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eckos are fascinating creatures. Considered as pests by some and bearers of good omen by others, geckos have captured the fancy of still others who see in them a mystique and a symbol. Such mysticism attributed to geckos inspires people to write stories of them, create their images in pictures, clothing, jewelry, and in body tattoos. Their characteristics are clothed with meanings, such as, their ability to drop and grow tails which stands as a symbol for self preservation and regrowth people go through in the aftermath of trials or after some dramatic realizations. It therefore represents the cyclical nature of life. But what is remarkable about the gecko is their ability to cling to surface ceilings and defy gravity. It would be equally remarkable for us if we could go up high or be on the same location others are to attain different perspectives on what goes on in the lives of people around us and contemplate on our relationship with them, defy biases within us and others, thus putting what goes on in our everyday life in their proper perspective.

ROOTS 2011 Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief | John Rey A. Aleria Associate Editors | Gracielle Ma. Rosette Enobio Rvin John Servillon Managing Editor | April Ramona Lumantas News Editors | April Rica Laput Bernard James Burlaza

Feature Editors | Kevin Mar Escleto Salle Ian Cartin

Sports Editor | Benedict Gerard Joaquin Segura

Copy Editors | Patricia Monique Gonzales Louella Bianca Ignas Layout Artist | Melardz Vee Sumiog Cartoonist | Dustin Hyrel Lim Photojournalist | John Robert Omandac Moderator | Ms. Fe A. Borneo



e weave around us a travesty of events. Events that are misunderstood and most often judged at its face value…that is, what we see on the surface. We condemn and tag people with labels that are convenient for the viewers or those who judge but puzzling for the actors whose lives are much different from ours. We overlook the fact that these are people—the significant “others”--caught in the web of society that created them, much as we, ourselves, are products of that same society…the difference lying in the circumstances that shape each one of us. To understand the lives of these “others,” we need to see and live their lives from their perspectives. To be with them if only for the moment that we read each line of their poetry and their stories; to see the questions from the eyes of innocent children of the streets from photos taken by those who saw and witnessed but unable to give the answers; to live the lives of street cleaners and vendors who labor under the heat of the sun while we remain sheltered under the roofs of our schools and homes. We need to be like a “tuko” whose “lantaw” or view changes as he crawls from floor to ceiling, looking at what goes on below or above, humbly contemplating what he sees from different perspectives, in the hope of seeking enlightenment and, ultimately, understanding.

“I am the

LIZARD KING. I can do anything.”

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Faces in Disguise When the Day Calls Worries Friend Choosers Money Papa Be Here If Eyes Could Speak Pinilakang Tabing Bantilaw Sakayan 1, 2, 3 Biyaheng Irregular Hitsura Kinabuhing Estudyante One, Two, Three, Smile! Matuto Ka E




A matter of choice The worth of man’s life Ang Negatibong Pananaw The Book Perspective As We Know It

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The War of Leo (sign pen) Mind Your Own Head (sign pen) You Wanted to Escape (sign pen) The War of Singkol (sign pen) Unity Amidst Diversity (pastel) HIV Positive (oil pastel) The Lady Who Owns My Moon, Earth and Sky (watercolor) Untitled (pencil)

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Meet the TCI 2011 Editorial Staff



I'm a teenage mom. You look at me with eyes so cold You don't know I was abused when I was twelve years old. I weigh 200 pounds. You call me fat You don't know I got this stomach problem so I eat like a rat. I always wear my sunglasses. You ask me where's the sun I don’t know where the sun is, I am blind. I have huge scars on my face. You tell me I'm ugly You don't know I was once a soldier who sacrificed for my country.

Faces in Disguise

by Jan Vaughnce Yrish C. Plaza

I'm a lesbian. You consider me nonsense, You don't know I turned out like this for self-defense. I'm gay. You say I look like a mess You don't know I did this to please my mom who longs for a princess. I'm a special child. You complain how I learn slowly indeed I'm sorry if my mom tried to abort me but didn't succeed. I'm an indigenous man. You treat me like a dog astray You don't know I came to this place first but I was thrown far away. I hear your discrimination, I just sigh. But always know that there is more than meets the eye, All I wish for is acceptance, even love and care, And the assurance that we are all born fair. I'm a person just like you, though I seem unwise Know that I am just like you, but I wear faces in disguise.


A beautiful morning is here. Wake up young one! Wake up in the spirit of happiness. Smile with gladness and enchantment. Prepare for something great. To those few determined to grab them. Opportunities are everywhere, Yet elusive, they come and go Work is crucial in your life. A promise of success always creeps. With time and effort, we can be everything. Everything that we believe we are.

When the Day Calls Guy Romelle C. Magayano

Time is ticking fast, like a galloping horse. Each second is a do or die decision. Every minute is a life-changing experience, And as every hour passes, a bit of success is attained. By the end of today, Make things better by tomorrow. Settle not for less but strive for the best. Keep life moving forward and not fall back.


Live free of worries What you worry won’t come alive Think of what is in front of you For that place is where life truly hide.

Worries Cherry Malcher

Every moment that comes to pass Is unpredictable and a fuzz Even if you plan for tomorrow Surely, it won’t rightly flow. The unpredictable makes a way Ways that brighten your day Perhaps bring a friend or two Might as well straighten up your virtues.

Friend Choosers Cherry Malcher


When friendship is gone You tend to look for another one And if not, you’ll end up stuck Like a muddy lonely rock. Choose both ways- you’ll find none Choose neither of them for friendship unintentionally comes.

One day I suddenly had all the money, so I bought all my needs And I made sure I had everything a person greeds When I paid for something, I said “keep the change” without regret I even paid all of my country’s debt I made sure others could benefit from my wealth To the poor, I offered education and health I did everything to improve the country’s economy I shouldered all expenses for the country’s industry I hired people to work so they could have their payroll A lot of jobs were already offered to all I became famous for the things I have done Everyone looked up to me because I’m the richest one. Then I woke up and all I had was lost. I realized that everything was nothing but a dream But I know I’m still very lucky, believe it or not For I can give love and happiness which money alone cannot.


Jan Vaughnce Yrish C. Plaza


When I was three I didn’t know that there was A man they call father known as a protector. It was said that this man is great In spite of his stubborn trait. When you cry out loudly, He gives you chocolate or candy. It was a sunny day Suddenly a man stood gladly. I didn’t know who he was So I turned my back and ran fast.

Papa Be Here Kim Charres Baguasan

I can’t remember who taught me to call him papa I only know I have my mama. I grew up without knowing him And he grew old without knowing me. Then I thought all over again For how many years we’ve been together, He never treated me as his daughter. How does it feel to be his princess? To feel his never ending cares. And when others make me cry, He’ll send hundreds of army so they’ll die. In the reality of this life, he never was I’m always asking why he can’t give me Just a piece of his time for me Anticipating his words, “my daughter, job well done!” Now, I’ll open my eyes Stop dreaming from all those lies. I’ll just pray someday I will be loved.


Pour ‘em out Leave nothing to hide Scream and shout And you get your tongue tied Speak no more Of words hard to unfold To the core Look deep to what’s untold Cast the spell There at the mountain’s peak Much to tell If only eyes could speak

If Eyes Could Speak Jane Padisio


Isang bahagi ng kultura Na sa ati’y ipinamana Teatrong tanghalan ng dula Ngayo’y naging industriya Tanyag na pinilakang tabing Puro at sariling atin Marami na ang may sabing Dapat nga pagyamanin


John Rey S. Bardonido

Ngunit bakit tila hiling sa isip lang nakabinbin Walang kamay na gagawa Tila makakapal ang mga mukha Pagkat ang pinilakang tabing Na noo’y sariling atin Natabunan ng pelikulang Pinilit lang ang tabing


Kultura na ipinamana Ngayo’y puno ng gaya-gaya Bakit mas mahalaga pa Dulang katha ng mga banyaga Kayumangging nahihilig Sa chinito at chinita Na hindi mapikit ang mata Pag oras ng Asya nobela Lumalaki ang industriya


John Rey S. Bardonido

Sino ang dapat mahiya Kung lahat ng dinudura Takla dun sa ibang bansa Sa Pinas ay sinusubo At kaagad nginunguya? Darating kaya ang araw Na ito’y mag-iiba Kung pintuan sa pagbabago Ay parating nakasara?


Bakit mahirap intindihin ang katotohanan? Na ang tiyan ng mayayaman mas maraming laman. Na hindi ko hawak ang kapalaran. Na ang buhay tila nag-aalinlangan.

Bantilaw April Rica H. Laput

Kahapon nasa taas, ngayon nasa baba. Gulong ng palad ika nga. Pero tingnan mo ako mula ulo hanggang paa. Parang di umangat mula sa lupa. Mahirap nang tingnan, mahirap pang paniwalaan. Na ang buhay ng tao hindi matutulusan. Sumabay man ako sa lakad ng karamihan. Di ko pa rin maintindihan. Ikaw, naiintindihan mo ba? Sabi nila, tumingala ka Doon ko nga nakita, Sa lahat ng katanungan, may sagot pala.


Sa pagsilip ng araw, bandang bukang-liwayway Para bang ang pag-asa sa hangin ay tinangay Ang bayang binansagan na Perlas ng Silangan Isang bayang sagana sa mga likas na yaman Ngunit kahit pa ito’y perlas kung naturingan Kinang nito’y balot ng lumot ng kahirapan Tila ika’y sakay sa isang bansang sakayan Mabagal at tila purong banyaga ang laman Ungas na nagmamaneho’y walang pakialam Pagka’t ang kanyang interes ay pamasahe mo lang Dilim ay nakapiit, tila mata’y tinatakpan ‘Di alam saan lulugar, ‘di makita ang daan


Johnrey S. Bardonido

Bakit o aking bayan, ‘di itulad sa tula Na iyong mapagtugma ang mayaman at dukha? Sa gayo’y iyong mahawi hagpis at pagluluksa Tuluyang mabura sa puso ng bawat isa At magkatotoo na ang noon pa’y minimithi Ng mga taong bahagi ng watawat na hinabi.


Iba talaga ang epekto ng katagang ito, “Desperate times call for drastic measures.” Kaya heto’t basahin niyo ang kwentong hango sa totoong pangyayari. Late na naman ako OMG! Bilis. Takbo. Mabilis na nakapagbihis at nakapag-agahan Mabilis din nakahanap ng sasakyan At swerteng si Ate Darlene ang nakatabi sa upuan Sa paglibre niya, hindi ko tuloy nagalaw ang aking pitaka Maswerte nga ba?

1, 2, 3 Gracielle Ma. Rosette B. Enobio

Ang saya ko sa dag-dag na ipong pitong piso Ngunit ang tadhana ay sadyang napakatuso Sa pagbaba at pagsakay muli sa dyip Hindi ko namalayang naiwan ko pala sa bahay ang pitaka Ang swerte ko nga! Paano na ‘yan, nakasakay na pala ako (sa dyip) At malayo-layo na rin ang biniyahe nito 1, 2, 3, Yucks kahiya! Yun na ang naisip kong gawin Mukha namang matino kung iisipin. 1, 2, 3, Yucks kahiya! Basta’t hindi nagpahalata At ako’y bumaba (para!) Hindi ako lilingon kung magkabukuhan Kahit nasisigurado kong hindi ako mapagkakamalan Eh, kahit papaano’y mukha naman akong mabuting mamamayan Ayun at nakarating nga sa Fairlanes ng maayos Ang ginawa ko’y talagang kakaiba Hinding-hindi ako, at hindi kaaya-aya Eh, ano pa bang maggagawa ko sa sitwasyong iyon? Basta’t humingi nalang ako ng kapatawaraan sa Panginoon.


Ang tanong, “Anong ipambabayad ko sa tricycle papuntang school?” Ayun at may namukhaan din Basta’t kinapalan ang pagmumuka at ako ay nangutang Salamat sa bente miss! Katunayan hindi kami ganun ka-close Kaya’t ang pagtulong niya ay sadyang kahanga-hanga. Bilis! At sumakay na nga ng tricycle Sa wakas nakarating din sa destinasyon-Oh UIC! Mabilis na inayos ang uniporme 1, 2, 3, Kringggg. Biglang nag bell. Ayun late na nga ako-ang saya! Sa taong tulad kong mahilig magplano Nakakapanibago ang mga hindi inaasang pangyayari tulad nito Gayunpaman nakawiwiling isipin na nagagawan parin ito ng lusot At sa mga hindi inaasahang pagkakataon, nakatataba ng puso Ang tulong ng kung sinu-sino.

1, 2, 3

Gracielle Ma. Rosette B. Enobio

Salamat sa iyo kaibigan Maayos akong nakarating sa paaralan Pasensya na manong “sino” Nalugi ka tuloy ng pitong piso At nabawasan ang budget mong pang-krudo. Ang kwentong ito ay isang masayang karanasan. Ang kwentong ito ay tunay na kakaibang karanasan. Ang kwentong ito ay hinding-hindi ko malilimutan At salamat sa pagbasa kaibigan!


Ikaw ba ay mag-aaral na tila pinag-iwanan? Wari mo’y nahuli sa biyahe ng mga kasabayan? Ramdam mo ba ang saya sa mas mahabang lakbayin? O baka lungkot at sisi ang nasa damdamin? Ito ang kakaibang karanasan sa kolehiyo, Irregular na estudyante ay hindi na bago, Pagkat ang yugtong ito’y parang karera, Na nasa desisyon mo ang pakikipaghabol-hininga.

Bihayeng Irregular John Delrian Ermac Jr.

Kanya-kanyang rason sa paglipat ng kurso sa kolehiyo, Iba-ibang dahilan sa pagkaka-drop ng subject, Marahil din bunsod ng trabaho, paghinto at pagpahinga Sa kabila nito, hangad pa rin ang graduation day at diploma. Natatangi ang paglalakbay sa classroom ng mga dayuhan, “Irreg” kung ituring sa mga mata ng karamihan, Sa marka’y minsan ay naghihikahos o nangunguna, Pakiramdam mo rin ay sikat ka sa dami ng kilalang mukha. Estranghero man sa dami ng seksyon na napasukan, Ngunit kapuri-puri naman ang pakikipagsapalaran, ‘Wag lang mawalan ng assignment, libro, papel at pluma Sapagkat laglag mo ay pakapalan ng mukha.


Minsan ay hangad mong barkada’y makatabi, Minsan nama’y nais mangibang bayan sa klase, Ngunit may mga panahong bigo ang kahahantungan, ‘Di mo namalayan, subject pala’y muling pag-aaralan. Mahirap ang pakiramdam na maging irreg ka sa klase, Lalo na kung ika’y maiiwanan ng kapangkat mong estudyante, ‘Di mo alam kung ito ba’y inis, saya o inggit sa pagbigo sa sarili Pagkat ang inaasam na apat o limang taon ay sawi.

Bihayeng Irregular John Delrian Ermac Jr.

Humaba man ang inaasahang taon sa kolehiyo, Marahil daan na ito ng pag-usbong at pagbabago, Tumagal man ang panahong makasuot ng senior’s uniform na minimithi, Ang mahalaga ay makamit ang titulong college graduate.


Ning kalibutana daghan ang nagsulti Ang kagwapo’g kagwapa daw importante Ambot sa uban ug sila ba mutoo Kay kung akoy pangutan-on, mangambot rako


Ceasar Ian Benablo

Ang kagwapo’g kagwapa sa nawong daw mailhan Mao kana ang madungog sa kadaghanan Apan may nag-ingon dili kana tinood Ali atong tukion ilang mga pamatood Naay gwapo’g gwapa ug sa layo tan-awon Apan pakyas diay ug imong duolon Naa poy gwapo’g gwapa ug makalitan Pero daw sum-ol inig kadugayan Naay uban gwapo’g gwapa na unta Apan ang batasan dili gayod mahitsura Kung muasta mura ug si kinsa Pamati, hilas maoy sagad tawag sa ila Ug pamalandungan nato tataw gayod Ang maong sugyot katunga tinood Kung ikaw wa kaangay huna-hunaa ug tarong Kay sila midungag pa, di jud papugong


Lisod man dawaton apan tinood kini Adunay gwapo sa buntag, gwapa sa gabii Maong mga p’re abtik-abtik sa paglingi Kanang imong tapad ayaw pagkumpyansahi Samtang sayo pa ato na ning undangon Kay lisod na basi ug asa ni mupaingon Sa mga niangay, unta kamo nahimout Sa mga naigo, sa ako ayaw tawon kapungot Hala tiwasa ang inyong pagbasa Sa di madugay kini mahuman na Ulahing mga pulong sa inyo ihatag ko Hinaot masabtan, unta masulod sa ulo


Ceasar Ian Benablo

Lain-lain man ang atong mga hitsura Kana dili nato angay ikabalaka Kung tinuod nga gwapo’g gwapa ang gipangita Nawong ayaw tan-awa, kasing-kasing ug kinaiya ang lingia


Kinabuhi sa Trabahanteng Estudyante Ecinev Amsiran

Tungod sa kawad-on ako nakahiagom Sa mga kalisdanan apan usahay makahimuot Tungod sa akoang mga pangandoy maong ako wala nawad-an ug paglaum Angay lang gayod nako dawaton ang kamatuoran Ug kini kinahanglan puy-an Kalipay karun, kasakit unya, mahimuot ka karun, magsubo ka unya Pagkayod ug pagmatngon, mao na sa akoang kaugalingon kanunay isulti Kahago sa trabaho apan ang mga kahigalaan ko nganhi nagpasadya, Ingun-ana ang kinabuhi nako, kinabuhi sa trabahanteng estudyante. Dili mawala sa akoang alimpatakan Ang mga pangutana na walay kasulbaran, Nganong ako trabahanteng estudyante nagkayod man? Apan ang mga anak sa adunahan nagpakabuang sa ilahang bisyo? Wala man lang nila gimaanggad ang pag iskwela karun, na maghatag kanila ug mahayag nga kaugmaon. Bisan pa man ug walay pamasahi moadto gayod sa iskwelahan Bisag pila ka kilometro akong gibaktas Kainit sa bidlisiw sa adlaw kinahanglan uyun-uyunan. Ang makalampos ug pag-iskwela sa akoang huna-huna wala jud napakyas. Bisan pa man nagkutoy kining akong tiyan Kasakit akong mabati kon ako makasab-an, Ihilak na lang nako sa tago para dili maulawan, Ingun-ana ang kinabuhi nako, kinabuhi sa trabahanteng estudyante. Niabot na pud ang kaudtuhon Naglaraw na pud ako kon unsay kan-on Tungod sa kakulangon sa salapi Nga gigahin sa akoang ginikanan Apan akoa silang nasabtan Tungod sa amoang kahimtang nga kabos man Apan tungod kanila ako nagpadayon Para sa ilaha makahatag ug kalipay puhon


Kalabad sa akong alimpatakan akong bation Samtang naa sa klase trabaho akoang huna-hunaon. Kasadya sa akoang kasing-kasing kung makakuha ug dako nga grado, Apan kon gamay kini ako dismayado. Mahimuot gihapon ako luyo niining tanan. Magduka sa klase ug kahago sa panagway inyo kanang mamatikdan, Ingun-ana ang kinabuhi nako, kinabuhi sa trabahanteng estudyante Mosubang na si haring adlaw gikan sa kahaponon Apan ang mga pangandoy ko kinahanglan ipadayon. Usahay maka pangutana ako na ang kinabuhi walay katarungan, Tungod nakita nako apan wala nasinatian ang kapunawpunawan Mangitngit man ang kagabhion Apan wala nagkulang sa paghatag ug kahayag ang buwan ug mga bitoon Nakaon man sa bakonawa ang buwan Apan ang kahayag ania gihapon sa kinahiladman Nabitik man sa tambayawan ang talapan Nakasayod ang ngiwngiw sa katibuk-an.

Kinabuhi sa Trabahanteng Estudyante Ecinev Amsiran

Moabot ra ang tukmang takna sa pamuswak sa bulak Ug ang maidlas nga bitin gikan sa hitaas nga punuan matagak Nangaliyupo ug nag-ampo ako sa Ginoo Nga luyo sa hilaw kong kalipay ug kasakit nga giantos Makalampos sa pag-iskwela ug kahayag sa kaugmaon makab-ot ko. Pagsalig sa Makagagahom ug pagkayod Akoang puhunan para makalampos Kinabuhi sa trabahanteng estudyante dili basta-basta, Pagtrabaho ug pag-iskwela kinahanglan ibalansi mo, Para luyo niining kabaga sa kadag-umon Bidlisiw ni haring adlaw matagamtaman mo Ug angay gyud nako kining hinumduman Kasinatian, nakasayud ang langitnon tang Amahan. 25

Posing diri Posing didto Sa sobra ka-seryoso Ang postura murag abogado

One, Two, Three, Smile! Picture by:

Rosell Dawn Cautivo

Naay wacky Ug ang pinaka-“reality� Stolen ang pinaagi Pagkaluoy sa nagsigi Ug ang camera napuno ug nawong! Naa kaisa ikaw picturan Masuko kay dili ganahan Pero pag siya nakuhaan Apas-apas ug tan-aw kay basi iyang maganahan Pagkatinuod sa reality Ug ang false pagka mali-mali Naay bakakon nga camera Kay ang picture murag pang-calendar na


Kung naay bakakon Syempre dili mawala ang matinud-anon Ug kung ikaw mapicturan Depende na lang kung photogenic ka makuhaan Bahala na unsang camera gamiton Basta ang gipicturan makauyon Kay muingon man pud ang kadaghanan “Beauty is within the hearts of everyone” Kinsa man pud mosugot ana Depende na lang kung ikaw mapagkumbaba Mao pa’y dagway dili madrawing Mangita jud na ug picture nga beautiful ug alluring.

One, Two, Three, Smile! Picture by:

Rosell Dawn Cautivo

Picture, picture!


Hindi man ikaw ang pinaka, Hindi man ikaw ang talagang napaka, Subalit ikaw ay nandito na, Pilitin mong taniman ang utak mo kaibigan Ng mga bagay na naaayun sa alimpatak ng konsensya.

Matuto ka Salle Ian Cartin

Nandito ka para matuto, Nandito ka para paghandaan ang iyong hinaharap, Kaya’t wag kang basta-basta tumakas Para lang magpausok ng bibig At tumambay ng walang silbi sa labas. Mahirap man pero nararapat, Mahirap man pero gawin mo dapat, Dahil pagkatapos ng ilang taon na pagsusumikap Buhay ay giginhawa, At ikaw ay pwede ng magpakasarap kahit lubugin ang sarili sa alak. Ngunit isipin mo kababata ko Paano kung puro pula ang iyong marka? Ikaw ba ay matatangap sa ibang bansa? Pwede pero gaano kalaki ang makikita? Kung ang sahod mo ay di sapat sa pamilya? Kaya’t matuto ka kaibigan ko, Habang nasa gusali pagbutihan mo, Huwag maging tamad na parang si Juan Gawin ang kinakailangan, Hindi ng katawan, ngunit ng paaralan.



Tension rising up inside the room.

People buzzing with anticipation. Hearts beating fast and getting nervous by the minute. The decision was made. Judge bangs the gavel. The innocent charged guilty.

A matter of choice

Patricia Monique N. Gonzales



his scene may be frequently viewed on television shows and movies yet it is quite true and evident in our very own Philippine courtrooms. A deprived guiltless man is framed and jailed for a crime he did not commit because he cannot afford to pay for a good lawyer. Why? Shouldn’t the real perpetrator of the felony be the one sent to prison? Shouldn’t justice be served also to the less fortunate and “can’t-afford?” Does money really run the world now? Can’t the rich and the poor have equal rights? Doesn’t everybody want to get rid of this rotten system? Shakespeare once said, “The fault is not in the stars, but in ourselves.” We make our own

decisions. We create the circumstances we face. We keep complaining about social injustices yet we do not act to correct what is wrong. We remain oblivious to what is happening in our society, to our fellowmen so long as it does not harm us. Are we that insensitive and unfair to others? Is there still room for change in us? Change in society starts in each one of us. If we ourselves alter the wrong values and principles we believe in and improve our iniquitous actions, then change in society will follow. If we ourselves believe and remain firm in our good morals, then change in society will follow. If we do not allow our errors in judgment to lead us down the wrong path, then change in society will follow. If we do not let ourselves be influenced by power, money and materialism, then change in society will follow. It is just a matter of choice. Any time we wish, we can be better persons. Any time we wish, we can stand up for what is right. Any time we wish we can start the process of life change. We are not trees that remain rooted on the ground. We are humans who can move, who can act. We can totally transform every area of our lives. Winners in life are part of the answer while losers are part of the problem. Winners say “I can do something” while losers say “Something must be done.” It is our choice if we opt to become winners or losers.

A matter of choice

Patricia Monique N. Gonzales


I The worth of man’s life Rvin John Servillon


n a far distant vista, as I look at an ambiguous light melding with the dark background, there mount a candle…lit…burning. Curious—I thought very deep and reflected. Emotions suddenly moved me and a tiny image appeared in my mind…me. It was a simple encounter in life, another analogy that brings me to a simple realization. A Man is like a burning candle. It reflects a person artistically as it is perfectly molded and made unique by its creator. In reality, as simple as the candle is, it is made colourful, making it suitable for all types of occasions. It is made out of wax with a single string embedded at the middle to hold its flame. People give it meaning and use it in many ways. Candles may be formed into the shape of numbers held on top of a birthday cake; candles are sometimes lit in times of grief, sometimes in times of joy and in times of unity such as in People Power. But still, it is a simple candle—lit and slowly burning away. In a deeper sense, man is reminiscent of a candle. Like a man, the candle is made in a single structure standing upright and with a purpose. Like a man, the candle is lit and with its wick burning away slowly to its base. The flame represents the purpose of a man. It gives light as it sheds off its being like a candle slowly

melting as it gives off light through its flame. Too, the flames of man may sometimes be weak and sometimes be bright depending on his or her spirit—enthusiasm in living his or her own life. Yes, burning is literally painful as it entails slowly losing a part of you. But that’s the nature of life. Man grows through a nurturing torture— exemplified well by the pains we encounter everyday which are equivalent to one’s learning. In other words: “A man’s life is worth spent when only he or she is burned to its feet.” In the course of a candle burning, sometimes the wind blows strongly—threatening the burning fire. The flame weakens. However as the blowing wind stops, it strengthens and boosts higher while at the same time emitting dark smoke. The Wind represents the challenges. The stronger the challenges go, the weaker the man gets, however, as he or she survives, he or she grows stronger. The dark smoke represents the pains that liberates one as one can only learn whenever he or she accepts her loss and starts to cast it away. The candle does not serve its purpose until it burns away—like life. Life is not how long or how short it is, it is not on how high or low a flaming man can be, it is not even how artistically made the candle is… but it is on how one has lived his or her life and how one shares a part of him to give light to a dark ambiguous room, melding in a dark background—lit—deeply burning.

The worth of man’s life

Rvin John Servillon



Ang Negatibong Pananaw April Rica H. Laput


atatandaan niyo pa ba ang mga kataga ni Mila? “And remember, be happy.” Gaano ba kadali ang maging masaya? Para sa kaibigan ko, mahirap. Lalong-lalo na kung napapaligiran siya ng mga alagad ng depresyon – mga schoolmates na masyadong ma-pride, mga gurong pinapairal ang favouritism, mga kaklaseng mapanghusga, mga ka-grupong walang initiative, kaibigang halatang plastik, crush na ayaw pumansin, bagsak na score sa quiz at 50 pesos na baon araw-araw. Ang mas nakakalungkot pa, mahirap itong baguhin. Oo. Ilan lamang ito sa mga nakakapag-depress sa kanya. Habang iniisip pa lamang niya ang mga ito, pinapatay na siya ng kalungkutan. Mabuti pa ang tatlong buwang gulang na sanggol, kyut na nga, wala pang iniisip na problema. Minsan nga, nihahalintulad niya sa salitang NAKAKAPAGPABAGABAG ang pang araw-araw na buhay niya. Mahirap itong espelingin at siyempre, nakakalito. Sa lahat ba naman ng mga negatibong elemento na pumapaligid sa kanya, ‘di na niya alam kung saan kakapit. Mahirap kayang walang makapitan! Lalo na’t memorise niya ang sikat na motto na “No man is an island.” Hindi naman siya ganoon ka dukha kasi may mga magulang namang nagmamahal sa kanya. Iba nga lang talaga ang ihip ng hangin pag nasa eskwelahan na. Alam mo ba ‘yung pakiramdam na parang may matang kumakain sayo habang naglalakad ka sa lobby? Eh ‘yung pakiramdam na tila kinukutya ka palihim dahil hindi ka katalinuhan at wala kang alam? ‘Yan nga! ‘Yan mismo ang nadarama niya at ayaw ng madama pa. Masyado bang OA ang taong ito? Wala tayong magagawa kasi iyon ang dinadamdam ng puso at isip niya. Ang katotohanang iyon ang kumakain sa kanya.

Pero sa maniwala ka man o hindi, malapit siya sa Diyos Ama. Nakokornihan ka man o hindi, seryoso siya sa bagay na ito. Doon nga napagtanto niya ang sinabi ng isa niyang churchmate. “Kapag malapit ka sa Diyos, lumalapit din sa iyo ang demonyo.” Alin, sa lahat ng mga sinabi ko, ang demonyo? Siyempre, iyon ‘yung mga negatibong bagay kagaya ng mga kaibigang plastikan. Paano daw siya magiging kapakipakinabang kung napapaligiran siya ng mga negatibong ito? Sa pananaw ko naman, masyado lang siyang PESSIMISTIC. Kung ako si LORD, siguro ma-iinsulto na ako. Pero ‘di naman magawang ma-insulto ng Diyos kasi matalino siya at mahal niya tayo. Walang pesimistang astronomo nakapagdiskubre ng bituin. Walang pesimistang punongpatnugot na nakapag-limbag ng isang folio. At walang pesimistang estudyante na naging doktor. Ang problema kasi, ‘No man is an island’ lang ang alam niyang quote. Sana naman ay alam niya rin ang kataga sa bibliya na ‘For everything there is a reason, and a time for every purpose under heaven.’ Hindi man siya naging HAPPY sa mga nakakadepress na negatibong bagay, sana’y maging JOYFUL siya habang binubuksan niya ang kanyang mga mata sa magagandang bagay na pumapalibot sa kanya. Sana’y alam mo ang kaibahan ng pagiging HAPPY at JOYFUL. Estudyante lamang ang kaibigan kong ito. Kaya nga tinawag na estudyante kasi siya’y natututo pa lamang. Kagaya mo, kagaya ko. Sa tingin ko’y normal lang na makaranas ng depresyon ang mga estudyanteng katulad natin. Pero maawa ka, huwag mong kitilin ang iyong buhay. Huwag mawalan ng pag-asa at huwag kalimutang magdasal, kaibigan. After all, dalawa lang ang maaring kabagsakan natin – ang walang kasing init na impyerno o ang walang kasing puting langit.

Ang Negatibong Pananaw

April Rica H. Laput



The Book

Louella Bianca L. Ignas


f there is one thing that would set me apart from people whom I use to deal with everyday, that would be the love for reading. My high school classmates, friends, cousins and even my younger sister --- they all love books. Reading for me is only done when needed, just like reading comprehension tests, book reports, researches and studying for quizzes and examinations, usually associated with school works but never as a hobby. I don’t go to libraries to borrow thick fiction books just like my other high school friends. I just go and grab Candy magazines and gaze at beautiful people and know what the stars tell of my fate or maybe because I had no choice. Yes, I am pretty odd. Until a book by Donna Fargo, “Ten Golden Rules for Living in This Crazy, Mixed-Up World” came into my life, a gift given to me by my good friend last Christmas. Believe it or not, it took nine months to actually open that book and read it. The funny thing is that the book is not that thick and the letters are big and readable enough just like kindergarten books. By just looking into the title of the book itself, it must be something inspirational, substantial and meaningful. The first page says: Always remember... listen to your heart, trust what you hear, and do what you believe is right. The next pages go deeper into life’s true meaning. A fulfilled life starts with knowing who you are, and your uniqueness is your first gift. RULE #1 SAYS: KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU ARE DOING HERE. Life is a gift and we are expected to use it. It is a blessing and we are ought to give importance to it. Every life on earth has a purpose. RULE #2 SAYS: KNOW WHAT YOU WANT OUT OF LIFE AND WHAT YOU WANT TO CONTRIBUTE. To live also means to keep ourselves healthy. Know that you are spirit, mind and body. RULE #3 SAYS: TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

All of us are made to love. How contradicting it is that the more love we give, the more supply is enlarged, the greater the return, and the richer our lives become. RULE #5 SAYS: NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF LOVE. Everybody knows the golden rule: Do not do to others what you do not want others to do to you and so as the RULE #6 SAYS: LIVE YOUR LIFE IN A SPIRIT OF COOPERATION WITH OTHERS. No man is an island. We are all blessed to have our families who first mold our identities and our friends who console and support us. RULE #7 SAYS: TREASURE THE SPECIAL PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE. We may say that life is not a bed of roses, or maybe life is like a stone, it’s hard. RULE #8 SAYS: LIFE WILL HURT SOMETIMES, BUT YOU CAN HANDLE IT. But life is more than all the problems we might face because there are always those simple things we can enjoy and be thankful for. RULE #9 SAYS: COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. Happiness is a choice and RULE #10 SAYS: CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY. For me, the most important rule is THE FOURTH ONE: REALIZE THAT YOU ARE NOT ALONE. God is in your heart and once you recognize it, you will never feel unaided and you will learn that love is your greatest friend. I would really like to thank the author of the book and my friend who gave it to me. Without them, I would’ve not written anything. Thank you for giving me the reason to read more books, not for a change of habit but for a change of belief. You made me understand how beneficial and valuable reading is as a student and as a journalist. I remember our interview with our high school principal when he said that his eyesight is absolutely clear at his age because of reading. These and a lot more beautiful wonders are brought about by reading. Actually, I haven’t really finished reading the book. I’m not quite sure if it’s still available in bookstores but I encourage you to buy that book. You could have it for yourself as a source of inspiration or you could also give that to others as a gift to remind them how beautiful life can be.

The Book

Louella Bianca L. Ignas


L Perspective As We Know It John Rey A. Aleria


ong before I became an avid fan of sports, not including the accidental years of being a student “sports journalist” at the age of 10 years old, my perspective of boxing was a boring sport where fighters had to punch each other and win the fight on either the decision of a judge or by a brutal knockout victory. I found it boring as there were no kicks in boxing matches. In my childish ignorance, I did not know kicks were not allowed, or else boxers get disqualified. Not until Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao carved the name of the Philippines in the history of boxing and captured unprecedented awards and honors making an unequalled milestone of eight division world titles did I start to get really interested. Now, I find boxing exciting and the fun of watching it has no equal. That’s for me. Boxing is interesting and I even dream of fighting in the ring wearing gloves, trade flurry of punches, bring furious setbacks to my opponents and deliver them to the canvas with my vicious punches. Alas, it is all just an unattainable dream. Anyway, there’s no harm in dreaming or even in trying. I would, however, refrain from trying it as I know I will be knocked out by a single punch on my chin. As my brother did, that is, knocked me down when we boxed in our bedroom and he hit me on the chin.

My view of boxing changed as I got to watch it more often through the years and with the exposure, increased my knowledge of the sport‌ how it began, where it started, how the rules were developed, what weight divisions are, how it got to be a part of the Olympics, and for the Philippines, how boxing became a means for social mobility. With learning came understanding and respect for it as a sport, or for that matter, as a social phenomena. And with understanding came a new boxing perspective. Perspective is something that we hold on to in our lives. It is through our perspective that we see things and contradict the views of others. It is our living belief that could be at times an advantage and a disadvantage at other times, depending on where we stand. Perspective change as we grow older with changing contexts and the perspective we hold might be altered slightly or dramatically. Changes may occur in our perspectives as we go through a deep search of truth, through our experiences and looking at the experiences of others from their eyes. We sometimes dwell in a wrong perspective and tend to hurt others’ feelings, refusing to look into the context of the experience believing that our perspective is the only right one. Perhaps, we could ask ourselves, are we being subjective or objective in our outlook? Or more significantly, are we fair with everyone or rude in our opinion of others?

Perspective As We Know It John Rey A. Aleria


Perspective As We Know It John Rey A. Aleria


Perspective is better applied if we know and see things at their context rather than make assumptions and play the guessing game. We may apply our perspective to issues that bombard our society today. We may apply it as critics or in another way as concerned citizens. We may be objective or subjective with our perspectives in life. One must understand that perspective, in a deep sense, should not always depend on what we see. Sometimes, our perspectives clash with others and these clashes bring conflict that sometimes cannot be resolved because we firmly believe in what we only see on the surface. We may be skewed in our perspective when we only see what we want to see to the exclusion of all others. For example, a critic might say boxing is a cruel sport that is to be banned because it risks lives of those who indulge in this cruel sport. But for one who is very much “in” the sport, boxing is one way to release them from the poverty they are experiencing. A painful but nevertheless, a way for social mobility where they move from having “none” to having a semblance of “everything.” And who are we to judge?


Everything Will Be All Right Joezel Mark Angsingco


e was clutching my hand. He was holding it gently the way mom and dad used to do when I was a little tot. We were walking towards a blissful paradise, when suddenly, I heard something. I heard a beeping sound. I wondered where it came from. I felt cold. I felt tired. And when I slowly opened my eyes, I realized everything was just a dream. My name is Genevieve. I am turning six today. But instead of celebrating my birthday at home, I was at the hospital. I had been there for a whole year. I don’t know why I had to be there. I don’t know why I had to dwell in that quiet, dull place that my Dad keeps calling “Jesus’ place”. My dad says they call it that way because the people there are Jesus’ children that he has to help recover from sickness. At first I insisted on going there. My classmates say that children there were tortured. They told me that the ghosts (the doctors, actually) there always wear white creepy clothes, bringing those sharp fearful gadgets that they thrust at children’s bodies. But later on, I had no choice but to stay there for quite a long time. After all, Jesus has to help me recover. The last time I went to see a doctor was when I was three. I was with my mom. I had a “boo-boo” back then that Jesus had to cure so that I could play again. Dad only told me to close my eyes and say “everything will be all right” and when Jesus hears me, I would feel better. But this time, I was puzzled why I still can’t go out of the hospital even when I say “ everything will be all right “countless times. There was even a time when I asked one of the pretty nurses in that hospital, “will everything be all right?” . She said “everything will be all right,” then she left and I thought I will be out of the room as well, but instead I got another shot from a doctor.


I was so bored at that place. Even my mom was bored I can tell, coz she keeps crying every time I see her, although most of the time, she hides when she cries. Perhaps she didn’t want me to see how bored she was. My Dad also stayed with me most of the time to keep me from getting bored. He told me stories, he told me jokes, and he even told me how my classmates missed me so much so I had to recover fast. But, even dad was bored sometimes. He also cried like mom did. But dad’s crying was somehow different from mom’s. Dad had the cry with a smile that gives me into a tranquil feeling, a feeling that everything will be all right. And I was hoping that day would come. And it did. One day I suddenly collapsed when dad and mom were talking in front of me. I was still and my eyes were shut. I could hear people rushing towards my room. I could hear my mom crying, and I thought again maybe she was still bored. I heard dad quieting my mom softly. I heard the doctors counting and pushing something on my chest. I could feel the anxiety in that room. Then suddenly I moved my pinky finger, and opened my eyes slowly. When I woke up, I saw dad rubbing my head and mom crying while she brought my hand to her face. I also saw the doctors on the other side frowning. I wanted to ask them why they were so sad, but my dad took my attention. When I looked at dad’s face, he was wearing that usual crying face that he had. And mom had the same smile that dad had. I wanted to ask them what was going on? But dad only said to me, “dear close your eyes and everything will be all right.” I always hear that from dad, but this time, I was quite sure that everything will be the way I want it to be. So I closed my eyes and said “ everything will be all right.” Then someone took my hand, and when I opened my eyes I was at the same place where I was before waking up at the hospital. We were walking towards that blissful paradise, and when we got there the gates opened for us. There were a lot of people who welcomed us there. My parents were not there but I still felt them with me. I didn’t know where I was and I didn’t know what to do. But I was pretty sure that with the Man holding my hand I will be as safe as when I was with my parents before. This time, I knew… Everything will be all right. 43

The Amazing Dougie April Ramona S. Lumantas BSBA FM 4


find it a curiosity how life’s twist could come from a most unlikely source. One Saturday afternoon, my brother, Cocoy, who found it extremely frustrating cleaning up spilled garbage after a dog’s foraging decided to build a barricade beneath our toothless gate. He thought enough is enough and would stop the dog from entering our yard, even if he has to spend all his afternoon wasted on building a dog’s barricade. The first barricade was made of rope, which Cocoy painstakingly knotted on the two poles holding our gate upright, making it impossible for the stray dog to pass through. Or so Cocoy thought! When Cocoy saw the dog approaching, he immediately got inside our house and looked out the window to see if his goal of stopping the dog from getting inside the yard succeeded. The dog started pulling the rope with his teeth which eventually loosened and gave way. Unimpeded by any barrier, the dog went straight to the place where we throw our leftovers and started to feed. He seemed to know the place pretty well! Cocoy, maddeningly disappointed and more determined to keep the dog out, built another and what he believed to be a stronger and more effective barricade. Or so he thought! The second barricade was a thick wire which used to be our clothesline. He carefully and meticulously coiled the wire on the two poles at the bottom space of our gate where the gap is, leaving it more impossible for the stray dog to pass through.


The dog must have enjoyed this extreme sport unwittingly provided by my brother Cocoy because the next morning, the wires were stretched and loose leaving a big space for the dog to easily get through and once again enjoy his repast. The third barricade was more convoluted and even more dangerous. With a little help from my father, Cocoy used a junked barbed wire from our bodega and coiled it at the bottom part of the two poles. This time, my infuriated brother showed no mercy on the poor pet. He said that if ever the dog attempted to get through the gate again, it will surely be like suicide! Or so he thought! At night, we heard the dog yelping as if it was trapped in the barbed wire. I felt pity but I could not help the dog because it must learn its lesson, the hard way. I prayed that the dog would find its way out if it was trapped and not attempt to get through the gate ever again. And so, I hoped! The next morning, before going to school, I was surprised to see the dog right in front of our doorstep. Without a scratch! We began to be curios how the dog passed through the dangerous, sharp spikes of the barbed wire and managed to get through. What extreme determination the dog must have possessed to understand in his own way what my brother was doing and to hurdle a dangerous barricade set up purposely for him. It was a curiosity and which remained a curiosity having found no answer. From then on, Cocoy decided to terminate his mission of building barricades beneath our gate and decided to keep the dog instead. Everyday, after our meals, Cocoy responsibly collects our leftovers for his new friend which he named “Dougie�. To our amazement, it was at that point that Cocoy became responsible by taking care of his friend Dougie. The dog who won the heart and admiration of my brother by overcoming obstacles and not giving up and who, to our wonder and delight, taught my brother the meaning of responsibility.


Dota pa? Leo Vincent A. Villanueva


une 28, 2011, maliban sa petsang July 2, 2011 kung s’an sinapak at biniyayaan ng “smokey eyes” ni Mayor Sara Duterte ang isang aroganteng sheriff ng RTC 11, marahil ay ‘di ko rin makakalimutan ang petsang ‘to sa buong buhay ko. Oo, isa ako sa iilan at piling-piling kasama sa isang pangyayaring paminsan-minsan lang naman nangyayari sa kasaysayan ng Davao City. Tulad ng ibang trahedyang nangyari, mayroong nakalakip na kuwentong tiyak na makakaantig sa inyong mga puso’t makakapagbukas sa inyong mga isipan. Kung ‘di ako nagkakamali, nangyari ‘to sa araw ng martes. 7pm nang natapos ang klase ko, tumambay ng konti sa labas, at naglaro ng isang round ng dota. Walang kamalay malay sa paparating na unos…ay hayahay! Nang biglang bumagsak ang ulan. Sinaklot ng matinding takot at poot ang aking loob, nababalisa at nanginginig ang aking katawan, nakisabay sa bagsik ng panahon ang takot na aking naramdaman. Sa kabila ng matinding buhos ng ulan, ako’y lumusob, hindi ko sinawalang bahala ang aking mga naramdamang hindi ko maipaliwanag. ‘di ko na ininda ang mabasa, basta’t ako’y sumugod nalang, at sumakay ng jeep. Bangkal, Matina. Dito kami lumipat ng pamilya ko pagkatapos kaming palayasin sa dati naming tinitir’han, wala na talagang perang mailabas ang nanay ko noon, baon sa utang at samut-sari pang mga karaniwang problema ng mga mahihirap na mamamayang Pilipino, at sa sobrang pagiging “karaniwan” tila wala na yatang pag-asa.


Tinanggal ko ang aking sapatos para hindi mabasa, ang aking nagiisang balat na sapatos na punong-puno na ng bakas ng iba’t-ibang klaseng landas na tinahak, binalot q sa plastic at maingat na ibinitbit. Lampas tuhod na ang inabot ng maruming tubig pagbaba ko sa jeep, malakas ang agos, para akong tinutulak nang sangkatutak na maliliit na tao sa lakas ng agos ng tubig. Natatanaw ko na ang aming payak na bahay, maingat akong tumawid at lumangoy sa malasapang baha.Alam kong hindi na ako nalalayo sa aming bahay, ngunit parang langit at lupa pa rin ang pagitan ko sa aking tahanan. Inisip ko ang nanay ko, ang kapatid ko, at ang aking pamangkin na sanggol pa lamang, silang palaging nasa bahay, wala namang dahilan upang lumabas, wala namang pera. Ilang beses silang pumasok sa isipan ko, at alam kong sila rin ang dahilan ng aking matinding pangamba. Sa aking pagtawid, ako’y sumuko, mga paa ko’y nanghina at ako’y inagos ng tubig. Sinubukan ko muling bumangon at bumalanse, Kailangan kong bumalik sa aking pamilya, at alam kong kailangan nila ako. Dumating din ko sa bahay namin, ako’y natakot, wala na roon ang pamilyang aking inaasam-asam. Marahil sa matinding pagod at kawalan ng loob, bigla akong napatumba at nahimatay sa sahig. Kinabukasan na nang ako’y nagising, huni ng sirena ang gumising sa akin. Kaagad ko silang hinanap, “Nay! Te! Asa na mo?” walang sumagot…”Nay! Te! Asa na mo??” wala pa ring sumagot… Umabot ako sa evacuation center sa kakahanap sa kanila, doon umasa akong makita sila. Nakita ko ang aking mga pinsan, at iba pang kamag-anak, ngunit walang nanay, ate at pamangkin. May narinig akong mga hiyaw ng mga pusong naghihinagpis sa isang silid. Mga ilang hanay ng nakarolyong banig ang aking nakita, hinila ako ng aking pinsan at binuksan niya ang isa sa mga banig. Tumakbo ako papalayo, sa ‘sang tabi ako’y umupo’t napayuko, at sa matagal na panahon, ako’y nanalangin, pangalawang buhay para sa aking mahal na pamangkin. 47


Ngit-ngit nga dalan kapaon, Pait nga kahimtang antuson, Gilansang sa gabok nga mga saad, unsaon na lang akong kaugmaon? Wala koy gigunitan nga akoa, Wala koy ikadalit nga gasa, Apan ako naningkamot mabuhi, Sa kawad-on nga akong nasinati.

Mga Dagway sa Kawad-on

John Marco M. Pitlo

























The war of Leo (sign pen) JOHN BERNARD RAMA


Mind your own head (sign pen) JOHN BERNARD RAMA


You wanted to escape (sign pen) JOHN BERNARD RAMA


The war of Singkol (sign pen) JOHN BERNARD RAMA


Unity amidst diversity (pastel) GERRICK JAMES DE LEON


HIV positive (oil pastel) KEVIN MAR ESCLETO


The lady who owns my moon, earth and sky (watercolor) REY CARL LUNTAYAO


Untitled (pencil) MILDRED IGAR


“Precisely the least, the softest, lightest, a lizard’s rustling, a breath, a flash, a moment a little makes the way of the best happiness.”


ixty years of publication depicts TCI’s evolution through cycles of editors and hurdles surpassed by each batch of editorial board, writers, artists, and contributors. Each batch leaves behind blocks of learning and insights, forging through blocks on blocks of experiences an edifice that is TCI today: a chronicle of institutional historical landmarks, student achievements, highlighted annual institutional and student events, social concerns inside and outside the University, and the triumphs and struggles of members of the UIC community whose feats and determination are the product and pride of the Ignacian culture. Behind the print are students whose lives as editors, writers, and artists lie hidden and unknown. For what is visible is the product and not the flesh and blood of TCI staff whose dedication and commitment, the untiring determination to beat deadlines and publish despite despairing odds, the pressure to balance academic responsibilities with publication work contribute to a colorful landscape of TCI 2011. As you read through the next pages, we hope to give life to the people behind the print who, amidst the stress and strain, are able to laugh, to dream, to learn, to achieve and be proud.

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MEET the EIC He’s a cheerful person (mababaw ang kaligayahan). He’s very friendly and approachable (feeling gwapo most of the time..hahaha :-P) He’s always on the go! (madaling tawagin sa Main man or Annex Campus.) He has a very good appetite for food (malakas kumain.) He’s very expressive in his actions. (Namumutla siya pag things went wrong or something is missing!) He’s very loyal. (He would sacrifice anything for TCI... ^_^) He has a good sense of humor. (Yung tipong tatawa ka na lang sa ka-corny! haha)He has strong sex appeal (Tikalon gid nah c JR... kya lapitin sa chicks... bwahaha) Finally, the most interesting thing about JR is that he does not know how to get angry with us in spite of late submissions of articles…sometimes. In such instances, he still has the capacity to smile and persistently remind us of our duties. He always calls for a meeting just to check on how far we are in our given tasks. I can say that he is a very responsible and dependable Editor-in-Chief. MEET TCI’s keeper of the purse string A woman highly gifted with an analytical ability for finance. Knows how to manage the funds of the publication well and provides the staff with hunger filling food every meetings and office works and still stay within the budget. Amidst her busy schedule, she manages to balance the work for publication and her academic responsibilities. April, despite her “mahinhin” image, is a good friend, a good leader and a practical person who knows how to adapt to changes in her environment, as well as a good communicator who expresses what she feels and thinks effectively. MEET the formidable Gracielle Describing this lady took me more than three hours, perhaps because she is more than just an adjective that describes a flower. Intellectually, she is gifted. Forgive me for being assuming but sometimes, I tend to daydream of becoming as sharp-witted as she is.



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Mediocrity is a word alien to her; cleverness runs in her veins. Indeed, a God-fearing individual with God-given gifts, Ate Gracielle is not a detractor but a person who carries a formidable decisive factor. You see, Ate Gracielle keeps a long-term sincere relationship with her friends, a mark of a true person. She is like an air-nymph who bears the freedom to dream big and a woman who digs and writes to actualize the dream. And oh, don’t get offended with her ‘TSKTSK’. It’s only her expression. MEET “Zahir” “The Christian’s truest joy is to know that his life serves Men and God.” Whenever I see responsible Rica, I am reminded of my duty towards God and everyone else. Her active participation here and there makes me wonder where she gets her strength. To which she would gladly answer, “It’s from the Highest Entity.” She’s so busy, yet, she has all the time in the world for school work, press work, housework, church work…and for BOOK reading! Phew!!! By the way, do you know Paulo Coelho? Well, he is the author of “Zahir” which is Rica’s favorite book. This shows in her use of “Zahir Laput” as her profile name in Facebook. Such a buff!!! MEET the “Boy Wonder” “A boy wonder,” Rvin has all it takes to pass any examination, quizzes or even interviews. He is badged with loving friends and a family who raised him with good manners, right conduct and a positive outlook on life. A medical technology student, Rvin stands out from the crowd and is witty beyond writing and reading between the lines. Bestowed with sharp eyes, he is like a falcon who observes the situation and finds the right way to combat trials and problems. He likes to play mind games such as chess and online role playing portals like Ragnarok. Born a Sagittarian, he surely is adventurous and independent. One more thing, he is not a quitter.


MEET Mr. Congeniality Who says that first impression lasts? I met a person who debunked this myth by just being him. A man that at first glance is the silent type, cool and very calm, who would expect that in a “boom” you find someone different from what you expect? That’s Kevs. Kevin knows how to listen and give sound advices. He is a rider who knows how to ride the tides of life. He is cheerful and friendly – a secret Mr. Congeniality, I may say, not to mention he is talented and very artistic. His art brings him to spotlight and unanimously voted as TCI’s Feature and Literary Editor…Mr. Kevin Escleto. MEET “Bogie” Cool, soft spoken, sensible man. He does not have fancy shoes nor does he have everything. One thing he does have, for sure, is virtue. He is not that perfect (who is?), but he is interestingly different in his own way. And adamant! The theme of this Root’s issue is attributed to this guy who fancies “tuko” and clinging to the theme (like a “tuko”) didn’t let go until everyone said “Okay!” A good adviser when it comes to love and real life problems; a passionate man when it comes to his family and his belief in God…these are what define his life. He does want to live his life in the right way, and live his life close to God… A sports junkie, he plays a lot burning energy and filling it again by eating a lot, anytime! Hey! He is single and wants to mingle. Wonder who he is? We call him “Bogie” He is my good friend, our Sports Editor…Benedict Gerard Joaquin-Segura. MEET visionary “Dodong” A man with an open view of life, it is no wonder people do like him at all times. He is a man of patience that people really want to be with. Friends call him “Dodong”. Sounds like probinsyano? But not for me, for “Dodong” simply means a man of vision for himself, for his family, and his friends that he pursue silently but relentlessly, guided by his faith in God. It is this unswerving vision that he was unanimously chosen by the editorial board as our News Editor for Annex campus. And he’s our trusted friend Bernard James Burlaza :) MEET Mr. Philip Salvador He is fun to be with and full of surprises, be it in love or in work (whatever that is!). In whatever he does, he gives his utmost; you would feel you are in good hands. That’s our friend Salle Ian Cartin, willing to give everything of his best. He is a responsible and reliable man that teachers would ask him for favors. He’s a walking thesaurus that people do not understand him sometimes. Aside from being a writer, he loves to cook different cuisines. Want to challenge him? Better not. He’s our Feature Editor Salle Ian Cartin. :) AND he claims that he is Mr. Philip Salvador.

MEET the lay-out artist An aspiring conceptual artist and a visionary amongst his peers, he has proven himself from time to time. With his whimsical stage performances that has the creativity of Shakespeare, the resilience of Bill Gates and his imagination, Melardz, props up the innate creativity of UICians. He is a true friend, absolutely a talented man, a hard worker and a loving enemy. He is Melardz, TCI’s lay-out artist. MEET the sketch master A simple and humble person, endowed with unique talents. A digital sketch master and traditional artist, Dustin is someone who knows how to make complicated things look easy. He has mastered the stroke of his pencil and the swiping of his digital pen tablet. Dustin is also a responsible and kind person, the type of guy who would greet you with a smile even when he’s swarmed with work. He’s a jolly person, yet serious when working. MEET TCI’s photographer Equipped with his DSLR camera and enthusiasm for photography, John Robert Omandac is fond of taking pictures whenever he can and wherever he may be. With his smiling face, John is approachable and friendly. He also loves to crack jokes and has a good sense of humor. Aside from being fine in capturing photos, John also excels in his academic career. He is smart, responsible and reliable. He likes to share his perceptions about life. He lives by the saying, “Every mind is powerful. What it will conceive the body shall achieve.” There is never a dull moment with John Robert Omandac. MEET Ma’am Nikka Nikka and I actually know each other way back when we were still in our first grade. But I did not have the chance to get to know her more. Whenever I hear her name from other people, they would always say good and positive things about her. When we were still in high school, we had common interests like girl scouting and journalism, and I believe it never changed up to this time. And now, we are taking the same course and working together for one school paper. If there would be people of my age who I idolize, she’d be one of them. Nikka is certainly smart, down-to-earth, and undeniably beautiful. I believe a lot of people like her because of her positivity and everything that she is, is amazing. MEET Dedicated Louella You may see her as a simple girl walking in the corridors of UIC, but try to look a little closer and you’ll see an extraordinary person. Indeed, Louella is a true-blooded UICian as she has been part of the UIC community since her basic education days. In high school, she was the editor-in-chief of “The Pink Seekers”, UIC High School’s official publication. Journalism and leadership has always been her area of expertise. Yet she never failed to strive for academic triumph as she has proven for grabbing high honors. An approachable and jolly person you will see first with her, an articulate and dedicated student in the long run.


The Official Student Literary Folio of the University of the Immacualte Conception, Davao City. Published annually by the school. Size: 6x7...

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