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As an example of the difficulties to take advantage in this competitive internet commerce, we studied 2 industry cases to overview: The Medical and The Baby Product Industry. We explored some of the problems that Marketing Executives face every day. We want to Quote Beth Comstock from GE, (SVP and CMO):

On the opposite side of the coin, when it comes to the target market, we took a deep look on Tina Sharkey (Chairman & Global President, BabyCenter), she comments:

“Talking to a consumer in social media, is very different than talking to a consumer in mobile media... where ever the need strikes, it's very important for Brands not only to be around, but to create accurate campaigns for every consumer exposure to the Brand; including different kind of dialogs, based on where that consumer is, and the moment that matters”.

“There are constant changes in this marketing area, specially in the Health Care IT space there is a lot of activity with Health Regulations when it comes to electronic medical records, but we are on that business... where the doctors, specialist, and administrators have a lot of questions... So we found that is critical for us to get out there, just to explain: What is an electronic medical record?, How does it work? so we invest quite a bit on a basic story telling videos, so when doctors were looking, they discover what they needed to know... That give us new focus on realize that we need to be there with fresh content, that is simple to understand, and optimized in a way that they are going to find it... Then we try to replicate that model across in very different industries”.

We have to agree with Jim Lecinski (Managing Director, US Sales and Service, Google) that your company services online is kind of a gigantic call center (representatives, services, timing, satisfaction). When people contact you: Are you available?, Are you there?, A r e yo u a n sw e r i n g t h i s c a l l s ? . . . I f yo u a r e , "Congratulations!". If not, ask yourself: Who on my team is answering those calls? If you want to know more about on how we simplified the solutions take a look at:


Internet Marketing, SEO services  

Internet Marketing, SEO services

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