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DEAR READERS! Welcome to the first issue of our new magazine!

Idolater is launching the first issue of its new online magazine, in order to reach the Hungarian fanbase in a new way. With our articles we would like you to get acquainted with the Korean culture, the latest news and the his‐ torical overview of K-pop. We would like to give you tips for skin care and beauty care so you will be famil‐ iar with the products and tricks that are used in Korea. Besides, we let you have a look „behind the curtains” of Idolater and organizations that are connected with the Korean culture. We hope that You will find our articles enjoyable and will be richer with a lot of new informations. Plus,(if you feel like) you can play with us. Have a nice „browsing” time! THE TEAM OF IDOLATER










































In our first issue, we asked the two directors of Idolater about the „beginning”, themselves and their plans.

I: Hello, how did the idea of establishing Idolater came to you?

ing Studio, so music and the stage were always close to my heart.

LUCIA: Hi! We are both big fans of the Korean culture and music. When we first met each other, Wicky had been already a part of the Hungarian K-pop world, while I was working as an event organizer. Thanks to our personality, it’s really important for us to deal with things that we like. What we do have to be both meaningful and useful. So we both wanted to create something new that makes us proud and is helpful for people in this community. Wicky had already known, in which as‐ pects this K-pop community needed help and I was working on a project that fit in the picture pretty well. Thanks to some changes in our private life, we moved in together. From then, there was no stop. We just needed a little push and a name to start.

LUCIA: Event organizing was my life for 8 years. After university, I finished a musical manager training so we both were living for music, we could say. We first met on the 25th of November, 2010. It was during the PPKE-BTK Freshmen inauguration ceremo‐ ny where Wicky was present as a performer and I was an organizer.

WICKY: No, seriously. The funniest part was choosing the name! We weren’t in our best shapes and it was really late so we decided to pick letters randomly from a hat, and with the help of the internet, we created words. Thanks for the let‐ ters-combining program called Scrabble! [laughing] LUCIA: Yes, it happened like this. Our name was created with Google’s help. I: Where did you come from, what did you do before Idolater? And how do you know each other? WICKY: Like we mentioned before, we were flat-mates for a year. I was working as a Financial Assistant for about 8 years. Besides, I was a pupil of a Musical & Sing‐




INTERVIEW I: What are the plans for this year? WICKY: It will be a really colorful and exciting year for us. K-pop World Festival is coming soon. This is an event where a lot of talented people can show what they can do. At the end of summer, we are going to organize a summer camp for K-pop lovers, and for those who spend that 5 days with us at Lake Velence, we have a little surprise as well. During this autumn, we’ll play a big part in organizing the Korean Cultural Festival. We can’t say too much about it but if every‐ thing goes according to our plans, we have a big party coming. LUCIA: For the first time ever, Hungary is one of the countries where K-pop Academy will take place. This is a big achievement for us for sure. Of course, next to event organizing, we will continue our work with the Hungarian fanbase, in which our eight new members will help out. We’ve already submitted our application file to KO‐ FICE and we’re working on expanding and strenghtening our connections in‐ side and outside our country. Besides this, we are representing the Hungarian fandom in front of various organizations. For example, we’re currently working on the My Music Taste campaign.

So we’re really happy to be able to work with these people and we have high hopes for our new family members. I: What are your plans for the future? WICKY: Even when we created Idolater, we knew it won’t be a simple hobby, it could be our life. We both like creating things and dealing with people. We have a dream that we are going towards, and hopedully, we don’t have to wait long before we can achieve it. Idolater is our baby, our soul, and we would do any‐ thing to bring happiness to Hunagrian people through the Korean culture. LUCIA: That’s right. We won’t stop. There’re always new ideas and old things that need a little polishing. We’re trying to go higher and higher and for now, there’s no limit for us.

I: How many members are there in Idolater and what do they do? LUCIA: Like I said before, we welcomed eight new members in April, which means Idolater family has ten members now. Ev‐ eryone has a big part in event organizing preparations, but other than that, we di‐ vided the daily work equally, so we can work on things that we’re good at. Many of us are members or even admins in dif‐ ferent fanbases, so we can reach people easily and the chances of joining our forc‐ es with those fandoms are higher. However, there was a precondition dur‐ ing the admission procedure. Our mem‐ bers have to support every fanbases, there’s no exception. :) We have a talented graphic artist, whose work made publishing this magazine pos‐ sible, and will contribute to Idolater’s „scenery”. And now we have talented and promising new event organizers, PR and Marketing specialist and an assis‐ tant, whose work will affect our connec‐ tions and the healthy state of our nerves, in a good way.




The first problem that a tourist has to face in Korea, is the lack of time to visit all the beautiful places. So many of them go home thinking „I wish I had gone there too!” Those who are planning to travel to South-Korea should go for about 2 weeks or more, but if you want to stay less than that, you still shouldn’t miss Gwanghwamun Square! The close to 20,000 m2 Gwanghwamun Square which is 43 meter wide and 557 meter long, is the heart of Seoul with 600 years of history. The Square got its name after the Gwanghwamun Gate. „Gwang” bright, „hwa” – extend, „mun” - gate so the rough meaning is „may the light of enlightenment blanket the world”. The plans of the rebuilt were set up in 2004 and the Square was created by reducing 16 lanes of traf‐ fic down to 10. On August 1st, 2009, the redesigned Gwanghwamun Square was opened to the public.


The aim of the Square was to create a human focused space that harmonizes with the beautiful sceneries of Gyeongbok Palace and Bukak-san mountain. It’s di‐ vided into 6 smaller sections, according to their „func‐ tions”. However, let’s talk about what else we can find on the Gwanghwamun Square. If we start our journey from the Gyeongbokgung Pal‐ ace, the following sights will be seen.


GWANGHWAMUN GATE The imposing main gate is one of the four gates that encircles Gyeongbokgung Palace. The construction began in 1395 at the beginning of the Joseon dynasty. It’s famous for its important role and its sad history. The gate was destroyed during the Japanese invasion (the Imjin War) and also the Korean War. It was rebuilt using con‐ crete and remained this way until 2006. However, in 2006, they began to restore Gwanghwamun to its original wooden specifications.

STATUE OF ADMIRAL YI SUN-SHIN Yi Sun-Shin is really important figure for Korean people. In Imjin War he designed new types of warships called Tur‐ tle Ships (Geobukseon), and used them to achieve a series of stunning victories over the Japanese navy. In front of the 17 meter tall bronze statue, that stands there firmly since 1968, there’s a replica of the original Turtle Ship.


DESTINATION KING SEJONG STATUE AND THE PERMANENT EXHIBITION The original plans included moving the stat‐ ue of King Sejong from Deoksugung to the Square. However, they decided to commis‐ sion a new statue of King Sejong and chose the design in a competition. Sculptor Kim Young-won, who won the competition, cre‐ ated a bronze statue of King Sejong with a height of 9.5 meters and weight of 20 tons. The Statue was erected at the center of Gwanghawmun Square on Hangeul Day (October 9) of 2009. There’s an underground museum exhibition entitled “The Story of King Sejong” which can be found behind the Statue. The Exhibit Hall features the childhood of Sejong King, it’s a place to introduces Sejong’s personal‐ ity and hobbies and display his history with images and videos.

MEMORIAL MONUMENT TO EMPEROR GOJONG/COMMEMORATION TO THE 40TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE CORONATION OF KING GOJONG He was the twenty-sixth king and the first emperor of the Korean Joseon dynasty. Gojong took the Joseon throne in 1863 when he was still a child. As a minor, his father ruled as regent for him until Gojong reached adulthood. The King, who later declared himself emperor in 1897, created the Korean Empire. The monument commemorates the 40th anniversary of his ascension.


DESTINATION SCULPTURE „SPRING”, CHEONGGYE SQUARE AND THE CHEONGGYECHEON STREAM At the head of Cheonggyecheon, „Spring,” a snail-like tall structure by Claes Oldenburg Coosje and van Bruggen can be seen. It’s symbolizes the water of Cheonggyecheon gushing out like a spring, and its dynamic appearance at night makes a stroll along Cheonggyecheon more romantic. Cheonggyecheon is an 8.4 km creek flowing west to east through downtown Seoul and then meeting Jungnangcheon, which connects to the Han River and empties into the Yellow Sea. After the Korean War the stream was covered with an elevated highway, mainly because of its bad condition. In 2003, the mayor of Seoul initiated a project to remove the elevated highway and restore the stream. So in 2005, the stream was opened to the public. There’re twenty beautiful bridges that cross the newly renovated stream. In 2012, they even held the Seoul Lantern Festival in Cheonggyecheon.

Even though we „passed” the most important sights, our list of „must visit places” still didn’t come to an end. Close to the Square there’re many places that tourists shouldn’t forget about. For example, the U.S Embassy, the Sejong Isntitute and the biggest Cultural Center with its concerts and exhibitions, the already mentioned Gyeongbokgung and let’s not forget that the fountain on the square gives a mesmerizing sight as well. BETTY

PACK YOUR BAGS AND LET’S GO! Have you already seen the sights that we mentioned? Did you take a selfie when you were there? Send us your pictures to, with „DESTINATION” as a subject.



Descendant of the Sun aka the ’Song Joong Ki fever’ I think those who like watching Korean dramas or movies, are pretty familiar with this drama. After its release, it became South-Korea’s top drama, and it instantly captivated the Hungarian viewers’ hearts as well. For a reason. This is a drama that quite dif‐ ferent from the others in many aspects. It might be the nicely chosen cast, the unique plot or the shoot‐ ing locations’ special traits that made this drama rise to the top.

Have you already seen Descendants of the Sun? If you would like to share your opinion with us, please write an email to, with „DOTS” as the subject.


K-DRAMAS There’re 10 songs that were leading the music charts for weeks. The singers who contributed to the OST were Gummy, K.Will, Davichi, JYJ Junsu, Yoon MiRae and many more.

Viewers feel like they’re riding an emotional roller coaster during this drama. Funny love lines, dramatic scenes, action and schocking informations keep viewers in front of their computers. The story is about the blooming relationship between the female and male protagonist. The female main character is portrayed by Song Hye Kyo who is a well known Korean actress between the Hungarian viewers as well. The male leading actor Song Joong Ki, who might have been slightly less known until know, plays the character of a South-Korean soldier. The pair was sent to Uruk to fulfill their assignments. We can’t forget to mention the well presented second male lead Jin Goo, who’s the loyal soldier friend of Song Joong Ki. The said Jin Goo is in a really complicated relationship with the military surgeon, Kim Ji Won. There’re many entertaining characters aside from the main four. The creator of the drama, tried to please K-pop fans as well. The leader of the well-known idol group, SHINee, was casted too. This was Onew’s first appearance in a tv drama, but with his outstanding acting, he already won the viewers’ hearts and support. There’s one more interesting trait of this drama. The majority of the scenes of Descendants of the Sun took place in Greece, which means the cast were „running” back and forth between Greece and Korea for weeks. Despite traveling a lot, they completed the shooting long before the release date, which means, they had the chance to correct the flaws and mistakes. And of course, we cannot forget to mention the OST, which were almost as loved as the drama.

We can wholeheartedly say that, the drama achieved extreme success, even the ratings hit the roof and broke records. However, DOTS isn’t favored only in South-Korea, it became popular in other Asian countries as well. The drama is known even in NorthKorea, while in China, it has an extreme popularity. Well, does it deserve its fame? It’s something that everyone has to decide themselves. But something is sure. A new legend was born, which means, the drama might be in the spotlight for many years. There’re already plans for making a second season, which (I’m) pretty sure, will face high expectations, but those who loved the first season, are looking forward to the twists and surprises that will pin us in front of the TV. ADRI






If someone is still unfamiliar with the main lead of DOTS, don’t worry, I will introduce him to you.

He was born on September 19th, 1985 in Daejeon, South Korea. Song Joong Ki competed at the higher level for short track speed skating. However, during his first year of high school, he was injured and had to quit the sport. He then turned his attention to his studies, which improved his grades dramatically and he received the highest grades for all his subjects. He was sent by his parents to a variety of classes, includ‐ ing acting classes. During his sophomore year in col‐ lege, he finally decided to pursue acting seriously. He made his acting debut in 2008, in a historical movie called ’A Frozen Flower’. From that, he began to slow‐ ly rise to fame. Song became a regular host of KBS’ Friday music program ’Music Bank’ and a cast mem‐ ber in the popular variety show ’Running Man’. He rose to fame with period drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal. He has also starred in feature films, such as the box office hit ’A Werewolf Boy’, which is still con‐ sidered as the most successful Korean melodrama of all time. The story is about a werewolf boy (Song Joong Ki) who falls in love with a girl (Park Bo-young). Howev‐ er, because of their differences, their relationship is fraught with difficulties. His next hit drama was ’The Innocent Man’ (also known as Nice Guy), it was the first time he played the leading role in a TV series. Song Joong Ki decided to begin his mandatory mili‐ tary enlistment in 2013. After being discharged from the military, he made his comeback in Descendants of the Sun. The interesting thing is that the producer wanted to give the role to a someone else, but many of the other actors turned down the opportunity, so that’s how Song got the role of Yoo Si Jin, which led him to be a Hallyu top star. And that’s how the ’Song Joong Ki fever’ started, now stealing women’s hearts one by one and experiencing a tremendous growth in his popularity throughout Asia. After his extreme success, he also became the face of over 30 brands and became one of the top CF Stars.

He’s not just a multicolored actor and a common guest on variety shows, but he was revealed to be a regular donator as well. He also published his first book called ’Beautiful Skin Project’ in 2010. The book is for men who wants to learn all the secrets and tricks to get perfect skin like the actor’s. Luckily, we don’t have to wait too long to see the him again, because his next project is on the way. He will appear in the South Korean movie called ’Battleship Island’, in 2017. ADRI



WHAT IS K-POP? Your first reaction must be „Well, what else than Korean pop music?” which is true. K-pop is the shortened form of Korean pop. However, it’s a lot more than just a name, even explaining is quite difficult. But in this short text, I’m going to introduce you K-pop as a genre and how it got popular around the whole world.

The first boyband in K-pop history, that had everything to be famous, was Seo Taiji & Boys. They debuted in 1992 and instantly became popular, bringing a new era and new opportunities to the Korean music industry. This band is considered to be the real first generation K-pop boygroup, while today, idols are from the third generation. K-pop as a genre can be all in one, for example: electronic, hip hop, pop, rock, R&B. However, K-poppers (those who love k-pop mu‐ sic) believe that, despite being similar to western or international music, it’s a lot different and has something that’s lacking from American music. Though defining how it really is different from oth‐ er genres, are quite difficult. Maybe the language that gives us a disparate feeling, and makes it dif‐ ferent from Western music. K-pop has a strong point, that it’s never boring. Groups debut almost every month, bringing new colour to the K-pop scene to please the audience and the new fans. Before appearing on music shows to show their highly anticipated choreography, idol groups release their music videos, in which they show the main points of the dance as well as their unique appearance. And as I already mentioned it, they care about their image and look quite a lot. A couple of them try out extreme hair colours and styles, extraordinary clothes, and they’re not afraid to ap‐ pear with odd accessories either. However, all these things give something extra to their performance, that makes it fascinating and unforgettable. But K-pop is more than just music, it’s a serious industry as well. Hundreds of companies are made for only one purpose. To recruit and audition youngsters, who will be trained and taught to be the perfect members of a group. They have to learn everything, because singing and danc‐ ing are just the basics, they need more to be a top group – well let’s say - Idol group, who’s a perfect role model for the fans.

Tell us when You became a K-pop fan. We can’t wait to read your stories that you can send to, with „K-pop Fan” as the subject.


There’s one more thing that makes K-pop a bit different from the Western music industry. Korean music industry is more about „Everything for the fans”, than in anywhere else in the world, which means, they respect and appreciate the love they get from their supporters. A good example for this is the well know fanservice, which

is all about pleasing the fans. It helps fans to learn more about their favourites and communicate with the group, so they will feel closer to them. Nowadays, thanks to the existence of super fast computers and internet, we can watch videos and get in‐ formation about anything and anywhere. And it might be one of the reasons why K-pop became a well-known and loved genre. Eventhough South-Korea is far from us, our favourite videos can be watched anytime. Even international fans can show their support and love for their idols, by forming a „cover” group. These cover groups has the same style and same number of members as the band that they would like to be similar to. They learn the dance and the song itself, so they can perform on events or competitions, such us the yearly held KBS K-POP WORLD FESTIVAL semi-final, which will come to Hungary as well. So this unique and developing music style is slowly capti‐ vating the whole world. We have to keep our eyes open, be‐ cause we can never know when we will meet a K-pop lover who listens to the same songs that we do. Though it might not be that well-known in Western countries, that doesn’t mean they haven’t heard about it. ’PSY’, who’s been a re‐ cord-holder since his most popular song (Gangnam Style) came out, made sure that everyone knows what K-pop is all about. The music video for ’Gangnam Style’ was seen more than 2.5 billion times, which means the singer sits proudly on the throne for having „The most viewed video”. How far K-pop will go is still unkown, it’s surely not pop‐ ular everywhere, but even the music industry can be taken by surprise, maybe in the near future. ADRI


SEVEN T E E N Seventeen is a thirteen-member boy group who debut‐ ed in 2015 and was formed by the same entertainment as After School, Pledis Entertainment. A question that everyone could ask: „So if they have thirteen mem‐ bers, why are they called Seventeen?”. Well, they ex‐ plained it pretty easily: 1 band + 13 members + 3 subunits = 17. I know going through the individual profiles for all the thirteen members would be too much to digest, so I would like to introduce them through their sub-units. Starting with probably the most popular one, the hip-hop unit.

The hip-hop unit has 4 members. There’s S.Coups, who’s the leader of the whole group, as well as the sub-unit’s. Vernon is possibly the most popular mem‐ ber, thanks to appearing in Show Me The Money 4 and being half American, which trait attracts women eas‐ ily. Wonwoo and Mingyu are both visuals in the group.

The Vocal unit has 5 members, members who can mesmerize us with their beautiful vocals. The first member that I would like to mention from the vocal unit is Woozi, who’s not just a singer, but a composer of the songs as well. Seungkwan and DK are the main vocals of the group, for a reason. They both have impressing voice. Joshua was born in Los Angeles and moved to South-Korea only in 2013. The next member is Jeonghan who’s the „angel” of the team, and I’m pretty sure, he has all the members wrapped up around his little finger.

And last but not least, here comes the Performance unit. One of the members is Hoshi, who choreo‐ graphed most of their dances plus, Nu’Est’s I’m bad as well. The two Chinese member Jun and The8 are both in this sub-unit. The maknae of Seventeen is Dino who’s a part of the performance unit too, par‐ ticipated in the choreography and lyrics making for a couple of songs. It’s been only a year since they released their first song, but the boys spent a lot of times together, even before their debut. The band started off with a huge number of fans, who’s been following them since 2013, through Seventeen’s own special program called 17tv. Their fanbase keeps growing and growing, and what’s a better way to prove it than holding two concerts in front of thousands of people and winning awards one after another. They could only accomplish this kind of success with hard work, never-ending creativity and giving up thing…like sleeping. Despite sleeping only for 2 hours a night, their happiness and love for what they do can be seen by everyone. For me, that’s what makes them unique and that’s what is missing from most of the newly debuted boybands. So I think, many new fans will discover and fall in love with Seventeen. RIKA




Yeah It’s too late girl All mine her mind All mine her mind All mine her mind Maybe I’m jealous


What’re you looking at? Let go of me Don’t tell me to calm down What’s the use of it all? I already see the end anyway

[Hongbin] Bartender, one more drink, I need more [Ravi] one shot [Hongbin] one more [Ravi] two shot [N] Let me get messed up [Ravi] Let go [N] Leave me alone [Ravi] gonna shake it down [N] You are the tilted moon over there You’re disappearing into the dark [Hyuk] The time is too late, I try turning back the clock [Ken] I got one night, let’s wreak havoc [Ravi] come on girl Dynamite [Leo] I’m gonna be temperamental just for today Dynamite [N] Go crazy, jump, make a mess, shake it down Dynamite [Ken] Even if I have to flip over the whole world girl [Leo] Please don’t leave me today [Hongbin] Abracadabra, make this come true, all mine Abracadabra, make her mind go back [Leo] I won’t believe it, something must’ve gone wrong You don’t know anything She was supposed to be mine [N] This is a dream that’s like a nightmare Someone is messing around with me [Hyuk] We’ve just missed each other, the time is too late, I try turning back the clock [Leo] I got one night, let’s wreak havoc


[Ravi] come on girl Dynamite [Ken] I’m gonna be crooked just for today Dynamite [Hongbin] Push, throw, shake, shake it down Dynamite [Leo] Even if I have to change the whole world girl [Ken] Please don’t leave me today [Ravi] This is all a dream yes right It’s like a nightmare inside a nightmare, even if I rebel Someone keeps putting me to sleep Someone is singing a magical lullaby Even if all the villains of the world gathered They wouldn’t play this cruel joke, oh no She went from Snow White to a witch overnight Something is clearly wrong [N] When tomorrow comes, I need to swallow in this reality [Ken] Though it’s bitter, though I already know [Leo] I got one night, I can’t let you go It’s a never ending story Dynamite [Ken] I was supposed to be the hero Dynamite [Hyuk] But I’ve become the villain Dynamite [Leo] Even if I have bad intentions girl [Ken] I wanna steal you so don’t leave me Dynamite [Leo] I’m gonna be temperamental just for today Dynamite [Hyuk] Go crazy, jump, make a mess, shake it down Dynamite [Ken] Even if I have to flip over the whole world girl [Leo] Please don’t leave me today [Hongbin] Abracadabra, make this come true, all mine Abracadabra, abracadabra Abracadabra, make her mind go back



ARTIST: TaeYeon TITLE: I Sky that pours light (I) stand under it Fly as if I’m dreaming My life is a beauty A story I’ve heard often somewhere Ugly duckling and swan, a butterfly before it flies People don’t know, they don’t see your wings A new world you’ve met could be cruel But strong girl, you know you were born to fly Tears you’ve cried, all of the pain you’ve felt It’s to prepare you for the day you’ll fly even higher Butterfly, Everybody’s gonna see it soon Sky that pours light (I) stand under it Fly as if I’m dreaming My life is a beauty Forgotten dream, I draw it again in my heart Collect all of the times I withdrew and swallow it Small memories wake me up one by one It opens me up, as if it’ll fill the whole world Past the long, long night Want to embark on the road for a trip again Why not? In this world, One word that awakens my heart Yesterday, I was alone Countless gazes Falling tears I withstood another day again Yesterday, that was a close call All of the words that poured out It embraced me, who was shaking, again Sky that pours light (I) stand under it Fly as if I’m dreaming My life is a beauty My life is a beauty Flower petals wilt I had difficult times, but followed a small light Distant day, let it go far, faraway I fly splendidly Sky that pours light Renewed eyes (Renewed eyes) Fly far away (Fly high, fly high) Beauty that belongs only to me Moment I close my eyes Time stops I rise again

Send us a video or mp3 file of your ’Taeyeon - I’ cover, and be the one who wins something from our K-pop collection. Please send your performance to, with „SingIng” as the subject.





K­POP WORLD FESTIVAL 2016 SEMI-FINAL IN BUDAPEST K-pop fans in Hungary won’t be left out of all the fun, because K-POP WORLD FESTIVAL has arrived to Hungary for the third time. And YOU can either be a contestant or someone who watches the competiton and supports our performers. Though, this year will be completely different. This time the contestants have to pass all the THREE rounds be‐ fore getting the chance to represent Hungary on the world-list. And that’s not the end. The person who will be competiting in the final, has to be chosen by the Korean jury first. And the chosen one – let’s be honest – will have his/her dream come true, because he/she can stand on the same stage as idols and perform in front of 20 000 people. In the previous years, contestants shared the stage with big names such us EXO, BTS, 4Minute, GOT7 or B.A.P. So a lot of things is at stake! Don’t miss this chance!


For more details, please visit Idolater’s homepage or the competitions’ official Hungarian Facebook page.



IDOLATER K­pop Camp 2015



K­pop World Festival 2015





Benton is one of the biggest make-up manufacturer brands in Korea, and here’s what their most popular products are:

The Korean Skincare Line, Benton Cosmetic was cre‐ ated by two borthers in 2011. Because one of the brothers: Chae Won, who worked in the cosmetic industry before, has a very sensitive skin type and seborrhoeic dermatitis, he was interested in creating natural cosmetic products for problematic and sensi‐ tive skin types. They wanted to focus on basic skin‐ care without using chemicals so decided to use only natural components. They want to create and finish the Snail Bee High Content line perfectly, and then complete the Aloe line too. Their products became popular between younsters and middle-aged people as well.


SNAIL BEE HIGH CONTENT MASK PACK It’s a popular mask with special ingredients such us: Camellia Sinensis Leaf Water, Snail Secretion Filtrate and Bee Venom. This mask helps recovering damaged skin to enhance elasticity and it improves skin tone and texture. Recommended for EVERYONE! But we highly recommend you to use it if you have: • Sensitive skin • Troubled skin with acne • Oily skin • Dry skin • Easily irritated skin • Skin that is sensitive to chemical substances • Wrinkled skin The usage is pretty easy too: After cleansing and ton‐ ing, carefully remove the mask from its packaging to avoid the essence from dripping. Place properly onto the face and leave for 20 to 30 minutes. Afterwards, remove the mask and pat the remaining essence for better absorption. The eye parts can be removed, so you can easily open or close your eyes.


for us nail trend

Around the end of the year, a new nail trend was born in Korea: the ’shattered glass nail’ that became so popular, even Idols decided to try them.

Try this technique at home! Your nails have to be trimmed and neat before getting to the real business and ac‐ complish the final design, so you can’t miss the typical nail care routine. I advise you to take care of your cuticles by applying gel or cream and then gently pushing them with a cuticle stick. Calcium gels and nail hardeners can really make your nails stronger, so don’t forget to use them either. What you will need: 1. your favourite black nail polish 2. top coat 3. orange stick or some type of small stick 4. iri‐ descent cellophane for nails 5. scissors You don’t have to be a professional to get this look, you will only need those five things. First, paint a coat or two of your favorite black polish. Then from iridescent cellophane, randomly cut little triangles so it resembles shards of glass. Use top coat and before it dries, grab a the stick and carefully place the pieces onto the nail in a design of your choice. The more pieces you put on the nail, the more „shattered” it will look. To avoid sharp edges and bumps make sure to gently press the paper onto the nail. Apply a final layer of top coat for your long lasting art. ANCSA Have you tried this special nail design? Share your results with us by sending a picture to our e-mail:, with „FASHION FOR US” as the subject.



DECORATE YOUR BELONGINGS WITH THE NAME OF YOUR FAVOURITE BAND! By following the next steps you will be able to create your own design to decorate your bags, T-shirts, pencil case and even your cushion! What you need: • The item that you would like to decorate (in my case it’s a canvas bag) • 2 sheets of paper: one thinner and one thicker paper or bristol board • Scissors or scalpel • A couple of pins • Glue • Textil-marker (it can be bought in any stationery)




Template making: Using the thinner paper, print the pattern that you would like to work with. After that, glue the thin paper on the thicker paper or bristol board. This way the template will be long lasting and strong, which means you can use the template again and drawing the pattern will be easier. Then you need to cut-out the pattern/name of the band and the first step is completed. Good to know: If you choose a pattern that has let‐ ters like p or b (with a little „stomach”), pay attention when you cut them out. Above and under the „stom‐ ach” you need to leave 2 or 3 millimeters on the tem‐ plate paper. This way, you won’t cut-out bigger parts than it needed, and the white little parts can be col‐ oured later.


Drawing: Pin the pattern to the chosen item with the little pins. Then scribe along the template, if you’re ready you can colour the pattern with any colour you like. (Of course if you’re talented, you can skip the first step and draw the patter on the item immediately!)


Ironing: After you take the template

off, you can start ironing. This is a really important step, because ironing makes your decorated item washable! You have to check the description of the textil-marker to see what’s the adviced degree to iron or (later) wash the item. You’re ready to use your new K-pop themed accessory now! ZSANI

If you feel like following our steps and decorate your stuffs, take a picture and send it to our e-mail:



CROSSWORD The answer to the crossword is the name of a famous Korean actor.


If you solved the crossword and you have the answer, send it to jatek@, with „ANSWER” as the subject, with your name and postcode. The winner will get an album: BTS – The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1.


A boyband that originally had 6 members, but since April 2016, they performe as a five-member group


A „not drunk” song’s title from Big Bang



2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.


A well-known Korean food, often called as the Korean sushi

A female duo, who recently came to Hungary to shoot their music video


The debut song of Girls’ Generation



Member of F.T. Island, who released his solo album recently

A boyband, one of their most popular songs is ’Might Just Die’


The head of SM Entertainment













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FanArt’s artist this month is our STAFF member: Gina, who drew her favourite band, INFINITE. W E’RE LOOK ITERS ING FOR W R

writing to show your Would you like ance to ch ur ne? Here’s yo r! skills to ever yo te ri w ine’s next be the magaz ail to Send us an em , with magazin@idol e will w d an the subject, „WRITER” as . on contact you so


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