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June 29, 2008

103rd year, No. 302

A legend’s legacy

Love and money

Auction of Moses Lake collection draws hundreds

Man’s lawsuit honors a remarkable woman

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Trailer park residents granted reprieve

Drivers: Hands off



Families can stay through August BY CHRISTINE PRATT World staff writer W E NATC H E E — Th e remaining families in the Ninth Street Trailer Park will be allowed to stay at the park through August if they pay their August rent, their attorney said Friday. According to attorney Patrick Pleas, about 10 families remain at the park, which is situated at the foot of Ninth Street near the Columbia River. The remaining families signed agreements with property owner Kamkon Development LLC to get out of the park by July 1. Pleas said residents who pay their rent Please see TRAILER PARK, Page A9

Is it the tomatoes, or is it something else? Record salmonella outbreak leaves officials puzzled

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In less than a minute, these four drivers were seen heading down Grant Road near the intersection of Eastmont Avenue last Monday afternoon, each talking on a cell phone. On Tuesday, they’d be breaking a new law.

BY LAURAN NEERGAARD Associated Press writer

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New state law kicks in Tuesday BY ALEJANDRO GONZALEZ World staff writer


ENATCHEE — Fred Booth has a few handsfree devices and knows all about the new cell

phone law. But Booth, 47, from Manson, said he still plans on talking on a hand-held cell phone despite the risk of getting a $124 fine. “If I see a cop when driving down the road and I don’t have my Blue-

tooth in, I’m going to drop my phone and Inside then pick it up after he A Bluetooth passes me,” he said. primer Washington’s state- Personal wide ban on talking Technology, on a cell phone while Page B5 driving takes effect Tuesday. The ban prohibits drivers from holding a phone up to the ear but lets people use a phone in hands-free mode. Other exemptions to the ban

include people operating an emergency vehicle, using the device to report illegal activity or for emergency help or a person using a hearing aid. Washington is one of five states with bans on cell phone use while driving. The law will force many drivers to obtain a hands-free device. “If you’ve got to do it, I guess you’re going to have to wear those little dorky things in your ear and look like Please see CELL PHONES, Page A9

Medicare cuts spared — at least for now Current pricing system frozen temporarily BY PAUL KANE The Washington Post The Bush administration gave a reprieve to the Wenatchee Valley Medical Center and thousands of doctors expecting to get hit Tuesday with a 10.6 percent

WASHINGTON — As salmonella cases continue to climb, the government is checking if tainted tomatoes really are to blame for the record outbreak — or if the problem is with another ingredient, or a warehouse that is contaminating newly harvested tomatoes. The widening outbreak — with 810 people confirmed ill — means whatever is making people sick could very well still be on the market, federal health officials warned on Friday. Tomatoes remain the top suspect and the advice on which ones consumers should avoid

cut in Medicare payments. The Department of Health and Human Services will essentially freeze the current pricing system because Congress left town Friday for a midsummer break without approving a price fix, Secretary Mike Leavitt announced. Congressional aides said the freeze could last 10 days. If the legislative dispute lasts beyond the new deadline, Leavitt said he hopes to retroactively pay doctors once the dispute is resolved. The cuts in reimbursements to

doctors who treat Medicare patients Inside would devastate Political the medical center maneuvers and other clinics delay bill throughout the after bill state, according to Page A7 Jay Johnson, assistant administrator for the medical center. Despite the reprieve, there was no sign of cooling off on Capitol Hill. Friday, each side accused the other of playing politics with Medicare, the program that covers many health-care costs

for the nation’s elderly. Feelings were particularly raw after a Thursday night Senate vote in which members yelled at one another on the floor and left Democrats one vote short of the 60 needed to pass their version of the Medicare fix. “That display last night on the floor is something I’ve never seen,” said Sen. Arlen Specter, RPa. The payment cuts to doctors are part of a 1997 balanced budget deal that trims the money


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cellphone ban  
cellphone ban  

In less than a minute, these four drivers were seen heading down Grant Road near the intersection of Eastmont Avenue last Monday afternoon,...