, airborne • Fluids – new fluids, green concerns (biodegradable), fluid properties, contamination, filtration • Materials / manufacturing – new materials, improved manufacturing practices (tolerances, reliability, efficiency), green materials and manufacturing techniques • Auxiliary components related to fluid power – electric motors, brakes, clutches, gear boxes, linear positioners, belts and pulleys, sensors, communication protocols • Standards – industry, national, international • Fluid power in renewable energy applications • Impact of Tier 4 and beyond • Controls and control systems • Seals and sealing technology


Wisconsin School District Incorporates Fluid Power Into Curriculum tudents at two middle schools in Wauwatosa, Wis., are currently using Fluid Power Challenge classroom exercise kits and building mini-hydraulics kits in conjunction with their PLTW curriculum. During the 2012-13 school year, 480 students at Longfellow Middle School and Whitman Middle School will learn about fluid power and fluid mechanics using the lessons that are based loosely on the PLTW Gateway to Technology course. Further, the Wauwatosa School District is implementing a new K-8 science curriculum inquiry-based learning system based on the new Next Generation Science standards released in May 2012. The project began when two educators with the school district started working with educator/consultant Steve Rogers of Mechanical Kits Ltd. to incorporate fluid power into their grade 6 curriculum. They held a workshop in August to acquaint other middle school teachers with hydraulics and pneumatics by having them build the lifter and rotating arm exercise kits. Each of the schools received a Fluid Power Challenge grant to help cover the cost of curriculum development, materials, and teacher training. For more information on the Fluid Power Challenge or how schools in your area can apply for a grant, contact Carrie Tatman Schwartz at or 414-778-3347.


Calendar of Events 2013 NFPA Annual Conference March 5-8, 2013 Montelucia Resort, Scottsdale, AZ

2013 Industry & Economic Outlook Conference August 12-14, 2013 Westin Chicago North Shore, Wheeling, IL

2014 NFPA Annual Conference February 3-5, 2014 The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach, Manalapan, FL

2014 IFPE March 4-8, 2014 Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV

association News

IFPE 2014 Update: Call for Papers for IFPE Technical Conference is Underway


The deadline for submitting abstracts is expected to be late May or early June 2013, and the list of topics is subject to change. For more information visit

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First News

Dean Kamen Encourages More Than 25,000 Students Around the World to RING IT UP!SM for the 2012-2013 FIRST® Tech Challenge Game
 FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) launched its 20122013 FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC®) season with a series of live and online kickoff events unveiling this year’s game, RING IT UP!SM FIRST Tech Challenge is a widely accessible robotics program for grades 7 through 12 that promotes project-based learning. Using a proven formula that engages student interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), FTC is one of the fastest-growing programs of its kind in the world. FTC is highly scalable and easily integrates into the classroom with measurable results. FIRST teams learn to engage business, engineering, and science professionals, and working together, become a focal point of the communities in which they live. Using a combination of motors, controllers, wireless communications, metal gears, and sensors, including infrared tracking (IR) and magnet seeking, about 25,000 students will program their robots to operate in both autonomous and driver-controlled modes on a field with a center rack. The object of the game is to score more points than an opponent by placing plastic rings onto pegs on a center rack. Teams will be challenged to detect special “weighted” rings to earn bonus points. RING IT UP!SM matches will last two minutes

and 30 seconds, beginning with a 30-second autonomous period followed by a two-minute driver-controlled period. The final 30 seconds of the driver-controlled period is the “end game,” where each team can score bonus points by lifting up their partner’s robot off the game floor to a maximum height of 24 inches. “FIRST Tech Challenge empowers students to think like engineers and scientists,” said Dean Kamen, FIRST founder and president of DEKA Research & Development Corp. “There is no doubt in my mind that FTC students will solve society’s greatest challenges by employing the same disciplines and critical thinking that they’re bringing to this year’s FTC game, RING IT UP!SM”  “Hands-on, project-based learning has been the hallmark of FTC from its inception,” said Ken Johnson, acting chief program officer and director, FIRST Tech Challenge. “The universal growth and acceptance of FTC can be tied to its continuing leadership and success in STEM-based education.” During the 2012-2013 FTC season, an estimated 2,500 FIRST Tech Challenge teams will compete in events in the U.S., Australia, China, India, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and—new this year—Spain and Germany.

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The RING IT UP!SM season qualifying and championship events will culminate with the FIRST championship, April 24-27, 2013, at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, Mo. The 20122013 FIRST Tech Challenge sponsors include Rockwell Collins (official program sponsor for the FIRST Tech Challenge) and PTC® (FTC CAD and Collaboration sponsor).

Iowa Includes FIRST® in Groundbreaking Legislation to Promote Student STEM Learning Iowa Gov. Terry E. Brandstad will be joined by leaders of Iowa’s higher education and FIRST® to launch a groundbreaking program that sets aside $4.7 million for schools and community groups in the state to engage students in hands-on programs that promote science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The state of Iowa has committed $4.7 million to growing 12 exemplary STEM educational programs based on their proven ability to stimulate interest and impact students’ achievement in STEM-related topics. FIRST® Tech Challenge (FTC®) and FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL®), both FIRST programs, are two of these 12 hands-on programs selected by the Governor’s STEM advisory council, distributed via six STEM regions, assuring access to all Iowa students for little or no cost to the school or after-school programming organization. The Governor’s STEM advisory council is a public-private partnership whose overarching goal is creating greater student achievement in STEM subjects and a stronger STEM workforce in Iowa. “Iowa is leading the country in fully enabling STEM education,” said Dean Kamen of FIRST. “The proven formula of utilizing hands-on learning programs to spark math and science education in the classroom places Iowa squarely in the position of being a leader and a model for the entire nation.” According to Change the Equation’s STEM Vital Signs, jobs in STEM are expected to grow by 16% this decade in Iowa (57,830 jobs in 2008 to 67,330 by 2018). Currently, there are 42 other states considering similar STEM legislation. “It is critical to provide Iowa’s students with a world-class education, which means emphasizing the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields,” said Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds. “As co-chair of the Governor’s STEM advisory council, it’s about growing jobs, closing the achievement gap, and inspiring students to embrace STEM fields to that they can take charge of their future.”

To learn more, visit

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No Kinks - No Hose Twisting Simplified hose configuration, less hose & adapters reduce repairs & downtime cutting the overall cost of hydraulics.

Inline & 90° Hydraulic Live Swivels

• Rated To 10,000 P.S.I. • Heat Treated • Superior Quality Alloy Steel • Rebuildable Ball Bearing Design • Withstands Heavy Side Loads • Available In 304 & 440 Stainless Steel • Custom Design & Sizes Available • Full Flow — Available Low Pressure Drop

Quality Products Made In The U.S.A. In BSPP Patent No. 5547233 Email: Fax: 763-784-7423

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Product Catalog Adaconn® + Inserta® {Circle 189}

Winter Literature Review { Special Advertising Section }

An updated product catalog is available as an interactive pdf version on the Adaconn® + Inserta® website, and is the most up to date resource for new product offerings. Contact the company if the latest printed catalog is desired.





Adaconn® Inserta® Blue Bell, Pennsylvania 215.643.1900 215.643.0192 Trend Setting Products for Integrated Hydraulic Systems


TIER 4 Final 2014: The Time is Now

Aggressive hydraulics {Circle 190}

Bosch Rexroth Corporation {Circle 191}

AHI’s binder is arranged in a 5 tab system to help you succeed: 1. Double and single acting welded rod cylinders 2. Custom welded rod cylinders for new applications 3. Double and single acting telescopic cylinder manufacturing • Reverse engineering for replacement of existing applications (aftermarket) • One piece through production quantity capability 4. Replacement seals & parts for commercial telescopics 5. Repair and refurbishing Request yours today at or

Mobile equipment OEMs at every level must soon re-engineer their products to meet TIER 4 final 2014 regulations that permit only around 10% of current soot and NOx emissions. To help OEMs prepare, Rexroth’s new brochure details TIER 4 final’s key technology challenges and the solutions Rexroth can supply to help mobile equipment be in compliance and deliver effective performance. For more information, visit and download High-Efficiency Hydraulic Solutions brochure.

NEW Pneumatic Control Devices Catalog

Industrial Control Solutions

Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc. {Circle 192}

Cyber-Tech, Inc. {Circle 193}

Clippard, a manufacturer of the most complete line of miniature pneumatic products, offers a 356-page full product line catalog with technical information, product applications, and more. It includes features, specifications, photographs, and technical drawings for over 5,000 standard products. It's your complete source for miniature fluid power products. Request your free copy today!

Cyber-Tech, Inc. designs and manufactures custom industrial grade control handles, control pendants, mechanical and proportional joysticks with a consistent reputation for being rugged and reliable, while delivering a level of customer service that is superior in the industry. Visit our website and give us a call so we can assist you in your control needs.

Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc. 7390 Colerain Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45239 877-245-6247 1.800.621.8754


High-Efficiency Hydraulic Solutions from Bosch Rexroth |

Winter Literature Review


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A10V Piston Pumps

2013 Kit Catalog

FluiDyne Fluid Power {Circle 194}

Hercules Sealing Products {Circle 195}

FluiDyne Fluid Power provides replacement A10V Piston pumps to distributors and OEMs all around the world. These high quality pumps come with a full range of options including seals, mountings, shafts, compensators, thru-drives, etc. Our customer service team provides what you want, when you need it. Most pumps ship same day or next. Give our Customer Service Team a call to assist you with your hydraulic needs! FluiDyne Fluid Power 586.296.7200

The Hercules® 2013 Kit Catalog contains over 1000 pages of hydraulic and pneumatic seal kit information for both industrial and mobile applications. Complete cylinder repair kits are available for over 150 different brands of equipment including: construction, logging, refuse, forklifts, cranes and dump bodies. Popular kits include Caterpillar®, John Deere, Komatsu®, Volvo and many more. Pump, motor and valve kits are also available for popular brands. To order this free catalog or to place your order online, visit Hercules Sealing Products Clearwater, Fl; phone: 866-625-0542; fax: 800-759-6391 website:

For over 65 years Hydraulic Supply Company has been stocking quality Eaton brand products to service 2012 Stock Products Catalog our industrial and mobile markets. Our 2012 Stock Products Catalog has over 1400 pages containing

Hydraulic Supply Company {Circle 196} thousands of products for immediate delivery! Orders received by 4:00 p.m. ship same day.

Miniature Pneumatic and Fluid Components Industrial Specialties Mfg. {Circle 197}

Call 800-432-6413 or email us at to receive a free digital version today!

For over 65 years Hydraulic Supply Company has been stocking quality Eaton brand products to service our industrial and mobile markets. Our 2012 Stock Products Catalog has over 1400 pages containing thousands of products for immediate delivery! Orders received by 4:00 p.m. ship same day.

Get your FREE copy of the latest ISM catalog for 2013!

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Industrial Specialties Manufacturing 4091 S. Eliot Street Englewood, CO 80110-4369 • 800-781-8487 •

Industrial Specialties Mfg. (ISM), manufactures and distributes all over the world. We offer an extensive selection of fittings, valves, filters, orifices and tubing. If we don’t have it, we will find it or build it for you. Request your digital or print copy today!

KuriKrimp™ Crimpers & Accessories Catalog

Compressed Air Filtration

Kuriyama of America, Inc. {Circle 198}

La-Man Corporation {Circle 199}

• New improved Die Kages for protection and storage of dies for the KD100 series crimpers. • New KD4-600 and KD4-1000 series crimpers for crimping larger ID industrial hoses. • New line-up of KuriSaws™ cutting equipment. • A new 10 ton fitting pusher is now offered.

360 E. State Parkway Schaumburg, IL 60173 (847) 755-0360 • Fax: (847) 885-0996 •

Brochure offers a comprehensive overview of the company’s complete line of compressed air filtration products. Highlighted is the patented family of Extractor/Dryers. These two-stage, point of use filters remove contaminates to a 5-micron rating with flow ranges of 15 to 2,000 scfm. Additional products available include the SuperStar Membrane Dryer, .01 Micron Filter, Refrigerated Extractor/ Dryer, and much more. La-Man Corporation (800) 348-2463

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Winter Literature Review


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Hydraulic Flanges and Components

Muncie Power Products {Circle 201}

Main Manufacturing Products {Circle 200}

Muncie Power Products has once again extended their reach with their new single-acting telescopic cylinders. These uniquely designed cylinders provide performance and value through advanced machining and the use of proprietary seals to deliver extended life without need for adjustment. The cylinders have been engineered with machined hard stops to guarantee reliable stopping at the end of every stroke. The bore size of the final stage is larger but the average displacement of the stages has been reduced. This allows Muncie’s cylinders to require less oil than those of its class and ultimately leads to faster cycle times and the ability to lift more using the same pressure.

Catalog includes the popular styles of MAIN Manufacturing’s extensive offering of Hydraulic Flanges and Components – ready for immediate shipment. Dimensional drawings, part numbers, metric and weld specifications included. The “Quick Reference Guide” helps specify less popular items often stocked or quickly manufactured at our US plant. MAIN Manufacturing Products, Inc. Grand Blanc, MI (800) 521-7918; FAX: (810) 953-1385 E-mail: Web: www.


Complete Line of Equipment

Hydraulic Live Swivels Catalog

Oil-Rite Corporation {Circle 202}

Super Swivels {Circle 203}

A NEW full color 104 page catalog is available on Oil-Rite’s Lubrication Equipment featuring PurgeX ® Centralized Lubrication Systems. Complete “turn key” systems are available for immediate delivery. Liquid or Grease delivery. Air or Electric Motor Operated. The catalog also features an entire line of level gauges, lubricators, valves, vent plugs and filters.

Inline and 90˚ hydraulic live swivels. Available in sizes from 1/8" to 2-1/2", rated to 10,000 PSI, heat treated, superior quality alloy steel, chrome or stainless steel ball bearings, withstands heavy side loads, burnished (micro smooth) barrel bores, Viton®, Aflas®, or Teflon® encapsulated seals, zinc or nickel plated, available in 440 stainless steel, full flow - low pressure drop, rebuilding kits available.

Oil-Rite Corporation PO Box 1207 Manitowoc, WI 54221-1207 Telephone: (920) 682-6173 E-mail:

Super Swivels Phone: (763) 784-5531, Fax: (763) 784-7423, Website:



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Inline & 90° Swivels Heavy Duty Ball Bearing, Rebuildable Design Email:

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Womack machine supply, co. {Circle 205}

Ultra Clean Technologies {Circle 204}

746 SHILOH PIKE • BRIDGETON, NJ 08302 U.S.A. TOLL-FREE: 800-791-9111 • 856-451-2176 • INT’L: +1 856-391-3262 Email: •


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HOSE, TUBE & PIPE CLEANING & SEALING, and AIR PURIFICATION PRODUCTS Our CLEAN EASY products strip out internal contamination from hose/tube assemblies using special foam projectiles and a pneumatic launcher for superior results. SEAL EASY features Clean Seal System to heat-shrink capsules onto hose/tube assembly ends. We’ve added shorter capsules to conform to 90° fittings. Clean Seal Flange products keep oil in and dirt out when changing hoses/ tubes with flanged connections. BREATHE EASY includes Desiccant Breathers to filter contaminants and remove corrosive water vapor from air. Benefits all Heavy Duty Markets, including Construction, Mining, Marine, Offshore, Hose & Tube Assembly.

Switch Your Swivel!

Womack Machine Supply has created a comprehensive library of textbooks on Fluid Power, Industrial Controls and Automation Equipment. Our books are written from a practical standpoint rather than a scientific one, keeping math and theory to a minimum while focusing the logical use of Fluid Power as it relates to our industry. Womack Machine Supply, Co. 13835 Senlac Drive Farmers Branch, Texas 75234 972.884.1524

To learn more, visit

industry news YOUR CYLINDER SOURCE Yates Industries, Inc. {Circle 206}

Winners of 2012 Industrial Automation Engineering Scholarships Announced

All Designs, All Sizes, One Result. Yates Cylinders – an ISO-9001:2008 company with facilities in Michigan and Alabama – is your top-quality supplier for all cylinder applications. Hydraulic, pneumatic, NFPA, millgrade, or custom engineering – you name it, Yates can handle it. Complete catalog available. We also maintain an unmatched repair program used by the biggest names in the American Industry. Yates Industries, Inc. 23050 Industrial Dr. E. St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 ph 586.778.7680 fax 586.778.6565

Yates Industries South, LLC. 3401-J Highway 20 Decatur, AL 35601 ph 256.351.8081 fax 256.351.8571

EX Series Planetary Gearbox Young Powertech, Inc. {Circle 207}

As the new Exclusive Partner of STM for North America, we are able to introduce the Efficient, Durable and Energy Efficient EX Series Planetary Gearbox. With torques ranging from 1000nm to 85,000, The STM EX Planetary Gearbox is ideal for many applications including Marine, Mobile and Fixed. Features Include: • Ratios from 1:3.5 up to 1:2500 • Torques range from 1000nm to 85,000nm • Suitable for continuous, reversing and intermittent operation • high torque in relation to size • compact design • can be installed in any mounting position 888-465-3561 • ATEX Certified • High Radial Load • Low noise levels

Filtration, Manifolds, Valves, & Accessories Zinga Industries Inc. {Circle 208}

Zinga Industries is a leading manufacturer of mobile hydraulic oil filters, tank accessories, and manifolds. From 5 PSI to 6000 PSI, tank top or spin-on, we have a filtration product to meet your needs. Hydraulic manifolds are custom designed for your specific application. Tank accessories are the best available, and standard equipment with major OEM’s. We are an ISO registered company, celebrating 35 years in the hydraulic filtration Industry (1976 -2011).

‰ ASCO Numatics announced the winners of the 2012 Industrial Automation Engineering Scholarship: Kelsey Johnson of Brownsburg, Ind., and Nathan Koetsier of Marne, Mich., will each receive $5,000 as part of the scholarship program. The company will also make $1,000 grants to the engineering departments of Purdue University and Michigan Technological University, the schools that Johnson and Koetsier respectively attend. Johnson will graduate with a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from Purdue University in May 2013. Koetsier will also receive a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering in May 2013 from Michigan Technological University. The award was presented as part of PMMI’s annual 2012 Amazing Packaging Race at PACK EXPO Chicago. The race sends teams of packaging students around the exhibition floor to earn points from exhibitors by completing packaging and processing-related tasks. ASCO Numatics’ sponsorship of the race helped support the PMMI Education and Training Foundation, which provides scholLeft: Kelsey Johnson arships to packaging students from Bottom: PMMI partner schools. Nathan Koetsier (left) The ASCO Numatics Engineering with Robert Scholarships are awarded annually W. Kemple of based on the candidates’ potential ASCO Numatics for leadership and for making a significant contribution to the industrial automation engineering profession, particularly as it relates to the application of fluid control and fluid power technologies. A panel of ASCO Numatics and independent judges selected the finalists.

Yates Industries to Open New Facilities in 2013 ‰ Yates Industries will open a new repair facility in Michigan in January 2013. This facility will add 40,000 square feet to the company's current operations. Five new machines have also been purchased. In addition, the company plans to open a new manufacturing facility near the existing Decatur, Ala., location in April. This new facility will triple the size of the current Decatur facilities.

Young Powertech and STM Join Forces Zinga Industries, Inc. • 2400 Zinga Drive • Reedsburg, WI 53959 • U.S.A.

(608) 524-4200

‰ Young Powertech Inc. has become the exclusive North American partner for STM in the hydraulic and mechanical transmission marketplace. Immediate new additions to Young Powertech’s product line include parallel shaft gearboxes, bevel helical gearboxes, and helical inline gearboxes.

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Fracking Truck

Designed for harsh industrial environments, the range of MBS pressure transmitters from Danfoss (3000, 4010, 4201, 4500, and 4701 series), which utilize the piezo-resistive sensor technology, are used to control the pump intake, lube oil, and filter pressure on the fracking trucks, as well as the pump suction and discharge lines of the blender trucks and hydrators. MBT temperature sensors (series 3270 and 3560) also monitor the hydraulic reservoir on the blender and fracking trucks, as well as the lube oil and radiator temperature.

Fluid Power Product Application

Pressure and Temperature Controls Support Booming Shale Gas Extraction Industry in the U.S. By Danfoss Robust and long-lasting, pressure and temperature controls play an important role in the oil and gas fields in the south-eastern United States. Recently, the controls have gained popularity in a new process in the north—shale gas extraction. When people think of the U.S. oil and gas industry, they often picture the wide expanses of Texas and Oklahoma. However, recent breakthroughs in drilling technology have created a gas boom in the shalerich areas of the northern and eastern parts of the country. Components have helped increase production, save energy, and reduce costs in the conventional oil and gas industry for many years, and now pressure and temperature controls are helping extract the gas trapped in shale deposits in a high-pressure process known as “fracking.”


‰ High Performance in Harsh Environments Once regarded as too difficult or costly to extract, shale gas now accounts for a significant portion of the total gas production in the U.S. To release the gas from the shale layers deep underground, a process known as hydraulic fracturing–or fracking–pumps water and chemicals into the rock under high pressure. |

Danfoss Sensors

‰ Piezo-Resistive Sensing Technology Raises the “Bar” Manufacturers of equipment located on fracking trucks and in the fracking industry are faced with ever-increasing challenges such as high-pressure peaks, liquid hammer, cavitation, high vibration, and mechanical impact in hydraulic systems with changes in low velocity, e.g. fast closing of a valve or pump starts and stops. The piezo-resistive technology found in the Danfoss pressure transmitters used in the fracking industry offers long-term stability on zero point and span, as well as high performance over a wide temperature range. This technolgy utilizes a silicon diaphragm with diffused piezo-resistive resistors acting as strain gauges, which makes it suitable for applications with pressure peaks in hydraulic applications. Since pressure overload can typically reach six times (max 1,500 bar) the measuring range and occurs during millions of cycles, piezo-resistive silicon sensing is far superior to competing metal thin-film or ceramic thickfilm sensing technologies because of its high accuracy over time and over-pressure safety. • The MBS 3000 is the universal, compact version of the piezo-resistive pressure transmitter, commonly found in pump applications and hydraulics. • Pressure transmitters MBS 4010 with flush diaphragm and MBS 4510 high-accuracy

Kuriyama of America, Inc. flush diaphragm sensor are designed for use with non-uniform, high-viscous, or crystallizing mediums. • When explosive approvals for hazardous areas are needed, the MBS 4201 and 4701 series of intrinsically safe pressure transmitters come with EEx ia IICT6 explosion protection according to ATEX 100a. The approval covers use in zones 0, 1, and 2– where explosive gas, vapor, or mist exist or present a potential hazard. ‰ Controlling Temperatures up to 300ºC Disparities in measuring oil temperature on fracking equipment can have serious consequences, such as reducing equipment lifetime—even if just by a few degrees. An outstanding temperature sensor is characterized by the element, its ability to react quickly and precisely, and the packaging. Danfoss temperature sensors used in the fracking market exhibit all of these qualities while utilizing two temperature sensor element technologies. • RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector): Pt 100 or Pt 1000; RTD sensors are based on a thin-film element, which ensures durability, a fast response time, and high accuracy. • NTC/PTC (Negative/Positive Temperature Characteristic): Customized output signal and price competitive elements in large volumes. Resistance temperature detector sensors have traditionally been used in applications where the temperature needs to be transformed into an electrical signal and withstand intense vibrations. This is the case with the MBT 3560 temperature sensor with

built-in transmitter that has integrated electronics enhancing the electrical signal up to 200ºC. The current signal can be conveyed across long distances without voltage interference, making it suitable for applications that have to withstand rugged conditions. Temperature sensors with integrated transmitters are increasingly used in hydraulics due to the fast, reliable, and long life, offering real advantages to end-users seeking a more stable electrical signal. Where size is a factor but high performance is still a must, the MBT 3270, which can be equipped with different sensing elements (RTD, NTC, or PTC), offers low response time and high protection against the moisture associated with pumping stations on frack trucks. In addition, this sensor can be used to measure the high temperatures (up to 300ºC) that fall hand-in-hand in the oil and gas industries. ‰ Well Stimulation Future Production is set to continue for many years at the massive Marcellus Shale field, which extends across four states in the northeast, while the Bakken Foundation in North Dakota and Montana is estimated to hold 10 billion barrels of oil–a 75-year supply.

The Kuriyama Value™




New! Kuriyama Hydraulics Catalog • Includes new Piranhaflex™ Plus Series thermoplastic hydraulic hoses. • New Piranhaflex™ 100R18 and twin line thermoplastic hydraulic hoses. Introducing our New and Improved!

KuriKrimp™ Crimpers & Accessories



New! KuriKrimp™ Crimpers & Accessories Catalog For more information, visit

• New improved Die Kages for protection and storage of dies for the KD100 series crimpers. • New KD4-600 and KD4-1000 series crimpers for crimping larger ID industrial hoses. A Complete Line of Thermoplastic Hydraulic Hose and Fittings EDITION 1204



The “Piranhaflex” trademark contained in this publication is a trademark of Kuriyama of America, Inc.

New! Piranhaflex™ Non-Conductive Hydraulic Hoses • Piranhaflex™ Plus Series PFP354NC nonconductive hose for medium pressure lines on utility equipment. • Piranhaflex™ Series PFAN388NC non-conductive hose; complies with ANSI.92.2 for vehicle mounted pressure lines on boom trucks and cherry pickers.

Temperature Sensors

360 E. State Parkway Schaumburg, IL 60173 (847) 755-0360 • Fax: (847) 885-0996

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P10V45 Series – 28-45cc Variable Volume Open Loop 21 GPM at 1800 RPM 4000 PSI Max Continuous 5000 PSI Max Intermittent 3100 RPM Max *Direct Mount To Trans.


Short Lead Times – Days NOT months Mobile Design – Direct Mount PTO Special Applications – Torque Controls, Thru Drives, Instant Configuration Changes

Cylinders, slides, clamps, & vacuum cups

Manufacturer of Hydraulic Piston Pumps 14233 West Road • Houston, TX 77041 800-650-3110 •

High Torque, Low Speed Hydraulic Motors FluiDyne Fluid Power high torque, low speed hydraulic motors are a cost effective, form, fit and function interchange for the common brands of motors. Hundreds of displacements and model variations of the popular “H”, “S”, and “2000” series are in stock. Customer Service is available to provide technical information and assist in model code selection or interchange. FluiDyne Fluid Power For additional information contact us at or visit



TORQTITE Adjustable Torque Wrenches

H6 Heavy Duty Cylinder

Flaretite’s new adjustable open-end torque wrenches allow all tube and hose ends to be precisely tightened to their correct torque requirements. These new wrenches can be used on all fittings requiring a torque specification. Developed to compliment Flaretite’s patented flared seals for 30, 37 and 45 degree flare fittings, these wrenches are used by quality conscious mechanics in all industries. Torque Wrench Benefits: • Five Sizes with ranges from 7 to 500 ft-lbs (10 - 700 Nm). • Fixed wrench ends with hex sizes (jaw opening) from 7/16” thru 3”. Box ends available as specials. • Ratchet end and adjustable ends also available. • Low profile, reversible, spanner design • Precision quality design with +/- 5% accuracy • Shipped with torque rating tables for all common fittings

The Yates Industries H6 Heavy Duty Cylinder is rated for 3000 PSI and features 1½ to 20” bores standard, 22 different mounting options, is JIC-NFPA interchangeable, and can be customized with nearly limitless combinations of rod ends, cushions, couplers, seals, and ports – all backed by our legendary warranty and repair capabilities.

For more information contact:

Flaretite, Inc. Fenton, MI, USA Tel: 810-750-4140 •


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Yates Industries 23050 Industrial Dr. E. • St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 586-778-7680 • 211

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Stops Leaking Hydraulic LInes

Piranhaflex™ Series PFAN388NC Non-Conductive 100R7 Hydraulic Hose Piranhaflex™ Series PFAN388NC is ideal for medium pressure hydraulic lines commonly used on vehicle mounted aerial devices such as Boom Trucks and Cherry Pickers. Hose is lightweight and flexible and complies with the ANSI 92.2 standard for Vehicle Mounted Aerial Devices. Product features less than 50 microamperes leakage when subjected to 75,000 volts/ft. for 5 minutes. Ideal hose for non-conductive medium pressure hydraulic hose applications. This hose has a temperature range of -40ºF (-40ºC) to +200ºF (+93ºC) for petroleum based hydraulic fluids. Visit for more quality hoses and accessories.

360 E. State Parkway Schaumburg, IL 60173 (847) 755-0360 • Fax: (847) 885-0996 •

Eaton’s fixed displacement swing drive Features include: • Displacement 23cc to 250cc available, pressures to 320 bar • Integrated fail-safe mechanical parking brake, brake release valve, shockless relief and anti-reverse valve • Compact integrated planetary reduction gearbox • Smooth Eaton’s and precise positioning fixed displacement swing drive eliminates mechanical shocks Features include:  Displacement 23cc to 250cc available, pressures to 320 bar • High performance and reliability proven by Integrated fail-safe mechanical parking brake, brake release valve, shockless relief and anti-reverse valve Compact integrated planetary reduction gearbox high market acceptance  Smooth and precise positioning eliminates mechanical shocks  High performance and reliability proven by high market accep• Higher mechanical and volumetric efficiency tance  Higher mechanical and volumetric efficiency helps reduce helps reduce power loss power loss Contact Hydraulic Supply Company Contact Hydraulic Supply Company for for the complete details. 800-432-6413 the complete details. 800-432-6413 •


Save Time • Save Money • Save Labor • Save Oil • No tools required, one hand installation • No expensive hardware needed • No more rags stuffed into hoses • No more messy plastic caps • The ultimate contamination control tool • Eliminate hydraulic oil spills & clean up 213 • Quick installation & ease of usage • Safe for personnel & environment • Industry acclaimed • 100% Made in USA FlangeLock™ Contact Mike Pearl at 914.980.8890 or email: •

Liquid Level Gage With No Loose Ends This nylon liquid level gage has a patented snap connection. The end blocks stay locked into the sight during shipping and assembly. This is a time saver for receiving departments and assembly lines, and virtually eliminates scrap. The rugged nylon material is suitable for use on hydraulic reservoirs for off-road and heavy construction vehicles. Oil-Rite Corporation (920) 682-6173 •


TRANSDUCER CYLINDERS! When the pressure’s on, count on the performance and durability of Peninsular Cylinder Company’s Transducer Cylinders. With Eaton’sperformance fixed displacement proven in swing steeldrive mills, foundries & the lumber industry, Peninsular transducer cylinders prove time and time again to be the Features include:  Displacement available, pressures to 320 bar best for23cc all toof250cc your cylinder applications.  Integrated fail-safe mechanical parking brake, brake release valve, FEATURES of Peninsular Transducer Cylinders shockless relief and anti-reverse valve  Compact integrated planetary reduction gearbox • Provides full-stroke precision position feedback anywhere along  Smooth and precise positioning eliminates mechanical shocks  High performance and reliabilitystroke proven bycycle high market accepthe cylinder tance Electronics are efficiency completely enclosed and protected from harsh  Higher• mechanical and volumetric helps reduce power loss and shock prone environments • Embedded transducer technology is available Contact Hydraulic Supply Company • Serviceable without for the complete details. disturbing tie-rod torque 800-432-6413 • Optional protective transducer covers permit the use of all rear cylinder mounts Peninsular Cylinder Company 800-526-7968 Phone: 586-775-7211 Web:

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PROTECTION FOR ALL THINGS HYDRAULIC, PNEUMATIC & FLUID POWER MOCAP continues to expand its lines of protective caps and plugs by introducing over 250 NEW Sizes and Styles of plastic Caps & Plugs specifically for Metric, NPT, BSP, JIC, & SAE Threaded Connections, Ports and Fittings. This expands MOCAP’s already extensive lines of Low-Cost Caps, Plugs, Grips, Netting, Tubing and Tapes for Product Protection, Product Finishing and Masking. Most items stocked for immediate shipment. MOCAP • 800.633.6775 • 314.543.4000

2DG and 1DG double pumps available from Houston stock. 3DG series based on factory lead time. Honor Gear Pumps Corp. of Taiwan, with U.S. warehouse in Houston, is pleased to announce local availability of double pumps in “AA” flange and “A” flange. The “B” flange doubles are available subject to factory lead times. OEM inquiries through distribution are welcome. In addition to doubles, all single pumps are kept in stock in Houston, in the 4F17, “AA”, “A”, and “B” flange models. Aluminum body with cast iron flanges and rear covers are standard. Standard stock displacements in the 3GB series pump are 2.31, 2.68, 3.17, and 3.66 All other displacements are available subject to factory lead times.


BSPP, BSPT, ISO 6149 Hydraulic Flanges & Couplings


MAIN Manufacturing Products, Inc. now stocks SAE, JIS, DIN, and ISO flanges and couplings with metric ports. METRIC TUBE & PIPE sizes in socket weld and butt weld are also available. Many can ship directly from stock. If not part of our 7000+ in-stock products, MAIN can manufacture and ship quickly- (4-5 days) is common from our US facility.

Honor Gear Pumps Corp. Proudly sold through distribution. Please call to be referred. Honor Pumps U.S.A. 1601 W. 25th St. • Houston, TX 77008 Toll free: 800-984-9727 • Local: 713-984-8144 Fax: 713-461-9631 • Email: Web:


MAIN Manufacturing Products, Inc. Phone: (800) 521.7918 • E-mail:

Womack Machine Supply is now an Authorized Distributor for Mitsubishi Electric Automation! Womack is an Industrial Distributor that brings high technology manufacturers together with high technology end users. We are focus on enriching everyday life through innovative Automation Solutions! The products we represent are carefully chosen to provide you with the utmost in quality, value and performance. To learn more, visit 218


Partnered Together to provide you with the right Automation Solution! To learn more, visit |

8901-D Series Control Grip Cyber-Tech, Inc introduces our new 8901D Series control grip. Made from Die cast aluminum, this control grip will withstand today’s industrial market needs. • Standard pushbutton configurations are: 0, 2, 4, or 6 • Standard rocker configurations are: single rocker, dual rockers, single rocker + 2 pushbuttons or dual rockers + 2 pushbuttons. • Proportional options available: pushbutton, triggers, rockers and thumb wheels. • Nine trigger solutions ranging from a Single Trigger to a deadman Lever. • Easily mounted to any joysticks. • Custom option available. Cyber-Tech, Inc. 1.800.621.8754


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Window Sights Are Essential Inspection Tool Sight glasses enable viewing inside a reservoir, hydraulic line, or machine compartment. They are used to show the liquid level, liquid motion, or mechanical motion. Bodies are typically made from steel or aluminum; brass and stainless steel are available for special applications. Select from both straight threads (up to 2 ¼ - 12) and NPT threads (up to 2”). Oil-Rite Corporation (920) 682-6173 • •


HyDraw CAD600 Released New: Interface to ERP data, Assign Pipe/Tube Properties, ISO Compliant Solenoid Information and Solenoid Actuation Chart, Auto Update Properties of Components in Drawing, Display Formatted MultiProperty Labels, Specify Port Operating Parameters and Display of Dual Port Names. Enhanced: Custom Parts List Template in Excel, External Ports with Through Bolt Holes and O-ring, Display Formats, Assign Properties to multiple components, Export to MDTools - Linked CAD data, and Submit designs to Vest, inc. Visit


MODULAR CONNECTORS Inserta® Code 61 and Code 62 4-Bolt Modular Connectors can be customized with optional outlets in order to add flexibility to piping systems. Reduced size flange patterns can be provided on side outlets. Threaded SAE O-ring and NPTF pipe ports are also available on these steel modules. Gauge and test ports can be provided on any custom or standard modular connector. Inserta® Products Blue Bell, Pennsylvania • 215.643.0192


D03, D05, D07, D08, D10 VALVES & CIRCUIT STACK MODULARS Power Valve U.S.A. represents, as factory warehouse and sales office, a Taiwan manufacturer of D03, D05, D07, D08, and D10 valves, and modular circuit stack valves. With inventory in the Houston warehouse, all products are competitively priced, and machine tool quality. In fact the parent company, Tai Huei Oil Industry Co., Ltd. has been selling valves for over 25 years to the machine tool industry in Taiwan. All standard AC and DC voltages are available, and all standard spool configurations are in stock. Special spools are available. Pressures to 5000psi and flows from 16GPM (D03) to 211GPM (D10) are standard. With inventory on the shelf and very competitive pricing, we invite your inquiry. Power Valve U.S.A. Proudly sold through distribution. Please call to be referred. Contact the company at 1-888-862-1064 or e-mail to View basic specifications at


YOULI HYDRAULIC DIRECTIONAL CONTROL VALVES Direct Acting Electric available: Youli directional control valves, rated to 4600psi, monoblock or sectional styles, are now available from stock in Houston, with electric direct acting solenoids on the MB-4 series, rated to 16GPM. Pneumatic operators are also available on all Youli valves, and also kept in stock. Youli quality is based on 25 years of industrial hydraulic valve manufacturing for the machine tool business in Taiwan. A quality product line with a major commitment to inventory in Houston, Texas, and offered at competitive prices, is growing our reputation. Youli Hydraulic Industrial Co., Ltd. Proudly sold through distribution. Please call to be referred. Contact the company at 1-888-330-8041 or email to View basic specifications at

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Fluid Power Case Study

Advanced Pump Control for Energy Savings in Intermittent Hydraulic Systems

by Gregory George, CFPAI/AJPP, CFPS, CFPC&C, Sr. Fluid Power Specialist, The Walt Disney Co.

Many hydraulic systems are only required to deliver flow at pressure during certain stages in a machine cycle. This is even more prevalent in the theme park industry because we need time to reset the show or load and unload guests. Because of how these control systems normally work, most hydraulic systems that move show or ride equipment are expected to be “ready to go” at all times. This drives us toward pressurecompensated pump delivery systems that can come on-stroke quickly and have little or no ill effects of compensating (deadheading) during the periods when little or no flow is required. Although this is an advantage for a system that needs to respond quickly, it is not the most energyefficient design.


Take a look at this situation, and see if you agree


Equipment: • A 500-gallon reservoir feeds three 75-gpm variable-displacement pumps of which two run and one is an installed spare. • Pump compensators are simple-pressure compensators, and the three units have cascaded compensator settings of 1,700 psi; 1,650 psi; and 1,625 psi. • The manifolds and valving are 75-feet away and drive six hydraulic actuators attached to a 6DOF (six degrees of freedom) motion simulator. • Each actuator has its own 15-gallon bladder accumulator to assist with large moves at high flows. Fig. 1 is a combined flow chart for both active pumps.

Performance: • Maximum system pressure is 1,700 psi. Minimum pressure for the simulator is 1,200 psi, and a warning message will be received at this pressure. • Average flow is 60-70 gpm total for the two running pumps. • Peak flow is about 130 gpm but only for short durations of 2-4 seconds. • Parasitic flow when not in flight is 12.5 gpm due to servo valve and actuator leakage. • Flight time is 4 minutes with 3 minutes between flights. • Not all simulators fly every 7 minutes. Demand can be sporadic, and some simulators may run only during peak usage and may sit compensated at 1,700 psi for a total of 6-7 hours per day.


t Energy Usage: • An energy-consumption study showed that for 2-3 hours every morning and 1.5 hours every evening, the simulators sat in a compensated state due to maintenance and operational procedures. • Using amperage data from each electric motor, we learned that during periods of compensation, the “lead” pump was drawing 32.5 amps and the “lag” pump was drawing 19.5 amps at 480 VAC 3 phase (remember that the lead pump is delivering 12.5 gpm all the time to make up for system leakage). This equates to 15,600 watts for the lead pump plus 9,360 watts for the lag for a total of 24,960 watts. • Multiply this by an average of 4.5 hours per day in a compensated state, and you have 112.3 kWh per simulator per day. • With six simulators running 365 days per year, this comes out to 245,937 kWh per year at a cost of $0.125 per kWh. This exercise shows us that running the pumps compensated at 1,700 psi for 4.5 hours per day is costing $30,742 per year. This cost only captures the time in the mornings and evenings that the pumps are compensated. There are other savings to be gained by other incremental controls available on most pumps. The Solution: These six hydraulic power units are each controlled by standard PLCs (programmable logic controllers) and already have pressure feedback from the simulator indicating each system pressure. Keeping in mind that the system needs to be ready to fly at a moment’s notice, a new pump control was devised that would perform under the following parameters: • The ability to unload either pump individually • The ability to bring the pumps back online individually with proportional control • The ability to shut down and/or start up the electric motor to each pump individually • The ability to recover from a completely dormant (shutdown) HPU within 30 seconds We then set out to create control scenarios where the HPU would respond to the simulator’s needs without requiring the simulator control system to make any decisions. Through a communication link between processors, we use information from the motioncontrol computer to tell us when cabin doors are opened to let people out of the vehicle, when the doors are closed, and when seatbelts are fastened to help us know when we need to be ready to fly.

In the event that a simulator is not needed, an inactivity timer will start timing at the end of the previous flight. A normal dwell time between flights is 3 minutes, so at 5 minutes of inactivity, we start a systematic shutdown of the HPU, which takes place in stages. Each of these stages has a different recovery scenario as seen in Fig. 2. Because we never know when a flight request may come, we need to be able to recover as quickly as possible from any stage of the inactivity process. The recovery times vary from 9 seconds for the first stage to 30 seconds for a fully dormant HPU. One point to be noted is that at the point of unloading the primary (lead) pump to 250 psi, the entire system pressure drops to 250 psi, as well. The stored oil in the accumulators will start to deplete through all six servo valves at a rate of 12.5 gpm. After 2-3 minutes in this condition, the accumulators will be depleted to 250 psi and will require an additional 22 seconds of recovery time to completely refill them.


The energy savings that can be harvested from this type of control would have to be verified though data gathering after installation of a prototype system, but conservative estimates tell us that we can save another 155,490 kWh if at least four simulators used the inactivity process four times daily. This is equivalent to $19,436 annually. When added to the $30,742 that can be saved by unloading and shutting down the HPUs at both ends of the day, we find a total savings of $50,178 in yearly electricity costs. There are many new energy-saving solutions out there that would be good additions to new designs, but sometimes those newer solutions don’t fit well into older systems. In our case, variable-frequency drives were considered to augment our design only to find out the total cost of implementing them was too high and return on investment was over 10 years. Sometimes when looking for energy savings, you may find that the old tools of the trade that we have had for years, used more intelligently, may save a significant amount of energy. This kind of pump control may not fit your applications, but pieces of it may be useful in your industry.





1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21

Previous Flight is Over

Start inactivity timer.

5 Min. of Inactivity

Unload lag pump to standby pressure (250 psi).

Recovery Process

Load lag pump to full compensation pressure.

6-10 Min of Inactivity

With lag pump already unloaded, unload the lead pump to "standby" pressure.

Recovery Process

Load lead pump for 20 seconds to fill accumulators, then load lag pump.

11-15 Min of Inactivity

Shut down lag pump electric motor.

Recovery Process

Load lead pump for 20 seconds to fill accumulators, then start up lag pump. After 6 more seconds, load lag pump.

16-20 Min of Inactivity

With lag pump already unloaded and shut down, shut down lead pump/motor.

Recovery Process

Start lead motor and after 6 seconds, ramp it up to 1,700 psi and fill accumulators (20 seconds). Start lag motor, and after 6 seconds, load lag pump to 1,700 psi.

Fig. 2

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• 3-5 Years Experience in Sales of hydraulic components especially piston pumps and motors. Hiring for IA, MN, ND, New England, SD, WI • 3-5 Years Experience Working with OEM and Distributors preferred • Comparable skills: sales manager for major fluid power or mechanical power transmission companies preferred • Comparable jobs: application engineer or OEM sales support person from the hydraulic and power transmission field apply to



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CIV................187 Clippard Instrument Lab Inc.................................................... 34................ 192 Cyber-Tech Inc........................................................................... 25................ 174 Cyber-Tech Inc........................................................................... 42................221 Cyber-Tech Inc........................................................................... 34................ 193 Delta ^Q Ltd.............................................................................. 33................185 Delta ^Q Ltd.............................................................................. 40................209 Flange Lock................................................................................ 12................167 Flange Lock................................................................................ 41................213 Flaretite Inc................................................................................ 29................179 Flaretite Inc................................................................................ 40................212 Fluidyne Fluid Power............................................................... 6-7................162 Fluidyne Fluid Power................................................................ 40................ 210 Fluidyne Fluid Power................................................................ 35................ 194 Hercules Sealing Products....................................................... 26................175 Hercules Sealing Products....................................................... 35................ 195 Honor Pumps U.S.A................................................................. 30................180 Honor Pumps U.S.A................................................................. 42................220 Hydraulic Supply...................................................................... 17................170 Hydraulic Supply...................................................................... 41................215 Hydraulic Supply...................................................................... 35................ 196 Industrial Specialties Manufacturing...................................... 35................ 197 Inserta........................................................................................ 43................224 Kuriyama of America................................................................ 39................186 Kuriyama of America................................................................ 41................ 219 Kuriyama of America................................................................ 35................ 198 La-Man Corp.............................................................................. 35................ 199 Lehigh Fluid Power Inc............................................................. 32................183 Main Manufacturing Products................................................. 27................177 Main Manufacturing Products................................................. 36................200 Main Manufacturing Products................................................. 42................227 MOCAP INC............................................................................... 30................181 MOCAP INC............................................................................... 42................217 Muncie Power Products Inc....................................................CIII................188 Muncie Power Products Inc..................................................... 36................ 201 Oil-Rite Corp.............................................................................. 41................214 Oil-Rite Corp.............................................................................. 43................223 Oil-Rite Corp.............................................................................. 36................202 Peninsular Cylinder Co. Inc...................................................... 19................171 Peninsular Cylinder Co. 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Cylinders Same-Day Shipping! Stainless Steel

• Thousands of Items • Huge Inventory • Bore Sizes to 3” • Strokes to 12”


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Go to work with Muncie Power’s premium performance

Extended stage overlap establishes a strong and stable

Telescopic Hoist Cylinder. With precision engineering and

extension that minimizes bending, while reducing hydraulic fluid

specialized machining in each stage of the cylinder, Muncie’s


cylinders exceed our competitor's in strength, performance and

These and many more exclusive features by Muncie Power,

durability throughout the life of the system.

provide a superior product for your fluid power applications.

Formed from a solid piece of steel, each stage of the cylinder

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is machined, then polished to exacting standards to ensure

maximum seal performance and reliability.

© 2012 Muncie Power Products, Inc.

Member of Interpump Group

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If you need a quality valve, cylinder or fitting but off-the-shelf catalog models don’t quite fit the bill, just call us. Clippard can provide just what you are looking for. Tell us your needs . . . we have solutions!

Providing innovative products and solutions for today’s engineering challenges

Instrument Lab., Inc. | 877.245.6247 | Miniature Pneumatic Air Cylinders, Electronic Valves, Control Valves, Assemblies, Manifolds, Air Preparation Eqt., Fittings and More Circle 187

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Fluid Power Journal January/February 2013  

Fluid Power Journal January/February 2013

Fluid Power Journal January/February 2013  

Fluid Power Journal January/February 2013