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Meshcheryakov Publishing House

Table of Contents 1. About the Company 2. Target Group

3. Mission and Vision 4. Authors

5. Illustrators

6. Book series

7. Pricing and Strategy 8. External links

About the Company •

Meshcheryakov Publishing House

was established in 2005

in Moscow, Russia and was named after its founder and owner - Vadim Meshcheryakov.



Target Group Publishing House's main target groups are:

• • •

children; teenagers; young adults (art albums, classical novels written in Russia and worldwide).

Mission and Vision

Meshcheryakov Publishing House's guiding principle is the

The company aims at production of high-quality books

highest possible quality of books and their design. both with colourful illustrations and cognitive and useful content. The publisher’s goal is to make children's books as widely available as they used to be during the Soviet times.

Once upon a time…

The first book published by

Tom Tit’s* “Scientific Amusements”. Since it’s first introduction in 2005 the

Meshcheryakov Publishing House was

book was reprinted almost every year. More than 700,000 copies of the book were printed.

*The pseudonymous of Arthur Good, a French engineer, science educator, author and caricaturist.


Meshcheryakov Publishing House publishes books of hundreds of Russian and foreign authors such as: James Fenimore Cooper, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Daniel Defoe, Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle, Kenneth Grahame, Joseph Rudyard Kipling, Edgar Allan Poe, William Shakespeare,

Robert Louis Stevenson, Mark Twain, Jules Gabriel Verne, etc.



Illustrators The authors of the books are accompanied by the leading illustrators like: Cecil Aldin, Charles Edmund Brock, Henrique CorrĂŞa,

Walter Crane, Anton Pieck, Arthur Rackham, Newell Wyeth, Walther Zweigle, etc.

Book Series

The most famous and significant book series of Meshcheryakov Publishing House are BISS (Big Illustrated Collected Works), which include collected works of such classical authors of children’s books as Krapivin V., Bulychev K.,Prokofjeva S., Arthur Conan Doyle, James Fenimore Cooper, etc.

Book Series "New Academy” - Russian and foreign classical books with illustrations. The books of the series are high-value limited edition

items. “Reflections”

Book Series

“The Book with History”

“The Pythagorean pants” is a series of

and it’s successor - “Small Book with History”;

nonfiction books in such fields as mathematics, physics, astronomy, books about animals, etc.

Pricing and Strategy

The price for the Meshcheryakov Publishing

In 2017 the publishing house lowered the

• •

House’s books varies from 1 to 40 euro; price drastically by increasing the circulation of books; The company publishes 100 different books per month; The average price for children’s books now is from 2 to 10 euro.

Pricing and Strategy

In 2017 Meshcheryakov Publishing House

announced that 80% of the produced books will be new. The goal will be achieved by publishing new:

• • •

illustrators; authors; books never translated into Russian language before.

80% New books

20% Reprints

New Illustrators

New authors

New translations

• •

External links - Company’s website order=price&way=back - web shop with most of the Meshcheryakov Publishing House books



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