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Toolkit: Scaling Up HIV-Related Legal Services

e Sensitivity in discussing end-of-life issues such as wills and inheritance. f Sensitivity as to how HIV was acquired. 3

Alternative dispute resolution options. a Clients with HIV often want to avoid the stress, expense and delay of lengthy court proceedings–health can suffer if proceedings are stressful. b Alternatives to litigation may offer swifter results. c Pros and cons of alternatives need to be understood from the client’s perspective, including confidentiality concerns. d Alternatives may include traditional village courts; however, sometimes village systems disadvantage women or particular subpopulations. e Explanation of the role and content of local customary law. f Conciliation and mediation services may be available.


HIV legal services. a Specialist HIV legal services available in the local community. b Other sources of legal aid, advocacy and advice including pro bono services and human rights groups. c Support for lawyers providing HIV legal services, including networking and materials, and further training.


Non-legal referral points. a HIV treatment and care services. b HIV counselling and peer support. c People living with HIV groups; men who have sex with men, transgender people, illicit drug user and sex worker advocacy organizations; women’s organizations. d Financial, housing and employment assistance.

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Module 3: CONTENT OF HIV-RELATED LAW This session should cover relevant cases and legislation specific to the jurisdiction and the role and content of local customary law, if applicable, especially in relation to family and inheritance issues. This list is by way of example only and should be modified to local needs.



HIV testing. a Informed consent. b Compulsory testing powers.


Confidentiality and privacy. a Legal and policy protections.


Discrimination and equality protections. a Employment conditions and unfair dismissal. b Insurance. c Education.

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Toolkit: Scaling Up HIV-Related Legal Services  

Toolkit: Scaling Up HIV-Related Legal Services  

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