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Midwest Copier Solutions is offering an incentive to each of our customers, who have a maintenance agreement on their copier, the opportunity to earn Reward Points. Rather than spending large amounts on advertising, we want to use that money to reward our customers for doing business with Midwest Copier Solutions. This reward will allow you to accumulate points over a 5-year period that you can use when you upgrade your copier or have a need to buy additional equipment. Reward points are based upon the number of copies you produce on your copier/copiers. There are different levels to reach, and the more copies you make the faster you can reach the higher point levels and accumulate reward points.

To be eligible for the program you must have your copier under a maintenance agreement. New points are only accumulated while equipment is under a maintenance agreement. Reward points can be used for the purchase of future equipment. The reward points can be used for up to, but not to exceed 10% of the cost of new equipment. Each 5,000 reward points are worth a 2% discount, 25,000 points equal a 10% discount. Reward points cannot be used to pay for current invoices or against the cost of maintenance or supplies. It is for the purchase of new equipment only. Reward points will be forfeited if you do not upgrade your copier with Midwest Copier Solutions and/or buy additional equipment from MCS. All points earned be used within the next five years. There is no cash value to the reward points other than upon redemption for an equipment purchase. This program can be withdrawn at anytime, at the discretion of Midwest Copier Solutions.

The reward points have no bearing on the purchase price of your equipment. Make the best deal with Midwest Copier Solutions and then deduct the reward points from the final cost. Example: Retail Price: Your Price: Minus Reward Points:

$7,995.00 $7,100.00 $ 500.00


Net Selling Price:

2707 S. Carolyn Sioux Falls, SD 57106 (605) 362-0502 Fax (605) 362-0038

Midwest copier solutions brochure  
Midwest copier solutions brochure