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21st century equestrian statue

3 3|5 Oyzo presents GooglePlex01 GooglePlex is a series of exhibits that explore an ad found digital artefacts from the Google Warehouse.

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The GooglePlex series is open source and welcome any other exhibitors that would like to contribute. Contact us for details. The 21st Century Equestrian Statue can be found at the google warehouse com/3dwarehouse/detail s?mid=cebc65df3d4334e ecf606769710f32f&prevs tart=0

21st CENTURY EQUESTRIAN STATUE 2009.06.18 to 2009.07.19 | Hans H. Bærholm So this then an attempt in a very direct way to engage with a couple of different topics. Things that we’ve been discussing for some time. How does, or how can, the nature of how we share things on-line affect the way in which we create stuff? In this case, how can we use the Google warehouse as a mode of exploration? If we consider for a moment the warehouse not as a technological device, but rather as content (which maybe you do already). Also, this project touches upon these things: symmetry, symbolism and chimera. Again in a very direct way, this piece starts to flirt with something that’s been a definite no-no in contemporary architecture; symmetry. But we say no more, let them eat cake! And although this is not architectue, it does

through its equine heritage place itself firmly in an architectural setting, literally oozing axial connotation. Well back to the idea of the warehouse, if we see this as a collection of numerous parts or entities all deprived of scale, pure geometry, then what we have is innumerable possibilities, possibilities which extend far beyond the reach of our own capacities and proclivities. It’s a sort of cross between Duchamp and Oldenburg, ready-made without scale. Our project, or the mode of exploration if you will, is the third topic, the chimera. In this project, which will hopefully be a trilogy or a series of some sort, our basic desire is to breed, to see in which way very direct juxtapositions provide us with something new, and this then becoming the point of departure for a cascading entropic cycle. In relation to the notion of the chimera it’s interesting to note when the individual traits of the original donors are consumed or watered down until it congeals into a new homogeneous structure, or tissue.

3 3|5 oyzo Hans H. BĂŚrholm Flemming Rafn Thomsen Guro Sollid

Google Plex 01: 21st Century Equestrian Statue  

GooglePlex is a series of exhibits that explore an ad hoc production of found digital artefacts from the Google Warehouse.

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