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Buyer Research

Understand How Buyers Purchase Products and Services

IDG Connect allows you to set 8 – 13 market research questions and segment by any global vertical and audience. This means you gain new intelligence on any market in the world to maximize the impact of your brand.

Gain an Independent View Companies and agencies selling software, hardware or services turn to IDG Connect to understand buyer behavior and preferences. They seek an independent view that can be used across their internal efforts, agency initiatives and media partners. Our speed and quality is exceptional, working from startups to the largest companies in the world.

We conducted over 8,000 surveys in every region of the world this past year. In as little time as one week, our efficient, tested processes provide custom, online or telephone based survey insight targeting: • • • • • • • • •

IT Decision Makers Business Function Decision Makers Financial Decision Makers Executive Decision Makers Influencers/Recommenders External Consultants Internal Consultants Channel Partners Consumers

The Power of Any Research engagements cut across audiences to include consumer, SMB, mid-tier and enterprise organizations buying existing and emerging technology or services. Set your target, for public and private organizations, in any vertical market segment. If you want to understand an audience, IDG Connect will reach it for you to meet your deadlines and commitments.

We deliver a powerful methodology, built on a team with over forty years of primary and secondary research experience spanning hundreds of surveys for clients.

Having worked with IDG Connect before, we knew you were the ones to help us craft a global survey and test our potential Cloud offering names with 1,400 respondents in less than five days. You did it with outstanding quality and insight.

Head of Enterprise Research, Top Five Technology/Services Organization

Research: The Power of Any Any Solution

Any Role

Any Vertical

Any Region or Country

Any Audience

Any Timeframe

Best Practice Methods You hear the voice of buyers loud and clear with IDG Connect. Our expertise combines with an extensive understanding of digital content use and individual and buying team dynamics. Stay in control with: • Survey Question Validation: Our analysts validate the intended use of answers from each question. Gone are the days of “I wish we’d asked that question” or “That is nice to know but we can’t use the insight” • Native Language Translations: Any language, translated with subject matter expertise • Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis: Rigorous review for trends, correlations, dependencies and probabilities • Highlighted Crosstabs: Color highlighting of data points within tables saves you time every time

In-Survey Quality Protection Research insight and competitive advantage starts with a well-designed survey, and it is also critical to access target audience members via the best panels and lists. IDG Connect research excels in both areas, adds excellence in data analysis, presentation and insight, and we go further to protect your investment. Our hosting and survey management tools monitor respondents while they take the survey. These safeguards extend well beyond demographics and are available for projects that help validate respondents. Independent research 5 steps to impact

System learns and adapts as it gathers responses

Survey Design

Time Based Respondent Errors

Question Validation and Translation Survey Hosting, Invitation and Response Collection Data Cleaning and Analysis

Presentation Findings, Insight, Recommendations and Action Steps

In-Survey Response Quality Protection

Statistical Analysis

Pattern Analysis Logic Based

When it comes to buyer research, think IDG Connect. Contact us today at

Buyer Research  
Buyer Research  

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