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prescription photochromic glasses Prescription photochromic glasses are lenses that darken the exposure of your eyes to the ultraviolent radiation, and are made of polycarbonate or other type of plastic, as well as glasses. This type of lens was developed by an expert who works at Corning Glass Works Inc., named Roger Araujo. This glass expert was the first one to create the first ever mass-produced variable tint lenses. Once you use it, these lenses are very clear even if you are inside the house, and it actually automatically darkens its response to sunlight outside. It also has the capacity to protect and take care of your eyes from the ultraviolent radiation that is coming from the sun. These features make the prescription photochromic glasses a great and incredible convenience for the reason that it lessens your need in wearing prescription glasses. As a matter of fact, there are now several types or kinds of photochromic lens material, thus, you can purchase different versions depending on what you prefer to have.

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prescription photochromic glasses  
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