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Idin SAMIMI MOFAKHAM Compositeur Born: Tehran, Iran, 1982

Selected Works Compositions:

Rajaz (Concerto for Tenor Horn and Chamber Ensemble, Dedicated to To Geert Callaert and Tim De Maeseneer) (2013)

Ludus Consonus No.3 (for Piano 4 Hands, Dedicated to Martyna Kosecka) (2013)

Miserere (for Mixed Choir Acapella) (2013)

Hesâr (for Recorder, Violin and Cello, Dedicated to XelmYa Trio) (2013)

Pascal's triangle (Version for Two Pianos) (2013)

At the waters of Lethe (for two Violoncellos ) (2013)

October Diaries (for Piano solo, dedicated to Arevik Serobyan) (2012)

Hommage A' Abolhasan Saba (for Violin and Cello) (2012)

Mirage... (for Water and String Trio) (2012)

Lullaby for Violin solo (dedicated to João DaSilva) (2012)

Ludus Consonus No.2 (for String Quartet) (2012)

Ludus Consonus No.1 (for Piano solo, dedicated to Arevik Serobyan) (2011)

Lachrimæ Antiquae (for Trumpet in B and String Quartet) (2011)

Pascal’s triangle (for Piano solo) (2011)

Fluxus (for Chamber Orchestra) (2011)

Concert rhapsody for Clarinet and Orchestra (2010-2011) (Dedicated to Ashot Zohraban)

Barf (The Snow) ( For Mezzo Soprano & Piano – On words by Mehdi Akhavan-sales) (2009)

In ut Silentium... (For Chamber Ensemble) (2009)

Epitaph (In Memory of Hamed Panahpor Tehrani) (For String Trio & Flute) (2009)

Pastoral (For 3 Flutes in C) (2009)

A Prayer For Peace (For Alto(Counter tenor), Violin & Viola) (2008)

Hommage a Omar El-Khayam (For Soprano, Clarinet in B, Violin, Cello, Campanelli & Piano) (2008)

Monologue For Violin Solo - Dedicated To Nikray Kowsar (2008)

Seven Last Words From the Cross (Mail voice and string quartet) (2008)

Persian Folk Songs (For Choir Acapella) - commissioned by Yerevan State Conservatory Youth Choir (2008)

Song Book No.1 - On words by Baba Taher (For Flute, Cello & Mezzo Soprano) (2007)

Epilogue (Piece For Piano , violin & cello) (2007)

Two Pieces For Cello And Piano 2007)

Distant Light of Hope (Oboe, Clarinet in A , Violin & cello) 2007)

Idin SAMIMI MOFAKHAM. December 2013


Piece For Mezzo Soprano & Piano – On words by Sohrab Sepehri (in Persian: Jonbesh-e Vajeh-e Zist) (2006)

Forbidden Love (Piece For String Quartet) (2006)

Eclipse (in Armenian: Khavaroum) (Piece For Piano ,Strings & Percussions) (2006)

In Memoriam... (For S.Q, Oboe, Piano Ad Lib.) (2005-2006)

Persian Images (For Piano) (2005)

Untold Stories (For Piano) (2005)

Three Pieces (For String Quartet) (2005)

Five Miniatures (For Flute & piano) (2005)

Black Rain (in Persian: Shouroum) (Piece For Piano & Strings) (2005)

Room No.12 (Piece For 2 Guitars & Cello) - Commissioned by the Baran Film Festival (2004)

Flat Liner (Suite For Piano ,Violin & Cello) (2003)


Anthem for Ferdowsi University of Mashad for large orchestra, commissioned by Ferdowsi University of Mashad, contribution with Mr. Hamed Panahpour; 2007

White Noise, an experience in Electronic Music; 2006

Original Sound Track for the animation “a short story about love” contribution with Mr. Pouya Pouramin; 2005

Original Sound Track for the animation “kimiaye sa-adat” contribution with Mr. Pouya Pouramin; 2005

Arranged music for the Audio Drama : Sohrab and Siayavash; published by: Golmehr Publications; 2004

Idin SAMIMI MOFAKHAM. December 2013


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