catherine cao

catherine cao

xiamen, China

Catherine Cao,owner of Idooptical glasses,has been in optical area for over 15 years.Our mission is to provide quality eyewear to our distributors, customers, and partners with excellent quality, value and service.She set up the company in 2005, then develop it in to a manufacturing-based,outsouring, customer-driven and innovative company in following years.

As the largest online eyewear store,we take considerable pride in being able to provide our clients with high quality frames for glasses of great durability,safety and comfort at truly reasonable and affordable prices, So easy really and is worthy of having one eyeglasses frames.

The progress of idooptical in over five years can be attributed to her industrious working, successful marketing strategies and sophisticated management skills.Idooptical also OEM/ODM for customers.

We hope our innovation and good designing could help you develop market.