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1. You need a Google account to start working. 2. Go to and then sign in.

3. If you don’t have a Google account , you can create one by using any e-mail address and password.

4. Name your blog and customize it.

4. You can edit your profile and customize your account.

5. Verify the availability of your blog name and click on continue.

After creating your blog, you can modify it according to your needs and interests.

You can post the topics, edit them, and customize your blog.

After posting you can edit it or add a new one.

You can modify the design of your blog.

Go to to download aTube Catcher, which is a free program that helps you to download the videos you want.

Get the video you want from YouTube and copy the embedded code to be included in your blog.

Click on New Post

Click on Edit HTML to add the embedded code, so that the video appears in the new post. Then, save and publish it.

Add pictures to your posts to improve your blog presentation. Browse the picture from your computer and customize the way you want it appears in the new post.

You can create an account at and upload any kind of files to get an URL (www‌ address) to add a link in your blog.

Create your own library, including all your files and documents.

Copy the URL and create the link in your blog as a new post.

Click on “LINK”, then, it will appear a new window where you must paste the URL that you get from ISSUU.

Your post will appear in your Blog..


Here you will find a friendly manual to start working with blogs in your class.

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