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Toolkit: Scaling Up HIV-Related Legal Services

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transgender people; Local or national groups or networks representing migrants or mobile populations; The national AIDS commission and provincial AIDS authorities; Regional councils of AIDS service organizations and their national focal point organizations; Lawyers associations; University law schools; Human rights organizations; Prisoners’ rights organizations; Medical societies, hospital clinics and senior HIV clinicians; Women’s groups; Youth groups; Trade unions; Parliamentarians; Media organizations; State agencies such as justice departments and court administrators, prisons authorities and health ministries.

DESCRIBING PROGRAMME NEEDS TO FUNDERS A proposal for a legal service programme should set out clearly the rationale for a service, the nature of the service to be funded, staffing requirements, governance of the service and a well-justified budget. Appendix 3 provides an outline of a funding proposal that provides guidance on how to addresses these factors. An HIV-related legal service may be defined in terms of programme elements, such as: the beneficiary population; the kinds of legal issues arising; the expected coverage; and the budget required to provide the kinds of services that will be delivered (legal advice, litigation, community education and outreach, alternative dispute resolution, training, etc.). Beneficiary population This may be defined by any or all of the following. Geographic factors: some nongovernmental organization legal services may only be available to clients from a specific settlement, township or district. Government legal aid services, such as legal aid offices, may have a broader provincial or national coverage. Connection to HIV: services may only be available to clients who are people living with or affected by HIV and whose legal problem is directly HIV-related, or where the legal problem is directly relevant to HIV vulnerability. Membership of key population: some specialized legal services may be only 44

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Toolkit: Scaling Up HIV-Related Legal Services  

Toolkit: Scaling Up HIV-Related Legal Services  

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