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Why is Internet Marketing so painful for most Businesses?

Understand the Internet Dynamics in local markets.


“You‘ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the t e ch n o l o g y - n o t t h e o t h e r way around.“... Steve Jobs According to Rishad Tobaccowala (Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer for VivaKi) the Internet's new model of marketing is to develop with the User's initial search experience (ZMOT) in mind and is in many ways about discovery. You want every aspect of your marketing plan to be

easy to see and find. For example, if you have a television campaign, make sure you have it on YouTube. Make sure the Brand and the characteristics of the Brand have keywords that people may type into a search engine. Have people in your organization "tweet" about your products and services. If you hear anything positive, broadcast it. Also if you hear anything negative, discuss it online because this will create a large footprint of your Brand. Read more at: -2-


As an example of the difficulties to take advantage in this competitive internet commerce, we studied 2 industry cases to overview: The Medical and The Baby Product Industry. We explored some of the problems that Marketing Executives face every day. We want to Quote Beth Comstock from GE, (SVP and CMO):

On the opposite side of the coin, when it comes to the target market, we took a deep look on Tina Sharkey (Chairman & Global President, BabyCenter), she comments:

“Talking to a consumer in social media, is very different than talking to a consumer in mobile media... where ever the need strikes, it's very important for Brands not only to be around, but to create accurate campaigns for every consumer exposure to the Brand; including different kind of dialogs, based on where that consumer is, and the moment that matters”.

“There are constant changes in this marketing area, specially in the Health Care IT space there is a lot of activity with Health Regulations when it comes to electronic medical records, but we are on that business... where the doctors, specialist, and administrators have a lot of questions... So we found that is critical for us to get out there, just to explain: What is an electronic medical record?, How does it work? so we invest quite a bit on a basic story telling videos, so when doctors were looking, they discover what they needed to know... That give us new focus on realize that we need to be there with fresh content, that is simple to understand, and optimized in a way that they are going to find it... Then we try to replicate that model across in very different industries”.

We have to agree with Jim Lecinski (Managing Director, US Sales and Service, Google) that your company services online is kind of a gigantic call center (representatives, services, timing, satisfaction). When people contact you: Are you available?, Are you there?, A r e yo u a n sw e r i n g t h i s c a l l s ? . . . I f yo u a r e , "Congratulations!". If not, ask yourself: Who on my team is answering those calls? If you want to know more about on how we simplified the solutions take a look at:



bad experiences than good experiences. There are some recent studies that actually show the opposite. According to David J. Reibstein (William Stewart Woodside Professor at Th e W h a r t o n S c h o o l , U n i v e r s i t y o f Pennsilvania). “..In recent studies people these days are more willing to talk about good favorable things, than to share their negative experiences; people like to share good news”.

When businesses think about lead generation, they think about getting new customers. But, they forget that foundational to lead generation is a company's online reputation. Spending money on lead generation without making sure your reputation is trustworthy will be a waste of money.


O n l i n e R e v i e w s = N e w Wo r d o f M o u t h : We need to start thinking: Don´t you think customers are already talking about you?, Don´t you think that is already affecting your trend sales?, Why would you not want to know?. For example, L.L.Bean (a clothing retailer) had a product with five star reviews. Those reviews had suggestions for improvement on a sweater they sell. L.L.Bean saw that customers kept on suggesting one or three additional colors. So it was a no-brainer to launch additional colors for that sweater...result, they literally DOUBLED the sales of that sweater! The reason people write comments is because they actually care about the impact they are have with a product or service. Contrary to popular belief, people LIKE to share good news.

Negative Criticism = Opportunity to Engage: This is one of the most misunderstood things, according to Avinash Kaushik (Digital Marketing Evangelist, Google), “...people think it´s dangerous to place bad reviews in your website, but in reality negative criticism is a great way to engage the community, because if you are there first, YOU get a shot in responding to that discussion. You can place your own tone, texture, and content in the discussion. You will make your presence a powerful way for people to connect with your brand”. We've made online reputation easier to manage with simple tools that can enhance your lead generation efforts:

Embrace Your Consumer Feedback Positive & Negative: We usually think that people are more willing to share -4-


Are you taking advantage of the "Mobile Customer"? According to a survey by Chadwick Martin Bailey in 2011, 41% of smartphone owners purchased goods and services from their phone! That number will only increase as more and more consumers go mobile. Are you capitalizing on

mobile technology in your business? We make it quick and easy by designing Mobile Apps customized for your business in about 2 weeks. Click on the link to see how to get a professional designed Mobile App for your business:


Is video production difficult and expensive?

“There´s no such thing as simple...” Scorsese


“ is about values, this is a very competitive world, we are not going to get a chance for people to remember a lot about us, no company is; so we need to be very clear on what we want them to know about us” Steve Jobs Thanks to the video stream channels and social media, everyone can broadcast themselves. But most videos are poorly produced and the message lacks of rhythm, and other key features... which will make your company look

unprofessional. Do you know how to script the video to give a clear message? Even if you have a video, do you know where to distribute it to the proper channels where your target audience can view it? Everything takes more work, and it's not as simple as you may imagine. CONTACT US NOW and we will do everything for you with services starting from $297. services/video-production


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Internet Marketing, SEO services  

Internet Marketing, SEO services

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