IDK Magazine Issue 2

Page 9

krista cox

Negotiating Your Absence Via WAKE UP 1989! Ghostbusters 1 & 2

This is how it feels to save words for Wednesdays: it swells against my ribs, which are weak and tired of holding back a heart that is always straining to show its face. The best way to describe it, I think, is like a river beneath a city, rolling and churning like when I boil candy and I’m unsure if I’ve taken things too far again. Have you seen the pink slime McDonald’s puts in everything to bolster its bottom line? It’s like that, except if you bathe in it, you forget that Venkman skips past brown stone fountains and only remember that he electrocutes his carnal competition. This love is psychomagnotheric. I’m equal parts Dana drawing her bow across a page and Zuul panting for you while I hover in the in-between. I can’t even blame the Carpathian: possession often feels like the only way out.