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Susquehanna Style has always been a champion for local businesses. The men and women behind the organizations on the following pages are the faces of commitment and success. We salute their entrepreneurial spirit and present to you the 2020 Faces of the Susquehanna Valley.






THE FACE OF HELPING YOUR INNER BEAUTY SHINE With 13 years in the industry, Alyssa Licatese is the powerhouse behind Lancaster’s Blossom Med Spa, a multilocation medical spa offering customized combination therapy to help you achieve optimal results. “Our approach to skin is different from the norm,” says Alyssa. “We are not a one size fits all, and we make sure that every single thing we do is customized to each client and their specific needs and goals.” To help customize each experience, both Blossom locations offer an extensive list of services including microneedling, RF microneedling, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, tightening, peels, cosmetic injections, custom facials, laser hair removal, and even massage. At the newest Queen Street location, the options have expanded even further to include body sculpting, infrared, halotherapy, IV vitamin infusion, hydro-infusions, laser skin treatments, corneotherapy, and even more to come. Creating her dream med spa went beyond offering the right services for Alyssa--it meant finding the right team. “One of the biggest things for me that I feel is unique is our team’s ability to work so well together and the fact that they truly care about their clients and are extremely compassionate about their work. It shows. Clients see it. I see it. I often hear how much clients love the entire team.” Alyssa has always been drawn to fashion and beauty, but her passion for changing lives has been a driving force behind opening her own med spa. Several years ago, Alyssa fell very ill and was forced to step away from work for quite some time. Rather than sitting on the sidelines, she used that time to learn more about overall health and the impact it has cosmetically. She continued to train at home while also trying alternative therapies on herself in order to better understand her clients’ needs and experiences. It was then that she further developed the mission of taking a 360 degree approach to utilizing corrective treatments and therapies to improve overall well-being. At the end of the day, it’s all about helping people for Alyssa. “My strong passion for changing lives is why I am here in this business. To me, there is nothing more satisfying.”

190 Good Dr, Lancaster, PA 17603 101 N Queen St Suite 93, Lancaster, PA blossom-medspa.com




ARGIRES MAROTTI NEUROSURGICAL ASSOCIATES OF LANCASTER THE FACE OF LANCASTER COUNTY HEALTHCARE When a childhood passion for helping others transitions into a developed career in the medical field, it results in medical professionals that thrive in patient-first medicine. “My approach is: listen to the patient first, and then consider all options, keeping in mind the final goal of living happier, more fulfilled lives,” says Dr. Jack Smith. Smith is the doctor who patients have called “the best in pain management they have ever had.” Argires Marotti treats, but is not limited to, patients experiencing back or neck pain, spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and migraines; screenings can detect early-onset Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. The doctors at Argires believe in practicing regenerative medicine.

“Regenerative medicine is a unique focus in which a patient uses their own body’s healing ability,” explains Dr. Smith. “For example, we use platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, which are a concentration of a patient’s own platelets, to accelerate the healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints. This is a great option for arthritis, or tendon, joint, or muscle pain.” Argires offers both surgical and non-surgical pain management solutions and above-all, a staff of caring professionals always looking to put your well-being above all else.

116 N. Point Blvd, Suite 200, Lancaster, PA 17601 argiresmarotti.com | 717-358-0800 OCTOBER 2020 | SUSQUEHANNA STYLE



THE FACE OF EDUCATING WOMEN FOR 275 YEARS Founded in 1746, Linden Hall is the oldest, continuously operating all-girls boarding school in the United States. For almost 275 years, young women from across the country and the world have come to our historic campus for a worldclass college-preparatory experience. Our diverse community is made up of girls from over 30 different countries, as well as some of the best and brightest young women from across the United States and the Susquehanna Valley. Nestled on 49 acres in the heart of Lititz, PA, we offer small class sizes with a 9:1 studentto-teacher ratio, 20+ AP courses, and a comprehensive STEAM curriculum that includes unique programs in aviation, engineering, and equestrian. We encourage girls to dream big and achieve more while also preparing them for life beyond school. Above all, Linden Hall is a place where girls are valued and known as individuals; a place where girls thrive because there are no limits to who or what they can become. We are proud to announce that Dr. Nan Wodarz has joined our community as Head of School. Throughout history, women have certainly played a role in running the school, however, Dr. Wodarz is our first official female Head of School: “It is truly an honor to join the Linden Hall community. It is undoubtedly impressive to see the dedication and passion our faculty and staff show for fostering an environment that inspires young women to find their passions and their voices as they prepare to be leaders in a global society."

212 E. Main St, Lititz, PA 17543 lindenhall.org



Photo by Amanda Kraft

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Susquehanna Style FACES 2020  

Susquehanna Style FACES 2020